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Shinichi's POV

My name is Kudo Shinichi but I go by Edagowa Conan. I was shrunk by a man in black and have been trying to find them since. This was before what would happen on what would have been my eighteenth birthday. Mori Ran, my childhood friend and the love of my life, had called me to tell me to meet her at the theater for an all night movie on the night of May third. Well a crazy bomber decided to destroy all of his own buildings including the one with this theater. The finally bomb went off and here's how I changed my past to never being a seven year old again.


That's how I woke up every morning when I lived in my house. I looked around me and I was back in my room and the Kudo residence. Then I looked at the calendar on my wall: it was the day I went to Tropical Land with Ran before I was turned. The day progressed as it had the first time around: including the murder on the roller coaster. However towards the end I decided to change my orginal plan.

"Ran," I asked hesitating. "Would you like to accompany me to dinner tonight at the Beika Central Tower Resturant?"

Ran looked at me weirdly before saying, "Sure, I would love to go with you. But don't you need advance reservations for that place?"

I chuckled inwardly, "Yes. And I do have reservations for a special table there." We went to the restaurant and yet again there was a murder.

Ran's POV

Shinichi ran off after yet another case and the waitress came back to see about dessert. "How about you come back after my compaingion comes back?" I asked the girl politely.

"Where did the handsom young man get to?" She said with a small laugh.

"He's a detective and when there's a case nearby he has to lend a hand." I tell her exasperated.

"Don't worry dear. I'm sure everything will be fine. Besides I recall taking the reservation earlier. He wanted this table particuraly. Do you know the lendage about this table?" The girl whispered giggling.

"No." I answer puzzeled.

"Well there was a couple who sat here twenty years ago. The man was a detective as well and he too went off to solve a case (or so the story goes). Then when the man came back he asked the girl to marry him. She said yes of course."

"Thanks. Please come back after he returns." I said as she turned to leave. I wonder….no Shinichi would never ask that. But then again….

My musing was cut off by Shinichi's return and he was saying he loves me.

Shinichi's POV

I wrapped up the case quickly and headed back to Ran. Once I got there I got down on one knee and said, "Mori Ran, I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me once we graduate from High School?"

The silence seemed to last for days…even through it was only a couple of seconds.

"YES!" Ran screamed jumping into my arms.

Yes this was a better way to end this day.