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Rose Irene Potter wondered how the bloody fucking hell she kept ending up in these situations.

In her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she had fought a troll and passed through a series of obstacles designed to stop adults only to face the disembodied spirit of the man who had murdered her parents and the Defense Professor he was possessing.

In her second year, she dealt with a rogue bludger (a metal ball that flew through the air trying to kill her), a colony of acromantula (giant horse sized spiders), a bogus Defense professor that attempted to wipe her memories, a basilisk (sixty foot, venomous snake that could kill with one look, and the memory, given body, of the same man she had faced the year before.

Third year it was dementors (creatures that forced you to re-live your worst memories and could suck out your soul) the man who betrayed her parents, a werewolf Defense Professor, and a little time-travel.

Fourth year, she dealt with a tournament that she had never entered and was forced to fight a dragon for a golden egg, survive for an hour underwater, and traverse a maze filled with deadly creatures and booby traps. On top of that was, once again, facing the man who murdered her parents, now with a new body, and his servants, as well as a Defense Professor that was actually a disguised mad man.

And last year, her fifth year, she dealt with more dementors, a Defense Professor that forced her to mutilate her own had, and once more facing the man that killed her parents and his best servants, only to loose her Godfather in the process. Not to mention that her Headmaster decided to drop the fact that only she could defeat Voldemort mere minutes afterward.

And now, just days after her sixteenth birthday, she was being held hostage by a vampire, one that had already killed her relatives, as a bargaining chip to secure his freedom from another vampire, one wearing a red duster and hat with orange sunglasses.

Merlin her life sucked, no pun intended.


Alucard watched as the vampire before him held the young girl hostage. It was a scene strangely mirrored to Cheddar, when he shot and turned the Policegirl, Seras Victoria. What's more is that the girl showed the same promise that Seras had, and he could smell the power in her blood from even this distance.

As the other vampire was talking, no doubt trying to barter the girls life for freedom after he had destroyed the pathetic creatures ghouls (he really wasn't paying attention), Alucard studied the girl. She really was beautiful, with long, flowing black hair as dark as night and emerald green eyes. And while her figure wasn't as developed as Seras, she was still well proportioned, with an hourglass figure and slightly larger than average breast.

She would make a perfect third wife.

Of course he had yet to seduce his first two choices. Integra fought against him at every attempt he made to seduce and turn her, while Seras had yet to accept that she was now a creature of the night. But he was patient, and knew that eventually he would have his first two wives, but still, this girl would make an excellent third, provided...

"Are you a virgin my dear?" he asked in his calm, seductive voice.

He saw the girls eyes widen, than harden as she held her head up straighter. She knew why he was asking, surprising considering that most mortals had no idea vampires existed. Perhaps she simply read a lot of books and had a good idea. Regardless, he smiled when she answered, ignoring the now afraid vampires pleads.

"YES!" the girl shouted. Alucard felt a shiver as he felt the power in her voice.

"YOU BASTARD!" the vampire shouted as Alucard pulled the trigger of his .454 Casull.


Rose felt the bullet tear through her chest, striking the vampire behind her in the heart. She coughed up blood as she fell to the ground, a massive hole in her chest.

The other vampire appeared above her.

"Your dying," he said. "There's nothing anyone can do to stop that. The question is whether you will still walk the night. So, girl, do you want to become a Nosferatu, a vampire."

It didn't take anytime for Rose to make her decision, it was when she answered that she was in fact a virgin. "Please," she begged.


Alucard smiled as he carried the newly changed Draculina in his arms. The girl truly was powerful. It had been fifty years since he had encountered a magical, but he had tasted the magic in her blood the moment it passed his lips. His third bride would be perhaps the most powerful, especially when combined with the powers of his bloodline.

All he need do now was wait for the little Witchgirl to accept her fate. He had the feeling that she would be much more accepting than Seras.


The Order of the Phoenix was in panic.

Fletcher had never returned from his shift watching Number 4 Privet Drive, and now all of Albus Dumbledore's devices monitoring the home of Rose Potter had suddenly stopped working.

And as Albus Dumbledore and Remus Lupin discovered upon investigating the place, Rose Potter was gone.

Their hope for the future had been attacked by an army of ghouls, and a vampire. After making several inquiries with the local authorities they discovered that their were no survivors.

Their hope for the future was dead.


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I also wondered why Alucard would turn Seras. So this is my interpretation.

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