Chapter 4

Albus Dumbledore was confused. He had tried to get Fawkes to take a letter to Rose, asking where she was, how she had escaped the ghouls, and to contact him, but the phoenix was refusing to budge.

He had never done that before.

And so the headmaster had resorted to using a school owl. Unfortunately, owls were not as fast as his familiar, so it would be a while until he received a reply, if he did at all.

Sighing, he popped a lemon drop into his mouth. Sitting back in his chair, he tried to figure out what was wrong with his familiar.


Rose smiled as she looked down at her finished handiwork. It had taken some time, even with magic, to finish her weapons. Two side-by-side lupara's, sawed-off shotguns with a break open breach, sat in the holsters resting just under her shoulders. Each had been cut down so that it was little more than a pistol. Runes had been carved, rather elegantly if she said so herself, into both guns, rendering them more durable and resistant to rust. They would also never need to be cleaned, and she would never need to worry about what ammunition she shot. The barrels would automatically rifle or smooth the bore depending on which ammunition she put in. And, not that she needed it considering her new vampiric strength, but the recoil would now be non existent.

The triggers had been modified, so that, regardless, both barrels would fire whenever she puled the trigger. The only thing she would need to do to fire was flick the safety off, aim, and fire. The handles had also been changed, the beautiful dark wood was now decorated. She had put a raised emblem of a dog and stag head resting over a blooming lily on both sides of each handle. The wood under the barrels was also engraved, though this engraving was different on each gun. The one resting in her right holster, which she would fire with her left hand had I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good engraved on the side facing away from her and the side which would face her said, Grim, and had the likeness of a fierce looking dog, which appeared to be a cross between a pit bull and a wolf, engraved at the end of the word. Her other gun, holstered on her left side that should fire in her right hand, had Requiescat In Pace, latin for Rest In Peace, engraved on the outward side. The inside said, Thesral, and had the likeness of a skeletal looking winged horse resting before the word.

They were beautiful weapons, but that was not the extent of her modifications. On her harness/bandolieer, rested the shells for the shotguns. Two of several colors on each side, and each enchanted via runes. Each of the shells all had one thing in common, they would never need to be replaced, she could put them in her lupara's and not have to remove them unless she wanted to change ammo. The top two, red shells, were standard slugs, only made of silver, blessed in holy water. Below them, rested green shells, containing silver buckshot, again blessed in holy water. Then there were the blue shells, explosive slugs, and under them yellow shells, which would actually allow her to turn her guns into flamethrowers, with a range of about fifteen feet.

For the time being she put the standard slugs in both guns.

It being a new night, she had also changed her clothes. A white dress shirt, with it's sleeves rolled up past her elbows and the top few buttons undon, was tucked into black dress pants and rested under a black vest, with white pinstripes. Her long hair, tied back in a ponytail by an emerald green ribbon, rested under a black fedora, which had a white feather she had taken from Hedwig tucked into the band. And high-heeled black boots came up to her knees, though they rested under her pants. The outfit was rounded out buy a white gold chain carrying a white-gold pocket watch, which was tucked into her vest pocket, clipped to her vest, and a cane.

The cane had been delievered while she slept, and had been commisoned from the goblins, for a price. The head of the cane was a simple, emerald knob, which when she pulled, would reveal a rapier made of blessed silver. The rapier rested in the shaft of the cane, which was made out of black ironwood. It was also tied to her, so no one else could pull the sword from the scabbard, and she could summon it to her on a whim. And the best part was, since she was a vampire, the goblins couldn't complain if it wasn't returned for centuries, as the she, hopefully, wouldn't die anytime soon.

The result was that Rose looked rather elegant, and inteimdateing.

Feeling a bit thirsty, and now properly attired, Rose decided to go the, well the vampiric kitchen, it was the place were blood for Alucard, Seras, and now her, was stored.

She was surprised to find Integra waiting for her. The older woman smiled, "It's good to see that your not as reluctant as Seras is to feed herself."

Rose shrugged as she took out a bag of O negative, and began to sip at it. After taking in some blood, she turned to the blond. "So were you waiting in here for any reason in particular?" she asked.

Integra grinned. "I heard that you got your hands on some weaponry, and figured I'd see if you were any good with it." The Hellsing director stood from the chair she had been sitting in, as she pulled out a cigar and lit it. She took a small drag before continuing. "You're little good if you can't use those guns on your shoulder. What are they anyway?"


"Single or two barreled?"




Integra chuckled. "Come on then," she said surprisingly cheerful. Turning she said, "The firing range is this way."


Integra found that she actually liked Rose. The younger girl wasn't as hesitant and eager to please as Seras, and certainly not as impudent as Alucard. And she was obviously intelligent, if the modifications she made to her firearms was any indication. The fact that she was actually pretty good with her two lupara's was also a factor, though Integra had to admit that she was curious about the cane Rose was carrying.

After a demonstration of the flame-throwing shells, Integra asked about it.

She grinned when Rose pulled out the rapier from it. "Do you actually know how to use that?" Integra asked.

Rose grinned sheepishly. "Not yet. I am hoping to learn though," she admitted.

"Why?" Integra asked. At the Draculina's worried look she explained, "I don't disapprove, but you have two fire arms, so why carry a sword?"

"A sword saved my life once," Rose explained. "I had lost my wand, and the sword appeared to me, I didn't know how to use it, but I got lucky. I figured that, if I ever lost my guns in a fight, the sword would come in handy, especially since no one else can use it."


"Goblin magic," Rose explained. "I can also summon it to me at will, I'd do the same with the lupara's, but goblins don't share their secrets at all."

Integra was silent. It had been a long time since she had a sparring partner, and it could be fun to teach. Not to mention it would give an outlet for her stress, besides occasionally shooting Alucard. "Tell you what, I'll teach you to wield your sword, two hours each night," she grinned as she added, "circumstances permitting of course."

"I'd like that very much," Rose assured her.

Integra smiled, and Rose was suddenly afraid. What had she gotten into. "We can start right now, I'll just have Walter fetch my sabre."


Rose groaned as she sipped on another bag of blood, allowing her various cuts and scratches to heal. Integra's first lesson, basic as it was, had been brutal. She was positive that, were she not a vampire, she'd be dead.

Looking out across the grounds as she sat on one of the manors many balconies, Rose's attention was drawn to an owl flying towards her, an owl carrying a letter. When the barn owl landed in front of her, she took the letter and, opening it, began to read.


It is so good to hear you are alive, even if it was the goblins that informed me through an eviction notice. I had thought the worst when Remus and I arrived at Privet Drive when Mundungas didn't return from his shift. We were told there were no survivors. Please, tell me where you are, so that you can be taken someplace safe, and we can discuss the Order residing in your home once more, as well as how you managed to get away.

I, along with your friends, are still worried about you. Please, respond back.

Albus Dumbledore

Rose snorted, picking the owl up, she bean to search for a writing utensil. Finding a pen on a nearby table, she wrote on the other side of the letter.

I'm safe.


Giving the letter back to the owl, she watched in fly away.

"So full of anger," Alucard said from behind her, startling the girl. "Tell me Witch Girl, why are you so angry?"

Rose turned to glare at the grinning vampire. "That's none of your business."

He shrugged. "Maybe not, but you are."

"What do you want?" she demanded softly, not taking her anger at Dumbledore, the Order, and their failure to do anything right by her out at him.

He grinned. "I thought you already knew that."

Raising an eyebrow she smirked. "And what if I'm ready?"

Alucard was clearly not expecting her response, as it took him a moment to answer. Stepping forward, he looked down and grinned at her, "I'd ask if your sure? Once done, it can never be undone."

She grinned and leaned up, kissing Alucard. "I am," she said pulling back. "I knew what I was getting into when you turned me, and I'd rather become a full Nosferatu, than remain as I am. To be this weak, is to be disadvantaged."

"So you don't love me?" he asked sarcastically.

Rose grinned. "Since when has this been about love? This is because it needs to be done. I've never been patient, and I don't like being weak."

The vampire grinned. "A girl after my own heart."

And with that, blackness enveloped them both, as Alucard took her to her room.

And her bed.


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