I've been accused of "profiling" an ep to the point where I notice little things that most overlook. In the whole time Dave has been with the team, he has only touched Em twice: when they shook hands in "About Face" and when he put his hand on the small of her back in "Minimal Loss". The third time was when he helped her out of the ditch in the military school ep. I wanted to work that in. Some how it fit this story.

Thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed.

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Pushing her blouse away, Dave drew in his breath as he took in Em's breasts. Twin perfect globes that he couldn't resist kissing. His fingers expertly released the front clasp of her bra to free them. With a hungry groan, he took a rosy peak in his mouth and loved it as his hands stroked and kneaded her. He wanted to drive her crazy. And from her gasps and moans, he was succeeding. But he wanted to hear her scream his name. While his mouth stayed focused on her breasts, his hand snaked down to the vee between her thighs and stroked her.

Gentle at first, he teased the pink nub of her desire thru the thin satin of her panties. So wet, he nearly wept as she arched and undulated her hips to match his rhythm. Faster he drove her to the brink and relished in her sobs of ecstasy as he felt her body thrash and tighten until it finally released.

Crashing to earth, Em tried to catch her breath. Dave had been one of the few men who had ever taken her to the brink but even this was something new for her. Her body craved more and arched as it searched for his touch when he pulled away.

"Dave…" she gasped breathlessly.

Dave put a finger to her lips and smiled. "Shh, Tesoro, I'm not leaving," he replied as he began undressing to join her on the bed. He needed to be with her. He needed to be one with her. Placing his jeans on the chair, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and drew them down. He relished in Em's gasp of pleasure.

If Em had had any doubts about Dave wanting her, it was laid to rest when he undressed. Proud and magnificent, he stood erect - the evidence of his desire apparent.

"I want to make love to you Em," he told her as his hand stroked then cupped her cheek. "I want you to make love to me."

Swallowing hard, Em nodded. Reaching out, she took him in her hand, relishing in the heavy weight of his erection. She smiled at his sharp intake of breath. It may have been a year since they last touched, but she still remembered what turned him on. From the sound of his moan, she remembered correctly.

"Em, sweetheart, you're gonna kill me," Dave moaned as her hand knowingly stroked him.

"If that happens, I'll bring you back to life," she promised. "Lay down. Let me love you." She looked up at him pleadingly. "Please?"

Lying down on the mattress, Dave settled in and that was his last conscious thought as Em loved him in ways he had only dreamt about over the past year. His body thrust upward as she set the pace with her hands and mouth. No matter how it ended he wouldn't regret giving her the reins to do as she pleased.

Faster she stroked him until he thought he was going to lose his mind. And just when he thought he was ready for anything, she knelt over him and took him deep inside her hot, tight core. And then his world exploded.

Em had imagined and dreamt of what it would be like if she could ever make love to Dave again, but nothing could prepare her for it. As she encased his long, hard length, she felt him part and fill her inch by delicious inch until they were completely one again.

Pausing to catch her breath, she looked into Dave's eyes - so full of desire and want for her. Leaning down, she covered his mouth with hers for a hot, wet kiss as her body set the rhythm and dared him to keep up.

Dave intertwined his fingers with Em's and held on as his body thrust to match her. Together they urged each other toward that precipice of no return. Each thrust, each kiss, each cry only propelled them and sealed the promise that their bodies were making to one another.

Meeting Em halfway, Dave used that moment to roll Em under him. Settled between her thighs, he pushed himself up on his elbows and buried himself deep inside of her. Holding the moment, he watched her face before thrusting again. He watched as her eyes closed from the first wave of a powerful orgasm took hold and pushed her over the edge.

Holding on tight, Em called out Dave's name as her body tightened like a coiled spring, then released with such force it left her sobbing his name. Carefully he kissed her tears away as her body began to relax. Then he thrust again. Each thrust was faster than the last as he forced her once more to the edge. Only this time, she was ready for him.

Wrapping her legs around his, Em kept him right where she wanted as she took control and set the pace. As her hips rose and fell, Dave felt his body begin to give in. He kept telling himself that it was too soon and that he needed more time to drive her crazy, to make up for all the nights he had to use a memory to find the release he was having now.

But he could tell from the way she panted his name breathlessly, that this night would happen again. And since there was no work the next day, it could happen sooner rather than later. Thrusting faster, Dave felt his body tighten, tighten, and just when he thought he couldn't hold on a moment longer, Em cupped his buttocks and pulled him deeper inside than he thought possible just as her second orgasm wrapped around him like a velvet glove to hold him tight. With a groan, he gave up and spilled his seed deep inside of her.

And together they went over the precipice.

Exhausted and spent, Dave lay with his eyes closed, stroking Em's soft hair as she cuddled up against him. For a long while only their heavy breathing had filled the room. Now they were surrounded by golden silence and a sense of completion they had never experienced.

"If I couldn't hear your heart beat, I would wonder if you were still alive," Em chided softly.

"I'm not worried since you promised to resurrect me," Dave returned. He could lie there for the rest of his life with Em in his arms. "On the other hand, if I died right now, I would go happily since you're in my arms," he added. The moment the words were out, he kicked himself. "I'm sorry, Em."

Em raised herself up to look at him. "I know what you meant." Brushing the hair back from Dave's forehead, Em drank in his handsome features. For so long she had had only memories and dreams and now he was real. She could never get enough of looking at him.

"Where do we go from here?" she asked hesitantly.

"Forward. No looking back." Dave cupped Em's cheek in his palm and relished as she nuzzled against him. "We have spent too much time running from what scares us. Our ghosts are gone. This is our second chance."

Turning her face into his palm, Em kissed it. "What about work? No one wants to team up with me."

"I do."

Em shook her head. "People will suspect."

"Did they suspect before L.A.?" Dave inquired in a serious tone

"Well…no. But things changed while I was gone…" she protested.

"As they will." Dave wrapped an arm around Em and pulled her closer. "So, Derek and Spencer don't want to team with you. That keeps me from trying to figure out how to stay by your side."

Em gave a slight snort. "Should I be afraid?"

"Only if you don't let me touch you once in a while. Otherwise, I might get my BAU Mile High Club Card," he joked.

"Like you don't already have it."

"Not on the BAU jet," he corrected. "Let me touch you."

"I can only think of two times you've touch me out in the field," she commented, "if we start touching now, the team will know."

Dave weighed her words carefully. "I'm not afraid…are you?"

Em considered his question for a long moment. What ever happened between them next relied on her answer.

"No. Not anymore."

Dave drew her face down for a hard, fast kiss that left them both reeling. "Good," he said.

"It's not going to be easy," Em commented on a sigh.

"Nothing good is. Let's just take it day to day."

"Okay." Em snuggled against him. She was comfortably sated and exhausted, but in a good way. As she settled into Dave's arms, she realized she could stop running for the first time in her life.

"Em?" Dave's voice sounded as though it was coming from far away.

"Yes?" Her eyes were so heavy. She was falling fast.

"Thank you for coming back."

"You're welcome," she sighed softly.

Wrapped in each other's arms, they drift off to sleep. Together.