There are forces which should never be awakened. Let alone summoned. But every once in a while, someone with extraordinary power or talent will bring forth a being from the Outside.

These beings would grant them great power...but this power almost always came at a terrible price.

This tale is about a six-year-old child who summoned a being far from our plane.

This being is both great and terrible to behold. To come across it is almost certain death...those that survive the encounter are scarred for life, often dying from sheer insanity from being in proximity of it.

Yet this child not only survives the summoning, he befriends the being. A being who becomes his protector in a world gone mad. A being he simply calls Abyss.

And now, our story begins.

He cried. Ever since these neighbors came here, his uncle had let them babysit him and Dudley. Once they realized that not only would his uncle ignore his stories, but he would beat him for what he assumed were lies, his hell began.

Every day after school they would leave him with these people. They would force him to do things he didn't know people were allowed to do to children. Something inside him told him that this was wrong.

But there was no one who would listen to his cries. No one to listen to his fears in the dark of the night.

No one but the darkness. No one but the silence.

After being subjected to these people for a year, he knew something had to be done. He wouldn't survive for much longer. His body had begun to break down from his daily torment. He often wondered if this was what hell was like.

He cried in his small cupboard. Tomorrow he was going back to those people. He didn't like their house, but his uncle had told him he didn't have a choice. He wasn't going to let a freak like him stay in his house once his chores were done.

Vernon either didn't see the scarring, or didn't care.

He had learned the hard way that crying in front of Uncle Vernon meant no supper and a broken limb.

Why? Why am I forced to live like this? Don't I deserve some happiness? Am I really that much of a freak that no one cares about me? He wondered in his mind.

Slowly his thoughts turned darker. It was a gradual process, but once it started there was no way to stop it.

Well if they don't care about me, why should I care about them? I shouldn't have to tolerate this nonsense.

Something in the night cackled. He sat up. Where did that come from?

If no one cares about what happens to me...

His eyes grew cold in the absolute darkness.

Then they should all die.

Something inside him snapped. The darkness grew warm in the cupboard. Almost inviting. He reached out to touch it, without caring. A voice echoed in his mind. Like a memory long forgotten.

Forge a contract with me mortal. A pact that will exceed the limitations of life and death, time and space! In exchange, I grant thee strength and...

The darkness enveloped him. He listened for the words that would come next. What it said would change his situation entirely.

As your supporter I shall serve thee forever!

He felt blood spill from his arm. The cupboard seemed to glow with a cold red light. When it died down he felt the same. He was almost disappointed.

Was that it? He thought.

A dark chuckle echoed through his mind. He looked around.

I am the darkness and the silence. You are the first mortal I have seen in a long time who has been able to withstand my presence for longer than a minute. Most go mad.

Who are you?

Where would the fun be if I told you? Ignorance is both a shield and a blessing. What do you think I am?

He thought long and hard about the feeling. It was cold and silent, dark and comforting.

Abyss of Silence.

A fitting name, I suppose. Very well, you may call me Abyss. I am unable to take form at this moment. Call upon me when you have need, little one. But be warned...there may come a time when I do the same of you.

He felt something respond to that.

I accept those conditions Abyss.

He felt the sound of chains all around him. Before he realized he fell into a dark, dreamless sleep.

He went about his day like normal. Then he went to their house. He sensed their predatory looks and tried not scream.

Help me! Please!

He felt something uncoil, like it was about to strike. He curled up into a ball and closed his eyes tightly. It had never helped before, but he couldn't think of anything else to do.

He heard a loud thwack on the far wall. Something wet dripped from above, and when he dared to look, he nearly fell in shock.

There was blood in every corner of the house. He didn't know if the pieces that were left could be classified as human anymore. The only place that was spared was a foot wide circle around him.

Then he saw the dark void in front of him.

"Abyss...?" he said frightened.

You called, didn't you?

He felt a little less frightened. Though the dark void in front of him would scare any normal person. When he touched the darkness it felt warm, almost comforting.

We need to leave. Someone would have felt that.

"Where do we go?"

You leave that to me. Hold on tight, little one.

He woke up in the strangest place he had ever seen. Though once he reflected on it, it was probably culture shock. Abyss had transported him straight out of England to another country in the East.

Strangely the words appeared in English to him. Though he knew full well it wasn't England by a long shot.

Welcome to Japan. I will act as a translator until you finally figure out the language yourself. Have fun.

He walked down the street, noting that people pretty much ignored him. He spotted a bookshop and felt an urge to go in. But with no money (Vernon didn't see him fit to handle even a pound note) he couldn't get anything.

And a child looking around the store without a parent or adult would draw attention. He reluctantly walked farther. But he kept the bookstore in sight.

As he passed a TV, he saw a cartoon start. It looked fairly interesting to him, and one of the characters caught his attention.

It was a girl wearing a red and white dress. Her long black hair fell calmly around her in twin pigtails. Suddenly she turned into a large black rabbit which held a fierce scythe.

He listened to the main character's voice as it spoke.

"Someone said there was a darkness which swallowed everything. However, it isn't entirely without light."

That statement struck a cord in him. It sounded a lot like Abyss.

The show was called Pandora Hearts.

Two girls walked passed and commented on it.

"So they finally made it into an anime. It's about time!"

"Yeah, that was a really good series."

He left the screen once it was over and walked into an alley.

"Abyss? Can you come out now?"

What do you want?

"How come you always appear as a dark void?"

Because if I appeared as anything else certain people would find us. And we don't need their attention on us until you're a little stronger.

"What if I gave you a form? Something they would think is what you are?"

That could work. What do you have in mind?

He grinned. He brought to mind the picture of the girl he saw on the cartoon. Abyss seemed to waver for a moment. The he blinked and the girl stood in front of him

"I suppose this is acceptable. It's nothing more than a shell mind you. It does nothing to contain my power."

"I know. But at least now I'll have someone to talk to."

Abyss smiled at him. She didn't look very sane, but then again, his sanity had begun to desert him once he made the contract.

A lost and forgotten child and a power from beyond the light of time.

The two of them made a formidable pair.

Four years later...

He grinned as he raced along the rooftops. While other children learned conventional wisdom at school, he learned through books and the street. No one questioned why he wasn't in school.

And the reason was simple.

He didn't look like a child anymore. Three years ago, when Abyss first took human form, he learned of his abilities. And his list of tricks grew by the day.

Right now he appeared to be a lanky youth with neck length black hair. His shirt was black and sleeveless. His pants were perfect for mobility. His shoes were designed to run long and hard.

At his side was Abyss. She actually liked the human form that he chose. It suited her personality perfectly. And the form it took when danger struck...

Well, it just amused her. No one would suspect her of being from the Outside so long as she remained at his side.

He looked up when he heard wings.


Abyss looked up from her books. He had bought her the entire Pandora Hearts series. She had become addicted to it by page one.

"What is it, Raven?"


"English, boya. You have become entirely too used to Japanese."

He paused a moment before clearing his throat.


Abyss looked...and smirked.

"Took them long enough to figure out where we were. How many are there?"


She gave him an irritated look. He shrugged. Everything he said nowadays was Japanese. He could barely remember his English. Even his accent changed. He coughed.


"Better. Let me look at the letters they're carrying."

The owl flew to her shoulder. She removed the letter and smirked again.

"The ones who abandoned you to those people want you back. What do you say, little Raven?"

He glared at the innocent owls.


She grinned evilly.

"I'll write the letter. There's no real point in going back to that place for another two years anyway."

The owls flew off to their masters. Raven didn't even bother to look at the letters. He simply threw flame at them. His insane smirk grew as they burned to cinders.

"I'm so proud of you. My little pyro is almost all grown up,"said Abyss with an insane smirk.

Raven grinned back at her.

"On the other hand, we can't stay here for much longer. The Japanese magical community already whispers about us. It won't be long before someone tries to find us," said Abyss.

He coughed and said "Where?"

"I'm thinking a trip home is in order. Time to make England fear the dark again!"

Raven's insane grin almost split his mouth into two.

Three long years with Abyss had changed him from a timid, severely abused child into an insane mastermind. His eyes were hidden behind rectangular glasses. His hair fell in waves down to his neck.

Unlike others his age, he didn't fear the darkness. He was the darkness.

In the dark underbelly of Japan, there were whispers of an ageless nightmare, who struck at those who harmed the innocent. People would whisper in fear of the one called Abyss.

Those that attacked children or harmed them would tell the others of a darkness that did not forgive, and took no excuses. It simply destroyed all in it's path and killed anyone who dared to harm a child.

Parents who feared for their children wondered if Abyss was a messenger of Jizo.

Raven conjured up a black hole in front of him. Everything he had acquired over the course of three years (including Abyss's manga collection) was in a small black bag. Abyss smiled. Her little pawn had come very far in his training.

He walked into the void without a hint of fear or hesitation. The darkness was calming, for him.

He appeared out of nowhere in a dark alley.

People paid him no least until he walked into the light. Then people shot him glares...he sensed it was because he didn't fit in.

The glares he sent back made people shiver in fear.

Abyss tried not to cackle. Her little Raven was such a good boy. She went to her pawn and whispered in his ear. People were wondering what such a frightening little girl had to say to a ruffian like him. But when they glanced in their direction they felt a compulsive need to run away.

" have an account in this world. I think it's time to let the goblins know you're back."

Raven walked into the bank, his illusion falling apart. He didn't mind. Most of it was for show anyway.

Abyss walked alongside him, an evil smirk fully in place.

The goblins sensed her presence and shivered. She was someone they didn't want to cross.

She walked up to a teller and said "We need Griphook. Tell him the one who owns the vaults he oversees has returned. We have much to discuss."

The goblin ran from his chair and went straight to the back. He looked terrified.

Another goblin came out, looking irritated...until he saw Abyss.

He motioned with his hand to come. Raven and Abyss walked into the private office.

"What do you want?" he said as calmly as he could manage.

Abyss smiled. It did not inspire confidence. She nudged Raven.

Raven lifted his bangs, revealing a certain lightning scar. Griphook swore. After an hour, they left.

Abyss was grinning more than usual. Thanks to her interference, Raven had a new magical guardian, which meant Dumbledore couldn't force him to attend the school. Not with the goblins as his magical guardians.

Raven found a small apartment that they made a base of operations. He planned to start the whispers again. Abyss had no problem with it, since it meant that those who lived in the shadows brought names and places to them.

The two of them made a formidable team. Raven set up the intelligence network, Abyss decided who they went after. Between the two, those that harmed children ran from fear.

"We have five potential suspects right off the bat," said Raven, looking up from the computer.

Abyss looked up from her book. She had put away her Pandora Hearts and pulled out her Hell Girl. (They borrowed the idea of using computers from that.)

"Say the names."

Raven read them off and she made a face.

"Third from the top."

Raven grinned. He looked up the stats and his grin widened. He recognized this address.

It was Little Whinging.

Raven coughed four times. Abyss knew he was going to say something in English.

"Hey Abyss, can I add a name to the list of the damned? I don't think he has changed his ways in four years."

"Go for it. If he hasn't changed, then you get to torment him all by yourself."

"Honto? Yatta!"

Abyss shook her head.

"English, little one, English."

"Yare yare."

Abyss gave up. There was only so many times that she would remind her little one. Raven was used to her odd way of addressing him.

Some days she was the older sibling chiding her younger brother, others she was a dark entity that controlled him, and sometimes she was his best friend. Her mood switched so often he had given up on trying to keep track.

Abyss was Abyss, and nothing anyone would say could change his mind about that.