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Pairing: None (Gabriel/Loki & Sam friendship)

Type: Chaptered Story

Warnings: Will probably have OOC (Out of Character) -ness. I apologize if there is OOCness in the story, I will do my best to...do my best? First time writing Supernatural but everyone has to start somewhere. Drinking, swearing (kind of) etc.

Set: This story is set in an AU (Alternate Universe), things have been twisted (things have occurred before they should have or things haven't occurred where they should have).

Word Count: 4,530

Also: I know that Loki AKA the Trickster is Gabriel. They don't know because TV Land didn't happen and Gabriel hasn't met Castiel yet.

Basically, this is before the story began and how Loki (Gabriel) and Sam became friends. Nyx and her Angel, Sam is out now (it's a Sam/Castiel (cause there is so not enough of that pairing around)).

Nyx and her Angel, Sam


Loki and Sam

+*+ Pre-Series One-Shot Thing +*+

It happened only a few days after what he and Dean called 'The Mystery Spot Incident.' The night was well underway and Dean had once again left to get drunk at the local bar. He was probably going to pick up a girl too, and bring her back here, again. Dean had claimed that he hadn't gotten laid in over a hundred Tuesdays and that he needed to make up for lost time. Sam still didn't know why Dean felt the need to bring them back to their hotel room. He didn't exactly tell Sam to leave but they both knew that Sam would not be in the same room as Dean when he was having sex. Still. Sam didn't even bother getting changed, knowing that Dean would be back eventually with a girl on his arm. One day soon, he and his brother were going to have a serious chat.

"I wish he would just take them somewhere else." Sam grumbled walking over to his bed, the one nearest to the bathroom, and falling face down onto it. It was a horrible mattress, it was lumpy, it smelt and it was probably stained underneath the sheet covering it, and Sam decided putting his face on it directly had been a bad idea. Sam sighed and rolled over so he was facing the ceiling, though he couldn't see it because his eyes were closed.

He missed Dean, all he wanted to do was hang out together, like the old days. And Dean might actually do just that if Sam told him he'd technically been dead for seven months. Sam couldn't do it, couldn't tell Dean that Sam had been alone for a whole seven months. Sam knew that Dean would try and hunt the trickster down and Sam just wanted them to let it lie. Loki had turned back time for him, he didn't have to, he could have just clicked his fingers and left Sam there, it would have been easy for him. But he'd turned back time so Sam could have Dean just a little bit longer.

He loved that Dean was alive and well again, but he just wanted his big brother with him, no cases, no nothing, just them hanging out, even if it were just for one night.

It hadn't helped that Sam had gotten hurt by the thing they'd been hunting. As soon as they'd got back to the motel they were staying at, without even thinking, Sam had started patching himself up. With a stony face he'd stitched up the wound he'd gotten, completely forgetting Dean was alive. It was like he reverted to when Dean was dead and he'd had to patch himself up. It hadn't gone over too well.

*_+_* Flash Back *_+_*

They had just finished up with a partially nasty spirit, who'd been full of unresolved rage due to her killer being her husband. He'd revealed just before she'd died that he'd been cheating on her with his secretary, who'd been in the room, watching it all happen. Apparently the secretary had been insane, something the husband only figured out after he'd finished killing his wife. After he did the dead the secretary upped and vanished, into thin air the husband claimed, and it was then that he realized he'd just killed his wife and that the secretary had told him to do it. He'd been remorseful blah blah blah, but only really because the secretary disappeared into the night without one word of goodbye. They had a feeling she was some sort of monster too, Sam reckoned Siren, but they really had no more leads on that particular case. She was a smart monster, she only hit one person in the town before moving on.

Anyway, the ghost had gone corporal long enough to put slash Sam's chest before Dean managed to torch the bones. Thankfully they'd stashed a first aid kit (winchester style) in the trunk of the car, they had one stashed in the motel too, but they always kept a spare in the trunk of the car just in case.

Dean helped Sam over to the car, panicking slightly (probably reliving Sam's death).

"Sammy, hold on okay! We're almost there! Gonna fix you up okay?"

Sam grunted, he'd been through this quite a few times and he'd managed to pull through just fine. He couldn't tell Dean that though, Dean still didn't know that he'd been dead for seven months, and Sam certainty wouldn't be telling him any time soon.

Dean stumbled slightly under Sam's weight and Sam took that opportunity to stand up by himself, he marched, with back straight, over to the trunk of the car. In that moment he forgot Dean was there. It was just him by himself again. Dean was dead and he was just going through the pains of yet another dead end hunt that had give him no clues whatsoever as to where the trickster was.

He ripped open the boot of the trunk, hearing faintly the sounds of what Dean would say if he ever saw Samy treating his baby with such disgrace in the back of his head. Searching through the pile of weapons, it not registering that they were disorderly again when he'd most definitely organized them after Dean had died, he finally located the first aid and proceeded to open the box and getting out the rubbing alcohol.

In the background, Dean stood stock still with mouth wide open, as he watched his baby brother practically rip off his shirt to douse his wound with the alcohol.

Sam peered at the wound for a second, judging if it would need stitches or not.

It would need stitches.

Sam cursed lightly and found a needle and the floss. After which he held the little needle up the light the boot provided and threaded the end of the floss through it.

Dean's mouth opened further, if that were possible, at the sight of his, once again, baby brother stitching himself up. He didn't even grunt in pain. It was like all his emotions were bottled up. If Dean was honest, he would say it even frightened him a little, seeing his brother, his Sammy, so emotionally unattached. But he couldn't say disrupt whatever was going on for some reason. If he could guess at why, he would say he was probably waiting for Sam to jump around and say, "just kidding, got you again!" but that didn't happen.

Like a practiced soldier, Sam finished stitching his wound, put gauze on the wound and packed everything back up properly. Only then did he seem to realize something was wrong.

'Shit,' Sam thought whirling around to see Dean watching him like he had two heads, 'double shit!'

Dean relaxed lightly when Sam whirled around, light and emotion came back into Sam's eyes. Dean took a deep breath, trying to wrap his head around what the hell just happened.

"What the hell Sam?" He managed, a little harsher than he'd intended. Now he was panicking for a completely different reason. What if Sam didn't need him anymore. He'd handled the ghost like a pro and didn't even need Dean's help to patch up afterwards.

Sam looked a loss for words, his mouth opened but no sound came out. Then a sheepish expression came across his face.

"Sorry, just wanted to see if I could do it myself." He lied, hoping Dean wouldn't notice. Dean was, after all, king of lies.

Dean narrowed his eyes but thankfully didn't catch Sam out on it. Sam didn't know what he would tell Dean if he had.

"Just, tell me first next time okay. Gotta be closer to make sure you don't clip or something." Dean started off stern but couldn't help but finish it up grinning. Sam made himself too easy to pick on sometimes, and who better to catch him out than his big brother.

"Sure, Dean." Sam smiled at his brother and shut the boot. Dean hadn't gotten hurt. And Sam wasn't going to start an argument this soon after getting him back, even if it was all in good fun and not serious. He turned his head away, went to his side of the car and got into the passenger seat.

Dean smiled lightly, fears appeased, and got into the drivers seat. They had decided before hand to stay one more night at the motel before moving on in the morning. It wasn't often they were chased out of a town and they were going to celebrate it.

*_+_* End Flash Back *_+_*

Dean had disappeared pretty quickly after they'd gotten back to the motel.

"I guess patching myself up before freaked him out more than I thought." He mumbled, rolling over onto his side. He opened his eyes and gave a start, shut his eyes again, shoving himself away as fast as he could. He fell off the bed with a thud.

Sam moaned in pain, and the trickster responsible for everything peered down at him, gleeful smirk firmly in place.

"Very graceful, Sasquatch." He mocked.

Sam moaned again, and opening his hazel eyes searched out Loki's smug face. Loki was smirking down at him. He had a sudden urge to punch the trickster but refrained. He honestly doesn't see what good it would do, besides invoke the god's wrath.

"Very wise choice, Sammy."

Confusion overtakes Sam's face and it mars his features. "You can read me mind?" He asked slowly, not believing the words that were coming out his mouth.

"Yeah...but that really isn't what I came here to talk to you about."

Then a thought suddenly came to Sam, what if the trickster was back to kill Dean again. Sam's face turned stone cold, "You aren't here to kill Dean again, are you?" Sam asked, trying to hide the weary note. Sam knows that Dean will be gone soon, and there really isn't much Sam can do, but he really doesn't want to cut the time he has left with his brother, short. Time means that Sam still has time to look for a way to save him, even though it looks grim. Even with all the odds stacked high against them, Sam can still hold onto hope.

Sam can see the pity in Loki's golden eyes and he looks down angrily, jaw clenched. He decides he doesn't like his mind being read.

"Look, I didn't come here to kill Dean or start a fight with anyone." The trickster sighed. He sounded serious for once and Sam relaxed slightly, if he'd wanted to kill Dean he'd already done it. Though the trickster was known for causing tricks. Maybe he was just trying to lure Sam into a false sense of security, and then kill Dean again in front of him when Sam's guard was done. Sam tensed again and glared.

"I mean it when I say I'm not here to kill anyone. This isn't a trick. No need to make me feel even guiltier than I was."

Sam pulled a classic bitchface, "would you quit reading my mind?"

"Not if it fixes the problem faster, anyone I'm telling the truth. And I know you don't have any reason to believe me but it's the truth."

Sam realized again at Loki's half-pleading tone. He did turn back the clock for him, so that Dean was alive, after all. He might as well give the god the benefit of the doubt.

'But what if he's lying?' A small voice inside Sam asked, 'I don't think we can handle Dean dying again so soon.' The voice was small and sounded so lost and hopeless. Loki wanted to wince.

"If you didn't come here to kill, maim or torture, what did you come here for then?" Sam's voice was hostile again, but Loki knew it was only a front. Sam was really frightened, not for his own safety, but for Dean's.

Sam saw Loki look around the small motel room almost...nervously, before the god decided to just face Sam straight on. Hazel met gold and held.

"I came here to...apologize. I didn't mean to leave Dean dead for that long, and it was dickish. I was trying to help you toughen but I guess I went about it the wrong way. Sorry." The words left Loki's mouth in a rush and after the words were out, he looked away from Sam again. Probably waiting judgement.

Sam felt angry, that the being was here to rub it in and make him remember, before the actual words registered. It only took a moment to figure out if he wanted to forgive Loki or not. I mean, he did have good intentions in mind, and he did bring Dean back.

"I forgive you."

The three words take Loki by complete surprise and he turns his head back to Sam so fast he gets whiplash.

"Repeat that for me, would you?" He manages to get out. Sam smirks at the complete surprise and almost hysteria in the God's voice and then he suddenly feels shy.

Sam shrugged, looking down bashfully, "I forgive you." He says again, like it's no big deal.

"Just like that. What the hell?" Loki bursts out, kind of not believing Sam. No one can just forgive something just like that. No one, but Sam?

Sam frowns at Loki now, and the god has to force himself not to wince. He couldn't just take the apology could he? Then Sam's frown moulded into a wry smile.

"You sounded a lot like Dean right then."

Loki blanched and made an exaggerated disgusted face.

Sam smirked at the look he'd managed to put on the tricksters face. The Sam became serious again.

"Look, Loki, you put me through hell." Loki did wince that time, "but I know that you were just trying to help. Even if your form of 'helping' is demented. Promise me you'll never try and 'help' me like that ever again."

Loki chuckles despite himself. This human really did have a large and pure soul. One that was fit for heaven, the old heaven, which was a hard find these days. So forgiving. Loki could only begin to wonder what emotional pain Sam had gone through. Seven months without his big brother, who'd looked after him since he'd been in diapers. Even when Sam had escaped to Stanford, Dean had only been a call away if Sam had needed him. He felt like an even bigger dick, and he knew that he owed Sam. Even if he had had the best intentions in mind.

"Fine, I promise not to 'help' you like that ever again. I make no promises with Dean though." At Sam's horrified look he quickly held up his hands, "no killing. I swear. Just harmless pranks." The explanation and the international 'calm down' sign worked and Sam's horrified look melted into one of accepting.

"That's who you are." Sam shrugged again, and Loki was once again taken aback with how accepting Sam was being, "as long as you don't put Dean through emotional pain, I guess I'm okay. Keep in mind though, that if Dean or myself catch wind of you up to your 'not-so-harmless' pranks again, we will have to hunt you." Sam looked serious now and Loki nodded. He'd expected as much. Hunters hunted anything Supernatural that killed, sometimes they hunted Supernatural beings that were innocent - though there weren't many of those left. Sam sure was one of a kind.

"Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and apologize, I know we're not on the best of terms." Sam said, smirking lightly at Loki.

"No biggie, but geez, it takes a lot out of a guy." Loki made the exaggerated motion of rolling over and stretching out and Sam chuckled.

Loki froze and sat up straight as a board. He smirked.

"Guess who's home." Loki waggled his eyebrows.

Sam groaned and pulled himself up off the floor, "does that mean he's got company?"

"Yep," by Loki's huge smirk Sam knew the god wasn't pulling his leg.

'Though he would probably be very good at it,' Sam supposed.

"One thing, before I leave you to Dean and his flavor of the night. Don't tell Dean about this." The god looked serious.

"Why?" Sam questioned curiously, wouldn't it be better to know that Loki might be on their side?

"It won't be good, if you tell him. He really doesn't like me." Loki looked sheepish and Sam pulled a 'well duh' face.

'Loki does have a point. Dean really doesn't like him, even though Dean did admit once to liking Loki's style.'

Sam opened his mouth to reply but then Loki was gone and Dean was coming in through the door. He had his arm draped around a blonde that Sam would have probably thought was cute, if he wasn't gay of course. To be completely honest he had to force himself to sleep with Jessica, he liked her company more than anything, and he really did love her, just not in that way. All the other girls were just to keep Dean off his trail.

Sam grimaced, "don't worry. I was just leaving." Sam quickly pulled on his boots, glad that he hadn't changed out of his day-clothes yet, though he had prepared for this.

Dean threw the car keys at Sam with a 'pleased with himself' grin and maneuvered the giggling blonde over to the nearest bed. Which was thankfully Dean's.

"Umm, have fun, I guess." Was Sam's parting words before the sensual moaning coming from his brother's latest fling made him move faster. He slammed the door closed, locked it, and practically ran down the concrete ramp to the car park.

Sam shuddered, and it wasn't from the light wind that started up. He planned to get far away from here, maybe pick up a beer or two on the way so he could get buzzed by himself, once again. His boots crunched gravel and he almost sighed in relief, he was almost to the car. He could almost make out the Impala in the dark. The thing really did camouflage in well with the night, and it was only thanks to the faint, cheap, lights that he could see her silhouette.

He was just inserting the keys into the lock when he suddenly felt eyes on him. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end and he chanced a look behind him quickly, just incase it was a human passing by. When he saw nothing there he turned back around and opened the door. If he were a normal person, he would have just brushed it off. But he wasn't a normal person, he knew what lurked out there just beyond the shadows, and sometimes in the daylight. He knew he was either paranoid or spot on. If there was anything Dean had taught him, it was to trust your hunter instincts, and it was that instinct that had saved his hide, and Dean's, on more than one occasion. But on the other hand, he had gotten that feeling a lot at Stanford and there had been nothing around, at all.

He got in the car, turned around to look out the back window, incase the mystery thing popped out of where ever it may or may not be hiding, and almost fell out the door. The only thing stopping him from making that fall was the hand curled around his upper arm.

"Again, very graceful." Loki's tone was mocking but there was a spark of glee in his golden eyes that Sam picked up. He raised his other hand, and before Sam could say 'shit,' he clicked.

There was a flash of bright light and then Sam was sitting on grass out in some unrecognizable field, Impala no where in sight.

He looked around frantically for Loki, he was the only one out of the two who knew where they were, and almost had a heart attack when the mischevious god appeared out of thin air beside him.

"Lets get this party started!"

Sam looked at Loki like he was crazy.

"Dude, you can't just drag me out to the middle of nowhere."

Loki grinned at Sam, "you wanted to get away, yes?"

"Well...yeah, but - "

"I provided you an instant out. With free beer!"

Sam lifted an eyebrow, "what beer?"

"This beer." Loki clicked his fingers together and suddenly they had a six pack each. He clicked his fingers again and they were each holding their own can.

Loki immediately twisted the cap off his beer and started gulping it down.

Sam looked at Loki, looked at the surrounding forest, looked at the beer in his hand, and then shrugged. He copied the trickster and took a gulp from the can.

"So, how're you holding up Gigantor? How's Dean handling being dead for seven months?" Loki asked nonchalantly, Sam could tell he was curious though. Sam frowned at the realization that he didn't know hoe he knew Loki was curious. He just...did. He snapped back into the conversation, deciding to stow the information away to analyze later.

"I'm doing okay. I's just great to have Dean back. You don't know how much I..shit, I'm sorry." Loki looked over and felt even guiltier, if possible. He had just been trying to help, but Sam just remembering Dean dead was making him cry. He really wasn't going to do well when Dean died again, and when he does, Loki can't help him. He knows Sam will ask him to do something about it eventually.

'I guess I should start practicing my, 'I can't get your brother out of hell, Sammy. I'm sorry. This time he's really dead.' speech.'

"Anyway," Sam wiped the tears away quickly, blinking back the others threatening to spill, "Dean doesn't know he died after we found you. I didn't tell him."

"You didn't tell him? Why?"

Sam was silent for a while, casually sipping his beer. Loki lifted an eyebrow, he wasn't known for his patience. Finally Sam answered. "I didn't want him to know what a wreak I was. It was pathetic. And if I'd told him then he would have been gunning for you, and I couldn't risk it."

Loki's other eyebrow rose. Sam gulped down a mouthful.

"You know, I can kind of understand, I mean, I love my brothers too." Loki confessed. Sam eyed him and Loki looked away.

"Dude, you betray everyone to the giants."

"Uh yeah, but they totally, um, imprisoned my...children."

"Oh yeah, what about that? How did you manage to have a giant wolf, a sea serpent and a six-legged horse for children?"

"Well they can change their shape. You're looking at the creator of the very first real were-wolf, were-serpent and unicorn-thing." Loki puffed himself up. He looked so ridiculous that Sam couldn't help but laugh.

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up, I really appreciate it." He told Loki, a sparkle of mirth in his hazel eyes.

Loki sighed, "it's the least I can do." He grinned at Sam again, "you did make a pretty kick-ass hunter though."

"Dude! I was going to gut and drain a civilian."

"Eh, just means you're devoted."

Sam rolled his eyes again and drained his beer.

He couldn't really remember what happened next the next morning, but he figured whatever he and Loki did, it must have been fun, 'cause he woke up the next morning feeling great. He had no idea how he got back into his own bed though.

+_+ End One-Shot Thing +_+

I'll leave it up to you to imaginate what they ended up doing (something completely platonic) I was thinking something along the lines of pulling a multitude of pranks on unsuspecting civilians. Constructive criticism and anonymous reviewers (meaning you don't have to log in to review) are welcome. A huge thank you to all my reviewers, you are all loved.

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