"I don't want to be here..."

Mikado Ryugamine stood in front of the Tobu-Tojo line and sighed dejectedly. Having lived in his hometown all his life, he had never so much as visited Tokyo. And yet, here he was, planning to attend Raira Academy at the invitation of his old elementary friend. In a way, it was not only amazing, but kind of sad. After all, how many fifteen-year-olds would boast about having successfully skipped every school trip offered?

But Tokyo was different. Part of him had always wished to experience the Tokyo lifestyle. So, on the advice from his friend, he applied and found himself set to attend Raira, in East Ikebukuro.


His thoughts interrupted, Mikado turned to the blond youth who had somehow snuck up on him, catching him totally off guard.

"Huh? Kida?"

The blond grinned. "Do I detect a question mark? Here's the answer. Pick one of the following! One! Kida Masaomi, Two! Kida Masaomi! Three! Kida Masaomi!"

Mikado's eyes widened, and his face split into a grin of its own. "Kida! It's really you!"

Kida gave an exasperated sigh. "I spent three years coming up with that, and you just ignore it?" However, his theatrics ended quickly, and he gave a quick, light jab at his old friend. "Man, I've missed you!"

"You look so different! I barely recognized you!"

"It has been four years." Kida laughed. "Now, where would you like to go?"

Mikado grabbed the strap of his messenger bag tighter. "It's kind of dark..."

"It's only six wuss." Kida beamed as the headed toward the exit. "There's still time to meet people and show you around."

The newcomer nodded with apprehension as they stepped outside. Kida began to walk backwards as he continued talking to his childhood friend. "So, where do you wanna go? There's so much to catch up on even though we talked like everyday online."
Many people crowded the streets and Mikado tried his best to keep from bumping into other pedestrians but soon he would have no choice. Kida was mid-sentence when they turned a corner, only to crash into another pedestrian.



Mikado landed on the ground with a thud, much like the girl he had just run into.

"Are you okay?"

Kida, Mikado's very best friend from elementary school, for whom he had traveled all the way to Tokyo to attend school with, cheerily skipped over to the girl. She had black hair that fell almost to her shoulders and big, round silver glasses, which made her widened eyes seem even larger. Kida offered out his hand to the be-speckled girl, completely ignoring his friend, who got up on his own. "Allow me to help you." Kida said putting on one of his best smiles, cutting off Mikado as he tried to apologize. "I am Kida Masaomi! It's your lucky day to meet the newest Casanova of our time. " He gestured grandly to himself. "May I ask what your charming name is?"

The girl blinked once, before looking down as she got to her feet by herself. "Sorry. I need to go." With that mysterious statement, she passed the two boys and began to run through the crowds. It wasn't long before they lost sight of her.

"Aren't you lucky? You just bumped into a hot girl. It's gotta be fate!" Kida's attention went back to his friend who was staring after the girl.

"...Mm. I guess so." Mikado didn't sound so sure as he brushed himself off from the minor fall. Leave it to Kida to think crashing into a cute girl was good luck.

"So wonderful," Kida continued once they had begun to walk along again. "Already running smack into cute girls. We should totally go pick up some girls tomorrow. I know the best places for that. Girls of every type."

"H-huh? Picking up girls? Just like that?" Mikado couldn't keep a slight stammer out of his voice, or the dash of a blush from rising to his cheeks.

"All you have to do is talk to them. It would be a waste of ourselves if we didn't try. You can be my fabulous wingman."

Mikado put his hands up in a slight flail. Somehow, he had lost the ability to come up with a coherent sentence.

"Kadota!" Kida shouted waving a arm widely to get a person's attention. Mikado glanced over to try to see whom the blonde was waving to, then back to his friend in confusion and uncertainty.

"Yo!" The so-called Kadota waved from his spot in front of a conspicuous van. The driver, previously occupied with something inside, turned to peer out at Kadota's response.

"Hi! How's it been? This is my friend Ryugamine Mikado. He just got here. Mikado, this is Kadota and Tosuga."

"I-It's nice to meet you, Kadota. Togusa." Mikado looked about ready to bow when Kadota stuck out his hand instead, opting for a handshake.

"Hey, no need for that. So, you just showing him around then, Kida?"

"Yup, gonna show him all the cool places before school. We're both going to go to Raira together," Kida explained as Mikado shook hands with Togusa through the open window.

"If that's the case, you'd better get going. We've got business to attend to anyway."

"Ah, all right. Bye-bye!" Kida waved good bye in a girly fashion. Mikado bowed properly this time with a polite farewell before catching up to his friend, already several feet away.

He had almost caught up with his friend when he collied with another person. No one fell to the ground, but the other's blue pen was knocked from his hands and fell to the concrete between them. Mikado stuttered a quick apology as they both reached down to pick it up simultaneously. Their hands brushed together briefly before the other snatched it up quickly. Mikado barely had time to register the shark bandanna around the younger boys neck before he was lost to the crowd.

Kida missed the awkward encounter and back tracked to find his friend. "I thought you'd gotten lost or found a girl without me."

"Er, no. There was a boy..." Mikado turned to look in the direction of the kid once more, though there was no way he could have spotted him.

It was then that a large bang could be heard. Both Mikado and Kida spun to look toward the source of the noise, just in time for a man in a black coat to dodge past them, bumping roughly into Mikado in the meanwhile.

"That Izaya bastard." Kida muttered darkly under his breath as he shot a glare toward the informant.

"Izaya ba-?" Mikado began, only to be interrupted yet again as a hand grabbed his shoulder and hurled him out of the way. "Whoa-!"

"-!" The roar could be heard even over the rumblings of the late night crowd as a blond man dressed as a bartender went tearing past, intent upon his target. In his hand was - wait, no, it couldn't be - a stop sign?

Unfortunately, Mikado had hardly any time to register this interesting bit of information, because thanks to the supreme luck of the evening Kida had boasted about earlier, he had ended up smack in the middle of the street thanks to that blond man. Instead, he faintly noticed bright lights from somewhere behind him, and could only turn in horror to see what sort of vehicle it was that would inevitably crash into him, putting an end to his short, boring life...


A hand lashed out and grabbed him by the arm, pushing him to the side for the third time that night. With an undignified stumble, he managed not only to trip on the sidewalk, but crash into a small cluster of pedestrians who had stopped to watch the show. "Wah-!"

A ghostly sound could be heard, and Mikado managed to glance back just in time to catch a glimpse of a dark motorcyclist wearing a bright yellow helmet shaped like a cat's head. For a moment, the driver seemed to be following after the bartender, but whether or not that was true was to be left a mystery; soon, the trio was completely out of sight.

"Whhooaaa. Serious luck, man. Run into an sexy glasses girl, met Kadota and Tosuga, get to see the famous Izaya being chased like a mouse by Shizuo with his usual stop sign, then get rescued by the Legendary Headless Rider. What awesome luck!" His gestures continued to be more extravagant as he continued to list off everything that had happened during the evening. Kida paused in his spilling of reiterating the hour or so after he had reconnected in person with his friend and stared at him. "Hey, you don't look so good. Shocked by the fun? Or my overwhelming presence?"

Mikado shook his head, slowly getting back to his feet. Just how many times had he had to do that this night alone? "I-I'm fine... I think. Just a little shocked. Are things usually this exciting in the city?" He put a hand to his head, feeling slightly dizzy. It was all so overwhelming - much more than he had expected. If this was the city life, how would he possibly survive?

"Well, that gets rid of the plan of picking up girls. I had all the spots planned out, too. Oh well, you'll be here tomorrow too." Kida beamed, though he failed to answer the question. "So, homeward bound it is!"

"Y-yeah..." Mikado looked down the street, as though he could see all of the new people he had met if only he stared long enough. A new place, with new faces - surely, this would lead to the lifestyle he yearned for...

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