A change in the blood

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Chapter 1

Soul had always denied the black blood, when the small imp tried to convince him, he said no. Always believing in Maka. Knowing that if he ever got close she would save him and they will have another way to win.
But always fearing the day that the black blood will be his only choice.

Tap dancing imp, it always annoyed Soul. "Is there a reason why I'm here?" Soul asked casually glancing around the Black room taking in the satin and silk curtains draped on the walls, in the centre a black grand piano.

The red imp paused and threw Soul a cunning smile, "Don't you like my visits anymore?"

"When did I like them in the first place?" Soul replied rubbing the back of his neck. As if seeing this small creature all the time was something I could like.

"Something has changed," the imp began, placing another record on, "you'll see, you won't be able to say no to me for much longer." the music changed to a slow beat that darkened as the smile on the imp grew.

Soul opened his mouth to ask what he meant but was interrupted.

"Soul?" Maka's voice called from the distance.

Damn it! Soul looked back at the creature, its face disappearing as Soul was pulled from his sleep. Its smile indented in Soul's mind.

"Soul" Maka shook him, "Soul!" she shook him harder, she had noticed he was hard to wake up lately, and sleeping at strange times. Sleeping in the middle of the day at school was normal, but on a day off was not as much. On the weekends Soul could usually be found flipping through the channels on their TV or with Black Star.

"Go away tiny-tits." he groaned.

"Maka chop!"

"Oww!" Soul clutched at his new indented head.

Maka glared at him, "Lunch is ready, but I'm throwing your food in the trash."

Soul flinched in response to the anger radiating from her. Of all the kishin eggs and witches they have faced, not one of them scared Soul as much as Maka did. Even the madness looked harmless compared to her.

"Sorry old habit I guess." He glanced over at Maka. She had grown up since they first met as twelve year olds and is no longer flat chested. They were both eighteen and had grown up, both physically and mentally.

His blood red eyes connected with her emerald ones. Soul quickly looked down.

"Soul?" Maka look down at her weapon, she was concerned about his recent behaviour. She fidgeted with the end of her shirt unsure of what to say, "Are you ok? Your sleeping and moods... They just seem off lately... Has something happened?"

Soul was caught off guard. Had she been noticing the black blood acting up a lately? He knew he shouldn't keep this stuff from his meister, but he didn't want her to worry her. Soul was determined to be the strong weapon she deserved. He swore he would never make her worry about him like when Crona had almost killed him all those years ago in Italy. He will never make her cry like that again. Cool guys don't do that kind of thing.

Soul plastered a fake smile on his face, showing his jagged teeth, before returning her glaze, "Nah I've just been staying out with Black Star too much lately, wearing me out I guess"

"Ok, just as long as you're ok." Maka returned to place lunch on the table, she wasn't going to get much out of Soul. Even after being his meister for so long, even after all the times they had to face the black blood, kishin and any other kind of situation they have fought through. His feelings and what he was thinking was still distant and off limits to her. She felt jealousy towards Black Star, who probably knew more about Soul than she did.

They ate in silence, waiting for the other to speak.

Soul contemplated on telling Maka about his dream, about what the imp said. Nah, it'll just worry her. I'll tell her when I know more, he agreed with himself, taking their empty plates to the kitchen sink. Maka's eyes following him.

Please be ok, Soul

The ringing of Maka's cell phone broke the thick silence in their apartment. Maka flipped it open after glancing at the caller ID, "What's up Tsubaki?"

Tsubaki's voice echoed from the small receiver, "Hello Maka-chan, I know it's your day off but do you think you could give us a hand?" Tsubaki asked hesitantly.

"Sure, what's wrong?" Picking up on the stress in the weapon's voice.

"Well Black Star was doing an easy assignment... But things kind of turned ugly." yelling, mainly from Black Star, could be heard in the back ground.

"Oi, I came here to help, a GOD like me would of had this done by now if you weren't in my way!" Maka assumed was Black Star, she'd know his agitating voice anywhere.

"Please put down the stick Black Star!" Tsubaki yelled, away from the cell phone.

"Soul and I will be there soon." Maka responded, after a very relieved reply from her friend she closing the phone. Maka stood up stretching before grabbing her new leather trench coat Soul had got her last Christmas.

Soul moaned, "Why do you never ask the weapon if he wants to go?"

"Because why ask when I already know that you want to go and see how badly Black Star has messed up this time." she smiled knowingly at the slouching weapon.

"You know me too well, what happen to my mystery, it's so not cool." Soul strutted out the door, wearing a lopsided grin.

Authors Note.

Hello, ok I know this chapter is short but it's my first fanfic so you can deal with it :P
I am hoping to have a couple of chapter but I don't really know... I don't even know what happens next I'm just writing it as it comes. pray for no writing blocks!

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