Dean glanced around the small room, ignoring the sounds of his brother struggling with the boxes Dean had "let" him carry up to his dorm room. How the hell were two people supposed to fit in here? He tried to imagine it, but a loud thud snapped him out of his musings.


"Damn it, Sammy. I know you're a clumsy Sasquatch, but you gotta be careful."

"First, it's Sam. Second, carry up your own shit if you're so worried about it."

Dean scoffed, rolling his eyes. "You know you're gonna miss me, Sammy boy, so don't even pretend to be mad at me."

Sam shook his head and stepped into the room, "No idea how you're going to survive in here for a whole year."

Dean's thoughts exactly. "Oh, I dunno, Sammy... Sorority girls, frat parties, keggers..."

It was Sam's turn to roll his eyes. "You keep telling yourself that."

A knock came from the door frame. "Sorry to intrude on your little bromance here, but I'm just here to see if you need anything."

Dean looked at the man, raising his eyebrow in response. "Where were you 30 minutes ago when I hauled all these boxes up here?"

Sam interjected, narrowing his eyes, "You hauled up here?"

"I'm not a pack mule, I'm your RA. As long as you're alive and sober, I'm doing a good job." Dean ignored the snort from Sam and glared over at his... RA. Whatever that was supposed to entail.

"You must be Dean... or Chuck. Either way, my name is Castiel Novak. Call me Cas. My room is down the hall if you need me. Otherwise, you know where the floor's bathroom and showers are. You should have gotten your shower key with your orientation packet."

Dean opened his mouth to respond, with what he didn't know, but someone further down the hall called out Cas' name and the RA turned without another word and disappeared.

"Well, he seems charming," Sam said with a smile. Dean snorted and turned to find his bedding; the dude was a dick.

Another voice came from the door. "I get the top bunk." A lanky, disheveled looking man stood in the opening. "Chuck. You must be Dean." With an awkward laugh, he held out his hand.

Dean shook his hand. "Yeah, nice to meet you. The giant in the corner is my brother Samantha."

Dean smirked when he caught sight of his little brother's bitch face and turned to continue unpacking his things. He was secretly glad he wouldn't need to bother with climbing up onto the top bunk, just imagining it with sore muscles after practice made him wince.

The three moved around the tiny room in silence, unpacking their things and getting settled. Cas stopped by again, eyed them all for a moment before giving the same speech to Chuck before disappearing again.

"Man, what is that guy's deal?" Dean looked to Chuck, expecting some sort of answer.

"Well, he's the RA. He's like a prison guard. I'd suggest not getting on his bad side." Chuck was rather focused on setting up his desk, making sure his laptop was in working order as quickly as possible.

The second his laptop was powered up, Chuck was completely absorbed, ignoring his boxes strewn about the room begging to be unpacked. His fingers tapped away at the keys as he tuned out the world. Sam and Dean shared a glance as they tried to comprehend him.

Dean was the first to say anything. "Uh, dude-"

"Shh! I'm in the zone." Chuck quickly focused back on his laptop. Sam and Dean shared another look, Dean raising his eyebrows while Sam shrugged.

A familiar gravelly voice came from the open door once again. "Knock, knock. Floor meeting in an hour. Floor lounge. Be there, or else."

"Or else what?" Dean challenged. Cas simply eyed him, cocked an eyebrow and turned to once again disappear down the hallway. "Someone needs to put a bell on him, or something, I swear."