Chapter 13

I can't believe I let her pick my outfit actually I didn't let her she just did. I was trying not to look in my reflection when I went past windows and mirrors hanging on the wall. To a rating of 0 to 5 of how short and tight a silk black dress is and sluty mine would have been a straight 5 with no hesitation. The fabric clang to my body showing every curve and every bump I was basically exposing myself but not. The length of it was just above my knee. She gave me black high heels and a gold star necklace, my hair was hanging out it was actually straight at least one thing looks nice. I walked in every boy stared and some even said very dirty things. At least I found my way there Shania left me with a few instructions and my outfit she had to run off and do something so I was all by myself. I thought that this wouldn't get any worse until I seen Phoenix walk in but, not alone. Standing next to him was a very attractive girl she looked a bit older than me and her outfit would have been a 10 on the outfit scale. She had long blond hair and was also wearing a gold star; I wonder why everyone else isn't wearing one? She has the brightest blue eye's they stood out like the moon in the black of the night he was also wearing a nice black outfit it made his eye's shine out too made it even harder for me to bear because they were the best looking couple in here and to make it worse it wasn't me he was with. Was it only a couple of hours we haven't been together and his already dating? He stood there talking to her I wanted to spew he saw me staring and I quickly turned around to find Rob and Shania standing in front of me Rob was also staring at Phoenix giving him the meanest look I haven't told him about me and Phoenix and I'm not planning to any time soon because he would probably want to start a fight. When Rob looked at me he was taken back "you look, you look. "Amazing" Shania cut in my outfit does suit you. "You should get Shania to choice your outfit's more often" Rob said with a huge smile. Even his jokes wouldn't make me smile not while Phoenix is here with that girl. I just notice that the room was decorated with silk and that the room was lit by candles, shows how much I take notice.

Everybody was busy talking when the suddenly all stoped and turned to face a man. The man was standing on stage with a large black robe his hands were open wide I couldn't quite see his face it was hidden beneath his hood. The silence was long and before I knew it Shania was taking me to the stage where the man was standing I was clueless she didn't tell me I was going to stand on stage with this mysterious man. I was too worried about the man too notice that the girl that was with Phoenix was standing up there too and two more hooded people that's when they exposed there self's too show three gorgeous men was it me or was everyone here beautiful, Shania was standing below me and once again i was alone. "Hello my children" the main man said "Tonight is a joyful night as we have special new students and the 'Chosen one" let them feel welcome in this room of great purity and love" I couldn't help but notice that there was a mist about the room no one seemed to notice I looked around and staring at me was one of men. His eyes and hair were as black as night. I couldn't help too look away his face was amazing he was so beautiful it was like he was sculptured by an artist. I also couldn't help but notice that every other girl was staring at him. He was tall with a muscular build, I could have stayed there staring all night but I was interrupted by the man. "Drink this oh Chosen one, known by humans as Taylor and let this purify your soul and free you from any darkness" I wash the drink down with one swallow it was the most putrid drink you could taste I nearly spewed it up but I quickly stoped my self . Everyone else on stage seemed to find it ok but I could still taste it and it made me sick. He went to the men and the girl that walked in with phoenix one of the guy's names was Dane and the one who couldn't get out of my mind was Lohk, this name seems so familiar and the girl's name was Amy. The main guy's name was Professor Laughton. After he made us drink we had to go off stage and into a big room that was huge and decorated with black and gold silk the candles were somehow floating must be a mere illusion. The four of us on stage had to sit at different directions in the room and the only people that came in after us were Shania, Rob, Phoenix a couple of kids a little older than us that I didn't know. The girl that was at the scene at the restaurant that stood in front of Phoenix and said some words in different language was also standing in there she approached me bowed and told me her name was Mary. "It will be my privilege guarding you and making sure you are safe. "What?" I replied "you will find out very soon" she answered." Professor Laughton spoke "Tomorrow you four students will be starting the school of gifted and we have assisted guardians and trainers to help you these students standing before you are them. Taylor you are being assisted by Shania to help guide you through your learning, Mary to help be one of your Guardians. Her duty will be to be around but not visible to you, Rob will be another of your Guardians he is helpful to us as he knows how you think and act, but you two have a lot to train for and lastly after a lot of disagreement Phoenix is going to be your Combat teacher as Phoenix has been watching you at school and has been making sure you are safe and has told us he has been pretending to be your companion or as you say boyfriend for the sake of your safety" That last bit broke my heart even more why am I getting bad news after bad news I pinched myself but I wasn't dreaming this was all really Phoenix didn't love me he was faking all along. Phoenix was going to be Amy's Guardian apparently her dad's some big dude and she's been transferred here and she need's protection. I wish someone could just kill me and let me free of this misery actually whatever was in that drink was kicking in because I couldn't walk properly and I would have been crying by now with all this heartbreak.

When the gathering was finished i went back to my room with the help of Shania and Rob if it wasn't for them I would have been lost and not able to move. I heard Shania tell Rob that the drink must of really kicked in because it was to help people feel really happy and to feel a wonderful buzz and also for those who are sad to make them feel no pain and to feel a drunk buzz. Man I must be one sad person. I went to sleep thinking how much I miss my mum and dad and how I can't get Lohk out of my mind.