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Explanation: Because the 7th year was practically a war, then everyone has to repeat the previous year. + Hermione and Ron never got together, he's with Lavender Brown. Also, Hermione never erased her parent's memory of her.

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New Role. New Romance.

Chapter 1: The Train Journey

Hermione had been looking, but couldn't see Ron or Harry on Platform 9 3/4, she sighed and boarded the train. She looked around each cabin to find it was full, all but one which had a suitcase in. Hermione pulled the door open and sat down staring at the platform in anticipation of Harry and Ron to show. Parents were walking up to windows giving them last-minute checks on what they'd brought with them. "I don't think they're coming." She told Crookshanks, letting him out of his cage. He purred and pushed his body against her demanding to be to be stroked. Hermione gazed out of the carriage window once more. Where are they? She wondered. She looked down at her watch, which read: 10:50am. They had ten minutes to get there, she hadn't seen any of the Weasleys and assumed Harry was staying with them, due to the fact that Ron was his best friend and Ginny was his girlfriend. Hermione sighed again. She wanted some romance in her life, a guy to kiss her in the rain, tell her she looked beautiful and to love her no matter what. Unfortunately, such guys didn't exist. Suddenly her cat's claws scratched Hermione as he jumped on someone, knocking them on the seat opposite her. She pulled Crookshanks off the person and scolded him immediately. "You don't attack strangers." She told him. Crookshanks jumped out of her arms, forcing her backwards and on the stranger again.

"Hibero!" Crookshanks was sent flying back, into his cage and the door was locked.

"What are you doing here?" Hermione asked Draco Malfoy.

"I might ask you the same question!" He said to her through gritting teeth. "Besides, your cat should be in the cage, tut, tut, tut Granger. Losing house points already now?" Hermione raised her hand to slap him, but to her surprise he just laughed. "Whatever. I got this carriage first. Go find Weasley and Potter."

"What do you mean you 'got this carriage first'?" Hermione quoted him, instantly she became aware she was sitting right next to him, so she jumped up. Doing so, she hit her head on the overhead shelves.

"Shit, are you alright?" He asked her, she ignored his cuss over the pain on her head. "I don't know any spells for that and there's not enough time or equipment to make a potion." Hermione scowled at him.

"This is all your fault!" she shouted at him.

"My fault? You're the one that jumped up and..oh you broke the shelf slightly. Nice." SHe glanced at the shelf which had torn apart slightly. Wow, she really had jumped up fast to get away from him. She groaned, turned around to look for Harry and Ron again. She saw Mrs. Weasley run through the wall. Just then, she felt someone rub her head.

"What are you doing?" She turned around and faced him again.

"Trust me, it helps the pain. Your parents are muggles, surely you'd know that. Aren't they doctors-"

"Dentists." Hermione corrected him, he rolled his eyes as if to say, Same thing. Then he put his arms around her head, Hermione thought for one awkward moment he was going to kiss her, but he continued rubbing her head in a circle movement. After about a minute, he stopped. Hermione hadn't realised she'd closed her eyes.

"Better?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Still your fault." She answered. He laughed.

"Whatever, I need to see Blaise about some Slytherin business, I'll be back and you better be gone." He left then, his suitcase still there.

Hermione frowned. Why isn't he sitting with them?

"There she is! Hermione!" She turned aorund and saw Harry, followed by Ron out the window.

"You two better hurry up and get on, the train's about to leave in a second." Harry and Ron glanced sideways at each other, frowning.

"We're not going on the train."

Hermione burrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "What?"

Ron went closer to the window. "There's not enough room for all 8th years, we'd thought you'd gotten a letter too. McGonnagall told us to meet her here after the train had left to 'await further instructions'." Ron groaned at the end, while looking around her empty carriage.

"No, I didn't get a letter."

Harry frowned. "Oh, okay then. I guess we'll meet you at Hogwarts." The train made a noise to indicate the engine had started.

"Bye!" She told them, they smiled at her as the train slowly went past them. Hermione felt angry with them. Why hadn't she got a letter? Suddenly, the door opened and closed again.

"I take it Weasley and Potter got letters too?" He picked up his suitcase and put it on the broken overhead shelf.

"Why isn't your suitcase with everyone else's?"

"There wasn't enough room," he shrugged staring out of the window. They were passing some fields and it was a gloomy day outside, it wasn't raining though it looked like it was going to.

"But you came on before me, and I got my suitcase in." He smirked at her.

"No, you were infront of me in the queue, they told me that there wouldn't be enough room." Hermione nodded.

"Why aren't you sitting with the rest of Slytherin?" She asked him.

"They got letters too, there's only twenty year eights who didn't. Most of them are Hufflepuffs." Hermione snorted. "I'm the only Slytherin and I think you're the only Gryffindor." The tow sat in silence for a while, it began raining, first lightly, then heavily. Hermione saw a flash and knew it was a storm.

"This is exactly why I hate our weather, though there's meant to be a heatwave next week." Draco said, breaking the silence.

"Anything from the trollie, my dearies?" The lady asked them. Hermione frowned. All the chocolate she'd brought from Honeydukes in Hogsmeade had paid off by not tasting so sweet anymore.

"No, thank you." Draco said. The woman nodded her head, shut the door and continued down the aisle. "I honestly think she should retire." Hermione laughed, Draco smiled as he thought: Her laugh. It sounds nice. "It wasn't that funny." He told her.

"It was mainly awkward laughter." Hermione said wiping her eyes because she'd started crying happy tears. She glanced outside and huddled up into her jacket a bit more. They were allowed to wear their own outfits now they were in Year 8. The school thought it would be unfair if they had to pay all that money again. "How did the school pay for the building to get re-built?"

"I don't know, I guess by magic and I think some of the families of Professors who were killed used some of their inheritence money to help." Hermione nodded. So many people had died. She was surprised parents were even thinking of sending their children to the school. "I heard mostly parents are teaching this year, what with the whole recession and Wizards losing their jobs." Hermione frowned, it was on the news all the time.

"Are you cold?" He asked her, she was wearing skinny jeans, a light-pink long-sleeved shirt and a red waterproof, the only colour she was allowed because of Gryffindor.

"I'm fine." she lied. Carefully, he got up, lifted sleeping Crookshanks's cage on his chair and sat beside her with his arm over her shoulders.

"This is as uncomfortable for me as for you." he told her. Hermione shook her head and watched as the rain stopped and the sun came out through the clouds.

A banging noise woke Hermione up, she looked up to see a young Slytherin girl mouthe: Wake up through the window. Hermione sighed and yawned. She went to get up, but realised someone was holding her. Draco had both his arms wrapped around her. One across her stomach and one was under her head. It was only now she felt his breathing on her neck.

Hermione nudged him with her arm and he awoke with a fright. "What? Where.." He saw her and she got up instantaneously, but didn't bang her head.

"I think we fell asleep." She told him. He nodded gruggily.

"I think we did too." He yawned and got up to reach his suitcase and hold-all. Outside, Professors were either greeting their children or walking up to the school with some of the pupils.

"Hermione! Draco!" Hermione and Draco turned to see Professor, now Headmistress McGonnagall walking up to them. "I need to see you in my office as soon as you get to the school, it's urgent, but here is not the place. Oh Miss Watkinson I found your ring!" She shouted for another pupil and walked off.

Hermione glanced at Draco. "What d'you think that was about?" She asked him.

"I've no idea, but come on, we should go." She followed him to one of the carriages and they were the last two to get one, they waited for a minute and then went off.

As soon as they arrived they saw more Year Eights, but Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. The two headed to the Headmistrisses office, which was near both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw dorms. There, they met Professor McGonnagall.

"Ah, here you are. Now your fellow students await your arrival in the Main Hall, but I have some news first." Hermione frowned, she remembered Harry and Ron had arrived by some other form of transport. "I was originally going to place you as Head Girl and Head Boy, but that spot has been filled by some Seventh years, I want you to sort out any feuds between Slytherin and Gryffindor."

"What?" Both Hermione and Draco said together.

"He doesn't even call me by my first name, you expect me to respect Slytherin now?" Hermione asked, fuming.

"Exactly, She punched me in the third year, my nose still hurts from that!" Hermione rolled her eyes at him. Professor McGonnagall raised one of her eyebrows at the two of them.

"Really, because Miss Settleworth, the lady who serves food from the trollie on the train told me she saw you two asleep in each others arms." Draco looked away and Hermione felt her cheeks warm.

"First of all, I was in his arms and secondly, we can't get along so clearly we can't do this."

"Precisely the point, the more time you spend together, the better. Now off you go." Hermione sighed and Draco stood up frustratedly and both made their way to the Great Hall.

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