Chapter 23: The Kiss

"So," Hermione sighed, sitting next to Harry opposite Ron and Ginny. "How was Potions class, Ron?" He paused his chewing of food for a moment. Then, without looking at her, he spoke.


Liar, thought Hermione. Well, technically he wasn't lying - he just hadn't told her about meeting Pansy at the astronomy tower. Luckily, Pansy had told her at the library.

"Oh, okay then." Pansy had told her that she'd tested Ron, and not to meet her at the astronomy tower. That way Ron would possibly feel guilty about lying to Hermione. Hermione had missed Pansy's devious schemes, it wasn't like Hermione to do something sinister such as tricking someone...or..

She looked over to Draco Malfoy, he sat on his own on the Slytherin table, not paying much attention to anything around him. He didn't look hungry either and was eating slower than usual. "He looks different don't you think, Draco?" She said aloud.

"He has been ill for a month, Hermione. He has a lot of school work to catch up on, know." Harry replied, Hermione bit her lip. She did know. His three best-friends had all gone their own ways and he was confused as to why.

Before, Hermione was in Slytherin. Now she was back in Gryffindor. They hated Daphne GreenGrass and her gang or whatever it was. Now Pansy was in that gang. Theodore Nott didn't really fit in anywhere, Hermione hadn't even noticed Theo until Blaise started hanging around with him.

Draco got up then and headed out of the hall, looking troubled. "Excuse me." Hermione said to the others before leaving. They would have tried to stop her from going, from seeing him. Except there was no use she'd find ways to sneak around and visit him. The Gryffindors had made a truce with her, if she stopped sneaking off without telling them then they would stop lying to her. Clearly Ron was still coming to terms with this, or he knew it was one of Pansy's schemes.

Draco wandered to a bench by the foot of a tree, he sat and stared at the skyline wondering why the hell he came out there in the first place. Truth be told, he had nothing to do anyway.

"Hey." Not her. Anything but her. "I have to check on you." Draco rolled his eyes and glanced up at her.

"Astoria." She sat beside him on the bench. "I'm fine, you can go now." She smiled at him, mocking him.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that." Astoria whispered, looking around at the other students walking around Hogwarts. "Word is someone has it in for you."

"Okay, Astoria that's enough." Draco shouted at her, standing up and facing her. "I know that you like me, but you need to understand something. I'm in love with Hermione not you."

Astoria bit her lip, and then stood up in front of him, she lowered her voice. "I do not want you anymore. That fiasco in the library was to see if you were into any other girls than my sister, seeing Granger pour her heart and soul over you made me realise just how much of a bitch my sister was." She glanced around again. "Daphne told me someone in slytherin wrote a note and slipped it in her room. B's son wants to kill Hermione Granger."

Draco took a moment to process this, someone was going to kill Hermione. Whoever they were, they were B's son. But who was "B"?

"Draco?" Draco and Astoria looked to see Ginny, Ron and Harry walking towards them. "Hermione came out her to speak to you." Harry continued.

"She didn't." Draco's voice was dry. All he had to do was glance at Astoria to confirm his suspicions.

"B"'s son had her.

Pansy headed towards the Astronomy tower, it was a lot of stairs, but it was worth it. Worth it for answers. She continued to the top of the balcony and Blaise met her eyes with a cold, hard stare.

"Something happened to you Blaise." Pansy told him. "What is it?"

Blaise just looked at her and stated: "I have no idea." He paused and added: "No idea how to tell you that is."

Pansy drew a breath and walked towards him. "Blaise you're one of few guys I'd trust my life with." The two stared at each other for a very intense moment.

Blaise kissed her then, the moon shone on the couple and the wind blew around them excitedly. They felt each other's hearts beat in sync and a rushing feeling of joy.

The two drew from the kiss into an embrace and giggled.

"Hermione!" Draco ran through the castle, Astoria and the others were running around too. It was the last day of term in Hogwarts, so naturally the majority of students had left. "HERMIONE!"

Ginny came up to him. "She's not in Gryffindor or the library, and she hasn't left because she was going to stay here over the holidays."

Draco ran his hand through his hair. He panted for breath, his head felt hot with sweat. Yes, it was disgusting, but it was worth it for Hermione.

"Heard anything?" Ron asked, running up to them with Harry.

"No you fool otherwise 'mione would be here!" He snapped. Ron looked hurt, but then decided to ignore Draco.

"Could she be with Pansy or Blaise?" Harry asked. Why hadn't Draco thought of that?

"Pansy told me to tell Hermione to meet her at The Astronomy Tower at six." Ron told them, in realisation.

Pansy sat on the rails of the astronomy tower, holding hands with Blaise. "Theodore Nott wants to kill Hermione Granger." Blaise confessed. "He's Bellatrix kid."

"That explains the Goth look." Pansy commented and Blaise smiled. Blaise and Pansy had always liked each other; neither had wanted to admit it because they were as stubborn as each other. "Why are you staring at me like that?" She asked, raising both her eyebrows, Blaise looked again at their hands, intertwined.

"Blaise! Pansy!" The two gasped and took their hands away from each other. It was Draco...Astoria, Ron, Harry and Ginny...

Draco got to them and looked in confusion. "Where's Hermione?" Pansy and Blaise shared a sideways glance.

"Not here." Pansy heard herself say.

"You said she'd meet you here." Ron shouted.

Pansy stared at him. "Did you tell her to meet me here?" Ron left his mouth open ajar and looked to the side.

"Why are you trying to look for her anyway?" Blaise asked, looking curious.

"Someone who is B's son wants to kill her and no-one's seen her for hours." Pansy pulled a face.

"Theodore Nott." She chorused with Blaise

"Have you tried the Slytherin and Gryffindor dorms?" Blaise asked.

Draco tuned out. Theodore Nott, a sketchy kid, Bellatrix's son, was out for Hermione. It wasn't that though.

Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Gryffindor and Slytherin.


Draco didn't bother communicating with the others, he just bolted - hoping he'd get there before, before anything happened

Hermione had been following Draco, she saw him head round a corner where she knew there was a bench. She was thinkinf about talking to him, firstly asking him what was wrong and obviously finding next thing she remembered was hearing someone mutter a spell and being knocked out.

She woke up in Draco's room in Gryfferin, she wondered briefly if she'd imagined the entire thing when Theodore Nott walked in the room. Carrying a knife.

"Nice to see you're awake." He smiled slyly, flashing the knife in the light.

"What are you doing?" Hermione asked, her voice sounded shaky. She went to get up, to run off. Except she couldn't. He'd paralysed her somehow, he was only in fifth year so would have only just learnt it in Defence Against the Dark Arts. She'd only be paralysed for about an hour and she didn't know how long ago he'd done it.

"I'm going to kill you." He said sharply. "Your little friends won't help you, because I changed the password."

Hermione stared at him, blankly. "That's impossible, only me or Draco can change the password."

Theodore smirked. "But anyone can change the portrait on the door,"

Hermione gasped, "NO! You can't do this!" She flailed around, and realised what she was doing. The paralysis spell had worn off.

She grabbed her wand, pointed it at him and said the first spell that came to her mind. "Jellylegsjinx!"

Theodore fell to the floor instantly, his legs flailing in the air above him. He cursed.

"What's the new password?" Hermione asked. The portrait might ask her when she left, that's why she had to know.

"Unjellyfy!" Nott shouted the counter-curse, standing up. Hermione wasn't sure what to do next, she couldn't think properly, no-one knew where she was. All she knew was she was going to die.

She ran to the portrait door, and she was right it wouldn't open without the password.

Nott came up behind her and pressed her against the door. He got his knife, it looked as though it had recently been sharpened. The blade flashed in the light from the common room. Theodore then pressed it sharply and made a line down her arm.

Hermione shrieked, it was a blinding pain. She felt blood trickle down her arm. She watch in utter shock as Nott wiped the blood remaining on the blade on his shirt. After that, he apparated.

Hermione was in too much pain to wonder how he apparated in Hogwarts, it was impossible.

Shew felt herself crumple to the floor, in tears.

Based on how big the sash was in her arm, it was almost inevitable that she wouldn't die from bloodloss.

Draco arrived at the portrait door, ready to scream 'Dramione', except it wasn't Dumbledore. It was a portrait of Lavender Brown. "Oh no." He thought aloud.

"Theo changed the password." Lavender told him. "You'll never guess it."

Then Draco heard something that completely broke his heart, Hermione shrieking. "Hermione!" He shouted. "Hermione, I'm here. I'm going to get you out!"

He didn't know if she heard him or not, he just rushed into asking Lavender Brown the password. "I'm not telling you." She kept on saying.

Theodore Nott appeared then, he saw Draco and went to make a run for it. Clearly he'd forgotten Draco played Quidditch.

"What's the password?" Draco asked, his wand pressing into Nott's neck. "Well?"

Time was ticking, for all Draco knew Hermione was already dead.

Hermione felt lightheaded and a little sick, she couldn't let herself fall asleep though even if it was her body's way of taking away the pain.

What could the password be? had to be something Theodore would remember.

Hermione suddenly gripped her wand. She didn't know why, it was sort of like a reflex. Then she remembered how Theodore apparated out of the room. "Outside Gryfferin." She muttered.

Theodore pushed Draco off him, then ran smack into Blaise. "I'm not being pushed round anymore, Theo." He, the Gryffindors and Astoria held him back.

"Draco." Draco immediately ran over to the voice. Hermione sat at the foot of Lavender Brown's portrait who was frowning currently. "I app-"

"Ssh." Draco told her, staring at the wound Theodore Nott had inflicted on her arm. Blood covered her clothes, her skin looked pale and felt extremely hot. "We need to get you some medical attention." She smiled. "I love you." Her whispered, close to her face.

"I love you too." She declared, and the two kissed, It felt like their first kiss all over again.

Hermione received the medical attention she needed by Astoria GreenGrass. Daphne wasn't very happy, but Pansy told her that they'd get along with time. The Slytherins and Gryffindors did make peace – Draco and Hermione's roles as Peace-makers were complete.

Their New Romance certainly didn't end though. The two fell more in love over time, but weren't the first couple to marry. No, more or less at the end of Eighth Year Pansy and Blaise decided to get married in Hogsmeade. Draco had said it was the first time he'd seen Pansy smile in a while.

As for Theodore Nott, he received immediate exclusion for attempting to kill a student, he was sent to a different country with a new identity. The school there had a very strict rules policy so he got what he deserved.

After the whole Alvaloss thing, Neville did turn out to be in love with Pansy, but was "cured" by Luna Lovegood.

Hermione and Draco got married in time and had two kids. Their New Role, Parents.

And they're living happily ever after.

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