Hey everybody, Amata here with her first Sweeney Todd fanfiction. I actually originally wrote this in French (link on my profile), so excuse the simplistic language. Enjoy!

I have many friends. They love me. My shine is silver and red—Todd thinks that I am truly beautiful. A am a razor, and I am beautiful. I shine.

My friends, they speak to me. Todd speaks to me often, Mrs. Lovett speaks a little, Tobias rarely speaks, Barker never speaks. But I always listen. Who will listen, if not me? I am more faithful than all the others. I am their only friend.

Todd is dead. Mrs. Lovett is dead. Tobias is dead. Benjamin Barker is dead. But I will wait. Hours, days, years—I will always wait. I am a razor; I am faithful.

Listen. Look. What is she? Who? It's a young woman, with blond hair and blue eyes. Like Barker's wife...

"Anthony, look," says Johanna, sad. "My father's."

New friends...

At last, I am complete again.