STORY: Future Wife

Chapter 1: Meeting my Fiancé

My name is Allen Walker, age 16, my adopted father is Mana Walker, we are completely rich and healthy family have servant, I school Private School, and I am always Top #1, I really famous, due to my father, and my Rank, I will take over I will be lead the Organization to be know "walker Org.", you will know soon or later.

I am completely at School Class A. I have thinking a lot of stuff, about yesterday night, what my father has told.

-Flash Back-

I entered my father office.

"What is it, father?"

He stands and come to me.

"Son, you will meet you're…"

"Meet who?"

"Your Fiancé"

-End of Flash Back-

Skip the Class.

I went home with my limo; I and dad have their own. When, I get off my limo, I notice there another limo, "whose limo? Wait!", I began to run to the Father office, open the door.

"Oh, Son!"

"Hello, Dad and visitor" 'I am sure…"

"Son, I would like to meet your Fiancé"

I look at her, she long green hair, and a beautiful dress. She bow at me and said "My name is Lenalee, and you must be Allen Walker, to be my Fiancé" she smiled at me, and blush.

"Yes, I am how did you kn-"

"Know about you, your father told a lot about you"

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