It was getting close to midnight. How Jaclyn knew she wasn't sure. The Russians weren't speaking English, but by their tone of voice, they sounded like they were getting ready for something big. Jaclyn was tied to a chair with a blindfold over her eyes and a gag in her mouth. Her cheek still stung from where that man hit her. Considering things could possibly be much worse, she thought herself lucky that was all that hurt.

The men's voices were becoming more excited. Someone came up behind her and untied her from the chair. Her arms were bound behind her back. The man roughly shoved her in the direction he wanted her to go.

"Hello, my dear," said Boris. "Let's see if your uncle paid us. If he did, you get to go home."

Jaclyn guessed at his position and brought up her leg. She kicked him hard in the shin. He swore in Russian and slapped her across the face again.

"Feisty little girl," he said, pain still in his voice.

Jaclyn would smile if she could.

Boris reached behind Jaclyn's back and removed her charm bracelet. "A little something to show to your uncle that I mean business."

Jaclyn yelled through her gag to give her bracelet back, but it was muffled and Boris laughed in her face.

Boris yelled a command in Russian and the man started shoving her again. Jaclyn was forced into the trunk of a car. A moment later the car started.

Jaclyn felt around for anything she could use to cut the rope binding her hands. She didn't find anything sharp enough. Looks like she was doing this the hard way. She began to wiggle, trying to get her bottom between her arms. After a minute of struggling, she got through and pulled her legs through. Now that she had her hands in front of her, she could remove the blindfold and the gag. Jaclyn attacked the knots in the rope with her teeth. These guys didn't know how to tie a proper knot. Within seconds her hands were free.

"Okay, Jaclyn. Now what?" she asked herself.

Doing the only thing she could think of doing, Jaclyn began kicking the trunk lid as hard as she possibly could. It made quite a bit of noise.

"Shut up back there!" yelled one of the Russians.

This only encouraged Jaclyn to keep kicking.

The car stopped and there was some talking in Russian. Jaclyn got ready. She heard the key in the lock. The trunk lid opened and Jaclyn lashed out, her fist connecting with the softest part of the man's torso. Jaclyn jumped out of the trunk and ran for cover. The men drew their guns and fired at her, missing as Jaclyn disappeared into the trees. Jaclyn could hear Boris shouting in Russian. She may not have spoken Russian, but it was pretty clear he was telling them to get her and shoot her.

"Central Park," muttered Jaclyn. "I'm in Central Park."

At midnight

Dracon and Glasses were waiting for Boris to show at Belvedere Castle. Dracon had a briefcase filled with the five million that Boris demanded. In the shadows the gargoyles waited. Elisa and Spencer were above, watching everything.

"Now remember," Elisa said to Spencer, "whatever happens, stay in hiding. I don't want you to get hurt."

"Okay," said Spencer. But if Jaclyn was hurt and needed him, he would go straight to her, no matter what Elisa said.

"Boris is late," said Dracon. "It's not like him."

"Do you think something happened?" asked Glasses.

"It better not," said Dracon. "Or I'll shoot him."

Boris came up the steps of the Belvedere Castle.

"Well, where is she?" demanded Dracon.

"Don't worry, Tony," said Boris. "You'll see her soon enough."

"No Jaclyn, no money," said Dracon.

"No money, no Jaclyn," Boris said with a smirk.

Dracon smirked. "You don't have her, do you?" he asked.

"If I didn't have her, would I have this?" asked Boris. He held up the charm bracelet. Even from a distance, Dracon could see that it was the charm bracelet he had custom designed for Jaclyn for her sixteenth birthday. "So, Dracon. What about our bargain?"

Dracon set the briefcase down and shoved it with his foot over to Boris.

"Now!" shouted Goliath.

The gargoyles came out of hiding and subdued Boris without a fight.

Dracon walked up to him. "Where is she?" he demanded.

Boris laughed. "Dead by now," he replied. "The stupid girl, she took off the first chance she got. My men have orders to shoot her on sight. Good luck finding her before they do."

Dracon let out a yell of frustration.

Hudson put a hand on the mobster's shoulder. "Worry not, lad. There are more ways than one to find someone. Asking this man will profit nothing, but the lass' bracelet, that'll do."

Lexington picked up the bracelet and handed it to Hudson. Hudson called Bronx over to him.

"Think ye can find the lass, boy?" Hudson asked as Bronx eagerly sniffed the piece of jewelry.

Bronx sniffed the ground around them before putting his head up and barking. He bolted off into the trees.

"We will search with Bronx and Hudson," said Goliath.

"I'll take care of Boris here," said Elisa, looking down at the Russian.

Goliath nodded. "Spencer, you stay here with Dracon."

The gargoyles took off after Bronx.

"Wait!" called Dracon.

"Let them go, Tony," said Elisa, cuffing Boris. "Goliath and the others will be faster without us."

"What if they don't find her in time?" Dracon asked.

"Bronx has the scent and Hudson is with," said Elisa. "It will take less time than a search and rescue team. They'll find her in time."

"Besides," said Spencer, "this is Jaclyn we're worrying about. She's no city girl. She can take care of herself."

Jaclyn was running as fast as she could, alternating between running along the paths and through the trees. She had to lose them and by the sound of things she lost them for now. But she couldn't stop. If she stopped, they could catch up to her and kill her.

"Keep going," said Jaclyn. "This isn't any different than the sticks back home."

Behind her there was a yell of shock and pain. Only one yell. Jaclyn listened. Nothing. Everything was quiet. What had happened? Did the guy following her get mugged or something? If he did, talk about karma. Wouldn't there be more screaming involved if he did? Not if it was quick.

Jaclyn shook her head. Why was she dwelling on this? She had to get out of there.

Something caught her attention. It sounded like a hawk when it flew close overhead. Jaclyn looked up. Nothing.

She kept running, this time taking a path and passing under a bridge. How much farther she ran before she stumbled, Jaclyn wasn't sure. She had to stop. Her adrenaline had run out and she had no strength to keep going. Ducking into a dense wooded area, Jaclyn braced herself against one of the larger trees.

Hearing something in the distance, Jaclyn forced her breathing to slow so she could hear.

"We're getting close," said a voice. "These disturbances are fresh." The voice was Scottish, not Russian. Had they called in reinforcements?

"I think I saw her when I flew overhead," said another.

"Girl's fast," said a third.

"Jaclyn!" called a fourth.

The fourth voice sounded familiar to Jaclyn. She looked around, careful to remain out of sight. There were several gargoyles on the path she just came off of. One of them was the one she saved last night. He was okay!

The gargoyles turned to see a young woman stagger out of the trees and stare at them.

"Broadway?" she called.

Broadway beamed. "You're okay. You had us worried."

Jaclyn walked over to them. "I can say the same about you," she said. She blinked sleepily.

Brooklyn walked over to them. "I'll take her," he said. "Come on. People are waiting for you." Brooklyn gently coaxed Jaclyn into his arms, though Jaclyn needed no coaxing — she was so tired.

A few hours later, after talking to the police, Spencer and Jaclyn went to Park Manor to stay the night with Dracon. Dracon was not letting Jaclyn out of his sight for even a second.

"You know that we have to tell your mother about this." Dracon didn't like the thought, but if he didn't tell his sister what happened, she would drive to New York and Dracon be in traction when she was finished with him. "But we can tell her tomorrow after you get some sleep."

"Do we have to tell her about Spencer?" asked Jaclyn sheepishly. "She thinks I'm staying with a girlfriend."

Dracon stared at her in disbelief. His sister didn't know Jaclyn had a boyfriend. "Oh, my God!"

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