Ch. 1) A Familiar Return

"Olivia, Olivia!" she heard Calvin cry out. "Don't let them take me, Olivia!"

Liv tossed and turned in the cribs. A soft hand was placed on her shoulder. "Liv wake up."

Olivia opened her eyes, her back facing him. It took her a moment to recognize where she was. She turned around and saw Elliot at the foot of the bed but her eyes focused up.

"You okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine."

"You were screaming. It's why I ran in here. And then I heard you shout out Calvin's name."

Olivia sat up and ran her right hand over her face and then through her hair. It had been seven months since Vivian had taken Calvin from her but the pain of it still gnawed at her sometimes particularly when she had been working on cases that involved kids.

"Have you heard from him?"

Olivia shook her head, "No, not in a while." Olivia took a deep breath. "It's probably for the best. He's just moving on with his life. He can forget about me."

"Hey now that's not possible okay. You were great to him, I'm sure he would never forget that. I know what it's likeā€¦"

Live moved her legs over and sat at the edge of the cot, her back once again facing Elliot.

"Don't," she said.

"Don't what?"

"Compare experiences. Calvin wasn't even my biological kid, it wasn't real."

"But the love you had for him was."

Olivia wanted to say something but she couldn't. Instead she stood up. "I have to get to work."

She turned towards the door not saying another word to Elliot. She could not begin to have a personal conversation with him. After all he had been the one to constantly remind her that her situation with Calvin had been temporary and he had been right. Now he tried to be there for her and be sympathetic. Where was that when Calvin was in her custody?

Olivia could feel the eyes on her as she entered the main part of the precinct. Had she really screamed that loud as Elliot had claimed? She would have to get a better handle on her emotions. No, it had to be more than that. She felt Elliot step next to her and she could see Cragen's worried look on his face.

"What's going on cap?" Olivia asked.

"Maybe Fin and Munch should take this one," Cragen said.

"Cap," said Elliot, "She's gonna find out eventually. No point in keeping it from her."

"Very well," replied Cragen. He handed Olivia the current file. She opened it and found some paperwork along with a picture of Vivian Arliss. According to the file Viv had never really left.. She had stayed in and around the New York area. "We got a call about a rape five minutes ago. You and Elliot should go."

Olivia didn't know what to say. She just nodded, grabbed her coat from her desk and left with Elliot following her.

Elliot and Liv arrived to an expensive condo in upper Manhattan.

"Guess she's moved up in the world," Elliot said. Olivia stayed silent. She didn't trust this new place where Vivian Arliss had turned up. It might've been a better place but for a person like Vivian that only made Liv more suspicious.

Elliot banged hard on the door, "Police, open up!"

"Go away," Vivian shouted from inside.

Elliot shimmied the door, it was unlocked and so the two detectives went inside.

"I said go away," Vivian said as she heard the detectives footsteps enter the condo.

"Can't do that," Elliot said as he and Olivia followed Vivian's voice down the hallway to the bathroom.

Vivian Arliss was a wreck. She sat at the edge of the bathtub, water running, blood running down her legs, tousled hair.

"Call for a bus," Elliot said being the first one to lay his eyes on Vivan.

Olivia did so. "Yes this is Olivia Benson of the 1-6, badge number 4015 we need a bus at 5th and Madison."

"Hey Vivian," said Elliot, "Been a while."

Vivian looked up to see not only Elliot but Olivia Benson as well.

"Oh god," said Vivian. "What more could you possibly take away from me," she spat out at the female detective.

"Nice to see you too Viv," replied Olivia.

It was no secret that Vivian Arliss distained Olivia. The feeling was sort of mutual except for Olivia she could never truly hate the victim no matter how messed up they were. And despite what Vivian had done by taking Calvin away, Olivia still had a job to do so she would do her best not to let her emotions get in the way.

"Can you tell us what happened" Olivia asked.

"I don't know," replied Vivian.

Olivia sighed. She knew she wasn't going to get anything out of the broken woman before her.

"I can't help you if you don't talk to me."

"Don't you get it," Vivian shouted. "I don't want your help!"

Before Olivia or Elliot could ask more questions the paramedics arrived. Vivian cursed and shouted as they loaded her onto a gurney and into the ambulance that was headed to Mercy General Hospital. The paramedics did give her some medication to keep her sedated.

Elliot rode with Vivian while Olivia stayed behind to monitor the crime scene. The crime techs arrived as did Fin Tutuola.

In the home they found some blood traces on the floor which was followed to the master bedroom.

There was no indication of forced entry.

With a gloved hand, Olivia opened a dresser drawer. In it was a lead box. Liv gently opened it.

"Fin," she said to her current partner. Fin walked over and looked over Liv's shoulder. In the box were heroin syringes and small vials of cocaine.

"She can't quit can she," asked Fin.

They continued to survey the room. Fin shook the covers on the bed and a used condom slipped out.

"Looks like we got our smoking gun," Fin said as he clear bagged the condom. "We'll send it to the lab see if they can identify any little swimmers."