Blackness swirled in my vision as I continued to run. Behind me, shadows convulsed as they slowly made their way towards me. The light in my hand was powerless against them; they were merely shadows of a former past, they could not be hurt like the Taken. Trying my best not to look back, I spotted a dark figure moving against the trees. I brought my Flashlight up, but the thing did not recoil in agony. It was not a Shadow Figure, it possesed a figure; It was not a Taken, as it did not fear the light. Still training the beam on it, I ran past the figure and around the corner bend. The breath in my lungs felt powerful and true as I spotted a distand Safe haven.

Still giving it all I got, my legs began to quicken as my run turned into a hundred meter sprint. Halfway through, a wave of utter nausea hit me like an oncoming car. The sudden pain almost made me trip and collapse on the ground. Thankfully, my will was strong, and my resolve was pure, and I managed to go on.

As I reached the point of nearly being able to touch the Safe Haven, I dared to take a look behind me. What I saw was the Dark Figure standing among the twirling Shadows; its luminescent eyes glowed in the black oblivion from where it stood from. It slowly raised a finger and pointed at me. Not wanting to know what would happen next, I took a dive for the Safe Haven, rewarding me with some scratches and a bruised limb in the process. For a few minutes, I bathed in the warm glow of the lamp post. Then steadily, I pulled myself up, and looked around. The Dark Figure and the Shadows were gone, and in its place was the ever present dark shroud of worse things to come.