AUTHORS NOTE: So this is a silly little series of drabbles/ficlets for half of the September prompt of "Alternate Universe" so I'm obviously doing my favourite by taking them back to high school. It's only going to be the odd chapter here and there so don't expect much but I do have each chapter decided!

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[Share Cupcakes]

"Mr Ross," the sound of her teacher's voice caused Jackie to turn round to see Robbie standing behind her with his hands above her head, holding flour, "I would advise that you wouldn't do that and move back to your own desk." The restraint in her voice made Jackie smile. Mrs Atkins has been trying to get Robbie thrown out of this class for months but it was still yet to happen and she was slowly losing her patience with him.

Poking him in the ribs once he lowered his hands, she glared at him. "And I'd have killed you," she threatened her best friend before turning back to her other best friend, Jenny, and started to read the instructions they had been given to make the cupcakes. Cupcakes, Mrs Atkins had said, was one of the most easiest recipes but you had to time it just right or they'd sink. Mrs Atkins enjoyed giving her lessons a cross curricular links and today's was PSHE through the work of looking at patience while working with a partner.

"Mr Ross, why are you not working? Today's task is on partnership and I notice that Mr Fraser is working alone." She snapped curtly and Robbie sighed as he slid off Jackie and Jenny's work space, his hands sinking into his pockets as he looked over at the teacher.

"Aye because he's in a bad mood today and I hate it when he's in a bad mood," Robbie mumbled before making a big ordeal of walking back over to the other boy and taking hold of the bowl so that he could stir the contents in an exaggerated manner causing everyone in the class to crack up whereas Mrs Atkins looked like she wanted to throttle him. Jackie and Jenny swapped glances before starting back on their own cupcakes, Jackie throwing the odd glance over to the boys here and there causing Jenny to nudge her in the side and smile.

"You so like Robbie as more than a friend," she whispered so that no one could hear and Jackie forced a laugh. "Don't even deny it, you keep looking back there." She said with a nudge of her head indicating she meant over her shoulder.

"Aye, he's my friend and how could you not think it was Stuart?" She asked the other woman causing Jenny to shake her head as she put the whisks into the sink and quickly washed them down before leaving them on the draining board, turning back to face Jackie.

"I'd think Ewan would have something to say about that," Jenny pointed out before spooning the material into the cupcake cases and then sliding them into the oven. "Now we need to keep an eye on them. Want to play hangman while we wait?" She asked grabbing hold of her notepad and a pen, leaning down on the desk and starting to draw out the lines even though Jackie never answered.

Thirty minutes later, they were all gathered outside in the playground on one of the benches but they'd now been joined by Duncan, Burke and Ewan who were in different years to them and had their little tupperware boxes in their hands filled with cupcakes. "Oh aren't you guys amazing friends?" Ewan teased as he leant into press a kiss to Stuart's lips, climbing over the bench to sit next to him and stealing one of the cupcakes.

"Who said they were for you, McIntyre?" Robbie said with a grin causing Ewan to look up at him, his eyebrow raised as he started to peel the cupcake out of it's case.

"Are you saying you wouldn't give me a cupcake, Ross?" The group had a bad habit of calling everyone by their surnames, apart from Duncan. Duncan didn't do nicknames of any sort and enjoyed just being called Duncan. He got in a mood with them if they ever called them anything else.

"Aye, you'd be the guinea pig to make sure that none of us would die from Reid's disastrous cooking," his sentence ended in a grunt as Jackie reached over and punched him square in the chest, his hand moving to rub the spot. "Jesus Jacks, I really wish those brothers of yours hadn't taught you how to punch. I think that's going to bruise,"

"And yet you'll never learn not to insult her," Jenny said from where she was sitting on Duncan's knee, her arm wrapped around his neck as she looked away from him and towards the boy. "I personally believe that you enjoy Jackie hitting you, the pain a sore reminder of her at a later time when she's not with you," she analysed and Robbie just looked at her, his eyebrow raised and his jaw slack.

"Shut up and eat a cupcake, ya freak," he said throwing a cupcake at her causing her to giggle as she rolled her eyes. Her friends didn't understand her skill of being able to read people. They all knew that she'd probably go into psychiatry at a later date.

"You guys give me a migraine," Burke said reaching into the box and grabbing a cupcake before biting into it. "However, these are really nice."

"Thank you, Burke," the four chefs chorused, a proud grin on their faces because getting that kind of praise of Burke – the oldest of the group and close to heading to university – always made them smile because it was very rare he gave them praise. "I think we need cupcakes more often," Jenny said making shapes with her empty cupcake case.

"Aye and just think of your waistline," Robbie said but glared as the shaped cupcake case bounced off his forehead. He sighed before picking up the object off the table and flicking it to the ground. "No. I'm going to make sure we never have cupcakes again." He said flatly causing everyone to burst out laughing.