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[Hug You When You're Happy]

"Has anyone seen Stuart?" Ewan asked as they sat at the park bench that Saturday afternoon, his hands pretty much strangling his mobile as he tried to figure out where his boyfriend could be and why the hell he wasn't answering his phone. "He's never late," he pondered and everyone couldn't help but smile at how cute he was worrying about him before Jenny reached over and took the mobile out of his hands as he started to press speed dial 1 again. "Hey," he called out at her.

"Ewan, he said he'll be here," she promised squeezing his hand and smiling, "so he will. Just give him time, sweetheart." She said laughing as she turned back to Duncan, Ewan's phone firmly in her hands so that he couldn't reach over and steal it back but the boy kept looking around them, hoping that his boyfriend would appear at some moment. Everyone just swapped glances before returning to eating whatever they'd bought from the chip shop on the corner.

Two hours had passed and Ewan was starting to look really wounded that Stuart hadn't arrived. Even though it was a gathering amongst friends, Stuart's late arrival still pretty much felt like Ewan had been stood up and the lack of phone call or text message had probably been the part that had pushed him over the edge as he rose from his seat and started to make his excuses but he stopped when he saw Stuart running towards them. "Where the hell..." His sentence cut off by Stuart pressing a kiss against his lips, his arms wrapping around his waist causing the rest of their friends to roll their eyes before they started to throw things at them.

"Get a room!" Jackie teased slightly as they broke apart. "However, if that's all it takes for Ewan to forgive you then well done."

"Guys," Stuart said pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket and smiling, "I've found my adopted parents." He looked around and sighed. "Okay, I know I'm not twenty-one yet but I hacked..." everyone groaned causing him to roll his eyes before continuing, "and I found them. I found them," he said as happy tears fell down his cheeks. "My biological mother has been leaving me messages on this forum every birthday and she's..." he stopped talking as the tears took control.

Slowly everyone rose from the table, their arms wrapping around him in a group hug as they all whispered that this was great because it meant that his worst nightmare wasn't going to happen. His mother genuinely wanted to meet him, one day.