Ch. 1; September

As I sat in my junior American History Class, I was immensely bored with Mr. Loren's continuous lecture on what we will learn about the Revolutionary War Era, plus we have the field trip next week. Though, to be completely honest, I wasn't so excited. As it would more than likely start down pouring when we actually get there. Plus, it's long bus ride from a small town in Wisconsin to Charleston, South Carolina. Don't get me wrong I'd love to get out of school but I want the day to be halfway interesting.

"Miss Duncan?" Mr. Loren said completely mispronouncing my last name.

"It's Duquesne, Mr. Lorenns why we-," He put his arm around me as he said this.

"Get. Your. Hand. Off. Of. Me," I growled threateningly slapping his hand away.

"Hey, no need to get touchy." he smirked as I glared at him.

"Leave us alone, Blake." Rose said.

Blake glared but then left to go harass some poor girl but probably Vivian, who was not a poor girl.

"You shouldn't let him get to you," Amy said.

"Yeah, I know." I sighed as I paid for my food. We sat down at our table and got to work on the news of the day.

"Sooo, Brooke, what do you think about the new kid Cody?" Rose asked


"Very." We said smiling. Soon, we began chattering about anything that happened today, until, the bell rang for 3rd block. After that, I didn't see my friends until later, probably Monday. I learned Connor was in my Art I class and Blake was in my Cooking Class. For art, Miss Marks, a kind teacher, paired me with Connor, who was dead set on doing a cartoon drawing of my face. While, I wanted to make a mask of his face and smash it then glue it on a dramatically colored canvas. We compromised and did a mixture of both.

In Cooking, I was in a group with Blake, and two of his cronies, Steve and Tommy. But I spiked their brownies with Red Cayenne Pepper. Sadly, Blake didn't eat the brownie but it was still worth seeing the faces of Steve and Tommy when they took a bite of their brownie.

When it was time to go home it was the same old routine:

Ride Home on bus

Let dog out

Feed dog

Yell at brother

Do whatever my mother wanted

Watch a movie

Do Homework

Go to bed.

Then it restarts and goes on and on.

ok guys im done with this chapter finally. so far we've met a couple important characters

Sarah Ducan

Brooklyn Collins

Rose Ravenfield

Maddy Wilburson

Blake Hales

Conner Scotts

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