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I woke up with the bright South Carolinan sun shining in my face through the hotel window, I sat up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I look to my friends' beds to see if they were awake, which they weren't, so I got up and went to get dress for the day, as today was the day we go to Fort Charlotte for the tour. I put on my shorts and a 'Harry Potter Is A Religon' t-shirt along with my green socks and 'fake' converses after I took a quick shower. Once I put on my eyeliner and straighten my hair I went out to the rest of the hotel room to see if my friends had woken up. I walk into the bed room part to find the blankets on the floor. I walk closer to investigate when I'm tackled from behind.

I hit the floor with a squeal as my friends burst out into laughter. We do this for awhile until there's a knock on the door, where Maddy got up from the floor and answered the door to a snobby sounding voice.

"Oh, I figured it was you dilequents. Would you mind keeping it down? Some of us are tring to sleep." Ugh. It was Vivian. I grumbled as I got off the floor to go tell her off with Maddy.

"Oh yeah, you pigs need your beauty sleep." Maddy sneered causeing Vivian's smug look to faulter. The queen was losing and she did not like it one bit.

"Ducan, you should really learn how to keep your friends in check." Blake said coming up from behind Vivian wrapping his arms around her.

"I will when you learn to keep that thing in a cage. " I said annoyed by their PDA.

Blake growled menicly but he turned Vivian away and walked away with her. I felt my friends' eyes on me as I closed the door. I turned to them and they looked at me.

"If we were to lead a revolt againist Queeny how many would we have on our side?" I asked

"Most of the band, some Harry Potter fans, Magic players, Goths, and some scene kids, oh, also some of the teachers but since Vivikins has the teachers' kids on her side..." Brooke said knowing that didn't even cover half the students.

"Well, that sucks." I said

"Oh yeah?" Rose and Maddy said in their best 'Canadian' accent

"Oh yeah." I said with mine, bursting out in laughter until Mr. Loren knocked on our door and told us to be down for breakfast in an hour.

*Hour Later*

I walked down with my friends bringing my backpack with me. I grab some fruit salad as my friends grab things like cereal, eggs, and French toast.

We chat for the hour until Mr. Loren tells us all to get on the bus, by which, most of the bus is full and the only seats open are one whole seat which seats about two students, a seat next to Blake, and a seat next to Conner seeing as his brother was sitting behind him next to some random girl. Of course, Brook sits down next to Conner, as Maddy and Rose sit beside themselves making me sit next to Blake. Most of the ride was okay, he ignored me for most of itm but he suddenly wanted me next to the window and had me move so he could talk to William about something, I assumed.

I looked out the window looking at the thick forest and loose dirt trail, wait trail? Where were we heading? I look out into the forestry seeing flickers and flash sort of like a TV when its malfuctioning. Suddenly, I was awoken from my trance-like state by an arguement between my friends, the twins, and Blake.

"YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A SNOBBY BRAT!" Rose shouted when the bus hit a huge bump, causing me to fly grabbing on to Blake, who fell into Will, whom got hit in the face by Brook, who was pushed by Conner on accident and rammed into Maddy who was pushed by Rose, who's hand grabbed Sarah. But before anyone could recover from the mess, everything went dark.