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Eventual mpreg (This will be seen in the LAST one-shot which is also the original one-shot, but it's also mentioned)

Yaoi (Not really in here, minor hints, that's all. It shows more and more as the one-shots go on)

Bad humor (In the later one-shots)

Angst (Not much actually, just bits and pieces here and there)

Spoilers (For those who do not read/watch the series all the way to the latest one, you may need to go back and do that)

Eventual slight-mild Sakura Bashing (I only have this in because I don't want to use Ino because she's needed for something else, and I don't really feel like making a OC)

Also, let's pretend that the Uchiha Retrieval Arc (where Itachi and Sasuke fight, while Konoha is fighting against Tobi who's distracting them) didn't happen. This does take place in the Itachi vs. Sasuke arc though...

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Sasuke couldn't believe he had done it. His life goal was finally achieved, Itachi was dead. But...why? Why...did he feel so empty?

As the seconds passed, the adrenaline that was the only thing keeping him from falling to the ground unconscious began to leave. Sasuke felt his knees buckle as his body fell to the side of his Aniki's non-moving body. With the last of his strength, he pushed himself onto his back. Heavy raindrops cooled his heated body, the barely alive Uchiha didn't move. He had nowhere to go, nothing to do, so why not just die here?

A flash of blond and smiling blue eyes appeared his mind. 'Maybe...there is one place...'

Memories of the place flooded in as Sasuke lay there. Unknown to him, Itachi wasn't entirely dead...yet. Though his world was foggy, he could still hear the sounds around him. He snapped his attention towards his little brother's hoarse voice. "Maybe...I still...have Konoha...to go back to..."

It was only a murmur, and an unlikely event, but it was enough for Itachi to gain enough to strength to turn his lips up into a small smile, peacefully dying the next second.

The sound of soft footsteps as they hit the concrete were faintly heard, as they were drowned out by the rain. A gasp was heard before the footsteps became more louder, rapid. The next second, a figure with yellow fuzz for hair was staring down at him. The Uchiha could make out a kitsune mask before his vision blurred as he blacked out.

When Sasuke came to, one of the first things he noticed was that his hands were tied behind his back. The other thing was that their was a blindfold over his eyes, and that his chakra was blocked. The scraping sounds of footsteps told him that his capturer was close.

Suddenly, he was blinded with the bright light of a fire. His eyes slowly adjusted while the person knelt in front of him.


The Uchiha's eyes widened as onyx met blue. "N-Naruto?" Sasuke subconsciously noted that his voice was soft and weak.

Naruto nodded before standing up. The blond was wearing standard Konoha ANBU uniform with a white scarf tied around his neck. His mask lay unattended across the campsite. Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "How did you find me?" His voice grew stronger with each word. The blond was silent for a moment. "Well..." He began, "I actually didn't expect to find you like I did."


The winds blew against Naruto, unusually stronger than he thought. He was returning home from a three day mission of delivering an important scroll and had finished early with one day to go. He would normally be going at his highest speed to return home so he could fulfill his promise to spar with Lee the next day, but something was telling him to wait around in the trees he was currently jumping through.

It could either be Kyuubi, who was relatively nice when he wanted to be, or an inner voice.

Nope, not your conscious. Kyuubi growled out, having been awakened by the blond's stray thoughts. Naruto stopped. 'Why not?'

Because I ate him since I can't eat you.


There was nothing to answer to that statement.

When hearing no more of a response from the demon, Naruto assumed that he had gone back to sleep. Suddenly, the tension rose up multiple notches. The blond nearly froze at the amount of killing intent. What could be releasing such a huge amount?

'Whatever it is, it's not good,' He decided as he began to move towards it. His eyes widened and Naruto forced himself to stop. Up ahead were some ten headed snake and some ugly ass knight in armor. 'What the hell?'

Naruto could only stare in pure horror as they attacked each other before a flash of light appeared, causing him to look away. After a while, it began to gradually dull before he was finally able to see. Naruto looked back where he saw the huge monstrosities. They were gone along with the almost unbearable tension. He jumped down from his spot in te nearby trees and ran towards the site to investigate.

Upon arriving, Naruto slowed down to a walk, gazing over the rubble and severely damaged houses. On some of the debris, he spotted the Uchiha symbol, the Uchiwa. Naruto looked up and gasped. Two lumps that he was sure were humans lay under a wall that had the huge symbol on it.

He hurried over. 'N-nani? Sasuke? Itachi?'

Naruto checked the pulse of both and fore the nth time that day, he was surprised. "Sasuke? You killed him?" He asked aloud, more to himself than to the unconscious Uchiha. Deciding that it was better if he gave Sasuke some of the medical attention he learned from Tsunade and surprisingly, Kyuubi, he pulled the barely alive Uchiha on to his back. The blond faltered slightly under Sasuke's superior weight, but he caught himself from falling to the ground and quickly moved away from the site.

-Flashback End-

Sasuke stared at Naruto in surprise. Was their fight as huge to be seen like that?

Then, remembering the part of medical attention, he looked over himself, seeing bandages securely wrapped around his injuries. "Are they too tight?"

Before he knew it, the blond was once again in front of him. Sasuke was slightly surprised, he didn't feel Naruto move so fast, but then his attention was more focused on the pieces of linen covering his wounds. Sasuke was snapped out of his thoughts as the blond began to fuss over him.

"They're fine, now stop," The Uchiha growled, a little uneased by Naruto's close presence. The blond seemed to notice his closeness and blushed before pulling away. Naruto sat on the other side, staring intently at the raven. Sasuke stared back. They stayed like this for a while before Naruto decided to break the silence.

"So...do you know what are you going to do? Since...you know, Itachi's dead..." Silence was the answer. Sasuke had actually never thought of what he would do after he killed Itachi, having thought he would most likely die afterwards. He was close, but Sasuke never counted on the his former teammate to be nearby.

"...I'll take that as a no," Naruto sighed, "Sasuke...as the law states, I should bring you back as you're a missing-nin..."

The blond trailed off, saying the end of the sentence in his thoughts. 'Only to be either executed, or put in captivity for life...'

Sasuke easily read between the lines. "So...they'll kill me if I come back?" Naruto's head snapped up, his eyes widened in slight surprise and shock. The Uchiha chuckled. "You're as easy to read as you were before, dobe."

The blond pouted, making something in Sasuke get a little turned on. "Don't call me dobe, teme," Naruto puffed his chest out with pride, "I'm in the ANBU now."

"As well as the same dobe who whose mouth couldn't match his skills," Sasuke interjected, causing Naruto to deflate. "Is my only choice to die or be imprisoned?"

Naruto thought a little. "If someone the council and Hokage approve of stands up for you, you'll most likely be allowed to live, under conditions of course," There was once again silence. "You know..." Naruto began, trying to break the ever present quiet, "I'll stand up for you...And so will the rest of Konoha 11."

The Uchiha was quiet before he closed his eyes and looked into Naruto's eyes. "You'll actually do that? For someone who tried to kill you?"

Naruto slightly flinched at the memories, hoping that the Uchiha hadn't noticed it. Sasuke was aware of it anyway because he was watching Naruto intently, taking in every emotion and movement the blond made. "Positive."

"Why?" Sasuke snapped, his Sharingan flared for a second before turning off due to the chakra restraints.

"Because..." 'I love you.' "You're my best friend," The blond made sure his voice didn't crack. How he wanted to say those three words, but he knew that Sasuke would be disgusted and chances of him coming back would be greatly affected in the worst kind of way. He knew that Sasuke would most likely look for a girl to restore his clan. While he, himself, could bear children due a merging with Kyuubi, who was a hermaphrodite, Sasuke would probably reject him and any possible children.

Sasuke's eyes softened a little at the response, though he felt a little disappointed and saddened by it. "If that's the case..." Snapping out of his thoughts, Naruto looked directly at Sasuke, "I'll come back to Konoha...to...home."

The grateful and relieved smile that appeared on Naruto's face made Sasuke reject all his doubts about his decision. The smile...was different. It actually showed a true emotion unlike the others he had seen in there childhood. Sasuke grinned softly, Naruto didn't notice it, but felt the negative feelings in Sasuke leave.*

'If I get to see you smile like that...Then...I know that I made the right choice.'

*I decided that since Kyuubi as taught Naruto healing and such, he would allow Naruto heightened senses and his ability to sense emotions. This doesn't mean that Kyuubi's a softy; he'll have those sadistic moments...

And that is the end of #1! #2 is under planning and will not be released until after September.

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