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It's too late, baby. There's no turning around.

Uchiha Sasuke sighed and ran a pale hand through his ebony hair. "It's too late to turn around," He mumbled. Last night, Sasuke had promised his boyfriend, Naruto, that he'd come over to his apartment today and wasn't about to break it. Unfortunately, the blond lived on the other side of Konoha, and today was a huge trading and marketing day, meaning busy streets. The raven had offered for Naruto to move in with him, which the blond flat-out refused. If asked why, he'd probably say:

"I wouldn't be able to get some rest because Sasuke would molest me. Probably wouldn't even get any sleep with how much sex that bastard usually wants."

But back to the promise. Naruto takes those oaths very seriously, and if they are broken, especially with him, punishment was you either just lost any chance of getting an album of Sasuke and Naruto or get pranked by the King of Pranks. Though, the album loss was more likely.

It was an album like no other and always gave Naruto a steady flow of cash whenever missions became scarce. In those times, when Naruto had extra, he would give some money to friends or charity. And because of our resident gay couple, practically all of the citizens of Konoha and Suna (maybe Kiri and Kumo...) kept an album or two because it gave them a chance to be perverted Yaoi fans. Sasuke didn't seem to care whether or not Naruto took a picture of them, and has even helped out by taking pictures of them having sex. When asked about it, Naruto would state:

"Teme says it will help tell everyone that I'm his. That damn possessive bastard, why doesn't he just stamp the goddamn Uchiha symbol all over my body! ...Don't tell him I said that."

Unlike the punishment for others, if Sasuke broke a promise...Let's just say that either there will be one sex-deprived Uchiha running around the leaf village in about one day or Sasuke was going to be used as Naruto's practice dummy for new torture techniques.

You see, after Sasuke defected to Otogakure, Naruto had began to edge a little to the sadistic side because of how badly Sasuke's defection affected him and his mental state. *1

It wasn't really unleashed until he entered the ANBU where full-out killing and insanity was welcomed with open arms. When out on the field, many foolish shinobi made the mistake of insulting Konoha or his friends, and many foolish shinobi died slowly and painfully. It sure as hell didn't help that Naruto forced everyone to watch as well as use a new technique to kill someone every time a shinobi insulted either the Hokage, his friends, or the village itself (which happened A LOT). When asked why he used so many different methods, he would shrug and say:

"Don't want to get bored. Why? You bored?" *pulls out bloody kunai with a maniacal smile* "Because I can fix that, no problem."

Everyone made a guess that he was locked in a closet with both Anko and Ibiki (Maybe Sasori and Deidara...) at the same time for three days.

The thing that frightened Sasuke was that lately, Naruto was getting creative with his tactics. This was saying something since the blond was already quite...'artistic'. The raven suppressed the urge to shiver when he was reminded of their last mission together and an idiotic ninja happened to say, and I quote:

"Such young ninja! I bet they can't even throw a kunai right. Hell, I bet the Hokage was too stupid to realize the mistake of letting children into the ANBU."

The poor man was hung from his dick fifty meters into the air. It took three hours before Naruto got tired of waiting and threw a shuriken at it, thus ripping it off. Then, the dickless man fell into a pile of sharpened kunai and shuriken (specially made by Tenten). It took another two hours before the man finally died from blood loss. The screams and shouts were one of the most haunting sounds the enemy ninja ever heard of. The present Konoha-nin only shook their heads in pity, having seen and heard similar things to it. Naruto just laughed throughout the entire thing.

Point is, Sasuke would rather not be late to a meeting with Naruto and end up without getting some. Though, most of the time, it was not completely all his fault if he was.

When he came back (more like dragged, but he didn't care because he got to see a sweaty Naruto, with droplets all over that tanned body for three days straight), his fanclub was quickly revived. Of course it was cut in half as people joined to make the new "SasukexNaruto fanclub" who actually acted somewhat civil. Unfortunately, there were still those...monsters that would crawl around, still having a firm hand on their belief that 'their' Sasuke-kun was cursed into loving Naruto.

The raven pushed down the urge to shiver and quickly looked around for those...fangirls/fanboys. Sasuke was perfectly sure that they were an whole other species. Satisfied with finding none, he began to walk away from his house/mansion. He stuck is hands in his pockets as he walked the dirt, busy roads of Konohagakure.

An almost unnoticeable smile graced his lips as his mind drifted to what his blond (Oh, yeah. HIS) might be doing right that second.

I got my hands in my pockets and my head in the clouds.

This is how I do...When I think about you.

The smile grew a little as he remembered their genin days. The days when Sasuke had many walls put up around his heart. The days when Naruto broke through them all. Boy was he surprised when he found himself attracted to the blond a week before he left.

I never thought that you could break me apart!

I keep a sinister smile and a hold of my heart.

A light blush appeared on the raven's face as he remembered their first kiss (albeit, it was...'accidental').

2*-Flashback of Yaoi-

Uchiha Sasuke stared/glared into the Uzumaki's azure eyes. They were a beautiful sapphire blue that made the sky pale in comparison. Many emotions flickered through them as he looked into them; anger, envy, curiosity. Of course those feelings would be there, it was Naruto. But... he swore that if he looked hard enough, Sasuke was sure that he saw agony, sadness, and empathy. How could Naruto feel such a passion of emotions, when he clearly proclaimed his happiness and strutted around as if he was the luckiest guy on Earth.

Something about this discovery made Sasuke wonder. Was it all a facade? A fake? A whole lie?

Sasuke couldn't help but feel a little attracted to the blond. Then again, he already had a crush (that he denied over and over) on Naruto. As a child he had greatly admired the blond for how he put a smile on his face and the way he always thought positive about something. The admiration slowly grew into a small crush and fondness, but after Itachi had killed his entire clan leaving only him and Sasuke, he had locked away those feelings.

The only emotions he embraced were anger, sadness, and impassiveness. He had nearly forgotten the love he had for Naruto, but now, staring into those wild blue eyes, the Uchiha finally decided to give in a little to his long-forgotten crush.

'Kami-sama, I will forever be in your debt if you make him kiss me.'

As if his request was heard, the boy that was behind Naruto turned around, 'accidentally' hitting his arm into the blond, causing the latter to fall forward.

'Holy crap, there is a Kami-sama!'

-Flashback of Yaoi End-

Oh yes, Sasuke has learned something that day. That Naruto's mouth was the best tasting thing next to tomatoes.

He gave small, fond smile as he continued his trek through the streets, a few people greeting or glaring at him. The ones that glared were a part of what he called "The SasukexNaruto fans that hate Sasuke". They always yelled about him hurting Naruto and leaving him for dead. Not that it wasn't true. He truly regretted doing that, but it'd be nice to be able to walk through Konoha without being slapped by one of them, being called an asshole, then hearing a squeal and request of telling Naruto "Hi" for them.

At least they were somewhat civilized, considering they did give him a bag of ripe tomatoes as apology when they felt that they have pushed it too far. Though, the apology didn't stop them from acting like total bitches the next day. Sasuke didn't really mind them all too much since they were really kind and quite interesting to get to know when you looked behind their attitudes.

What he seriously hated was-


The pink slut that was their supposed teammate. As soon as he returned to Konoha, Sakura instantly turned back into the annoying fangirl that she was back in their academy and genin days.

Sasuke tried to ignore her, but she instantly latched onto his arm, chattering off about the pink flowery dress she had just bought.

'Like I actually want to know,' He thought as pulled his arm away from her iron grip. Sakura scowled.

You want to get inside.

Then, you could get in line,

"Sasuke-kun, why? Why do you keep pushing me away?" The latter didn't answer as he looked in the direction of his boyfriend's apartment, longing to be there at the moment was present in his onyx eyes. The pink bitch's scowl deepened.

"It's because of...him, isn't it?" At the nod from the raven, Sakura felt something in her snap. "Why do you like a monster like him? I bet that he enchanted you into loving him. He's just a dirty de-"

But not this time.



The pinkette stared wide-eyed from the ground as one of her hands touched her throbbing cheek. 'N-nani?' She thought. Nearby villagers were now standing shocked by the scene. A dark, menacing aura formed around the raven. Sasuke didn't care as he watched the tears well up in Sakura's emerald eyes.

'Cause you caught me off guard.

"Don't ever call Naruto a demon or a monster, especially in my presence." He growled before taking to the roofs. Why didn't he go this way in the first place? It would've saved a lot of lost time caused by Sakura. Then again, Naruto would understand and most likely cuddle up to Sasuke while plotting the bitch's demise. They got along like siblings when Sasuke was Kami-knows-where, but the kind and sister-like Sakura quickly left when the raven returned. Many thought that the other side of Sakura they had seen was a coy so Sakura could have a rebound in the place of Sasuke. Naruto, himself has commented that he'd rather have the fake Sakura then the present one.

Pushing down the thoughts of the irritating pinkette, Sasuke walked into Naruto's apartment building. He knew it by heart as he would visit as much as he could when they weren't out on missions. Finally stopping at the correct door, Sasuke knocked on it. After a bit of fumbling, the knob turned and the door opened, revealing a half-naked Naruto who only had a towel around his waist to keep his innocence. Obviously, he had just come out from the shower. Upon on realizing who was at the door, Naruto heavily blushed and looked down to the floor, too flustered to say anything.

Now I'm running-

Sasuke, however was deciding on if it would be alright take the kitsune hanyou right then and there. 'Naruto won't forgive me if I do,' He told himself, trying to convince himself that it was a horrible idea. Then, Sasuke made the mistake of looking over the blond.

The raven's eyes gazed lustfully over the even tanned skin that was neither too masculine nor too feminine. Water droplets glistened on the smooth skin as they teased the Uchiha with thoughts of what he could do with them. Wet blond hair lay flat on the neck of the blushing blond. When Naruto looked up, azure eyes flashed with embarrassment, annoyance, and love.

'Eh, screw it. He'll forgive me later,' And with that though, Sasuke instantly pounced the bewildered blond.

Luckily, the front door closed before anyone could see they're little...'activity'. Unluckily, after one minute, moans and the cries of 'Sasuke' and 'Naruto' could be heard, greatly disturbing the sleep of afternoon nappers. It was a good thing that most of the neighbors were either fans of the couple, or were neutral and somewhat pleased of their happiness.

And screaming.

I feel like a Hero,

Sasuke couldn't believe that his koi allowed himself to be swept away by that Fuuton jutsu. Something was off about Naruto lately; he had been going through an odd assortment of emotions in less than a minute at random times and his chakra signature has been growing feeble for the past month.

The raven jumped into a clearing after catching wind of the blond's mysteriously weak signature. The clearing was surrounded by trees with a silent river flowing through at the south. The water's surface reflected the moon, as well as the reflection of a few horribly hidden ninja. Naruto lay on the grass just above the bank, vertical to the river.

And you are my Heroine.

I won't try to philosophize,

Sasuke strided over to the unconscious blond and knelt down onto his knees. He pulled Naruto's head into his lap and began to leave a trail of small bite marks on his neck.

I'll just take a deep breath,

and I'll look in your eyes.

Naruto gave a small, hearty moan, greatly arousing Sasuke, before his eyes slowly opened. The eyelids gradually revealed those ever so beautiful cerulean eyes that Sasuke had come to fall in love with. Sasuke smirked and leaned in to steal a kiss from his dazed kitsune.

This is how I feel, and it's so so real.

The female watchers that lay hidden waiting for the right time to attack blushed heavily at the scene. Eyes suddenly grew wide and most were rocketed back due to the force of a nosebleed. Many of the viewing ninja were knocked unconscious because their heads hit a tree or a rock. Others died from bloodloss. This was the result of what 'innocent kissing' could lead to.

Sasuke smirked as he picked a blushing and disoriented Naruto up bridal style. 'Good thing Tsunade-sama told us that the enemy were female and shounen-ai fans.'

I got a closet filled up to the brim, with the ghosts of my past and the skeletons. And-

Sasuke and Naruto stared inside the hall closet of the Uchiha mansion. Sasuke had a bewildered expression and Naruto's eyes were comically widened. "Ano…Sasuke?" Naruto asked, fidgeting slightly. He received a nod of acknowledgement from his confounded koi.

"Why the hell is your Tou-san's and Kaa-san's skeletons in hall closet?" Sasuke shook his head before saying:

"I don't know why."

Naruto sighed and began to walk in, he wanted toilet paper, damn it! The skeletons were the only things standing in his way of wiping his butt with those heavenly pieces of paper.

"Well, I'm going in," Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"You'd even try?"

The blond nodded as he knelt down and pulled Uchiha Mikoto's bony fingers (literally!) off the wrapping. "I want to be able to wipe my ass off, thank you very much!"

Unbeknownst to the blond, he was giving Sasuke a very good view of his behind.

'But I won't lie.'

'Is it possible...for such a desirable ass like that to be real?' The raven though, then quickly shook his head with a smirk. 'Who cares? That ass is mine.'

"Oi, Naruto!" Sasuke called out, getting a nod of recognition from the blond. Sasuke smirked. "I know something that can help with wiping your ass."

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed in confusion before his eyes widened as the words sunk in. The blond froze like a statue as Sasuke picked him up bridal style, and made way to his room. Naruto wasn't protesting, so best get on with it, ne?

(It would take too long to put a lemon here, sooooo let's pretend that we're looking at a door! :D)

You caught me off guard.

Now I'm running and screaming.

I feel like a Hero, and you are my Heroine.

Sasuke shouted Naruto's name as he reached his climax before crashing down on the spot next to a sweating Naruto. He pulled himself out and wrapped secure and protective arms around the blond. The two lovers panted as they cuddled up to each other, kissing each other once more before they're eyes closed into a peaceful sleep.

Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?

And I feel a weakness coming on.

Sasuke stared out at the lake. Fireflies flittered closely, their golden glow reflecting off the water's surface. It was nearmidnight, with the moon looming over the lake. The Uchiha often came here to the lake that resided in the far back corner of his property to think. His mind lingered over the history he shared with Naruto.

Then, to the time he killed Itachi.

Never felt so good to be so wrong.

3* The only path that seemed available was the path of darkness or death. Sasuke almost went down either route, but the memory of the blond and the people he left behind stayed in his mind.

Had my heart on lockdown, and then you turned me around!

Then, Naruto happened to arrive at the exact moment when he decided to return. He let the blond drag him back, less work for the Uchiha and good sight of Naruto's somewhat grateful and relieved expression. Occasionally, he was sure he saw a small smile from Naruto that was always pointed towards him. Right then, Sasuke knew he had made the right choice.

There was a huge uproar as the news of Sasuke's return spread like a wild fire.

Naruto took to avoiding the raven because of all the attention Sasuke was once again getting and the hate-filled glares he was receiving, once again. Most of the female population with a small percentage of the males had taken to thought that Naruto was the cause of Sasuke's defection to Oto.

The Uchiha was constantly trying to find the blond so they could talk, but Naruto always evaded him with the Konoha 11 (minus Sakura, plus Sai and all the still alive senseis, and Tsunade) having began to make a habit of warning him when Sasuke was near.

A couple weeks after the news of Uchiha Sasuke's return, Sasuke had finally managed to catch the blond at the training fields. The raven forced the kitsune to talk to him, which led to a heated conversation. Things were settled, and they promised to continue their friendship. Before Naruto left, he flashed a sincere smile at Sasuke. The Uchiha had to fight off a blush as they both walked back to their respective homes.

And I'm feeling like a newborn child, every time I get a chance to see you smile.

It's not complicated,

Sasuke stood up and began to walk home, musing over what had occurred at the training fields. Soon after that, they began to talk more and that's when Sasuke finally realized and accepted that he felt some sort of attraction to the blond. It wasn't until a party a Ino's house celebrating her new gained relationship with Choiji did he decide to go with it. 4*

Since it was so close to Halloween, Ino made the announcement to those invited that it was a costume party. That was possibly the best idea Ino has ever had, at least, in Sasuke's opinion, because when Naruto came in, jaws hit the floor.

The blond was dressed up in a fishnet shirt over a crimson shirt with a tight, black jacket which hugged his body. His bottoms was some ebony shorts that were cut short just above his thigh. Naruto's feet were adorned by knee-high black boots that had tuffs of red fur decorating it. Nine maroon fox tails danced behind him while a matching pair of fox ears twitched on his head. What completed and totally complimented his outfit was the black collar around his neck, the Uchiwa dangling from it. 5, 6, and 7*

Sasuke had to gaze at the blond only once before it he had to violently fight down the impulse of possibly raping the kitsune (Naruto would probably enjoy it so it couldn't be considered raping, now can it?). When onyx eyes spotted the collar and its token, all thoughts of suppressing the urge were lifted as Sasuke happily jumped a surprised Naruto. The partiers and the host/hostess looked in shock at the display of 'making out in public' before most began to take out cameras while others cheered the two on.

Only one glared with disgust and anger, and that was our favorite little witch, Sakura.

Naruto and Sasuke's relationship skyrocketed from there, from dates, to make-out sessions, and from make-out sessions to molesting and hot, steamy public/non-public sex (Sasuke didn't care where as long as he fucked the blond, and Naruto didn't protest unless it was in an area with children). They made it well-known to the whole village that they were together, and with all the support that they had, no one (besides Sakura and a few daring villagers) dared to oppose them.

I was so jaded!

Oh, but Sasuke couldn't forget the event that occurred about three months ago when he was a little upset over the fact that he wouldn't be able to restore his clan. While he pushed down the thoughts so he could be with Naruto, his desire to be a father took over and in an attempt to clear his head, went to a bar. Big mistake.

Sakura just happened to be there, and she drunkenly walked over and began to persuade Sasuke into a few more drinks than he came for. One thing led to another, and the next morning, Sasuke woke up in his bed. With Sakura. With the worst hangover known to man.

Thank goodness he actually used protection even in his drunken daze. 8*

Though, the gods must've thought that waking up, after having a sex night with the pinkette wasn't enough because Naruto just happened to walk in at that EXACT moment.

Sasuke could never forget the betrayal and hurt that was present in the blond's eyes. Before Sasuke could try and explain, Naruto smiled bitterly whispered "I'm happy for you", before running off, his foot-steps echoing in Sasuke's head. Sasuke had stared at the spot for about five minutes before quickly throwing on some clothes and running out the door ignoring Sakura's pleas for him to "come back" and "forget about that demon". He HAD to get to Naruto's friends before the blond could (Only Kami-sama knows what would happen if he came afterwards).

Luckily, he got to them before Naruto and was allowed time to explain the situation. After a few whacks and punches to the head, Neji came up with the idea for Sasuke to sing to Naruto, who loved a good song here and there. Naruto ran out of the theatre only for Sasuke and Naruto to meet and make up in the training grounds. This event had made them wary of Sakura's attempts to seduce Sasuke. 9*

So far she hasn't done anything besides tackle Sasuke or glare at Naruto, but they could never be too guarded.

His thoughts were pushed back when he stood in front of his door. Sasuke began to wonder what Naruto was doing at that moment.

Naruto sat with his knees curled up to his chest on theHokageMonument, and to be more specific, his father's head. When he was little and it was night time, he loved to come here and gaze over the beautiful scenery that was Konoha. All the twinkling lights slowly shutting off before the only light left were the moon, stars, and fireflies. It brought a sense of calmness and warmth to him for some reason.

The gorgeous sight, however, did nothing to lighten the blond's spirits.

"What am I going to do? I can't tell him...he'll think I'm a freak..." Naruto put his head into his arms and brought his knees close to his chest. Kyuubi shifted uncomfortably in his cage. He wasn't the best at comforting Naruto, but from the approaching chakra signature, he was sure someone else could.

'Now, how to make the kit spill it?' The majestic fox smirked a little before trying to engage a conversation. If he kept Naruto distracted, he wouldn't sense the chakra signature and would continue thinking he's alone. If he thought he was, the blond would talk aloud, thus revealing the secret if Kyuubi could do it right. Too bad (or is it?) the blond already beat him to it.

"Kyuubi...how are they even supposed to be born?" It was a question that plagued Naruto's mind. There was NO way he would (or even could) actually be able to give birth the natural way.

Well...I'm sure that..."Hokage" of yours is a skilled enough medic to perform a C-Section. It wasn't exactly something that occurred in the fox's mind until now.

"...Er...What's a C-section?" Sasuke and the Kyuubi could be seen with an anime sweatdrop on the back of their heads. One wondered why the hell would Naruto need to know about what a C-section was while the other was thinking of a way to answer the question without overloading the blond's mind.

Basically, she cuts you open and pulls the kits out. Naruto nodded in satisfactory before closing his eyes, 'Wait, NANI?'

And you caught me off guard.

"She cuts me open?" The Kyuubi could be seen rolling his ruby eyes. Didn't I just say that, idiot?

"Uh, yeah. I think I'd rather find a different way," Naruto replied shaking his head in finality. This time, the fox looked skeptical. It's not like you can just switch genders!



You're thinking of using that jutsu, aren't you?

"Damn right."

"Naruto? What the hell are you talking about?" Sasuke asked as he sat next to the blond. Meanwhile, said blond was staring at the raven like he had suddenly gained the face of Jiraiya with the rubber ball between his teeth four years ago. How in the hell did Sasuke approach him without him noticing? The raven just stared into the confused eyes of his lover. He, too, felt confused, but hid it well.

'DAMN YOU, KYUUBI,' Naruto mentally cursed at the fox. His only reply were sinister chuckles from the demon. Sighing, he began to think up some sort of lie to tell Sasuke. He personally didn't like lying to others, especially when they were those he treasured, but the blond didn't want to ruin their relationship after it had just been regained. Sighing, the demon fox said for him to just tell Sasuke the truth.

'Haven't you been listening! I can't tell him the truth because-' The blond was interrupted when the irritated demon finally shouted out:

You're being scared, idiotic, as well as selfish right now. Think of what would happen when they're born. Do you really think you'll be able to keep your kits a secret from Sasuke then? Even so, now that he knows something is going on, he won't stop pestering you abut it until he gets the answer. The Kyuubi let out a huge breath (that came out as a growl) after his lecture was over. Naruto just sat still where he was on the mountain, his bangs covering his eyes. Sasuke could only gaze over the blond, wondering what was wrong.

Finally, after a few minutes, Naruto started to talk. "Whatever I say, do, or whatever…you won't think I'm a freak…will you?" Sasuke blinked at the question; what could the blond be so worried about that he would think he was a freak? "Of course not," This seemed to slightly ease the blond, but not much.

Naruto closed his eyes and began to tell the Forbidden Truth. *10 Onyx eyes began to widen with shock and surprise as he was told why Naruto had been in self-doubt.

Now I'm runnin' and screamin'…

Naruto was PREGNANT.

"Well…that explains a lot," Sasuke managed to say as his mind tried to wrap around the fact that his Naruto was pregnant as Naruto began to explain why. The words were, however, lost to Sasuke causing the blond to stare warily at him.

I don't think he's responsive. Naruto agreed with the fox and was about to add on to his comment when he was suddenly pulled into Sasuke's arms and they began to fall back…

I feel like a Hero and you are my Heroine!

Naruto was freaked out for three reasons.

(1, Sasuke had an uncharacteristically big smile on his face. It took everything Naruto had to not stare owlishly at the expression.

(2, When the fell back, they fell OFF theHokageMonument.


'Kyuubi?' Naruto asked, if only to at least get a little comfort (though, Sasuke was pleasantly warm and snuggly…something to definitely take advantage of).

I have no idea, kit. NO. FUCKING. IDEA. The Kyuubi answered, feeling freaked out himself by the scene.

(Time-skip to Birth! :D *Do you really want to read the in-between?*)

"SASUKE, YOU BASTARD; I'LL KILL YOU!" Naruto, in "her" oiroke form, screamed at Sasuke as another contraction hit him. Said Uchiha stood next to Naruto, trying not to whimper. "She" was hurting his hand; He swore he heard his middle finger snap.

Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?

Tsunade was at the end if the hospital bed (with Shizune by her side). Unlike many other times, she was relatively calm (and secretly cackling at Sasuke's discomfort).

Everyone had taken the pregnancy relatively well. Of course, Iruka had stormed into the Uchiha Sector and nearly killed Sasuke for getting his 'otouto' pregnant. Kakashi was called and "animal control" got their dolphin back. *11

(I feel like a Hero and you are my Heroine!)

And I feel a weakness coming on.

Others, who we will not name, *cough Sakura cough* took it hard (like a certain pinkette who had now begun to throw stones at Naruto, once again sparking hate between the civil groups in the village). They still had a huge amount of support from others. Like for instance, three girls had volunteered to baby-sit if they ever went on missions or to at least help out in with daily life. *12

Anyway…back to the birth…

Sasuke was feeling a little scared. The labor was going according to plan, but the yells and remarks from Naruto were not helping (neither was the tight hold on his hand…). Tsunade had told him that the blond was say shit like this, but he wasn't so sure now that the topic of hate had become sex.

Never felt so good to be so wrong.

"Ano, Hokage-sama? Are you sure it's just the pain?"

Pop! There goes Sasuke's pinky…

"Positive," The female blond deadpanned, 'Sheesh, Uchihas and their libido…Ji-san wasn't kidding when they said that when sex is involved, they drop everything else.'

This was remotely true, as well as the fact that Uchihas were attracted to blonds. It would explain the interest Fugaku had in Minato when it was their time.

Had my heart on lockdown! And then you turned me around!

Tsunade wondered when the hell Naruto had even gotten pregnant. The memory of getting a complaint from the people in the jail house came to mind. 'Oh. That's when…'

(Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?)

And now I feel like a newborn child.

Naruto had delivered the child (a boy), but "she" couldn't seem to relax. In fact, "she" grasped Sasuke's hand even more tightly.

POP! Well…bye-bye to all feeling in Sasuke's forefinger…

Tsunade got back into position, "Well, it's your lucky day, gakis. You're having twins."

POP! Maybe the authoress should stop torturing Sasuke's hand now… (HELL NO)

POP! Naruto's I-hate-you-so-much smile at that moment will remind Sasuke...that it was one of the best expressions the blond could pull. He absently wondered if it would show in the heat of sex as Naruto began the painful process of childbirth...again.

Every time I get a chance to see you smile.

(Time-skip to a few hours after the birth)

It's not complicated! I was so jaded!

Naruto, back in male form, rested in the hospital bed. Sasuke was taken away to have his hand healed after the brutal grasp Naruto had on it had broken all of his fingers and nearly his wrist when the blond attempted to 'avenge' himself for the torture of giving birth to twins. Of course, it was the pain that was made Naruto act that way. (cough evil authoress cough)

A hand began to creep towards the sleeping blond, making azure eyes -turned to ruby red- snap open and elongated claws dig in to the pale hand. Seeing emerald eyes widen in hysteria caused the blond to chuckle.

(I feel like a Hero and you are my Heroine!)

And I feel a weakness coming on.

"I think not, bitch," Naruto growled as he eyed the glittering kunai in Sakura's hand. Despite being afraid, she put on an angry expression. "It's all your fault!"

Naruto raised an elegant eyebrow as he watched the pinkette rant, not in the least interested.

Never felt so good to be so wrong.

"It's been your fault from the beginning! Ever since you nearly destroyed the village, you've been the bane to our glorious home. Then, you dared to make Sasuke-kun leave! I thought that if you had the encouragement, you'd bring Sasuke-kun back and then be sentenced to death, but NO. Our "dear Hokage-sama", Sakura sneered at saying these words, "refused to see you for the demon you really are and kept you alive. NOW WHEN EVERYTHING WAS GETTING BACK TO NORMAL AND SASUKE-KUN WAS FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME (somewhere in this world, many people began to throw up) YOU PUT HIM UNDER A SPELL AND NOW YOU GIVE HIM YOUR DAMNED MONSTERS OF HELL SAYING THEY'RE CHILDREN? I THINK NOT." *13

"…Are you done because of you are, I'd very much like to see my boyfriend, son, and daughter -for the first time- who are waiting at the door," Naruto nodded his head towards the entrance of the room, making Sakura stare owlishly at the (pissed-off) Uchiha, babies, Hokage (who was also pissed-off), Iruka (do I need to say anything?), and…basically everyone from the Konoha 11, plus the extra people who were close to Sasuke and Naruto and wished to congratulate them both. *14

Had my heart on lockdown! And then you turned me around!

After Sakura was taken away (yelling and screaming, I might add) out of the hospital (sadly, she didn't go to jail), Sasuke took his place at Naruto's side who kissed on the lips lightly is greeting. Tsunade, in a much better mood, wheeled the twin Uchihas for the father and 'mother' to see. She then began to instruct on the blond and raven on how to hold a baby with the help of Ino and Shizune.

(Do you know your love is the sweetest sin?)

I'm feeling like a newborn child, every time I get a chance to see you smile.

There was a boy and girl, with the boy being the first born. The boy had a tuft of blond hair that had a blackish tint to the tips of the ends. He was pale, but healthy, and had a strange paw mark in the middle of his right hand. He had curious-filled, obsidian eyes that took in the sight of his parents' smiling faces. The girl had short, black hair and was pale like her brother. On her left hand was an identical paw print. Almost everyone in the room (cough Tsunade) began to make bets of whether she had blue or dark eyes because she was currently fast asleep in Naruto's arms.

Hinata was gently handed over the boy (albeit slightly hesitantly) when she asked to see him, "S-so, what a-are y-you going to name t-them?" Hinata asked as the baby boy began to play with her hair.

"The boy is named Raiden," Sasuke announced. This was promptly written down by Shizune, "And the girl?" She inquired.

It's not complicated!

At that moment, said female Uchiha-Uzumaki opened her eyes, revealing electric blue, and yawned cutely before snuggling into her 'mother's' warmth, "Chidori," Naruto answered, grinning down at the small babe. Everyone had a turn to hold the both of the at least once before they left. Gaara was dubbed their godfather a few months ago and was sure to get pictures of the two when Neji leaves to see his panda and four-month-old daughter, Ami. Hinata was dubbed the godmother, as well.

Only Sasuke, Naruto, Chidori, and Raiden were in the room. Being passed around to meet their parents' friends and comrades tired them out, so after having a diaper change and feeding, they were asleep. Naruto was lying against Sasuke's chest, content, "You know…"

I was so jaded!

Sasuke looked into azure eyes that were sparkling with curiosity, "You're my heroine," He earned himself a light slap and scowl from Naruto, but playfulness played in the blond's eyes.

"Kill Sakura and you'll be my Hero," Was his reply. Sasuke smirked, "Did you need to ask?"

Teme/Dobe…You're my Hero/Heroine…

Yes…that is the end of 'One-shot of Six'…or is it?

OMAKE! Warnings: Severe Sakura bashing, Sakura death (HELL TO THE YES), SasuNaru, Shounen-ai

This is dedicated to all Sakura haters (more so, clio1111 who wanted the bitch dead). I hope you like this! ;)

(Two weeks after the birth of Raiden and Chidori)

Sakura scowled as she leafed *15 through her mail. Wasn't obvious why? 'Her' dear Sasuke-kun was put under the spell of that 'demon' and was living against his will with the monster and damn children. Everyone she knew as her friend turned against her when she least expected them to.

Not even Ino, her ex-best friend, refused to see Naruto as the 'demon' he is.

All of a sudden, her spirits were lifted as she noticed a note from 'her' Sasuke-kun. It read:

Sakura-chan, my dearest!

I have finally managed to break the spell that the demon has laid on me.

Please, let us meet under the full moon at midnight tonight at the bridge. Don't keep me waiting, my love!

Till then, Love

-Uchiha Sasuke *16

There was evidence that the note had been repeatedly thrown up on and even the smell of being in a toilet. A FULL one. Of course, Sakura, being the dumbass she is, ignored those signs of something that should definitely not be touched began to rub the offending piece of shit to her (non-existent) breasts. The villagers all stared at the girl before slowly backing away, fearing for their sanity.

(Later…at Midnight…)

The pinkette arrived in 'style'. She was wearing a fancy white kimono with Sakura flowers and petals decorating it. Her hair was put up into a bun as she made her way to the bridge.

There, was 'her' Sasuke-kun dressed in what she had seen in when Team 7 had infiltrated Orochimaru's hideout. He had a plastic smile on his face as the girl *cough* slut *cough* approached. He held his arms out, gesturing for her to hug him. When she was close enough, he pulled out his sword and thrusted it into her stomach.

Sakura gasped as blood began to stain Sasuke's Chokutou and slwoly fell to the ground. The Uchiha wasn't finished, however.

"Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Chidorigatana," Sakura's body began to spasm as the sword radiated Sasuke's raiton chakra. The Uchiha's Sharingan spun lazily as he smirked down on the pitiful, pink bitch. Sakura slowly reached out to the Uchiha, "S-sas-suke-k-kun…"

"…Don't call me that," And with that Sasuke left the girl, covered in her blood, to die (which she did, thank kami).

(The Next Day)

Naruto sat in his apartment across from the Uchiha who was walking towards him, Chidori in his arms. Raiden was asleep in his crib.

"I heard Sakura was found dead on the bridge…" Sasuke nodded. Naruto smiled and said "I knew you'd do it at some point. Though, I was positive it'd be when we were Genin."

Sasuke ignored this remark and instead smirked, meeting the blond's gaze, "Does this mean I'm your hero?"

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