It was a hot summer day in the middle of August and the sun was blazing relentlessly from the sky. People who were lucky enough not to have to work that day, were hiding from the heat in their homes.

Dean wasn't one of the lucky ones. He was working on a Ford Mustang that a lady had dropped off in the morning for him to fix. That woman had really scared the shit out of him as she walked into the body shop in her perfect business outfit and bossed everyone around. When Dean's left his office to see what the commotion in the shop was all about, she'd instantly strolled towards him, telling him her husband wanted Dean to repair the car and no one else.

Now, he was leaned over the hood, sweat dripping down his shirtless torso. Dean usually liked working on cars and he didn't get the opprtunity to do it often enough. Being the boss meant he was locked in his office doing paper work and completeing formalities most of the time.

Any other day he would've been glad to work on a car in the body shop but, of course, that rich lady had to bring her precious vehicle on a day where it felt like hell doing anything physical.

He listened to the sounds coming from the garage where his employees were starting to get anxious as there were only five minutes left til lunch break.

Dean sighed and cursed under his breath when he bumped his head on the propped up hood. "Damn that woman and her car!" He rubbed his forehead and reached for a cloth to clean his hands.

"Hey, Winchester!"

Dean turned around and smiled at the boy walking towards him."Hey, Max." He leaned against the Mustang and eyed the 16 year old. "It's only noon, aren't you supposed to be at school?" Dean asked suspicously.

"I got suspended." Max explained, sighing heavily.

Dean was stunned. "You're kidding, right? You're like the nicest kid in the world. Well, do you need me to talk to your teachers?"

"There's no use in it. Besides, I would take Sam with me to school. Don't be mad Dean, but he's more...even-tempered and he talks that lawyer talk." Max spoke softly not to hurt Dean's feelings.

Dean chuckled. "Alright, then. But you have to tell your parents or at least your sister." He felt a sharp pain in his heart mentioning his ex wife.

"She already knows. They wanted to call my parents at first but, like always, they aren't at home, so Alex had to come to school and pick me up."

Dean sighed. Teenagers were complicated, tiring and it seemed like they never stayed out of trouble. In addition, this particular teenager was the little brother of the woman he once had loved.

"Does she know you're here?", Dean asked, swallowing a lump in his throat.

"No, she went back to work after she'd dropped me off at her place. So, can I stay for a while?" Max asked carefully. He knew Dean hated to talk about his sister, so he tried to avoid it whenever it was possible.

Dean had to hold back a heavy sigh. He shook the thoughts of Alex off his head and thought about what was the right thing to do next.

"You can stay, but as soon as we're closed I'll drive you home, deal?"

"Deal.", Max answered smiling. He loved it at the body shop and was glad Dean didn't send him home.

"So what do you think of this car?" Dean changed the subject, motioning to the car he's been working on.

"A Ford Mustang. But why are you working on it?"

"Because the owner wanted it that way. Don't get too excited though. That car is our enemy. It's a rich woman's car which means she's totally ruined it."

At seven p.m., after Dean had closed the body shop for the day, he was driving Max home. He was nervous because it meant he was going to see Alex. They've been seperated for three years now and he still couldn't get over it.

He was still seeing Max because the boy had refused to stop hanging out with him after the divorce. Dean was glad about that, he liked the teenage boy. Since their break up, Alex and him had met each other occasionally but until today he hadn't had to deal with his ex wife for real.

They pulled up in front of the appartment Alex lived at. Dean knew where his ex wife had moved after they split up and it hurt him to know some other family lived now in the house they used to live in.

Alex was pacing in her living-room, glancing at the clock every second. It was a quarter past seven and no sign of her brother. She knew she was overreacting, he was sixteen after all, but he hadn't left a note which wasn't like him at all.

When she heard a familiar sound coming from outside, she quickly went over to the window, pulling the curtain aside.

At the sight of the black Impala her heart stopped beating and she felt dizzy all of a sudden.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing, it couldn't be real. It had to be an image her mind had cooked up.

But then she saw the car door open and Max getting out, followed by no other but Dean Winchester himself.

She heard the door bell rang and she walked over to answer, preparing herself for what was to come.

She opened the appartment door, coming face to face with her ex husband.

"Hi.", he greeted softly. Dean looked at her, admiring the woman in front of him. It must've been about ten months since the last time he'd seen her. She was even more beautiful than he remembered with her light brown hair and those light blue eyes he had dove into everytime they've been having sex. He took a deep breath to control himself. Those memories had instantly clouded his mind at the sight of her.

Alex felt tears build up in her eyes and she tried her best to hold them back. That was the last thing she needed, starting to cry like a child in front of Dean!

"Hi." She finally managed to get out, almost choking on the word. It killed her seeing him again. She had spent the last three years thinking constantly about him and what it would be like if she ever saw him again, close enough to talk to and not only briefly on the street, where they would avoid each other, quickly walking away in different directions.

Max looked between his sister and Dean, noticing the emotions were all over the place. He cautiously stepped inside to give them some space.

"Max came to the body shop today and I allowed him to stay. It's alright, I know about everything that's happened at school.", Dean spoke up to comfort her. He could sense she went through hell though she hid it very well as always. He knew what it was like when you came home and your little brother wasn't there.

"So, how are you?" He asked.

She couldn't tell why but his question made her furious. "Don't act like you care.", she spat.

"Still the ice queen, aren't you, honey?", Dean shot back. He couldn't believe this was happening, it was like they were back in the past.

Alex looked up into his green eyes, seeing the anger and for some odd reason, it turned her on. She closed her eyes for a second, telling herself to calm down.

"Okay, thank you for bringing him. I know how hard you work and what your schedule is like. I'm sorry for the trouble he caused you.", she said with all the calmness in her voice she could muster up.

Dean felt anger build up inside him at her words. She was talking to him like he was some stranger.

"Why so formal? I thought we were closer than this." He said through gritted teeth.

Alex felt a sharp pain tugging at her heart. Apparently, Dean and her still couldn't be civilized with each other.

"You know what, next time don't even bother."

"Whatever." Dean grimaced, turning around and leaving his ex wife behind.

Alex shut the door behind him and allowed her tears to fall freely down her face.

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