"I know that look, Sam Winchester. What is it you're not telling me, huh?" Grace demanded as she followed Sam down the stairs as fast as her baby bump allowed. She had tried to get the truth out of him for the past few days, but Mister Hot-Shot-Lawyer was so damn good at keeping secrets. Ever since he had visited her cousin he was unusually secretive and Grace was sure there was something going on she didn't know about.

"I'm not hiding anything. You really should talk to Alex..." Sam said cautiously and turned right, hurrying down the hall.

"Oh, I will, believe me, but apparently she's so freakin' busy. I can't get a hold of her." Grace said annoyed, trying to catch up with Sam. "Would you just stop and listen to me?" She added and walked into his office where he was already gathering all the papers he needed and putting them into his briefcase. "I am listening. Sorry, darling. I can't talk to you about this right now."

"She's my cousin, if something happened to her I have the right to know. Just tell me what the big family secret is and I'll leave you alone." Grace crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked at her husband expectantly.

Sam sighed, running a hand through his hair. "She's fine, don't worry."

"Okay, fine." Grace gave in and stepped around the desk. "She told you, didn't she? Come on, I'm your wife, spit it out!"

Sam laughed at her impatience and turned to her, taking her hands in his. If her belly wasn't in the way, she would probably jump up and down, pleading with him to tell her what he knew. "Believe me, you don't wanna find out from me."

Grace raised an eyebrow, smiling. "Oh, intriguing, I like it. Is it good?"

"Yeah, it is." Sam smiled at her, picked up the case and turned to walk out of the room. Grace closed the door behind her and followed him down the hallway again. "Don't think you're getting out of this house without sharing with the rest of the class!" She called after him and grabbed his arm when she finally reached him. Sam turned to her with an amused smile and when he saw the look on her face, his defense and reluctance weakened. Before he got the chance to say anything and finally let her know, his wife pressed against him and ran a hand down his chest.

"If you are a good boy and tell me what is going on with my cousin, you'll get a reward tonight." She whispered and Sam wrapped his arms around her, leaning down and kissing her lips.

"Well, how can I say no to that?" He laughed. "Fine. But you have to act surprised when she tells you, alright?" Sam said and Grace nodded.

"Okay, so..." He started and took a deep breath, hoping Alex wouldn't kill him once she found out he couldn't keep his mouth shut. "Alex is pregnant."

Grace's eyes widened at first and then she started to grin. She pulled Sam down to her and kissed him again, making Sam chuckle at her reaction. When she pulled away from him, he saw the tears glistening in her eyes.

"Don't cry, baby." He said gently, wiping the trickling tears off her cheek.

"Finally, everything's working out for them." Grace said, her voice hoarse. She put her hand on her belly and thought about the news. Her smile faded a little and she looked up at Sam, feeling uncertain.

"It is Dean's, isn't it?" She asked concerned and Sam let out a laugh. "Yeah, it is. They're fine."

Grace closed her eyes and let out a relieved breath. "Thank God, you never know with these two."

"That's the reason why we haven't heard from either one, they're too busy doing... I don't wanna think about it." Sam stated and banned the thought of his brother having sex from his mind.

Instead, he placed his hand on Grace's belly, smiling brightly at her. "I can't wait for our own baby to finally arrive." He whispered and she giggled happily, putting her hand on top of his.

"I love you, Mrs Winchester." Sam said, kissing her again.

"I love you more, Mr Winchester." Grace replied. "Sorry I made you tell me the secret."

"It's alright." Sam reassured and reluctantly let go of his wife to leave for work.

Alex ran up the steps and knocked on the door, stuffing her hands in her jacket pockets and trying to keep the grin off of her face as she waited for her cousin to answer the door. Excitement was bubbling inside her and she grew impatient when the house stayed silent. She started to wonder whether Sam and Grace were even at home when she heard footsteps in the hallway and then the door finally swung open, revealing a sleepy Grace.

Alex felt immediately bad. "Oh, I'm sorry Gracie, I should've called. Were you napping?"

"It's okay. Come on in." Grace said, stepping aside to let Alex enter the house. "How are you feeling?" She asked with a smile and reached out to touch her cousin's belly. "Hello baby, you're growing really fast, huh?"

Grace laughed. "I'm good. Just slowly losing my sexiness, but it's a small sacrifice for finally having a baby."

"I'm so happy for you, Gracie. You know that, right?" Alex said, suddenly overwhelmed by her emotions. She knew how bad her cousin had wanted a family for years.

"I know, I do." Grace replied and took a deep breath to hold back the tears. "God, we need to get it together, I'm turning into a cry-baby. So, what have you been up to lately? I haven't heard from you in days."

They walked into the living room and Grace took a seat on the couch, watching her closely. Alex forced herself to stay cool and not burst out with the news she was dying to tell. "Oh, nothing much." But the traitorous grin appeared on her face and she wasn't able to hide it any longer.

"Uh-huh. That's a pretty big smile for nothing much." Grace said knowingly, wondering how much longer Alex was planning on keeping her secret a secret. "You and Dean are good?"

"Better than ever." Alex confirmed with a dreamy sigh. "Actually, there's something I wanted to tell you and Max, but I can't wait any longer and he's at school, so anyway... I really don't mind telling this more than once..." She trailed off with a nervous yet excited laugh and looked at Grace.

Her cousin scooted a little forward on the couch, waiting for Alex to confess she was going to have a baby, too. "Yeah?"

"So I have some news. There's one thing... actually, two things..." Alex said with a smile but when she saw the expression on Grace's face, her smile vanished and she shot her cousin an accusing glare. "You know, don't you? Sam told you." She stated, seeing by Grace's reaction that she was right.

"What? What are you talking about? What did Sam tell me?" Grace pretended to be oblivious, putting on her best pokerface. It didn't work.

Alex stared at her until she caved. "Alright, I do know. Yes, he told me. Don't be mad at him." With a big grin she jumped up and hugged her cousin tightly. Carefully Alex wrapped her arms around her and hugged her back.

"I had a feeling this was going to happen, no one deserves it more than you two. I love you, Alex." She whispered, refusing to let go.

"Thanks, Gracie. I love you, too." Alex said hoarsely, trying to keep her voice calm. "It means a lot to me you're saying this. I feared... you might think I'm insane."

"What? Why would I think that?" Grace asked confused. She noticed how sad her cousin had turned and tried to cheer her up a little. "Did you lie to Sam? Are you telling me the baby is not Dean's?"

Alex looked at her baffled for a second and then chuckled when she realized Grace was joking. "Dean's the father, I swear."

"Okay, so then what's the problem?" Grace asked.

"With everything that happened between us... we've never been a stable couple like you and Sam. There's always been drama, right from the start."

"Hey, you know I've always encouraged you to get back together with Dean." Grace stressed.

"Yeah, but isn't this going a little too fast?" Alex looked at Grace, silently pleading with her to confirm that everything was right just the way it was.

"No. You're pregnant and with Dean, nothing else matters." She assured confidently and after a few seconds the smile was back on Alex's face. She bit her bottom lip, beaming at Grace. "I really am having a baby, I still can't believe it."

Grace took her hands and then looked down, noticing for the first time the ring on Alex's left hand. "What the...?"

"Oh, yeah. That's the other thing I wanted to tell you about."

"Sam didn't say anything about that." Grace exclaimed, looking at Alex curiously. "Because it just happened this weekend." Alex replied sheepishly. "So, do you still think we're doing everything right?"

"Yes, of course. Why waste any more time?" Grace laughed, overwhelmed by all the events. "When Sam told me about your pregnancy, I wanted to come over right away, but then figured you'd tell me when you're ready."

"How come Sam, our bad ass lawyer couldn't keep a secret?" Alex asked.

" 'Cause I'm a pain. In his defense, he kept silent for days and only cracked this morning 'cause I was nagging."

"You could've called me."

"I tried, but you were too busy with Dean in the bedroom, doing disgusting things."

"Touché, and not only in the bedroom, might I add." Alex said with a dirty smile.

"Alright, that's enough." Grace said sternly.

Alex looked at Grace's belly, smiling again. "God, I'm so jealous. I want a cute little baby bump just like yours." She placed her hands on her belly to caress it, but Grace slapped her hands away. "If you touch my stomach one more time, I'll kick your ass."

Alex quickly put her hands up in surrender and took a step back. "Oops, hormones. Sorry."

Grace rolled her eyes. "You sound like a man." She turned around and headed to the kitchen. "When you're six months pregnant like me, you'll feel incredibly ugly."

Alex placed a hand on her own flat stomach. "True." She sighed and followed her cousin into the kitchen.

"Don't mean to bother, little brother, but you gotta put the paper work aside for a second." Dean walked into Sam's office at the firm with a bottle of Scotch Whisky in hand and a huge, happy smile smile on his face.

Sam looked up from the computer screen and at his brother, a smile stretching his own face as soon as he saw the joy radiating off him. He hadn't seen Dean this happy in a really long time.

Sam turned the computer off and leaned back in his seat, knowing exactly what this visit was about. "Actually, I'm off the clock."

Dean looked stumped, staring at him. "Seriously? Then why are you still hanging around here? I thought you were being paid for not spending any time at the firm."

Sam knew his brother was teasing and didn't bother to comment on that. "So what's going on?" He asked, hoping Dean wouldn't notice that he already knew.

But Dean was too distracted, thinking about his unborn child and grinning stupidly as he walked over to the cabinet in the corner of the office to get two glasses.

"It's a good thing you're sitting, Sammy. This is gonna blow your freakin' mind." Dean chuckled in amusement as he opened the bottle. "Ready?"

Sam nodded, enjoying his brother's excitement. "Shoot."

Dean filled the glasses and handed one to Sam. "Okay. Sammy..." He paused and Sam saw the pure bliss with a slight tinge of fear in his eyes.

"I'm going to be a dad again..." He finally said with disbelief in his voice as if he still couldn't grasp the fact that it was real. Sam noticed he had said that this was his second child and thought for a second what a rollercoaster of emotions this must be for him. He knew that both Dean and Alex would never get over the loss of their boy, but they seemed to get stronger with every passing day and were less scared now that they were together again. He was proud of his brother.

Before Sam could reply something or react in any way, Dean added, "And Alex and I are getting married."

Now Sam wasn't even forced to fake his surprise, because he honestly hadn't expected that. "What? Really? You... wow, thank God. Finally." Dean was more than pleased with his little brother's reaction.

"Congrats, man. I'm glad everything's working out for the two of you – well, the three of you very soon." Sam gave his brother a loving smile and leaned forward to clink glasses with him.

"Thanks, Sammy." Dean replied and finally took a seat.

"You're happy, right?" Sam asked and Dean nodded with a smile. "Yeah, I am. I kinda freaked at first and Alex was so nervous about telling me..."

"Are you still scared?" Sam asked, watching all the different emotions wash over his brother's face.

"Honestly, yeah. I'm still scared out of my mind, but not freaking out anymore if that makes sense." Dean laughed nervously.

"Welcome to the club, big brother." Sam said. "I've been scared for the past few months and am glad I don't have to go through this all alone."

Dean chuckled and then scratched the back of his head. "Well, you know, I feel kinda bad right now... Alex doesn't know I'm here."

"Aren't you supposed to be at the shop?" Sam asked, leaning back in his seat again.

"Yeah, but for the love of God I couldn't focus, so I thought what the hell... Alex and I planned on telling everyone together, but I was dying to let my little brother know he's going to be an uncle... " Dean smirked, taking a sip from his drink. "Hope Alex won't be too mad at me..."

Sam smiled at his brother's words. "Don't worry, Dean. I bet she's at our place right now and telling Grace the good news."

Dean grinned happily. "You're probably right. It's impossible to keep this a secret any longer."

Sam cleared his throat, starting to feel guilty. He hadn't wanted to confess at first since Dean was so thrilled to tell him about the baby, but he couldn't keep quiet.

"Actually, Dean..." He started and trailed off. Dean looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to go on. "I kind of knew..." He continued hesitantly and Dean looked at him confused. "Knew what?"

"That you guys are pregnant." Sam finally said. "I came over to talk with Alex about the partnership the other day and - "

"Alex told you?" Dean interrupted him and Sam quickly shook his head. "No, no of course not. But she didn't feel very well and I kinda guessed it..."

Dean blinked a few times in surprise and then laughed softly. "So I walk in here with a bottle of Scotch being all secretive whereas you've known all along."

"Sorry, but hey, I never said anything, because I didn't want to ruin the moment when you'd tell me."

"And yet here you are confessing to me anyway." Dean said amused.

"Yeah." Sam said softly, chuckling and then decided to let Dean know what else Alex had said to him. "You know, Dean... Alex was really scared."

Dean looked at him, the smile on his face turning to a frown.

"She wasn't sure how you'd take the news, because she feared you wouldn't want more kids with her..." Sam trailed off and Dean stared off into the distance, thinking about his brother's words. "I really want this baby. I've always wanted a bunch of rugrats with Alex..." He smiled at the thought, glancing at his brother and Sam nodded. "Yeah, I know." He said quietly.

Dean looked down at his glass with the dark liquid, staring at it blankly. "I'll never forget my son." He suddenly blurted out. "The day he was born, when we brought him home for the first time, all those sleepless nights..." Dean smiled sadly, shaking his head. "His first steps, his laugh... those were the best moments of my life. Losing him was..." Dean stopped and took a deep breath. "...I don't have words for it, it's impossible to describe that kind of pain... I thought I'd never smile again."

Sam swallowed a few times and tried to keep his breathing normal, the tears at bay. Dean had never talked about his son before and now that he was finally opening up, the sadness Sam saw in his big brother's eyes was overwhelming. He wished he could do something about it, take this utter pain away.

"I was a mess. No one knows that better than you, Sammy. I've been such a mess for the past three years. Now... I'm good now, I guess. I have my wife back, I couldn't have kept on living without her..."

Finally, Dean lifted his head and looked up at Sam as if waking from some kind of trance. He laughed nervously and wiped a hand over his mouth when he saw the look on his little brother's face. "Wow, must've had too much to drink... sorry, Sammy."

Sam knew it wasn't true and Dean was just trying to play it off, since he had let himself go like that.

"We should rather be talking about the fact you and I managed to knock our wives up at the same time. Our babies will be born only a few months apart. Talk about skills or what?"

Sam burst out laughing, shaking his head at his brother's ridiculous statement. "Well, we're Winchesters after all." He said and Dean leaned back in his seat, smiling contentedly.

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