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Saturday, October 1, 2011 – 5:59am – The Daily Fix Coffee Cafe, Port Angeles, WA

"Ughh," I groan as I stretch and twist, my muscles and bones groaning and creaking with my movements. I flip the sign in the window to open and unlock the door before returning to my post behind the cash register.

Nine months. Nine months and my body still is not adjusted to this.

HA! Listen to me, I sound like I'm pregnant. Unfortunately a man would need to actually have sex with me within the past two years for that to be a possibility.

"Alas, not pregnant, just a pathetic barista that got suckered into managing the early morning open at her best friend's coffee shop," I say aloud. "And who is now talking to herself, HA!…They do say that is the first sign of an old maid…"

"Oh honey the first sign of an old maid is naming your cats after Bronte characters, dressing them in period costumes and taking pictures," my first customer snorts. "That is when you know you are doomed to a life with your spinster sister and dozens of cats."

Irina and Tanya Denali, the resident crazy old cat ladies of Port Angeles, have become the customer bookends to my weekends at the café. Irina is always my first customer on Saturday mornings and Tanya is my last customer before leaving on Sundays.

"Good morning Irina," I smile as I start prepare her order two non-fat vanilla lattes with extra foam, one crueler and an onion bagel; same thing, every Saturday. Since I started my part-time career as a barista I have discovered that there is something distinctly comforting about the routine of others.

"Those 'RomantiCats' have made you and Tanya multimillionaires many times over. A few cat bonnets and mumbled ramblings to yourself are nothing to turn your nose at."

Like most clichéd 'cat ladies,' the sisters live in a large old Victorian near the center of town. They yell at kids that step on their lawn, hold up city council meetings with meaningless complaints, and while Irina likes to hand out cryptic pieces of advice to anyone who will listen, Tanya believes she is clairvoyant. Now in their early seventies the sisters made their fortune early by taking pictures of cute cats and kittens dressed as romantic heroes and heroines.

Many people in town find them to be exhausting and boring. Personally I find them endlessly entertaining.

"Isabella, I was raised on a farm, and my father always warned us about never letting the Cock get in the henhouse. And that's just fine if you want unfertilized scrambled eggs every morning. But sometimes you've got to let the Cock sneak into the henhouse," Irina raises an eyebrow at me as she slips a fiver into the tip jar.

And with that the old woman gathers her coffee and food into her basket and leaves me alone in the café with another golden piece of Denali wisdom.


AN: So this is my experiment and attempt at a daily drabble fic. I know its influenced by lots of pop culture other than twilight, whatever, I am having fun. Stick around maybe you will too. Three more updates today…