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Friday, November 4, 2011 – 1:42 pm – Port Angeles Public Library, Port Angeles, WA

I thought there would be more boxes. Working in the same place, in the same office for four years, should lead to more…stuff. But it all fits into two brown cardboard boxes lying on the floor next to the door.

The walls are bare and my desk is empty. All that remains are the library supplied desk, chairs, Ficus, and ancient desktop.

"We need to go out and celebrate," Angela bemoans from the chair across from my empty desk.

"No, that's what we did Wednesday…over celebrating unemployment looks…reckless," I argue.

Angela harrumphs and strokes her swollen belly, "I am going stir crazy, Bella. Ben has gone into this crazy nesting stage. He is constantly cleaning and baby proofing. Anytime I move something he squawks at me like a mother hen. He is driving me CRAZY! I swear to god he is having a hysterical pregnancy…have you seen the beer gut he has sprouted?"

I can't help but giggle along with her over husband's sweet overprotective and slightly misguided attempts at preparing them for their first baby.

"I think we need to plan one of those Manly Bachelor/Baby showers for him," I suggest. "Get him to man up a bit."

Angela titters a laugh, "I think I will put Rosalie on that job, I have faith in her amazing party planning and neurotic man handling skills."

"Miss Swan," Mrs. Cope hisses from the doorway to my soon to be former office. "Just because today is your last day doesn't mean you don't need to work. The new OED needs to be reshelved for display. And Angela I am about to start a conference call with Mr. Biers in a few minutes, I need you to take notes."

With one last smug and pointed look at me, Mrs. Cope departs. My ears couldn't help but perk at the mention of Mr. Biers, and I quickly type a note in my phone to mention it to Alice.

I stand to help Angela out of her chair and we walk down the hallway together in companionable silence. Just before we reach Mrs. Cope's office, Angela pulls me into a fierce hug and whispers in my ear.

"Meet me in the break room at 3:30, Mrs. Cope always takes her 'Break' aka. Nap then, and we have a little surprise for you," she gives me an extra squeeze and then walks into Mrs. Cope's office.

I know I am not going to miss this job, especially not Mrs. Cope. But I also know that I am going to miss Angela's kind face and loyal camaraderie.


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