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A week. That's all the time Travis had to tell Katie how he felt. A week.

They had been spending so much time together lately and Travis was starting to like Katie.

He had only one week to admit it to Katie.

Attempt one; day one out of seven:

"Hey Katie." Travis asked sitting beside her reading a book.

"Hm?" She asked.

"Do you like pie?" Travis inquired.

Katie looked at him. "No." She went back to reading.

Travis looked at the leaves. "Do you like… the color of the sky?"

"Yes." Katie answered, her eyes not leaving the book.

Travis knew he could do it. "Do you like…" He bit his lip. "m-"

"TRAVIS!" Clarisse yelled across camp.

"Uh oh." Travis went wide eyed. "I gotta go Katie. Talk to you later." Katie just nodded and continued reading.

Attempt two; day one out of seven;

It was dinner time, Travis's favorite time of the day. He was determined to tell Katie how he felt at the campfire. He ate quickly and nervously. "Bro, what's wrong?" Connor asked.

Travis stabbed his fork into the table and released it. The prongs held it into the table. "I'm nervous." He admitted.

Connor didn't know what had been going on with Travis for the past few days. "Why?" He asked stupidly.

Travis's hands balled and unballed into fists. "Dude, I'm not telling you. I gotta go punch a wall or something." Travis stood up and walked out of the pavilion with Katie's eyes following him.

"I'm gonna go check on Travis." She answered and stood to follow him.

When she saw he had just walked around to the other side of the brick Hermes cabin, she followed. Travis just punched the wall. "Travis!' Katie ran up laughing a little bit. "Why'd you punch the wall?"

He answered with a grunt and, "I don't know. I think I broke my knuckle though."

Katie rolled her eyes and smiled. "C'mon. Let's get you to the infirmary." Katie suggested with a smile.

They got to the infirmary, Travis's knuckle was broken, and he had a cast for it. "Can I be the first to sign it?" Katie asked Travis.

Travis grinned. "You took the words out of my mouth." She signed the neon green cast with a Sharpie.

"Kates, there's something I've been wanting to tell you." Travis said.

Katie smiled. "Yes Travis?"

"Well I-"

The curfew thing sounded and Katie smiled sadly. "Wish I could stay longer but I have to go. Tell me tomorrow." Katie left the infirmary while Travis had to stay the night.

Day two out of seven:

Katie was puking so Travis couldn't see her all day. Boo you stomach virus.

Attempt three; day three out of seven:

Travis bit his nails while he was listening to Chiron drone on and on about how Jason and the Argonauts did one thing or another. Right after he was out of hell, (thunder shook the roof when he thought that) he was hanging out with Katie and he wanted to tell her so frigging much. He also counted thirty-nine signings on his cast but Katie's said Katie Gardner: First person to sign. Don't punch brick walls. He chuckled. "Travis, what two powerful people assisted in Jason completing his quest?" Chiron interrupted his thoughts.

Travis quickly racked his brain. "Medea and Hera. Hera is the goddess of marriage and Medea was a sorceress." Travis answered.

Chiron smiled. "Good job Travis. We're done." He dismissed the ten demigods, two from Apollo, three from Hermes, four from Ares, and one from Hades.

Travis jogged to the Demeter cabin and opened the door without knocking. He was special like that. "Hey Katie!" He called into the nearly empty cabin except for a few younger kids, around ten he was guessing, and Katie.

"Travis! Give me a second! I'm putting on- where are my shorts?" She yelled through the bathroom door. She cracked the door and poked her head out. "Travis, can you get me some shorts from that stack on my bed?"

Travis went to her bed. There indeed was a stack of clean and folded clothes. He grabbed the top pair of shorts, white and short were the words to describe them. She opened the door and snatched the shorts from his hands that were right about to knock. "Thanks Travis!" She said through the door and quickly put them on.

The two walked outside. "So what I wanted to tell you yesterday was that I-"

"Yo bro!" Connor yelled.

Travis hung his head in defeat. "I'll see you tomorrow Katie." He said. He completely forgot about the pranking spree he was going on today. Katie shrugged and smiled while Travis trudged to Connor.

Attempt four; day four out of seven:

Katie huffed. Travis was avoiding her today and spending time with the Aphrodite girls and-

She heard a loud knock on the door. She opened it and it was Travis. "Hey-"

He cut her off with a kiss and he pulled away. "I, Travis Richard Stoll, like you, Katie Marie Gardner."

"I like you too. But I didn't know your middle name was Richard." Katie smiled.

"Whatever. So you'll go on a date with me?" He asked hopefully.

Katie laughed. "Yes!" She said excitedly.

"Aw come on!" Connor said from the left side of the cabin.

Travis smiled victoriously. "I get to go on a date with the most gorgeous girl ever and I thought she would say yes and Connor said you would say no so now he owes me ten drachmas." Connor dropped a pouch into Travis's hand.

An awkward silence followed.

"So Katie, wanna make out now?" Travis asked.