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It was the worst thing that could possibly happen at this moment.

Of course, History Guy was busy writing away the strange epidemic in near gruesome detail.

The return of the period. (AN: I had to, I was wondering about what would happen.)

Once the suppression field was disabled, it seemed only a matter of time, save for the fact that nobody had their period for over 20 years. Many were experiencing their very first.

And of course, they were synchronized.

"This is just great." Barney muttered, but a small smile appeared on his face as he walked back, hearing the women moaning in pain over their long-forgotten cramps.

He flashed a grin at Dylan, though, as we walked past.

"Have you seen Chell?" Dylan inquired.

Barney just laughed. "I wouldn't go near her now, she threw Wheatley at me."

Dylan laughed at that too, at the expense of Wheatley.

The duo walked past some Vortigaunts, busy trying to soothe the women that made up half of their army, as the Combine soldiers seemed to enjoy watching the torment.

Only a select few of the women were unaffected, and after testing, proved to be with child, thus incapable of fighting, and in need of many of their resources.

All hope seemed lost, the only happy sight being the robots from Aperture and D0G playing some form of ball with a deactivated rollermine. Even the robots they had built themselves seemed intelligent enough to learn whatever rules they had created.

Of course, the game immediately dispersed after the rollermine activated in midair, and hitting a hunter, wounding it.

10 robots were then destroyed. Atlas, P-Body, and D0G were now mourning along with the rest of the humans.

"Wait..." Dylan stopped in his place. "Barney?"

"Yeah?" said man responded.

"What are you doing here?"

Dylan could only gasp as Barney's smile turned sinister, and his hand clutched Dylan's throat with an inhuman strength.

Gordon held the disc in his hands, crowbar leaning against his leg. Alyx was outside talking to Adrian, Chris now hovering near his human friend.

They could help hi - the human race, with some information. Maybe the ones 'downloaded' knew something they needed.

Did Alyx know what Eli asked of him?

After several moments of thought, he placed the disc in the box. This was a decision for another time, first he needed to stop the G-man from his plans.

As soon as the disc hit the box, an explosion happened.

Alyx was busy asking Adrian what was taking Gordon so long when the explosion occurred. She quickly jerked her head around and saw the building shake, Gordon rushing out just as the building collapsed.

She held in a gasp as she saw the large rubble demolish the box of discs, knowing that she had lost her father a second time. Alyx dropped to the ground, not a tear or sob escaping her as she stared at the wreckage in shock.

Gordon watched as she gripped the too-green grass, pulling a clump out of the dirt, and gripping it so hard it could have turned to diamonds. If that were physically possible, of course. She then proceeded to walk slowly toward the wreckage.

"They're still here." she muttered after a while.

Confused, Gordon and Adrian ran towards her, not believing the sight before them.

The box may have been destroyed, but the discs remained in place.

"Hey..." Alyx then mused.

Gordon knelt down next to her, as she recovered every disc but one.

"SHIT!" she then yelled as she turned around, trying to look for something.

"What?" Adrian asked as he jerked up in response to the ouburst.

Alyx stared at the men with worried eyes. "Where's Barney?" she finally asked. "And while we're at it, where's your pet alien?" she pointed at the soldier.

Gordon glanced around looking for his old friend, as Adrian seemed at a loss for words when realization dawned on him.

Glancing down, reading the names off the discs, Gordon could only come to the same conclusion when the disc with Calhoun's name on it couldn't be found anywhere.

Standing up slowly, he gripped his crowbar and stood up tall, a frown of anger glued to his face.

"Let's find him." he stated clearly, as Alyx looked up in shock at the unfamiliar voice.

"I should have done something!" Wheatley shrieked as he rolled around Chell's empty room. "What kind of idea was 'throw me' anyway! Idiot!" he scolded himself.

He couldn't believe he couldn't do anything as that Calhoun man took Chell away.

On second thought, he couldn't believe Barney took Chell. He seemed like a nice bloke.

Then the door he was currently by opened, pushing him back into a corner.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" he yelled as he bumped the wall.

He heard whoever it was give a slight jump in surprise, before the door closed and he came face to face with his worst enemy.


Dr. Kleiner adjusted his glasses. "I'm terribly sorry about that." he tried, knowing the sphere already didn't like him much. "Have you seen Chell? I wanted to ask some questions."

"That blasted Barney took her! Covered her mouth and dragged her out of here!" Wheatley yelled. "I thought you trusted this man!"

Kleiner looked genuinely surprised at this news. "Barney wouldn't...I'll be right back." he quickly ran out of the room.

"HEY!" Wheatley yelled as he was forgotten, yet again.

"I really hate that man sometimes..."

When the Kleiner man entered the dormitories inhabited by the humanoid Combine, guns were instantly raised.

"No, I'm not here for violence, I'm looking for the one with GLaDOS installed."

I'm in all their radios, genius. the sarcastic voice of the AI deadpanned.

Kleiner mentally slapped himself at the revelation.

"Well, I was hoping to find the Combine that wouldn't point a gun at me to communicate to you with." Kleiner attempted.

He's been disconnected for about two hours now. I don't even know where he is. she responded after a moment's hesitation, a hint of worry in her voice.

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