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Rose awoke a few hours later to smell of coffee. She sighed and clenched her eyes shut. Maybe if she kept them shut long enough, everything would just go away.

She opened them again and everything was still there as it should be.

Well it was worth the try…

She groaned and reluctantly got out of bed. She walked over to the vanity and saw down to brush her curls. She noticed the bags that had formed under her eyes. She noticed the crow's feet starting to show around her eyes. She just started to notice how much she truly was starting to age. She wasn't this seventeen year old girl anymore. She was a woman. Today would be another start for her, a start without Jack Dawson.

She knew she had to leave Wisconsin if she was ever going to truly start her life. Sure, she had been living a life most would only dream of but she hadn't fully had her heart into it. A huge part of it had still belonged to Jack Dawson, and maybe a little sliver still did. But Rose felt that if she ever wanted to experience life to the fullest, she would have to let him go. She didn't feel guilty as she always did before. She almost felt…at peace. It was ultimately what Jack had wanted for her. It just took her all this time to realize it.

Rose would be performing 'The Trial of Mary Dugan' on Broadway soon and needed to get to New York to rehearse. It was time to leave Chippewa Falls. Of course she would never forget the family she had made, but she felt a slight tugging in her soul that whispered to her that this wasn't her last destination. Whether it was intuition or fate…it was her time to go.

Rose went into the closet and chose a white sundress to wear. White was the color of purity, of new beginnings and today felt the perfect time to wear it. She wasn't sure how she would tell Melinda and Fae of her upcoming departure. She didn't want them to be upset or to feel that it was any way their fault that she would be leaving.

When she went into the kitchen, she realized that Melinda, Fae, and Lisbet were sitting outside on the patio enjoying breakfast. Rose smiled to herself. She saw all of them laughing at an apparent joke Lisbet had just made. She took a deep breath and proceeded out the doors and onto the patio.

Everyone stopped laughing and looked to Rose, unsure of what her mood would be this morning. Fae smiled as she realized that Rose was okay. Melinda got up and hugged Rose.

"Come sit down and eat something, Rose. I'm sure you're starved." Melinda said to Rose.

"I am thank you." Rose replied.

Rose sat down at one of the empty chairs and started to make her plate of food. There were scrambled eggs that Rose assumed were fresh from the hens outside, sausage links, and fresh biscuits. Melinda poured her some orange juice.

"So…Rose…how are…" Fae looked at her plate, unsure of what to say to Rose.

"I'm…okay." Rose said with a smile on her face.

Everyone seemed a bit shocked to say the least. They weren't really sure how Rose would react after what happened the day before.

"That's…good." Lisbet said as she stuffed another biscuit into her mouth.

"I've just come to the realization that I need to move on. Please forgive me if I'm too forward…but…I just have this feeling of renewal. It's like I'm just starting to live my life and I have to put my whole heart in it. Not just some of it…"

Fae nodded. Though she was smiling, she was somewhat misty eyed.

"And…I have something to tell you."

Melinda and Fae both looked at each other and looked to Rose, waiting to see what Rose had to say.

"I think Lisbet and I will be leaving today. The play will be starting soon and I think I need to start moving forward with things. I do hope that neither of you are mad at me. It's not that I don't want to be here but…"

Fae held Rose's hands.

"I understand, dear. I know you won't forget us. I am so thankful that you decided to come to Chippewa Falls. You know you are always welcome back."

Rose smiled and looked to Melinda.

Melinda had tears in her face.

"Oh Melinda…"

Melinda hugged Rose.

"No, it's okay Rose. Don't worry about me; I'm not upset at you. I lost my cousin…but I feel like I've gained a sister."

Rose had tears falling down her cheeks as she nodded her head as she silently felt the same.

After some tears and hugging. Rose and Lisbet went to their room and started to gather their things. There was a train leaving Eau Claire that evening and they would be on it.