Hello all readers,

This is my second crossover fiction of Naruto and Mahou Sensei Negima. As with almost all the stories, this is a fiction which centers on Naruto being in the Negima world.


Mission to the unknown world! The beginning of a new life!

The five Kages were all currently gathered to make a decision that would have a huge impact on the all the countries and villages. The fourth Shinobi World War had changed a lot of things in the very fundamentals of the Elemental Nations. Even the alliance between the five great nations which was made to only put an end to Akatsuki stayed rock solid even after a year since the war ended.

"You seriously are asking me to go on a diplomatic mission all by myself?" asked the snowy-white haired teen who was currently sitting in front of the five Kages.

"Yes and No", said the youngest of the Kages.

"Eh?" was the only response that left the mouth of the snowy-white haired teen as he was getting more and more confused with each mission details that left the mouth of the Kages.

This time the one to answer was the oldest of the Kages as he spoke, "Yes, you are being sent on a diplomatic mission, but no, you are not going to be sent alone."

"So, who is going to be on my team?" asked the snowy-haired teen.

"Your team is yet to be decided. So, until your team members are selected, it will be a solo mission", said the bulkiest of the Kages.

"So, tell me again, where exactly I am going to?" asked the now nervous snowy-haired teen as he watched a giant sealing array forming beneath him.

"To the world where magic dwells…" said the auburn-haired super-hot Kage as if she were chanting.

The moment those words left the mouth of the super-hot Kage, the seal beneath the snowy-white haired teen started to glow blue as seconds later a blue light engulfed the teen.

Finally the last Kage in the room, a woman with blonde hair tied in two loose ponytails spoke with a smile on her face which showed both her sadness and pride, "Take care, Naruto, no, Musoko."

Hearing those words a smile appeared on the snowy-white haired teen's face now identified as Naruto which showed his immense happiness as he spoke, "I certainly will, Tsunade-kaa-san."

And with those words said, the entire room was engulfed in bright blue light forcing the five Kages to shield their eyes from it. Finally when the light died down and the Kages were able to see that Naruto was no longer amidst them.

"I wish he can finally find happiness there", said the blonde Kage as a tear streamed down her face that was identified as Tsunade.

"We wish the same", said the auburn-haired Kage as she stared at the place where a few seconds ago Naruto had been with admiration in her eyes and a sad smile on her face.

"Of all people I have known in my long life, I don't know anyone other than him that deserves true happiness", said the oldest of the Kages.

"I couldn't have said it any better", said the bulkiest of the Kages.

Meanwhile the youngest of the Kage was still staring at the place where Naruto was seconds ago as he spoke, "I wish you good luck with your new life, Uzumaki Naruto – A great friend and a true hero."

In Mahora…

Konoemon Konoe along with Takahata T. Takamichi, Minamoto Shizuna and Kuzunoha Touko were currently waiting for the arrival of a very special guest in the Dean's office. The person they were waiting for was indeed very special considering the said person was visiting Mahora on a diplomatic mission and was from a world that only a few living mages knew of.

Konoemon was the most eager to meet the person who was going to be joining them today. He had already informed the mage teachers of Mahora about the new arrival and also other mages throughout the world whom he could trust. He was certain that the arrival of the person from the world of ninjas was going to have a great impact on the world of magic. That was his thoughts before he was informed about the ninja that was going to join them, but now that he was well informed about the ninja, he couldn't help but be assured of his thoughts to come true. He was informed of the life of the ninja from his birth till today and he couldn't think of knowing anyone with such strength of heart and so was truly eager to meet the young man.

Konoemon didn't have to wait long as a giant sealing array appeared in front of all of them. After a few seconds of the appearance of the sealing array, a bright blue light flooded the room forcing all the occupants to shield their eyes from its intensity. Finally after a few seconds when the light died down, the four occupants finally got the view of their guest.

Standing in front of them was boy about eighteen years old with spiky-untamed hair as white as snow and the brightest of blue eyes they had ever seen in their life. The boy stood about five feet eight inches. The boy was wearing crimson ninja pants, blue-coloured hooded-jacket with a white swirl on the left side, a red swirl on the back and a kanji for oil on the right, crimson lined mesh t-shirt underneath the half zipped jacket and black sandals. But the thing that defined the young man in front of them was the three whisker-like marks on his cheeks.

A smile appeared on Konoemon's face as his eyes looked at the young boy, no, young man in front of him. The moment his eyes locked onto the bright crystal blue eyes, the smile on his face widened. The young man in front of him clearly surpassed all the anticipation he had build reading the documents sent to him about him.

Meanwhile Shizuna and Touko couldn't stop the blush that was spreading on their face. They both knew that in front of them was a boy who could be no older than twenty, but yet a very hot young man. The hotness quotient was further raised by the whisker-like marks on his cheeks which gave him a feral look. But the feature that hearts to skip a bit was the warmth that radiated from his bright crystal blue eyes and the small smile that graced his lips. Watching the smile they couldn't help but feel all their worries about this new development wash away and felt rather secure in the boy's presence as a smile graced their lips.

But no one could comprehend the shocked look on the face of Takamichi as his eyes laid on the arrival of the shinobi/ambassador from the world of ninjas. It had been a long time since the Dean had held back some vital information from him, that information being of the data of the person that was going to be the ambassador of the world of ninjas. So just like the others he was also eager to meet this shinobi as the world of ninjas was something that only a few truly had knowledge about. Though he didn't say it to others, but he too had some knowledge about the world as during his travels with the Ala Rubra (Crimson Wings) there happened to be a person from the world of shinobis travelling with them for some time. The person was not a shinobi, but rather was an aspiring shinobi as according to him he was still a shinobi academy student of his village. Though the boy was young and certainly wasn't the smartest, he had amusing tales for all of them which could lighten the awkward moments and even cheer them in the gloomiest of times, especially the young princess as she loved to listen to his stories.

Takamichi had silently wished and hoped that the ambassador to be the boy as he wished to meet him again as he had come to see the boy as an annoying younger sibling in their little time together. But he knew it wasn't possible considering that he would be around eighteen and sending someone that young as an ambassador was not something he would consider. Finally when the ambassador arrived, his eyes widened as his looked at the ambassador. The hair was not blonde but was snowy-white, but there was no denying that in front of him stood the only (wannabe) shinobi he had met in his life time.

"Yo, the name's Uzumaki Naruto!" Naruto said waving at the four in the room with a huge grin on his face as he was eager to start his new job.

"Hohoho… it's good to meet you Naruto-kun. I am Konoemon Konoe the head director of Kantou Magic Association and the Dean of Mahora Academy…" said Konoemon as his smile widened more seeing the easy-going nature of the boy.

'Woah! The old man has eyebrows even bigger than Super-Bushy-Brows-sensei!' thought a freaked out Naruto, though on the outside his expression didn't change.

Konoemon was completely oblivious to the thoughts of Naruto as he continued his introductions as he pointed at the woman in reddish-brown hair standing to his right "… This is Mahora Academy's Guidance Counselor and nurse, Minamoto Shizuna…" pointing to the blonde woman standing next to her "… this is Kuzunoha Touko, a teacher here at Mahora and also in charge of the Mahora Mage Organization operation division…"

Both Shizuna and Touko bowed as they were introduced. Despite trying to act professional both of them were failing drastically because of the blush on their faces because of the damned smile on the boy's face. The reaction of the two didn't go unnoticed by Konoemon who was madly laughing on the inside to see two of his most professional workers to be so unprofessional.

Meanwhile Naruto couldn't help but stare at the now named Shizuna and Touko. Those two were hot. Suddenly his minds were flooded with images of him ravaging the two with Shizuna in a nurse outfit and Touko in a business-lady suit and all this was being done in an empty classroom causing a mental nose bleed. He somehow was able to stop those images, but unfortunately that was a wrong decision on his part because as soon as he stopped those images a new flood of images flooded his mind.

"Stop flooding my mind with all these stupid images, Kyuu. I am trying to be professional", said Naruto as he talked to the Kyuubi using the mental link they had established.

"You can only try kit as we both know that you have no talent for it. And those stupid images is your future kit", said the Kyuubi.

"Future?" said Naruto with a deadpanned look.

"Yes kit your future", said the fox with a wide grin on its face.

"Since when did the great Kyuubi no Youko was capable of seeing the future?" asked Naruto with the same deadpanned look on his face.

"Nothing is impossible for me kit", the Kitsune pointed out.

"Yeah and that is why you got sealed in humans… three times", said Naruto still with the deadpanned look.

"Good one kit… but you do know what I mean. This is a future you are going to make it happen and prove that you are the alpha here", said the Fox with complete seriousness.

"That's stupid! And for you who by gender is a female to suggest this, it's even more ridiculous", Naruto said still the deadpanned look stuck on his face.

"Me being a female doesn't change the fact that you are to show the world that you are the alpha", said the grinning Kyuubi which caused Naruto to face fault.

"But I also don't hear you denying my view, Naruto-kuu~uun *heart*", said the Fox with saying his name in a seductive tone.

A shiver ran down his spine as he quickly cut off the mental link as he thought 'that is so disturbing.'

"I heard you, Naruto-kuu~uun *heart*", said the Fox in a seductive tone sending another shiver run down his spine.

"Are you alright, Naruto-kun?" asked Konoemon as he watched the boy shudder as he seemed to be thinking over something.

"Ah! Sorry for spacing out", said Naruto a bit nervously as he scratched the back of his head and avoiding eye contact with the two women in the room.

"The fox?" asked Konoemon as he focused on judging the boy's reaction.

"You were informed?" asked a surprised Naruto.

Konoemon was surprised by the surprised reaction on Naruto's face. He had learned about him being a Jinchuuriki of the fearsome Kyuubi no Youko from the information that was sent to him in advance. It also mentioned that it was a very emotional subject with the boy taking into accounts the things that had happened in his life because of the fox and being its Jinchuuriki. But the boy's reaction was nothing like he had predicted, it showed that the boy had come to expect the fact that he was a Jinchuuriki.

"Yes. They sent a bio-data about you for my reference" said Konoemon with a smile on his wrinkled face stretching on the word 'my' seeing the curious look on the two women's faces.

Meanwhile any doubt that Takamichi had about the identity of the boy had been all dissolved at the mention of the fox. The entire of Ala Rubra were aware of the burden their young friend carried and also his life before he met them.

Konoemon then pointed at Takamichi and continued with the introductions, "And to continue the introductions… this man here is Takahata…"

"Ta-Takamichi!" interrupted Naruto surprising the Dean and the two women in the room as he held onto his head and looked to be in pain.

"It's good to see you again, Naruto-kun", Takamichi said with a small smile on his face as he walked towards the boy further surprising the remaining three as he went onto catch an unconscious Naruto from falling on the floor.

"What is going on?" asked Konoemon as he watched Takamichi put the boy on the sofa in the room to rest.

"The memory blocking spell that Albireo Imma used on Naruto-kun was to release if he were to ever visit our world again", answered Takamichi.

"Takamichi, you mean to tell us that Naruto-san has already been in our world at least once?" asked Shizuna to which she received a nod from Takamichi.

"Albireo Imma of Ala Rubra?" asked Touko to which Takamichi nodded again.

"I don't see the connection Takamichi-kun?" asked Konoemon as suddenly things had become quite confusing.

"To make a long story short, Naruto-kun here (pointing at the boy), once travelled with the Ala Rubra for quite some time", said Takamichi with a smile on his face.

This answered to Konoemon of the weird reactions he saw Takamichi make as if seeing someone he thought he would never meet in his life and especially that being a friend. But that also aroused a new question as to how the boy met with the Ala Rubra.

"But how?" asked a confused Touko.

"How? Well, Naruto here was trying to learn…" Takamichi said but was interrupted by a shout.

"ALBIREO IMMA, you wish that I never find you. Because if I do, I will slam a Rasengan up your ass sending you to a one way tour to the netherworld. Then I will resurrect you and slam another Rasengan up your ass sending you on another one way trip to nether world. I will keep repeating it until I feel that you atoned for your sins", said Naruto.

The two women in the room had a sweat drop on the back of their head as they heard the proclamation of Naruto. They could tell that there was no ill will in the boy's voice and he meant no harm, but still to threaten the likes of Albireo Imma was suicidal in their opinion (they don't know of his capabilities).

"You haven't changed much in all these years; have you, Naruto-kun?" said Takamichi as a chuckle left his mouth.

The familiar voice which Naruto hadn't heard for about more than ten years caused his head to turn towards its source as a big grin spread on his face as he called out, "Takamichi, is that you?"

"Yes", answered Takamichi.

Naruto walked up to Takamichi and gave him a small hug and then bumped fists with Takamichi, a thing which he had learned from Killer Bee. The two would have continued their reunion if a cough wouldn't have drawn their attention.

"Both of you could celebrate your reunion later, but first let's get down to business", said Konoemon to which Naruto nodded.

After a few hours…

Naruto along with Shizuna and Takamichi stood in a clearing in the woods near the dorms. Thinking back about the past couple of hours since his arrival at the magical world, a lot of things had happened from him recovering his suppressed memories of his times spent with Ala Rubra to him learning of the possible deaths of people who he considered as parents while his time here in the magical world and also he learned about their son whom they named Negi. Apparently the boy who was about ten year old now was a teacher here at Mahora and he certainly wanted to know how the son of Nagi and Arika grew up to be.

"I still don't understand how you intend to stay in a place like this? Wouldn't it be better if you stayed at the dorms?" asked Shizuna as she looked at Naruto a bit worriedly. In just a couple of hours she had come to like the boy because of his easy-going-friendly nature and the ease with which one could talk to him.

"Oh, that! Just watch…" Naruto said as he started performing hand seals and then slammed his hands on the ground and called out "… Mokuton: Shichuuka no Jutsu (Wood Release: Four Pillars House Technique)."

Shizuna watched in awe and surprise as wooden pillars started to rise from the ground and in less than ten minutes there stood in front of her a traditional Japanese house. The size of the house was bigger than she expected, but that didn't surprise her considering she had learned that about more five to six representatives would be joining him in a month or two. She further watched in awe as around hundred of Naruto clones scrambled around as they started furnishing the house with supplies which were stored in scrolls, from sleeping mats to toiletries to kitchen ware. She couldn't believe it but the house was furnished in a couple of hours (a few things remained which Naruto had asked Takamichi to help him later) and was giving a feeling similar to the traditional Japanese houses. She along with Takamichi followed Naruto outside the house where she again saw the boy performing seals as his hands were nothing but a blur to her. She watched as Naruto placed his glowing blue right palm on the wall of the house and seals spread from his palm and stretched all throughout the walls of the house with his palm as the centre. Finally when the seals disappeared she watched the Kanji for 'oil' appeared on the place where his palm was placed.

"That takes care of almost everything", said Naruto as he felt a little tired with all the work.

"Don't worry I will get the remaining things done by morning tomorrow", said Takamichi as he placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Thanks Takamichi…" said Naruto with a smile on his face.

A second later the smile on Naruto's face turned into a frown as he spoke "… But why do I have to do that stupid job? I mean, Konoemon-jiji could have asked me to do something that I am more comfortable with."

It was Shizuna who answered Naruto as she spoke, "It actually is the best job to keep up the secret of magic and your secret from the normal mundane of this world considering the fact that you will be staying on the campus grounds."

"Yeah, magic is supposed to be a secret", Naruto said as a groan left his mouth along with a large roar from his stomach.

"Seems like someone is hungry", Takamichi commented offhandedly earning him a glare from Naruto.

"Oh, even you would be hungry after furnishing a house that big along with hundreds of you working on it…" said Naruto sill glaring at the older man with a pouting face which caused a giggle to be heard leave Shizuna's lips.

"Indeed", Takamichi said as a small chuckle left his mouth too.

"So, know any good place where I can stuff myself with ramen?" asked Naruto.

"Yes…" answered Takamichi which caused Naruto's face to brighten up with a huge ear splitting grin on his face.

With that the two old friends left to have a meal to fill the bottomless pit of a stomach of Naruto as Shizuna left to continue with her work.

A few hours later…Naruto's point of view…

It was a few minutes to midnight that Naruto had separated from Takamichi. While the two had left for dinner, they had completely lost track of time as they reminisced their past after they were Naruto had returned to his world. But most of their time was spent in reminiscing the time they spent with the Ala Rubra.

Now that Naruto was completely revitalized by the Food of Gods, though it was not from the place where Takamichi had intended to take him to since it was closed, he felt no physical fatigue. On the contrary, he was really tired mentally as his mind processed all the information about the Ala Rubra that he received from Takamichi. He wanted to just retire for the night and let the fatigue wash away from a good night's sleep. But as always Fate had new ways to screw with his life, even if it was just a good night's sleep as he heard someone shout.


The name Evangeline was familiar with Naruto, though not through personally knowing the person but from the tales he had heard from the members of Ala Rubra and if he remembered correctly the said person was currently here at Mahora. But it was the second name that made him forget his mental fatigue as he rushed to the scene to check what was going on.

For more than an hour Naruto stood atop of the World Tree as he watched the fight between a red haired child and a green haired teenage girl or to be more specific from what he heard, the fight between Negi and Chachamaru. He shouldn't have been surprised after hearing about Negi from Takamichi, but he was still surprised the first time his eyes laid on the boy as the boy was a mini version of his father. The only difference between him and his father was that the boy wore specks and tied his hair in a small ponytail, but the biggest difference was the boy's personality. Though it was only the first time he had seen the boy and only knew him from just a few stories that Takamichi told him, he could already tell that the boy's personality highly resembled that of his mother. Now that he remembered that in that department the boy shared a resemblance with him which was kind of funny and ironic.

The other ironic thing was the boy – the son of the Thousand Master was giving an apprenticeship test to be the apprentice of Evangeline A. K. McDowell – the Maga Nosferatu, the Shinsho Vampire whom Nagi Springfield had cursed to remain in the Mahora Academy. It took only one glance for him to recognize her from the couple of pictures he had seen of her from Albireo's album before it was snatched out of his hands by Arika who had no intention of corrupting a young mind unlike the others. The girl hadn't aged a day as she looked the same as she looked in the pictures of Albireo's album as he had learned that the centuries old vampire was eternally cursed to remain a ten year old.

Finally on to the fight between Chachamaru and Negi, it was being completely dominated by Chachamaru. The girl outclassed Negi in every aspect from speed to power to skills and even planning the moves. Thinking of the entire fight till now, he saw that Negi had entered the fight with only one single plan and that was busted with ease by Chachamaru and then for the entire fight the boy just charged at Chachamaru trying to overwhelm her in either speed or power which turned out to be futile. He was disappointed in the boy after he had heard from Takamichi that the boy already had some combat experience with stronger foes and had come up with some incredible plans to somehow win the confrontations.

The only plus point that he could see from this fight was the determination of the boy to never give up. The boy just wouldn't stay down even after the beat down Chachamaru was giving him (though none of her hits were meant actually hurt him) as he was determined to continue the fight until he succeeded in landing a blow on the girl.

The other thing in his opinion worked in the favor of the boy was the support he received from the girls who happened to be his students since some of them called the boy 'Negi-sensei'. From what his advanced hearing could pick up on, it seemed that sandy-blonde-haired girl with slightly dark skin-tone who was named Ku Fei was the person that was teaching Negi Chinese martial arts for the past few days.

His gut feeling told him that the fight was about to end and somehow it was going to go in the favor of Negi which was contradicting the flow of the battle which leaned in favor of Chachamaru. But as always his gut feeling was proved right. He watched as Asuna along with Ku Fei were about to go and stop the fight but were stopped by the pink haired girl whose name was Makie. A smile of admiration appeared on his face as he heard Makie defend Negi and his stubbornness/determination to continue the fight. Also he watched as the speech of Makie became the decisive point of the fight as her words made everyone think which included Chachamaru making her lose her concentration which resulted in a punch to her cheeks.

He watched as the boy finally collapsed and decided to stay grounded as the girls supporting him rushed to his aid while cheering for his victory. He decided that it was time for him to make his appearance and get some answers from the child mage. He used Shundou, a skill he had learned during his time with the Ala Rubra and had just recently remembered after recovering his memories of that time, to appear in the plaza where the fight had taken place.

Evangeline's point of view…

Evangeline let out a sigh of relief as finally the ordeal was over, though she would never admit it that she was actually happy with the result as she had taken an interest in the boy.

"Hmph… I lose boy. You can come to my…" Evangeline said, but stopped in mid sentence as she felt the presence appear next to her.

She turned her head to the side to find a boy about eighteen years old with spiky-untamed hair as white as snow and the brightest of blue eyes she had ever seen in her life. The boy stood about five feet eight inches and was wearing crimson ninja pants, blue-coloured hooded-jacket with a white swirl on the left side, a red swirl on the back and a kanji for oil on the right, crimson lined mesh t-shirt underneath the half zipped jacket and black sandals. But the thing that defined the young man in front of them was the three whisker-like marks on his cheeks. But the thing that caught her attention was the boy's expressionless face which betrayed no emotion as his gaze was fixed on Negi. She had already known of him being present atop the World Tree from the start of the apprenticeship test and was curious of his motives as she had never seen him in her entire life.

Her gaze then turned to the others present there and found all of them staring at the boy with curiosity and could tell by their expression that none of them knew him. Her eyes laid on Negi who seemed to be the focus of the white-haired boy and saw the same curious and I-don't-know-him expression. She also watched the defensive stance both Setsuna and Asuna took as the winged warrior had her hand on the scabbard of her sword ready to draw it at moment's notice while the Baka Red was ready to activate her pactio. She also watched as Chachamaru was ready to engage the white-haired boy if necessary and was waiting for her master's order.

As for her she decided to wait and watch what the white-haired boy had in mind.

Asuna's point of view…

Asuna like the others had her eyes fixed on the white-haired boy who seemed a few years older than her walk towards them. She like most of the others present there was surprised by the sudden appearance of the boy. She had her pactio card at ready to summon her artifact if the need aroused seeing that Setsuna had a hand on the scabbard of her sword.

As the boy got closer, she finally had a clear view of the boy's face and was surprised to see the boy was not alone but accompanied by a blonde child a few years younger than Negi. She wondered whether the blonde child was the brother of the white-haired teen considering that both had strikingly similar face structure with bright blue eyes and three whisker-like marks on each cheek. There were also some notable difference that being the hair colour as the older boy's hair was as white as snow while the younger boy's hair was sun-kissed-blonde and the other being their facial expressions. The older boy had displayed no emotions as he walked towards them while the younger had an ear-splitting grin etched on his face.

She didn't know why but her heart beat was currently beating at a rate as if they were competing in an F1 race. Something inside her was shouting to her that she had to rush and hold the boy so that he would not leave, again. And for some odd reason tears were forming at the corner of her eyes as her eyes were still fixed on the blonde child and the white-haired teen.

'What's wrong with me?' she thought.

Normal point of view…

Naruto crouched in front of Negi who was now in a sitting position helped by Makie and Konoka as he spoke directly to the boy making eye contact with him, "At first I decided to summarize to you your pros and cons after watching your fight with the green haired girl…" causing the eyes of Negi and others to widen.

'He was watching, but from where… I couldn't even sense him until he suddenly appeared' thought Setsuna as her grip on her sword's handle to tighten.

Naruto completely disregarded the shocked look on all the faces as he continued speaking "… but I decided against it for the time being. Instead I hope you listen to my advice."

"Having a dream, a goal in life is indeed important as it gives you a reason to always look forward. But remember boy, a dream/goal achieved is hollow without friends by your side, treasure them…" said Naruto and started walking away leaving behind a stunned crowd.

Naruto suddenly stopped in his tracks as he turned around and looked at Negi and the group with an ear-splitting grin as he spoke, "Oh! Good job getting accepted as the apprentice of Evangeline A. K. Mc Dowell, Negi Springfield!" and with that he used Shundou to disappear.

"Who was that Negi-kun?" asked Konoka as she was the first to come to her senses from the shock.

"I… I don't know", answered Negi still a bit shocked.

"But that handsome and hot guy knows your name, Negi-kun", Yuuna said with a small amount of drool on the side of her mouth.

"Yuuna!" called out Akira as she elbowed her friend but couldn't deny her claim.

"As I was saying before that boy interrupted me…" spoke Evangeline drawing everyone's attention on her "… You can come to my cottage anytime and I'll train just like I promised… and also you should keep learning that Kung Fu of yours as everyone needs to have some physical skills. Chinese martial art suits someone as logical as you. See you."

Evangeline left after saying that as she was followed by Chachamaru causing the girls to again cheer for the victory of Negi.

"Hey speaking of that boy, how did he suddenly disappear?" asked Ako.

"That was a Shundou, -aru", said Ku Fei with a glimmer in her eyes.

"What's a Shundou?" asked Ako, Makie, Akira, Yuuna and Negi together.

As Ku Fei went on to tell the five about Shundou, Konoka walk towards Asuna and asked, "Is something wrong, Asuna?"

"W-What? N-No! Nothing's wrong!" answered Asuna as she was startled by the sudden question.

But Konoka didn't buy it as she spoke, "Asuna, you are quite than usual and you are lost in your thoughts… and above all you kept staring at the white-haired boy all the while he was here and I am certain you are thinking about him right now."

Asuna knew she couldn't lie to Konoka as the girl as caught onto her current predicament as she replied, "It's just… It feels likes I somehow knew him… as if he was someone important to me…" as by now tears freely started flowing down her face.

This caught the attention of all the other girls as they rushed by Asuna's side asking, "What's wrong Asuna/-san?"

"N-Nothing", answered Asuna as she wiped the tears flowing down her cheeks.

On Monday…

The entire of Sunday was spent as he spent most of his time with Takamichi as the two shared stories of their adventures till date. Naruto could never forget the face of Takamichi after he recounted the entire events that had happened in his life before coming here… actually he certainly would never forget Takamichi's face as he had taken a snap of his various reactions. He had also spent a few hours with Shizuna as she took him on a shopping trip to buy him suitable clothing, so he wouldn't stick out in the crowd. That trip to the shopping district was the most tiresome as he never loved shopping, a woman accompanied him and the fox continuously sending images to his mind of him ravaging Shizuna.

Now he stood alongside Shizuna just outside the class to which he was going to be an assistant homeroom teacher too. He was currently wearing a crimson suit, crimson pants, a sky-blue shirt and an orange tie, something which he had bought on his shopping trip with Shizuna. He was also wearing the red coat with black flaming design at the bottom, the coat he wore during his fight with Pein as he felt a bit uncomfortable in the attire he was currently wearing. The limited supply of weapons he was currently carrying with him were sealed in the seals on his hands.

"I will go in first and talk with the homeroom teacher… wait here till I call you…" said Shizuna to which Naruto nodded as Shizuna entered the classroom.

"It's been two days since you are here and still you have failed to show people that you are the alpha here. Even after you had a company of such a sexy vixen as Shizuna for the past two days", Kyuubi talked through the mental link.

"You know very well that I won't ever rape Shizuna", replied Naruto with an annoyed tone through the mental link.

"Fine don't rape the busty woman, kit…" said Kyuubi releasing a sigh in disappointment surprising Naruto that the fox had actually decided to stop his talk about being alpha.

But the bubble of his happiness was quickly busted as Kyuubi spoke again with a seductive tone "… instead, use your charms to seduce her to be one of your mates, Naruto-kuu~uun. *heart*"

"I am not a fox but a human, Kyuu" Naruto said with an annoyed voice.

"Yes, you are a human. Bu at the same time you also represent me, the great Kyuubi no Youko", said the Fox with pride in its voice.

"And you are a female, a vixen", said Naruto with a deadpanned look.

"BUT YOU ARE A MALE!" said the fox in a slow and clear voice causing Naruto's eyebrows to twitch.

"Why do I even try", said Naruto in a defeated tone.

"I thought you should have learned by now by fighting that pink-eyed mate of yours that you would never win in a verbal fight with a woman. Hell, you even loose to the shy, pale-eyed mate of yours and that is saying something", said the fox and Naruto could feel the triumph in her voice.

He was saved as he heard the voice of Shizuna from inside the class, "Please enter!"

Inside the classroom…

The eyes of all the girls along with Negi were now fixed on the classroom door as they waited in anticipation for the assistant homeroom teacher to enter the class. It came as a surprise to all when Shizuna-sensei had announced that the class was getting an assistant homeroom teacher. It seemed it was news to everyone as neither did Negi knew of neither it nor 3A's resident paparazzi Asakura Kazumi by the shocked looks on their face.

Finally the door slid open as the girls watched as a boy a few years older than them wearing a crimson suit and red coat step inside the class. The girls' eyes just stayed glued on the white-haired, blue-eyed HOT-HUNK-STUD teen draped in a crimson suit and a red overcoat that walked inside the class. Almost all the girls were sporting huge blush on their faces as they looked at the handsome teen while a few had drool running down the side of their mouths. Meanwhile the sports four, Ku Fei and Negi stared at the teen with wide eyes as they remembered him from the night of the apprenticeship test.

Meanwhile Setsuna albeit the blush on her face took a cautious stance as she too remembered him from that night though was still uncertain of his motives of approaching the child sensei. That particular action of Setsuna was caught on by Kaede and Mana who had to wonder as to whether Setsuna knew the teen.

As for Chachamaru, the gynoid looked at the teen with a small hint of cautiousness. She had asked her master whether the white-haired teen would by any chance cause trouble to Negi-sensei and received a 'no' as an answer. Her master had also told her that the teen seemed to have no malicious intent towards the child sensei but rather seemed to be helping the child which had surprised her. She had been asked by her master to gather some info on the teen, but even after spending the entire Sunday she had found no info on him, not even his name which had slightly angered her master but mostly raised her curiosity greatly.

'Must be my lucky day' thought Evangeline as she curiously looked at the teen. She had tasked Chachamaru to find some info on the teen, but the girl was unable to find a single info even after searching for the entire day yesterday which had made her really curious about the teen. She had decided to talk to the Dean today to get some info on the teen as she had seen him hanging around with Shizuna but the teen himself had decided to come in front of her.

But out of all girls the most surprising reaction was seen from Asuna as she remained shell shocked in her seat. She couldn't believe it but he was standing in front of the class, the one she had been continuous thinking about since the night she first saw him after Negi winning the apprenticeship test of Evangeline. She had tried really hard to remember him but none of her memories showed him to be a part of it which made her wonder whether she truly knew him or was it just her imagination. But her conscious self was certain that she knew him and he was someone very important to him making her wonder whether she knew him from the time before coming to Mahora as she had no memory of that time. She felt a hand grab her hand as she turned to find Konoka looking at her with a reassuring smile. She had confided everything about her suspicions and feelings to Konoka last night and she had agreed to help her find the boy and know the truth, even to go as far as asking her grandfather about him.

Naruto had a suspicion that the Dean Konoemon had skipped some important detail while he motioned that he would have to work as an assistant teacher to one of the classes in Mahora Academy. Now looking at his students he knew the information that the Dean had skipped which was that the all the students of the class he was going to be an assistant homeroom teacher too were girls. Now that he thought about it, apart from the male teachers he found no other male in this school building which made it an all girl's school. Normally he would have no problem with this situation, but now that his relationship with the Kyuubi had improved and that was going to spell trouble for him.

'Thirty one vixens to choose from, each of different shape, size and personality…' said the fox in a mesmerized tone "… you are one lucky fox, Naruto-kuu~uun. *heart*"

Yep that vixen in his mind was going to be a true nuisance during his stay here that much Naruto was certain of. Though he had to admit to what the Kyuubi said and that being the girls in the class were all different in personality and body.

"So you finally see the world with my view, Naruto-kuu~uun", said the fox in a seductive tone.

Naruto decided to ignore the fox for the time being as he had a more important thing to take care of and that was to introduce himself to the girls.

"Hey girls, I am Uzumaki Naruto…" said Naruto as he waved at the girls with a smile on his face which melted the hearts of most of the girls increasing the blush on their face, also Shizuna too wasn't fairing any better than the girls.

Naruto who remained oblivious to the girls' reactions continued speaking "… from today till the end of the academic year I will be the assistant homeroom teacher to your class."

Naruto couldn't help but feel a bit awkward as the class remained silent after his introduction as the girls just kept staring at him. While he didn't mind some of the curious and the confused stares, he felt really nervous at the hungry, predatory gazes of some of the girls. Then it suddenly happened as about dozens of girls surrounded him with the war cry of 'He is so hot/handsome' and started bombarding him with questions.

"How old are you?"

"Where are you from?"

"Are you from Naruto (a city in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan)?"

"Where are you staying?"

"What are your hobbies?"

"What do you like to eat?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

Naruto would have been bombarded by more questions if not for the timely intervention of Shizuna as she was somehow able to dissipate the crowd gathered around him.

Th girls waited in anticipation in their assigned seats as they watched the new teen sensei take a deep breath and started answering their random questions.

"I'll try and answer all the questions you asked and also if you have any other questions, feel free to ask."

"How old am I? I am 18." The predatory look in a few girls' eyes increased.

"Where am I from? Konohagakure no Sato." This answered confused a few girls while shocking the youngest/oldest girl in the class.

"Am I from Naruto? Certainly not!" While answering the question Naruto made a very comical face which caused almost all the girls to laugh.

"Where am I staying? In a house on the school grounds. You all are free to visit if you want to." Some girls readily agreed to the idea.

"What are my hobbies? Traveling, gardening and… pranks, I would say." This answer caused eyes of the twins in the class to sparkle.

"What do I like to eat? That would be ramen and red bean soup." Some girls quickly scribbled that bit of information in their books.

"So, do any of you girls have any other questions you would like to ask?" asked Naruto skipping a question of the girls which only a few girls noticed.

"Where is this Konohagakure no Sato you speak of located at, Uzumaki-sensei?" asked Yue as she had never heard of a place which went by that name.

"Konohagakure no Sato or as one would call it the Village Hidden in the Leaves is a hidden village, so I can't give you any information about my village", answered Naruto causing the girls to be more confused.

"What subject would you be teaching, Uzumaki-sensei?" asked Ayaka.

"Naruto-kun is going to be a substitute teacher for the Japanese language subject and P.E.", answered Shizuna instead of Naruto.

"Say Uzumaki-sensei, you still haven't answered one of our questions…" said Misa causing Naruto to sigh whishing he could avoid that question "… Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Yes, yes I do have girlfriends", answered Naruto as he had no intention of beating around the bush.

That answer caused the hopes of few girls who had eyes on the new teen sensei to diminish, but one girl's heart was crushed at that answer. Asuna didn't know why, but hearing the new sensei already have a girlfriend had her heart broken and unknowingly tears gathered in her eyes as her body stiffened. Meanwhile Konoka didn't know what she was to do with her friend's current predicament as she felt Asuna stiffen at the answer and could see the tears gathered in her eyes.

"Uzumaki-sensei, you mentioned 'girlfriends' instead of 'a girlfriend'. Was it a grammatical mistake on your part? Or, does it mean you have more than one girlfriend?" asked Chachamaru drawing everyone's attention.

"No, it isn't a grammatical mistake on my part…" said Naruto to which the girls looked at him with wide eyes, even Shizuna looked at the teen sensei with wide eyes. She had expected a boy like him to have a girlfriend but to know he had more and probably cheating on the other made her a bit angry.

Naruto like always stayed oblivious to the reaction of the girls and continued speaking, "… I did say 'girlfriends' because I am currently dating two girls… and I am not cheating on the two. They know of me dating the other and also I am engaged to both of them."

None of the girls knew how to respond to that. At first they couldn't believe that their new sensei was such an immoral man to date two girls at the same time, but knowing that both the girls knew of it and were engaged to him.

"But, Uzumaki-san…" Negi said drawing the attention towards him for the first time since Naruto had entered the class.

"Oh! Negi-kun, what are you doing here?" asked Naruto interrupting the young red head.

"I… I am the homeroom teacher of 3A", answered Negi.

Naruto looked at the red head boy with a blank for a few seconds and then turned and looked at Shizuna with the same blank look. Luckily for him Shizuna understood his unasked question and she nodded implying that what Negi said was indeed true to which his gaze returned back to the child mage.

"Something wrong Uzumaki-sensei?" asked Ayaka as she watched the teen sensei stare at the child sensei.

Naruto turned towards the class with his face still having the blank look which seemed to be somewhat focused on Ayaka as he spoke, "First of all stop calling me Uzumaki-sensei/-san, call me Naruto or Naruto-sensei or Naruto-kun, whichever you prefer…" receiving a 'yes' in chorus as he then focused solely on Ayaka "… And do correct me if I am wrong because if I remember Negi should be no older than ten."

"Yes, Negi-sensei is indeed a ten year old, Naruto-sensei", answered Ayaka.

Naruto looked at Ayaka and saw that the girl didn't get his point at all to which he face palmed as he spoke, "That is the exact point."

Ayaka still remained confused at Naruto's answer even it was so plainly obvious and so was the case with some other girls too. Some of the girls who understood what he meant but shrugged it off since they had gotten used to it. Meanwhile Chisame couldn't help but feel oddly happy considering that finally someone recognized the weirdness of the class and decided to put forth the point.

"But Uzumaki-san even if you say…" Negi said but stopped in mid sentence as he saw Naruto glaring at him with an annoyed look making him remember his words "… Ah… Sorry… Naruto-san… but even if you say that you are engaged to the two girls and they agreed of you dating the other, it is not something a gentleman should do."

A sweat drop appeared on the back of Naruto's head as he looked at Negi with a disbelieving look. He walked close to the child sensei and crouched to see that they were on the same eye level as he spoke in a serious tone, "Negi, you are a ten year old, a child. It's one thing when you act mature as a teacher while teaching the girls to set a good example, but a child as young as you should not be talking about the gentleman crap. You are a child and you should act like a child… because childhood is only granted once. And I speak by experience Negi-kun."

Negi flushed in embarrassment at Naruto's words and even some girls in the class along with Shizuna agreed with his words. Negi was a child and everyone wanted him to enjoy a life as a child but no one till now had voiced their opinion and finally seeing someone say it directly to Negi, they wished the child teacher would heed the advice. Though a few of the girls along with Shizuna wondered as to what he meant by him speaking from his experience.

"But Naruto-sensei, even though you don't believe in the philosophy of a gentleman, what Negi-sensei wanted to say has its merits…" Yue spoke up. She too like most agreed with Naruto-sensei's words about Negi-sensei, but at the same time decided to defend the words of the child teacher.

"Indeed, what Negi-kun wanted to say indeed has its merits… but you should also understand that love defies logic… especially in my case, my life hardly follows any logic…" replied Naruto as a smile graced his lips as he continued speaking "… Actually the first time when one of the two confessed that she loved me, I was shocked. Not only was I shocked but to some extent a bit scared too and because of that I avoided her for quite some time before giving an answer to her confession."

"Why were you scared? Didn't you like her?" asked Haruna as by now all were interested in Naruto's story.

"Why was I scared? Didn't I like her? Indeed I liked her, she was one of my best friends… but love of that kind was a completely alien emotion to me at that time. Above all I never thought that someone would actually fall in love with someone like me (making the girls, Shizuna and Negi to wonder what he meant)… To actually know someone loved me and that to unconditionally, it sort of surprised me and also to some extent scared me and that is why I avoided her. But finally I decided to confront her and told her my situation, my worries and my fears. She understood my reluctance but still asked me to give the relationship a chance and even albeit reluctantly I agreed (by now all were listened with rapt silence to what happened next). I guess that day I took the right decision as she thought me what love is and in time I fell in love with her…" replied Naruto with a big grin on his face accompanied by a light blush on his face.

Now the girls and Shizuna really wanted to know the entire story of the new teen sensei and his romantic life, though they wondered what happened for him to say that love was an alien feeling for him and he never thought that someone would love someone like him.

"What about the other girl?" "When did you meet her?" "Who confessed to whom?" the girls asked a random series of questions.

"Calm down girls, this is not a story telling time of Naruto-sensei's love life", Naruto said causing the girls to groan in disappointment.

"But still to be engaged to two girls…" Ayaka was going to say something but was interrupted by Naruto.

"From where I come from, the customs are different from your nation and multiple marriages for someone of my status are a compulsion", said Naruto.

The girls couldn't believe at what they just heard, to have multiple wives in their opinion was every guy's dream and their new teacher was going to leave that dream. But it also gave some weird ideas to some girls. Also their heads started to wonder why their new sensei fell under such a law.

"Are you a prince or royalty, Naruto-sensei?" asked Asakura as she couldn't think of any other way for one to have multiple wives by law.

Naruto thought over that question for a few seconds, being the descendant of four of the five Hokages, the last surviving member and last male of the two clans which are held in high regards in the elemental nations and finally being considered as a hero of the shinobi world did make him close to royalty. Even though he even hated the idea of being treated like one, he knew that was the only thing that was going to save him from further questioning from the girls.

"In a sense, Yes", answered Naruto.

But he regretted the words left his mouth as a sudden chill went down his spine as he quickly looked at the girls to find most of them were shocked at the news while what worried him were the wicked smiles on the faces of few girls.

Then it happened, Asuna who had surprisingly stayed quite throughout the time since Uzumaki Naruto had entered the class stood up. The class waited for her outburst as they saw her eyes being shadowed by her hair and thought she was angry at the new sensei considered all the things that he had spoken till now.

Finally Asuna spoke lifting for everyone to see her heterochromatic eyes as she directly looked at Naruto, "Who are you?"

That question surprised everyone except Konoka and what further surprised them were the tears gathered in and around Asuna's eyes. They looked at Naruto who looked calmly at Asuna and if were to look more closely, one would see he small smile gracing his lips.


Now it should be pretty obvious that the story starts after the Shinobi World War Four. The forces of the Allied Shinobis had won the war and through efforts of Naruto, the alliance of the five nations stayed rock steady.

The Negima world and Naruto world are two different worlds like the two worlds in Negima. Travel between Negima world and Naruto world is almost impossible.

As for the two girls that are engaged to Naruto, it should be obvious that the first one is Hinata. Those who are bored with Naruto-Hinata pairing don't go commenting on it, I am not changing it. Read my profile. The second girl has been changed in this rewrite after watching the recent anime filler episode release which firmed my decision on the pairing.

As for the girls from Negima world, Asuna is in without a question and the others well I haven't decided yet. Know one thing; it will be a Naruto Mass Harem from girls from both worlds.

Since its post war arc, Naruto is super powerful and have multiple abilities.