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"Hello there" – normal speech.

'You are sooo gooood' – mental link.

"I WILL DEVOUR YOU" – Demonic speech.

Last chapter ending…

Then it happened, Asuna who had surprisingly stayed quite throughout the time since Uzumaki Naruto had entered the class stood up. The class waited for her outburst as they saw her eyes being shadowed by her hair and thought she was angry at the new sensei considered all the things that he had spoken till now.

Finally Asuna spoke lifting for everyone to see her heterochromatic eyes as she directly looked at Naruto, "Who are you?"

That question surprised everyone except Konoka and what further surprised them were the tears gathered in and around Asuna's eyes. They looked at Naruto who looked calmly at Asuna and if were to look more closely, one would see he small smile gracing his lips.

The girls from 3A!

"I think I have already introduced myself… (Taking a glance in the class rooster given to him by the principal) Asuna-chan…" said Naruto with a gentle smile on his face, though inwardly he was cursing himself as he lied to Asuna with a straight face accompanied by a smile.

It even pained knowing that the girl he was lying to was none other than his first true/childhood friend, Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia. But it was necessary to do so since she had no memory of her time before arriving at Mahora because of the memory blocking spell placed on her as the final wish of Gateau Kagura Vandenburg to let Asuna live a normal life.

So to show that he had no idea what Asuna meant as all the girls, Shizuna and Negi staring at him curiously, Naruto continued speaking "… But I don't mind reintroducing myself… My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I am eighteen years old. I like my friends, ramen, especially the one served by Ichiraku and cup ramen and the colour orange. I dislike arrogant bas-people who look down on others, people who abandon their friends and family and the three minutes it takes for cup ramen to cook. My hobbies are travelling, gardening and pranks… Is that enough of an introduction about me, Asuna-chan."

Every eyes turned towards Asuna to find that her head was lowered and those close could see that a couple of tears had already slipped her eyes and were making their way down her face. One thing everyone concluded from Asuna's body expression was that was not the answer she was looking from the new sensei.

"T-That is n-not w-what I me-meant", said Asuna while she still had her head lowered.

"Then what is it Asuna-chan?" asked Naruto showing that he seemed confused at Asuna's words.

"I-It's just that… T-The first time I saw you and even today… S-Somehow it feels like I k-know y-you", replied Asuna.

"Well, that's surprising…" said Naruto looking at Asuna head was still lowered "… Could be Love at First Sight?"

Those words surprised everyone in the class as all head turn towards Naruto with such speed that it made Naruto wonder as to how none of their heads snapped of the shoulder. But most surprising was the reaction on Asuna's face as the orange-haired girl was now looking directly at Naruto with widened eyes and widened jaws, though one could clearly see the blush on her face.

Naruto inwardly smirked at the reaction of everyone in the class, especially the reaction on Asuna's face as he continued speaking, "I am flattered that you like me Asuna-chan… though I wonder, if a relation between teacher and student is allowed… and also you will have to face those two and I assure you that to some extent it won't be pleasant."

Finally the bell-wearing girl found her voice as she screeched as loud as she could, "IT IS NOTHING LIKE THAT! I already have someone that I like…" the last sentence was said in a low voice.

"Asuna and her old man fetish", spoke Ayaka in a low voice hearing Asuna's words.

"Why you…" growled Asuna as she charged towards Ayaka with intent to punch the lights out of the blonde.

"Hohoho, it is no secret Asuna, everyone knows about your little crush on Takahata-sensei", said Ayaka as she easily parried of Asuna's incoming punch.

"Like how everyone knows of you being a shotacon, iincho", came the witty reply of Asuna which had the desired effect as she wanted as now both she and Ayaka had started a brawl in middle of the class.

Naruto watched the catfight between Ayaka and Asuna with fascination as the two girls literally tried to scratch each other. If one were to ever ask him the most highlighting feature of the catfight between the two girls, he would say the constructive and creative insults the girls spewed at each other. By the way the girls in the class acted… encouraging the two, placing bets as to who was going to win… this seemed to be a normal occurrence.

"Are those two always like this?" Naruto asked Shizuna as he watched the child teacher try to diffuse the fight between the two girls.

"Yes… Though the two will never admit it, but they are the best of friends", replied Shizuna.

"Interesting", Naruto said as he watched the two girls almost claw Negi.

"Shouldn't you help Negi-kun stop the fight" said Shizuna as she looked at Naruto.

"I should… but I won't…" said Naruto gaining a curious look from Shizuna "… the two are certainly not hurting each other and… I am enjoying this little scuffle."

Shizuna walked towards the two fighting girls as she shook her head at Naruto's reply though one could clearly see the smile on her face. It took only a minute for Shizuna to diffuse the fight between the two girls to the disappointment of some of the girls. By the time the fight between the two girls was resolved it was almost time for the homeroom class to end.

"Look girls, it's almost time for the homeroom period to end, so if you have something to ask or say to me, we can continue this tomorrow… but if you have something important to ask or say (he looked specifically at Asuna), you can come by the place I am currently staying, just ask Shizuna-san for directions", said Naruto. And on cue the bell rang indicating the homeroom period just ended.

"See you girls around and you too Negi-kun", Naruto called out as he along with Shizuna left to meet with the Dean.

As soon as Naruto and Shizuna left the room, most of the girls gathered around Asuna asking her various questions.

"Oi Asuna, what was all that?"

"Do you really know Naruto-sensei?"

"Did you really meet Naruto-sensei before today?"

The hordes of question reminded Asuna the question she intended to ask the new sensei which she had almost forgotten because of her fight with Ayaka. Thinking about the fight, she felt embarrassed and hoped that the fight didn't make the new sensei think of her in a wrong light.

Meanwhile Kaede and Mana closed on to Setsuna and spoke with her in hushed tone.

"You along with some others seemed to know Uzumaki-sensei? –de gozaru!" asked Kaede.

"I would also love to know about it after seeing your reaction and expression at his arrival", said Mana as she stared at other girls questioning Asuna.

After a few seconds of silence as the three girls watched Ayaka dissipate the crowd around Asuna, Setsuna spoke, "I intend to confront Uzumaki-sensei after school to get some answers. Would you two mind joining me?"

The request didn't surprise the resident mercenary and ninja of 3A as they were able to conclude that Naruto-sensei was a trained and experienced warrior, though they didn't know the extent of his powers.

"I don't mind, –de gozaru", said Kaede.

"I take it there won't be any pay…" said Mana to which she received an annoyed glare from the swords(wo)man.

Late in the afternoon…

Naruto walked blissfully down Sakura lane to his residence in the campus after a long and tedious meeting with the Dean. The meeting was mostly about finding ways to improve the relations between the two worlds considering the fact that only a few people in both worlds knew the existence of the other world. The two also talked about the role the Dean would like him to play in Negi's life considering the hardships that the young mage in training might face according to the Dean. But most of the time he Dean inquired him about his many adventure and especially about the clan restoration act and the excitement in the Dean's voice when he spoke about the act made Naruto conclude that the Dean was a closet pervert.

'Seriously, what is with me and perverts… they find me wherever I go… must be because of the vixen inside me' thought Naruto.

'Hohoho, the pleasures is all mine kit' said the fox through the mental link.

'You weren't asleep' replied an annoyed Naruto.

'And miss all the fun' said the fox in a teasing tone.

'We were talking business' said a still annoyed Naruto.

'The old man was talking BUSINESS while you were DREAMING OF RAMEN WITH YOUR EYES OPEN' pointed out the fox.

'Why are you mad? You already know how much I hate diplomatic chit-chat' replied a bored Naruto.

'Mad? Me?' replied the fox in a very sweet tone which sent shiver down Naruto's spine.

A smirk appeared on the vixens face seeing the reaction her words had on her container as she continued speaking 'Everyone needs a reason to be mad, Naruto-kun and I certainly don't have one. I mean how I could have a reason seeing that how my cute and handsome container's most thoughts circle around RAMEN.'

'Sorry about that' muttered Naruto in a sarcastic tone.

The fox seemed to not listen to Naruto's words as she continued her rant 'RAMEN COMPETITION! SEA FULL OF RAMEN! BOWL OF RAMEN AS BIG AS THAT UGLY TOAD! AND EVEN A RAMEN KINGDOM!'

'Damn, she really is mad today. I didn't know vixens to had a day like a woman/girl have once in a month' thought Naruto as a sweat drop appeared on the back of his head at the vixen's continuous rant about his ramen addiction.

'I heard that' growled the fox.

Not wanting to make the fox madder he decided to return to the original topic of her ire 'You know I do think of other things than Ramen.'

That mere statement caused the fox to calm which surprised Naruto, but what he saw next made him really nervous. The vixen had a smirk on her face which was certainly not a good sign in his books.

'Indeed I know that Naruto-kuu~uun…' said the vixen in a very very sweet tone further making Naruto nervous '… Some of the dreams you dream of other than ramen are really interesting, like the ones that involve you and your pale-eyed mate. My favorite is the one where the two of you got kinky in the kitchen. I must say that was some stuff you dreamt off… (Naruto was blushing deep red as he knew exactly the event the vixen was mentioning about)… Oh wait, that wasn't just a dream, now was it Naruto-kuu~uun… (Naruto's face turned blood red)… Such passion from someone as young as you two… That was the day when my opinion on you changed, because the passion and intensity with which you made love to her rivaled the passion between Hashirama and Mito and your parents, Minato and Kushina… I remember the time of Hashirama and Mito in the woods which he created using his Mokuton jutsu and time of your parent at the onsen… I still remember those two days as clear as your time with your mate in the kitchen… the passion of love making between two people who truly love each other… I clearly remember the day when your parents entered the onsen…'

Further rant of the fox was blocked by Naruto as he slammed every possible barrier he could create in his mind to stop the vixen from telling him those stories of his parents and ancestors. The fox and Jiraya had already corrupted him to some extent and he didn't need to be more corrupted by hearing those stories of his parents and ancestors… even the thought of it sent a chill down his spine.

He silently walked towards his current house for the past ten minutes and was surprised to know that the fox had yet to try and break the barriers in his mind which meant that the vixen was still reminiscing about the past. Also there was another matter that was currently troubling him as two group of three following him since he left the school building. He had already pinpointed the location of the two groups as his sage training had made him one with the nature. The first group which had been on his tail the moment he left the school building he recognized to be consisted of students from 3A. He didn't recognize the people from the second group, though the group would pose no threat compared to the first group.

"You six wouldn't mind to come out of hiding, would you?" Naruto spoke out loud caching the attention of all the six girls.

For the next couple of minutes nothing happened as Naruto just stared at a tree with a smile on his face as finally three figures shot out of their hiding spot and stood in front of him at some distance. He then turned to face another tree from where another three figures shot out and joined the first three. He recognized the first three girls to be Sakurazaki Setsuna, Kaede Nagase and Tatsumiya Mana from the 3A class rooster and the others to be Takane D. Goodman, Sakura Mei and Natsume Megumi (Nutmeg) from the list the Dean showed of people aware of magic and the secret magical world.

"What can I do for you girls?" asked Naruto with a bored look on his face.

"When did you notice us, Uzu-Naruto-sensei?" Mana asked as she was certain that Naruto hadn't noticed them tailing him until he called out to them as he looked far engrossed in his own thoughts.

"The moment you guys started tailing me", replied Naruto as it was an obvious answer surprising all the six girls since all had utmost confidence in their hiding skills.

Takane surveyed the white-haired teen in front her with interest. She had heard from the other teachers of the new teacher joining Mahora happened to be magically aware and also really strong, but from the time she was tailing him she felt him to be nothing special apart from the part of him being one hot and handsome teenager. But it surprised her to know that he had already known of them tailing him from the beginning making her wonder whether the rumors were true or not.

Gathering her courage Takane stepped forward and spoke, "I am Takane D. Goodman and the girls with me are Sakura Mei and Natsume Megumi… (The girls bowed when their names were called)… We heard that you were aware of magic and so decided to come and meet you… Also Dean-sama asked us to be your guide if you needed anything."

"I am Uzumaki Naruto. Nice to meet you Takane-chan, Mei-chan and Megumi-chan… and I would be happy to receive your help", Naruto introduced himself with a smile on his face causing the three girls to blush.

'What did I miss?' the sound of the Kyuubi chimed in.

'Nothing' replied Naruto.

'Hohoho… so that is why there were barriers blocking me… six vixens at the same time… my, aren't you a bold one Naruto-kuu~uun' said the fox in a teasing tone.

Naruto decided to ignore the vixen in his mind for the time being and looked at the three girls from class 3A to get to know their reasons for tailing him. By the looks Kaede and Mana seemed to be giving Setsuna it was clear that she was the one behind the reason for the three of them tailing him.

"So what is your reason for you tailing me Setsuna-chan that you needed the help of Kaede-chan and Mana-chan?" Naruto asked directly to Setsuna.

Setsuna flinched a bit at being called 'Setsuna-chan' as there were very few people who called her by her first name and there was only one person who used –chan at the end of her name, but the slight flinch didn't go unnoticed by Naruto. But all that aside, she had to wonder how did Naruto-sensei come to the conclusion that it was she who had business with him and dragged Kaede and Mana along with her.

Setsuna walked forward and steeled herself as she said, "I Sakurazaki Setsuna, guard of Konoka-ojou-sama am here to know you about your intentions towards Negi-sensei because of your actions during Negi-sensei's apprenticeship test?"

This piqued the interests of Takane, Mei and Megumi as they had heard a lot about the child teacher, but also surprised them as they had heard that Naruto was new to the magical world. Meanwhile Kaede and Mana waited patiently to listen to Naruto-sensei's reply as they were told of the situation by Setsuna while they were tailing him.

"My intentions towards Negi-kun…" said Naruto as his face took a serious look "… that would be… my little SE-CR-ET!"

The answer caused all the girls to face fault, but Naruto noticed that none of the three girls seemed to be unsatisfied by his answer, especially Setsuna who seemed to ready to unsheathe her nodaichi.

"But I can tell you this that I have no bad intention against Negi-kun, it is the other way around as the boy is the legacy of one of the few people that mattered to me the most during my childhood and still do", said Naruto which relaxed the girls, though they wondered what he meant .

Seeing that no one seemed to leave, Naruto asked, "Is there something else you girls want?"

'I bet they are waiting for you to pounce on them and ravage them like the alpha you are, Naruto-kuu~uun' said the Kyuubi in a seductive tone.

'Yeah, that certainly will be amazing' replied Naruto in a sarcastic tone.

'Hohoho… now you are talking my language kit… though it would sound way better if you hadn't used that sarcastic tone of yours' replied the vixen with a small smirk on her face.

'Whatever' replied Naruto in a bored tone.

Unknown to both Naruto and Kyuubi, a chill ran down the spines of the six girls present the moment the two started talking again. The girls didn't know why but the chill that ran down their spines didn't scare them, but it rather excited them for some reason.

Takane somehow found some courage and spoke, "W-We also heard of your skills from the other teachers… w-well not exactly skills… but they said that your skills are easily on par with Takahata-sensei or that you might even be stronger than Takahata-sensei."

This surprised the girls from 3A, they were not in know of this, to hear Naruto-sensei could be as strong as or even stronger than Takahata-sensei was shocking. This piece of information spiked the interest of Kaede and Mana while it nerved Setsuna as she still felt him as a threat to Konoka and Negi.

"Me as strong as or stronger than Takamichi… though I didn't have a chance to face Takamichi yet, I think it's the later one", said Naruto surprising the girls.

"You seem certain of yourself", said Mana.

"That I am", replied Naruto with a foxy grin on his face.

"You wouldn't mind if we attest your skills, would you? –de gozaru?" asked Kaede.

"I don't mind, but not today. I intend to relax for the entire day today…" answered Naruto.

'… And also I am supposed to let the hottest vixen in the universe out from her seal' said Kyuubi imitating Naruto's voice.

'Yeah, that too…' said Naruto in a bored tone.

'Stop being bored about everything you idiot. Don't act as though you don't love my company… Because I know that you certainly do' replied Kyuubi with a seductive tone at the end of the sentence.

"How about next Sunday?" Naruto asked Kaede and Mana completely ignoring the fox.

"Fine by me, -de gozaru", replied Kaede.

"Acceptable", answered Mana.

Naruto eyes trailed towards Setsuna and patiently waited for her response which came after a minute in the form of a nod of her head while her hand gripped the sheathe of her nodaichi.

'Hohoho… giving me the silent treatment are we…' interrupted Kyuubi.

"What about you three?" Naruto asked as he looked towards Takane, Mei and Nutmeg as he continued ignoring the vixen.

Both the younger girls looked unsure of their response as they glanced at Takane to answer for them, but one glance at their senpai and knew that it was onto them to make their own decisions.

'Oi! Don't ignore me…' said the irritated vixen as Naruto still kept ignoring her.

"If it is okay with Uzumaki-sensei and the others, we would love to come and watch", said Mei and Nutmeg at the same time.

Naruto didn't see any problem with that request and neither did Kaede and Mana and even Setsuna agreed albeit reluctantly and then everyone's attention turned towards Takane as they waited for her response.

"I too would love to put my skills against Uzumaki-sensei", said Takane.

A grin appeared on Naruto's face at her answer as he spoke, "So I have four opponents and at the most two spectators…" at this he glanced at the trees…

'Oh, I see… that's how it is… being surrounded by so many vixens you forgot about little old me…' said Kyuubi in a whiny voice '… and I thought that the both of us shared an eternal bond which couldn't be broken…'

"Something wrong, Naruto-sensei?" asked Mana as she looked as a sweat drop appear on Naruto's forehead.

"Nothing…" said Naruto schooling his features "… We will meet on Sunday at the clearing next to my residence in the campus… (his eyes fixed on Takane, Mei and Megumi) and don't go calling by my surname, it sort of feels awkward, call me Naruto (receiving nod from the three)…See you girls later!"

With that said Naruto disappeared from the sight of the girls in a yellow flash surprising the girls who quickly scanned the area for his presence but found none as if he was never there.

The few people of the magical staff at Mahora who were currently hiding behind the tree were a bit surprised when it was clear that the new staff member had already spotted them, but the surprise turned into shock when he disappeared in a yellow flash. They to like the girls tried to locate him but found no trace of him in close by area making them wonder whether the snowy-white-haired teen could use a technique which could teleport him.

"Hohoho… It seems like Naruto-kun far exceeds the expectations I created from reading his info", said Konoemon to the man next to him.

"Indeed… and by the few stories of his adventure I have heard so far and the documents you gave me to read, I can easily say that Naruto is certainly or at least as strong as Nagi", said Takamichi as he still kept his gaze on the place where Naruto stood a few seconds ago wondering what technique did the teen use.

"Hohoho… this is turning to be more interesting…" said Konoemon with a smile on his wrinkle face "… I better hurry and setup an omiai between him and Konoka."

"Seriously, dean-sama!" exclaimed Takamichi with a small sweat drop on his forehead.

With Naruto…

Naruto appeared in a yellow flash in the house that he built in the campus grounds. Seconds after appearing his hands blurred into hundreds of seals activating the seals and barriers he had placed around the house for privacy and safety.

'DAMN IT NARUTO, STOP IGNORING ME…' the Kyuubi shouted in irritation.

'Be ready. I will summon you outside in a few minutes' said Naruto as his hands still continued to for seals.

Those words stumped the fox into silence for a minute and when she finally spoke in a serious tone 'Won't me being outside the seal cause a hassle for you?'

'It might be, but leave that headache to me…' said Naruto in a calm tone.

'Fine by me…' replied Kyuubi though Naruto could hear the small amount of uncertainty in her voice causing a small smile to grace his face even though he knew how much she loved being out of her seal.

He finally finished the required hand seals to activate the barriers and seals around the house. Finally slamming his hands on the ground he felt the shift of chakra and wind around the house indicating that all the barriers and seals were activating. After a few minutes a midnight blue light spread throughout the house indicating that all barriers and seals were activated and the house was completely secured from outer interference and also that whatever happened inside would not leave the walls of the house.

A minute after all the barriers and seals were activated, Naruto quickly started another sets of hundred seals. As he continued with the hand seals, intricate sealing arrays started spreading across his body as his body started to be engulfed in red-orange demonic chakra cloak. After completing over hundreds of hand seals, he slammed his hands on the ground which caused a summoning circle to form on the ground which was more complex and larger than the normal summoning circle.

When the smoke from summoning died down, in front of Naruto stood a girl with a slender, but feminine build, fair skin, straight bright silver hair that reached her waist and was wearing a white kimono with wavy blue patterns. She looked to be around the age of sixteen and was about five feet five inches in height. But the most captivating feature of her was the blood red eyes which could captivate all in its eternal beauty. (A.N. Moka Akashiya (Inner) from 'Rosario + Vampire'.)

"It is so good to be back outside in the world", said he girl as she twirled around feeling the surroundings.

Naruto watched with a smile on his face as the most feared entity in his world swirl around herself enjoying her freedom albeit she was still bound to him. If someone was to tell him such a thing a couple of years back, he certainly would laugh at the person. It was during the war that his relation with the Kyuubi had improved and at some point after the war he had come to know that the great Kyuubi no Youko was a female by gender and months later was further surprised to see her human form which according to her she was the only tailed beast capable of taking a human form.

Finally after a few minutes of dancing around, the girl-Kyuubi finally stopped in front of Naruto with a huge smile on her face indicating her joyful mood. But her face quickly took a serious look as she asked, "Are you certain of this?"

"Yes. Just leave everything to me and you won't need to be back in the seal for as long as we are here", replied Naruto with a small smile on his face.

Those words shocked the mighty Kyuubi no Youko as she looked directly at Naruto to find any lie in his words, but she found none. She stared more fiercely to find even a single wavering in his calm face to find that he might waver from the words, but again she found none. She had known him from the time he was conceived in her previous containers womb and had seen his entire life and had come to know that he would do everything in his power to help his precious people. She knew she was one of his precious. She didn't know what came to her, but she flung herself onto Naruto with such force that if it not were for his quick reflexes of sticking his feet on the ground with chakra, the two of them would be now bowled on the ground. But not only was she hugging him as if her life depended on him (which was true), but she had also smashed her lips on his.

After a few minutes she separated herself from Naruto to let each of them get some fresh oxygen in their lungs. She watched the dumbfounded Naruto with a shy smirk on her face, while she herself had a huge blush on her face.

"Call me Kiyomi. It was the name the Sage gave me", said the now named Kyuubi as she walked away to find a room for herself leaving behind a completely dumbfounded Naruto, though there was a small smile gracing his face.

At the dorm bath house…

All the girls of 3A, which also included the most antisocial ones – Evangeline – were all gathered at the bath house for discussion on a very serious matter. The matter at hand was the lack of a welcoming party for the new assistant homeroom teacher – Uzumaki Naruto. The reason for the lack of the welcoming party was none of that had a forewarning of their class being introduced to a new teacher for them to prepare for the party in advance and not giving a welcoming party to the new teacher didn't bode well with the eccentric girls of 3A, especially one as hot and handsome as Uzumaki Naruto.

"So what do we do?" asked Ayaka taking the lead as the Iincho.

"We just cannot postpone the welcoming party to some other day; it has to be on the first day…" Misa voiced her opinion to which most of the girls voiced their agreement "… especially one as hot and handsome as Naruto-sensei."

"Oi Misa, leave Naruto-sensei for us… you already have a boyfriend", said Shiina out loud.

"Indeed, you are not the only one in the race for Naruto-sensei, Misa. There are many girls in that line…" said Asakura Kazumi with a small blush on her face. She was a girl too after all and for some reason her reporter senses were cluing her that the new sensei had a lot of secrets which she would love to uncover.

"So true, Asakura", said the resident mangaka with a maniacal grin on her face scaring one of her roommates.

"You all seemed to have forgotten that Naruto-sensei is already engaged to two girls whom he loves and they love him back", said Yue completely bursting all the fantasies a few of them had drawn between them and Naruto.

Before anyone could respond to Yue, Ayaka interrupted, "Enough about that, we are here to discuss about Naruto-sensei's welcoming party and not his love life."

That for the time being shut the girls as again a full scale discussion was in place as to what to do about the welcoming party.

"Why did I allow myself to become the part of this madness?" growled Evangeline who stood away from the gossiping girls.

"Because you intended to gather some info on Naruto-sensei", said Chachamaru as she faithfully stood next to her master.

Evangeline growled a bit louder at that fact. She had confronted the Dean, but the man had only given her reason of why someone from the world of ninjas was her but in that there was no info on the snowy-white-blonde.

"I have an idea…" said Chao gathering all attention on her as she spoke of her little plan in which they could give a welcoming party to Naruto-sensei today itself.

"That is a brilliant idea Chao-san…" said Ayaka as she took in the merits of the idea.

"All in agreement", Ayaka called out a vote to which she received a chorus of 'Yes' from almost all the girls.

Later in the evening…

Naruto sat silently reading the one of the books that the dean had passed to him yesterday to get a better knowledge of the stuffs he might have to probably teach at some point. Meanwhile about other two thousand clones were currently reading up stuffs about the world he was going to be an ambassador so he might not be embarrassed at some point for not knowing some stuffs which he would encounter in everyday life.

Speaking about the Dean, he had gone to meet him about an hour ago to discuss about Kyuubi, or as the sage had named her Kiyomi. Surprisingly his idea was accepted with little objections and the Dean only asked for him of his faith in her.

Speaking of Kyuu… Kiyomi, she was doing God-knows-what in her room and had told him with a very dangerous voice that he was not to disturb her until dinner time.

Other thing on his mind was the girls of 3A and Negi as none of them had showed up yet to meet him. Not that he was eager to meet them, but the curiosity in their about him had made him certain that they would come and confront him as soon as school finished, but apart from the three no one had showed up yet. From what he had heard from Takamichi, the girls were completely behaving out of character which caused a shiver pass down his spine wondering if they were up to something.

His senses went on high alert as he felt the barriers around the house being bypassed. He concentrated on the natural energy around him to sense the uninvited guests. A smirk appeared on his face as he recognized the two people – if you could call them that – made their way towards the house. It looked like even Kiyomi sensed those two as she walked next to him.

"This should be interesting…" said Kiyomi with a foxy grin etched on her face "… I was so eager to meet her since I looked into your memory of your time in this world. After all they call her THE GIRL QUEEN OF DARKNESS, don't they?"

Naruto just shook his head feeling the jealous-anger of the mighty Kyuubi no Youko at a simple title. He just wished that the house would suffice the two egos because if he remembered the words of Nagi, his guest to had a gigantic ego.

With Evangeline and Chachamaru…Evangeline's point of view…

Uzumaki Naruto – the boy who had made his first appearance during her apprenticeship test for Negi had been on her mind since the moment she had sensed him watching the fight between Chachamaru and Negi from atop the World Tree. It was her centuries of experience and skills which helped her to sense something the two different demonic energy signatures within him. That along with the way his presence felt had intrigued her and so she had tasked Chachamaru to find any sort of information on him. But to her ire, Chachamaru found no info on him. As her curiosity and anger about not fining any info on him increased, suddenly the luck goddesses shined on her as he was now class 3A's assistant homeroom teacher. It was through his introduction id she understand why Chachamaru could find no info on him and why his presence intrigued her so much.

Uzumaki Naruto was a shinobi from the world of ninjas or as the very few people who knew about it called it the Elemental World due to its geographical divide.

After the small meeting of the girls from her class, she had directly headed to the Dean's office. The old goat had informed that the boy was here to open relation between the two worlds, which had left her speechless. From what she remembered the Elemental World had long since showed no desire of making contacts with the other worlds even after there were portals connecting them which was because of divide of power between clans and later shinobi nations. As for the boy, the Dean didn't cave into her demand and the only info she had on him was his introduction to the class. It also seemed like he was familiar with Negi and surprisingly herself and also there was the weird issue with the monkey girl.

After getting the information of where he lived from the Dean, she had made a straight beeline towards the direction of his house. Now she stood just outside the front door marveling the house which had come into of being in less than a week as the last week when she had been in this area, there was no such creation. But for some reason she hesitated to take another step to enter the house. Her senses were warning her that if she took a step inside the house, her life was going to change forever. But she had come so far and it didn't bode her ego if she were to walk back and it wouldn't do good to her impression since she was aware that the boy was certainly aware of her if the barriers around the house were any indication. She looked at her side to find Chachamaru ready for any form of confrontation which assured her to some extent.

She walked forward and slid he door open and walked into the house and was about to make her presence know by calling out to him when she came face to face with a girl with straight bright silver waist-length hair wearing a midnight blue kimono. But what intrigued her was that the signature of the girl in front of her was similar to one of the demonic signatures radiated by the Naruto. But the thing that caught her attention were the blood red orbs in her eye sockets and further shocked when they morphed blood red orbs with slits like that of a fox. But before she could take any action to guard against the demonic entity in front of her, the entire place started glowing with a midnight blue energy.

"Welcome to our humble adobe, Evangeline A. K. McDowell, or as the world calls you 'The Dark Evangel', 'Maga Nosferatu' and also 'The Girl Queen of Darkness'…" she heard the girl say with utmost politeness but also could feel the sarcasm dripping at her last title.

But that was not that what mattered to her at the moment as she could feel as the shackles that tied her powers were suddenly broken causing her eyes to widen. She could feel her power which she had worked over centuries flow through her body.

"What is going on?" the question left her mouth.

"It would seem that the barriers I placed around the house negate the seal that Nagi placed on your powers and since the house stands inside the barriers of Mahora it doesn't interfere with the Infernus Scholasticus (School Hell) curse he placed on you."

Her head turned towards the source of the voice to find the new assistant homeroom teacher standing with a big smile on his face wearing a darker shade of midnight blue coloured yukata. But her eyes had widened at the reference of Nagi and the curse he placed on her.

Uzumaki Naruto just got more interesting.

Normal point of view…

It had been an hour since Evangeline had arrived and Naruto was already sporting a big headache. He really had to wonder whether that was it a reality that the 10 year old looking blonde was really over five centuries old as the centuries old vampire acted more stubborn than a child asking for candy. It took him more than half an hour to convince her that he didn't know how his sealing array counteracted the curse Nagi placed on her. Only after he promised to look on the curse and learning of how his seals counteracted them, she finally calmed down.

But his headache didn't end there as Evangeline's attention shifted from him to Kiyomi and since then till now both of them sat glaring at each other. The only relief to him was that the two were having a psychological battle instead of a physical one, because a physical battle between the two would be destructive on a scale unimaginable.

But even admits the tension in the room, there were a few things which were worth mentioning from Naruto's point of view. First being that the tea Chachamaru had tasked herself to serve the three was one of the best tea he had ever had and that was saying something considering the fact that his mind, heart and stomach is always clouded by ramen. The next being the pleasure of getting to see Chachamaru in a maid's outfit, it was as if she was specifically designed for such outfit as she looked stunning in it. But the last stole the thunder of the other two as when Evangeline used her magic to mature her body to the age that Kiyomi seemed to be because if which now in front of him were sitting two smoking hot beauties, one with silver hair and dressed in a beautiful kimono while the other being a blonde in black gothic outfit.

'Who knew a Lolita would look in her mature form would look such a smoking hot beauty' thought Naruto as he looked at the now mature Evangeline.

Finally deciding to break the ice between the Kiyomi and Evangeline, Naruto spoke up asking Evangeline the question that lingered his mind, "what brings you here Evangeline?"

"You", replied Evangeline stopping her glaring match between her and Kiyomi.

"Me!" asked Naruto feigning surprise and confusion on his face.

"Yes… You… Uzumaki Naruto… A shinobi from the Elemental World – the world of ninjas… How does someone like you seem to not only know me and Negi Springfield, but also seems to know about Nagi Springfield and the curse he placed on me?" asked Evangeline with a serious face which indicated that she wasn't going to stand any bullshit.

"Simple really…. You see this is my second time being in this world. The first time I arrived in this world was when I was a child because of an accident and stayed here for a couple or so years. During my stay in this world, I stayed with a group of mages (I think) who called themselves Ala Rubra", answered Naruto in a calm tone, but inwardly he was laughing at the multiple emotions displayed on Evangeline's face.

Naruto watched as first Evangeline's face showed confusion, then curiosity and finally pure horror at his mention of him staying with Ala Rubra. Though it was a little, he also felt the small amount of hope she was radiating at his mention of Ala Rubra. He knew the reason of that feeling she radiated, after all they were one of the very few people in centuries that had seen her as Evangeline and not as the Shinsho or the Dark Evangel.

"All the time on this world, you stayed with those idiots", Evangeline asked Naruto as if praying to Gods he would say no.

"Yes", replied Naruto.

"And it is from them that you heard of me?" asked Evangeline as the dread in her increased.

"Yes", replied Naruto still with a calm look on his face.

But the moment the reply left the mouth of Naruto, Evangeline's face had gone pale white wondering what all idiotic stuffs those idiots had filled the mind of the boy in front of her. It was not that she hated the lot, but each of them had a way to grate her nerves in ways which was humanly impossible.

Seeing the look on Evangeline's face, Naruto decided to cut the girl some slack as he spoke, "Though while I travelled with them, there was a sane member in the group who decided it wasn't right to let my mind corrupt because of the others and so I was kept away (mostly) from their perverted teachings. After all I was only a child back then."

Evangeline's mind quickly started working at jet speed wondering who that person might be. The only possibility she came up with was Gateau, but she knew well that he wouldn't stand up to the others if he thought it was not harmful to a child and rubbing of their pervert nature certainly didn't count. Even after a minute of storming her brain with the possible candidates she stumbled on none she knew capable of stopping those perverts rubbing of their nature on the boy.

"Who?" Evangeline asked as she really wanted to know the identity of the person who could put a leash on those idiots.

"Negi's mother", answered Naruto.

He knew well enough that answering the question was going to change a lot of things, but for the sake of the vampire he answered.

Evangeline's eyes widened at the answer, finally she had learned something about the woman who had stolen Nagi's heart where she had failed to.

"Tell me about her", demanded Evangeline.

"Sorry… I can't… I am not the right person to tell you about her… But I will tell you one thing though… the two of them were already married even before you met Nagi fifteen years back…" replied Naruto as he sipped on the tea made by Chachamaru.

Evangeline was dumbfounded as this wasn't what she was expecting to hear from him, though it did answer to her as to why Nagi didn't fall under her charms.

"We are leaving Chachamaru", she said as she silently walked outside the house followed by a worried Chachamaru. She had a lot of thinking to do.

As she crossed the barriers around the house, she felt the shackles that bind her power again restrain her as she lost her transformation and returned to her ten year old body.

"Please, move on Eva. It would save you the heart break and for what it's worth they truly loved each other", she heard him say but she didn't respond as she continued walking towards her cottage.

"Live in the light Eva, you might just enjoy it", again his words rang in her ears, but unlike the last words this words hit her like a building. The almost identical words to Nagi. She really had some thinking to do.

The next day…

"So, how do I look?" Kiyomi asked as she twirled on a single spot.

Kiyomi was currently wearing the standard Mahora girl's uniform of a maroon blazer over a white button up shirt with a red ribbon tied around the collar, a plaid pleated miniskirt, black knee socks and brown street shoes. She had added a belt that was slightly longer then needed from which she had hung her phone holster along with a pair of pouches in which she kept some of her personal stuff (is what she told Naruto).

To Naruto it was heaven on earth. Not only did Kiyomi look really good in the school uniform, but her swirling added a bonus effect to the entire look. The flowing silver hair, the uniform which fitted magnificently all her curves and the glimpse of her sky blue panties was too much for Naruto's poor soul.

"Do you wish to kill with me a nosebleed?" asked Naruto in a sarcastic tone, his eyes looked around everywhere but not at Kiyomi as his face had a small cherry red glow on his check.

"My, is Naruto-sensei thinking of doing ecchi things with his student…" spoke Kiyomi in a seductive tone as she hugged Naruto from behind giving him a feel of her bosoms on his back.

Receiving no reply she continued "… Sensei does remember that a relationship between a teacher and a student is not seen in a good light…" She further pressed herself on him casing the blush on his face to increase as she whispered in his ears "… But you are just an assistant and I too am not an ordinary student… Am I not right, Naruto-sensei?"

Kiyomi's hot breath on his ears along with the feel of her bosoms had stirred his imaginations to a very dangerous level and it was only his self control which he achieved through sage training was he able to stop himself from making his imaginations a reality. Taking a few deep breaths to calm himself down, he abruptly stood up easily lifting the weight on his back.

"It is almost time for our meeting with the Dean", replied Naruto in a bored tone.

"How about we delay the meeting and concentrate on the more presssinnnnggg matter at hand…" Kiyomi whispered in a sensual tone as she pressed her body further onto Naruto.

"And possibly risk being caught as the chances of the Dean coming to look for us are absolute if we don't be at the meeting on time", replied Naruto.

"Killjoy", Kiyomi whispered as she let go off Naruto.

With a small smile on his lips, Naruto took hold of Kiyomi's hand and the duo vanished in a yellow flash.

At the Dean's office…

Konoemon Konoe silently waited for Naruto to arrive along with the new addition to class 3A. He was really surprised when the new addition to the class that Naruto had requested to add was the legendary and strongest of the tailed beasts, the Kyuubi no Youko. To him it had come as a major shock when he heard that the Kyuubi was a female and had a female human form too. Under normal circumstances he would certainly decline such a request, but from Naruto's face it was clear that he completely trusted the legendary fox demon. So when Naruto took completely responsibility of the Kyuubi's actions, he gave a green signal to his request. So now he was eagerly waiting for Naruto to arrive with the fearsome Kyuubi no Youko.

Konoemon didn't have to wait long as in a yellow flash Naruto along with a girl around 15-16 years old with long silver hair done in a ponytail and blood red eyes. It didn't take him long to guess that the girl along with Naruto was the fearsome Kyuubi no Youko as he could feel the youkai she was letting slip.

"Ah, Naruto! Right on time! And the young lady with you must be the new transfer student Namikaze Kiyomi", said Konoemon as he looked at the duo in front of him.

"Yes", replied Naruto.

"Namikaze Kiyomi!" whispered Kiyomi in a surprised tone.

Naruto had informed her yesterday night that he had enrolled her in Mahora as a student and the Dean had agreed to enroll her in the class he was an assistant homeroom teacher to. But the words of the Dean just now completely shocked her, to think he had given her name as Namikaze Kiyomi was unimaginable to her seeing that it was the surname his father was known by.

"I assume you already have all the stuffs required for the class, Namikaze-san", enquired Konoemon.

"Yes, I have all the required stuff", answered Kiyomi.

"Then I will leave her introduction to the class in your hands Naruto-kun", said Konoemon.

"Leave it to me", replied Naruto as he along with Kiyomi left the room.

'I wonder what kind of chaos the girls of 3A are going to cause after they meet their new classmate… and from what I hear there is the party they have planned for Naruto… Kami save Naruto and Kiyomi…' thought Konoemon as the duo left his room.

3A classroom…

As it was decided last night, all the girls along with Negi had arrived an hour before the actual school time as they had a lot of preparation to do for Naruto's welcoming party. Even for the 30 girls (some reluctantly) and one Negi to complete the preparations within an hour was a tough task, but somehow they managed to complete the small miracle. Now it was only a matter for waiting for the arrival of Naruto.

The class waited in anticipation as mere minutes were left for the first class to begin. Just before the bell rang, the class door opened and in walked Uzumaki Naruto. But the moment the class door opened, a series of traps laid by the Narutaki twins activated. First was the blackboard duster trap, followed by the water bucket trap, tumbling floor trap and finally suction-cup-arrows trap. But to the surprise of all the girls and Negi, Naruto avoided the trap as if he didn't even feel that he was in middle of a prank played against him.

"Why are you all looking at me as if you have seen a ghost?" asked Naruto as he looked at the wide eyed reaction of almost all the girls and Negi in class.

For a minute there was pin drop silence which was broken by Kaede as she spoke, "Everyone is just stunned at the ease with which you dodged the traps set up for you."

"What traps?" asked a confused Naruto.

The answer he received was that most of the class pointed in the direction of the door. There near the door he found a duster, a water bucket and water splashed on the ground along with suction-cup-arrows stuck on the door.

"Certainly seems like a crafty work", Naruto said just barely above a whisper as his mind analyzed the ways of using those stuffs together in a prank.

Though those words he spoke barely in a voice above a whisper, somehow most of the class heard it which caused two twin girls to smirk in confidence. Though the next question he asked caused their smirk to disappear and caused a sweat drop to appear on all girls' forehead.

"So who activated the traps set up for me?" asked Naruto.

"You did", almost all the girls replied in tandem.

"Oh, I see… I guess I didn't notice it…" said Naruto as he scratched the back of his head causing the swear drops on the foreheads of the girls to increase in size.

"Well all that stuff aside… I was asked to make an important announcement by the Dean…" Naruto said to the class gaining their complete attention "… From today onwards a new student will be joining class 3A."

This news completely surprised the girls along with Negi and only one student seemed to even have the faintest of ideas of who the new student could be. Murmurs broke between the girls as they tried to make an image for the new student as Naruto walked outside the class to bring her in.

The girl watched in a bit of awe and a bit of jealousy as a girl with waist-length, silky-smooth silver hair tied up in a ponytail and blood red orbs as eyes walked along side Naruto inside the classroom. In only seconds she was already ranked at the top in both the beauty and style quotient and also that of the bust size quotient, those were clearly bigger than Chizuru's bust.

"Hello everyone. I am Namikaze Kiyomi. Pleased to meet you all", Kiyomi introduced herself to the stunned class and Negi.

No one could utter a word, her beauty and then her soft voice had already stunned all. The name truly justified her, was the thought of most of the girls in the class.

The silence was broken by Negi as he welcomed Kiyomi, "I am Negi Springfield, homeroom teacher of 3A and English language teacher. It is a pleasure to meet you Namikaze-san."

This caused the girls to break of their stupor as a loud welcoming cheer was heard from outside the class.

"It is a pleasure to meet you too, Namikaze/Kiyomi-san/chan!"

After the voice died down, Kiyomi voiced the question in her mind, "Why are there stuffs spilled/fallen at the door?"

It was Fumika who answered seeing that the cause of the mess were she and her sister, "Those are the stuffs that were part of traps placed for the welcoming prank on Naruto-sensei."

"I bet it didn't work", said Kiyomi without looking at Naruto.

"No, it didn't", replied both Fuuka and Fumika with their head lowered in defeat.

"It wouldn't…" Kiyomi spoke to which all the girls looked at her curiously wondering why she would think so.

Kiyomi decided to clarify herself as she continued speaking "… From a very young age, Naruto-kun devoted his life to prank the entire population of Konohagakure and no one has escaped his pranks till date. He is so attuned with setting up pranks that he is able to dodge a prank against him subconsciously. So if you really want to him to fall for a prank him, you will have to set up something on a grand scale."

This left the class speechless, especially the Narutaki twins who were completely surprised by this information about Naruto-sensei. Though to most girls it didn't go unnoticed the familiarity with which Kiyomi spoke of Naruto and the knowledge she had about his life, especially since Naruto not objecting to her words.

"Say Kiyomi-chan, how long have you known Naruto-sensei?" asked the resident mangaka Saotome Haruna a.k.a. Paru.

"Since he was a child", answered Kiyomi nonchalantly, but unfortunately for her and Naruto this caused the interests and curiosity of the girls to increase.

"Are you from Konohagakure no Sato too?" asked Kakizaki Misa.

"Yes", replied Kiyomi again in a nonchalant tone, though she was really tempted to say no.

Before any other questions could be asked, Naruto spoke in a calm yet commanding tone, "All you girls can get acquainted with Kiyomi later. After all Negi-kun has a class to take."

Those words to the surprise of Negi worked like a charm as the girls were all muted and seemed completely focused and waiting for his English lessons. This caused Negi to look Naruto with respect and in the same light as Takamichi.

To the further surprise of the class and also of Naruto, Kiyomi walked and sat next to Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell. Throughout the class, Naruto watched from the corner of his eyes that the two girls kept glaring at each other, though he could feel the underline respect for each other.

The school day had passed rather peacefully for Naruto that it somehow made him very scared. He had seen the girls whispering from time to time while looking at him and to his ire even Kiyomi had joined the girls. At many times he was really tempted to eavesdrop on their whisperings by enhancing his hearing by use of chakra, but didn't as he remembered that most of the girls were civilians and he didn't wish to know if they spoke of their secrets instead of conspiring about him.

Now he silently made his way towards an area near the girls' dorms where Kiyomi had asked her to meet. He didn't know how, but just within a few hours she and Evangeline had hit of as if they had been friends for years leaving all or any grudge they held against each other, especially to prove of who was the superior. Finally arriving at the designated spot, he found no trace of Kiyomi anywhere nearby, though he could easily feel all the hidden presence nearby. (The same place where the girls of 2A held the 'Toping of the School' party in volume 2, chapter 12.) A couple of minutes later after his arrival, Kiyomi walked into the clearing with a confused look on her face.

'Why in the world did you ask me to meet with you out here?' asked an annoyed Kiyomi.

'I didn't… and it would seem you too didn't call me out here' replied Naruto.

'You didn't… and certainly I didn't too… they are all hiding around us, aren't they?' said Kiyomi as she puzzled the information.

'Yes… We both got suckered into whatever they have planned' replied Naruto.

'True… Let us continue with their bluff…' replied Kiyomi.

'Very well…' replied Naruto.

"Why did you ask to meet me out here?" asked Naruto feigning confusion.

"I didn't… You were the one who asked me out here", replied Kiyomi feigning a twitching eyebrow.

"Me… I certainly didn't…" said Naruto.

"What…? Yukihiro-san was the one who told me that you had told her to ask me to wait out here… And if you haven't forgotten, I am not familiar with this place…" said Kiyomi in an annoyed tone.

"Ayaka-chan… Just like you she too told me that you had told her to ask me to wait for you here…" said Naruto completely feigning confusion.

"Are you telling me that Yukihiro-san lied to both of us", Kiyomi said emitting a small growl which he was certain had sent shiver down the spines of the hiding girls.

"Why would Ayaka-chan do so?" asked Naruto still keeping a confused expression.

"I don't know… but if it is for trying to prank the two of us, then…" Kiyomi said leaving the threat to the girl's imagination as she took a scary persona.

But before Kiyomi could put her threat in words or action, the entire clearing was covered in smoke eliciting big foxy grins on the face of both Naruto and Kiyomi. About a couple or so minutes later when the smoke died down, Naruto and Kiyomi were surprised to see the entire place decorated for a big party. But what caught their attention was the big banner hanging by the tree on which with bold and beautiful calligraphy was written 'WELCOME TO MAHORA ACADEMY – UZUMAKI NARUTO-SENSEI AND NAMIKAZE KIYOMI! '

Around the two were all the girls from 3A along with Negi, Takamichi, Shizuna and Konoemon. All the girls along with Negi had party poppers which they popped on the duo screaming their lungs out in their welcome.


The party started with a big bang as Naruto and Kiyomi were the guests of honor. Throughout the party girls surrounded them offering various drinks and food to the two of them. But the biggest part of the party came next where a few girls performed stuffs they were good at for the duo.

Naruto was really great full that during the training trip with Jiraya he had learned to hide his perverted thoughts from Jiraya so that he wouldn't force him more into his way of life, i.e. the pervert's way of life. That experience was really coming handy now as some of the girls performed some really eye catching performance arousing his perverted nature. Those performances included the gymnastic performance by Sasaki Makie, the acrobatic (circus) performance of Zazie Rainyday and the cheerleading performance by the trio of Kakizaki Misa, Shiina Sakurako and Kugimiya Madoka which in mid performance was joined by Akashi Yuuna, Asakura Kazumi and Saotome Haruna. There were other which he thoroughly enjoyed, like the food he was served by Yotsuba Satsuki and Chao Lingshen, the drama act put on by Murakami Natsumi and Naba Chizuru and the Chinese martial art demonstration by Kuu Fei. There were some which caused him to sweat drop, like the bronze bust of him which was presented to him by Yukihiro Ayaka (which caused a fight between her and Kagurazaka Asuna over she flaunting over the new sensei) and the fortune-telling by Konoe Konoka in which she predicted of him having a lot of girl problems in the near future.

Naruto could sincerely say that he was truly enjoying the party. His eyes swapped to his side as he looked at Kiyomi, who also seemed to be enjoying the party. It really was surprising for him to see her in the company of Evangeline and the two seemed to be getting along really well considering that just last night the two seemed to going to claw the other's face.

Finally the party came to an end around eight, though it was clear from the mood of the girls that none wanted to leave, but they had a curfew to follow. As the girls made their way towards the dorm, something abruptly stopped everyone in their tracks as everyone turned to look directly at Kiyomi.

"By the way Namikaze-san, which dorm-room are you assigned to stay at?" asked Ayaka.

"I am not assigned any of the dorm-room", answered Kiyomi.

"That is not good… You don't have a place to stay for the night… We better go ask either the principal or Shizuna-sensei about your staying arrangements… But it is already late… it will be better if you stay at someone's dorm-room for today… But at whose dorm-room…" Ayaka continued ranting not seeing the sweat drop forming the foreheads of all the girls.

Ayaka's ranting came to an abrupt halt as Evangeline spoke interrupting her, "I don't think you need to worry yourself about Kiyomi's living arrangements Yukihiro, because if I am not mistaking she is staying at Naruto-sensei's place."

"WHAAAAATTTTTTT!" more than half of the class shouted in unison as their eyes turned towards Naruto.

"Well, she came to Mahora with me and is my charge", answered Naruto to the unasked question of the girls.

"And the two of us are eternally bonded for life", said Kiyomi as she wrapped herself to the right side of Naruto.

Kiyomi watched as almost all the girls were left speechless by her words. Even though she knew that what the girls were thinking was not the exact truth of her words, but she certainly wouldn't mind seeing their thoughts being her reality as she was certain that the girls were thinking of her as one of Naruto's fiancés.

As the girls left, Naruto could clearly see the shock on the girls' faces at Kiyomi's words, though a fear gripped him seeing the calculating looks on few of the girls.

"Did you really have to say that?" Naruto asked to Kiyomi with an annoyed look as he knew that no matter what world, there always existed a gossiping girl's network.

"I was just making my claim… and it is always fun to see the shocked faces of the others, especially girls…" said Kiyomi with a big smirk on her face.

Naruto face palmed at her reply. He knew it was his and his mother's fault that Kiyomi had gained the trait of annoying people as he and his mother were the pranksters of their time.

"Whatever…" replied Naruto as he and Kiyomi made their way towards their temporary home.

Just a few steps further, Naruto stopped in his tracks as he found someone tugging on his coat. He turned around to find the person was none other than Asuna whose eyes showed that she barely had sleep for the past couple of days. Behind her stood Konoka and Sakurazaki Setsuna, both with a concerned look on their face and Negi with a confused look on his face.

"Please…" was the only word that left Asuna's lips as she held onto Naruto's coat. For the past couple of days she had scanned each and every of her memory she could remember, but not a single memory of her contained Naruto. But she was certain that she knew him and he was someone very important to her, just like when she had first met Takahata-sensei here at Mahora Academy.

Yesterday after class seeing the reaction of Asuna, Naruto had sought out Takamichi and discussed the matter with him and the Dean. Takamichi was surprised at the reaction of Asuna while the Dean had anticipated such a strange situation after coming to know the friendship between him and Asuna. Finally after about an hour long discussion, the decision was left for Naruto to make. He firmed himself to speak with Asuna as he had already made his decision.

"Asuna-chan… I will answer all your questions… not now, but at a right time… you'll just have to have a little faith in me…" said Naruto as he lifted Asuna's face as he directly stared into her mismatched eyes.

Asuna didn't know why, but her heart told her to have faith in him while her mind demanded answers now. But she was a girl who listened mostly of her heart rather than her mind and so the decision was already made as she nodded her head in affirmation. She had waited for years to learn of her forgotten memories so she could wait a little longer.

"Thanks…" said Naruto with utmost sincerity seeing that she was willing to wait for answers.

"I think handing you this will help you greatly as you already seemed involved with the magical world", said Naruto as he glanced at Negi who looked a bit ashamed.

Asuna took the little card which he handed to her causing her and also that of Konoka, Setsuna and Negi's eyes to widen. It was a pactio card of Asuna. The card had a picture of young Asuna with an emotionless face, except for a small smile gracing her lips and around her seemed to be small drawings of which could be considered as armors . The magic circle behind her was drawn in the colour Violet.

(Card info…)

Number: 9.

Title: Bellatrix Sauciata (the wounded warrior).
Master: Naruto Uzumaki.
Artifacts: ?

Colour: Argentum (Silver), Cyaneum (Blue).
Virtue: Audacia Fortitude
Direction: Centrum (Centre)

Star: Mars

Asuna didn't understand why, but tears again started to flow down her eyes. But this time the tears were not of longing or sadness, rather they were of happiness and joy as if a she had found something missing part of her which was very important to her. She looked up to face Naruto and found a big grin on his face and seeing that grin an almost identical grin sported her face. She didn't know how and when, but in front of her stood the boy who she was a Ministra Magi too and she was certain that she had accepted him as her Magister Magi by her free will

"Thank you", the words left Asuna's mouth on instinct.

"No need to…" replied Naruto.


Kiyomi stands for 'pure beauty'.

Now for some readers who might have skipped reading chapter 1 again, I inform you that I have made a small change. The change being the second girl engaged to Naruto.

As for the pactio cards, there might be artifacts influenced from other manga or directly taking their idea… So in advance, I don't own whatever manga the idea comes from.