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"Never Thought"

Morning, ugh!, I hate mornings, why? Well for a lot of reasons actually but mostly because it means the sleep that you're craving for is over and another day of Fun work is waiting for you, just in case you haven't notice, I was being sarcastic at the fun part.

Oh yeah, I have yet to introduce myself, that was rude of me, I'm sorry about that. My Father would've smacked me at the back of my head if he finds out, anyway my name is Natsu Dragneel.

I'm just you're average everyday guy, "Good Morning Young Master Natsu" I heard one of the Butlers greeted me, I don't know who, there's lots of them roaming the house.

"Good Morning" I replied, ok so maybe I'm not average, well you see, My Father owns this huge Video Game Producing company or something, so yeah, we're kinda loaded, not like I wanted us to be, oh well no sense in complaining about this, since probably most people would be wishing for this kind of lifestyle.

I stood up from bed and made my way to the bathroom, I forgot, class starts today, I just transferred from an Elite private school to a normal public school, My choice by the way, I'll tell you the reason later, for now I need to prepare.

A good 20 minutes had past and now I was ready, I was wearing our school uniform which is a simple Polo shirt, a blue sweater-vest above it, a black necktie and a pair of black pants.

Back at my old school, we dress all fancy like, Jeez it was annoying plus it's such a bother having to wear those damn layers, I'm probably not making any sense but oh well.

I opened the door that leads to the exit of my room, the hallway was filled with Maids and Butlers on opposite sides.

"Good Morning Young Master!" they greeted me at the same time while bowing their heads, I said a simple "Good Morning" to them, of course I said it just once, I mean there's just no point in greeting them one-by-one and it's a waste of time, not that I'm being rude or a brat, but honestly having to greet tons of servants everyday is just a bother, plus there's so many of them that I can't remember their names.

I made my way to the dining area; the huge table was filled to the brim with foods, like fruits from god-knows-where, stacks of pancakes and other delicious delicacies'. But I'm not that hungry, so I sat at one of the chairs, the Maids served me some juice, they know that I don't like coffee, I just grabbed a piece of toasted bread and drank my juice before standing up.

"Young Master, please eat something else" one of the maids told me while bowing her head in front of me. "I'm not that hungry" I replied

"But Young Master, You haven't been eating that much, Sir. Van will be angry at us if we don't make you eat" she said again begging that I eat something, Van, he's the head Butler of the house, one of the people that my Father trusts the most, he's also the one that makes sure I'm in a healthy condition, kinda like a doctor.

As if on cue, the door opens and in the dining area came the said Butler, "Young Master Natsu, I know that you are devastated by what had happened, but neglecting your health won't be good for you or for anyone for that matter" he said, it was true, until now I was still depressed of what had occurred about a week ago, you see, My Father passed away, well he's not my real Father though, he adopted me when I was 8 and wandering out around the streets, back then he was just a simple business man, 2 years later the business bloomed and now it's one of the country's most successful businesses, but now he's dead and left me in charge of the business being the only son and all. But since I'm only 16 now I asked one of my Father's most trusted and well experienced employees to take over for a while, at least until I'm ready to run it myself.

You might be wondering who my real parents are right. Well, to be completely honest, I never met them. But I had a surrogate Father, well actually for me he was my real Father and he's a Dragon named Igneel.

You might think that I'm crazy or have a high sense of overly active imagination, but that's not the case, I'm not crazy and I'm not making it up either. I'm not from this world, I came from a world which is parallel to this one, the world where I was originally from was a world where magic and other magical creatures exist. But apparently the greatest magic in this world is pulling a rabbit from a top hat on birthday parties and stuff. Talk about lame.

I have magical powers too, REAL magical powers, the powers that Igneel taught me, Fire Magic. But of course I don't use them here; I use them when I'm alone though. I never told anyone about my true being, why? For one, they would probably not believe me anyway and they're going to think that I'm insane or something. I can't show them my powers either they would call me a freak, so I have to live with just being normal, although I really want to go back to my world.

How did I got here? Well, one day Igneel disappeared, so I came searching for him, then while searching I came across this weird magical thing, it happens to be a one-way portal and I got sucked in it and so here I am now, it happened 8 years ago. I wandered the streets until the business man found me and adopted me.

He said I was lucky, he said ever since that day when he adopted me, everything went well for him, his business starts to bloom, investors came and soon the business had risen up to the top.

My Father was really kind to me, he never neglected me, even if he's busy he always made time for me, I sense that he really loves me.

I never changed my name, even after being adopted by my Father, I kept the name that Igneel gave me, and that was Natsu Dragneel. My Father accepted my decision, he never seems to argue with me when I want things, but even so I never grew into those snotty little rich brats like the ones back at my old school, anyway enough about that, I'm not into reminiscing things anyway.

"I'm fine Sir. Van, no need to worry about me, I have to go now or I'm going to be late" I replied to the Butler in front of me.

"Very well then Young Master Natsu, but please do keep in mind that your health is very important" he said, I just nodded and grabbed my bag and Guitar, did I mention that I play the guitar? Oh well now you know,

"Please be very careful Young Master, I'm sure Girls would fawn all over you once they see you, being a star has its disadvantages you know?" he added, I guess that's another thing I haven't told you, I'm actually a teen star or something, well point is that I sing and play the guitar, that's about it.

"I will, don't worry ok?" I said as I exited the huge mansion, I asked one of our Chauffeurs to drive me to school, which he happily did, don't get me wrong I have a car, but I'm not in the mood to drive, after a few minutes we finally arrived at my new school.

"Here I am, Fairy High.." I said as I looked at the school I was going to attend to for a whole year.

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