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"Never Thought"

Chapter 7: Closure and Beach Plans


The sound of the ringing door bell echoed all throughout the halls of the big mansion. Inside the library Natsu slowly opened his eyes as the sun's rays had began to intrude his face. He stirred a little after getting a glimpse of the opposing rays blinding him for a moment making him quickly shut his eyes closed again.

'Not the best wake up call' Natsu thought before cracking his eyes open again to try and adjust his eyes to the sunlight. He tried moving a bit but somehow most of his movements were in vain as something (or someone) heavy was atop him. His vision became clear enough to distinguish the foreign weight on his body. A mop of perfect scarlet hair greeted him as it somehow shone blithesomely in response to the rays of sunlight hitting it, leaving a marvelous glow to surround it. Natsu was in a daze, partly due to the early morning time and partly because of the unusual sight of beautiful red.

The President; Erza Scarlet was laying comfortably atop the young pink-haired male and from the looks of it, she is completely unconscious at the moment. Her head was atop of his chest going up and down as a result of his gentle breathing. Her arms were around the young male, hugging him close to her despite their position. Her face was sporting a peaceful and lovely look. Her breathing were as gentle as his', her chest heaving up and down on his abdomen which caused Natsu to sport a minor blush as he can feel her impressive bosom pressing down on his abdomen firmly.

Natsu couldn't remember how they end up on such position, last night he was sure that they fell asleep while in a sitting position; somehow though, they have managed to shift into a laying one with Natsu's arms wrapped around Erza in a protective manner while his nose was nuzzling her head comfortably, taking in her strawberry covered scent with delight.

Natsu had never felt anything like this before. The sensation of being able to hold someone close to you, being able to feel their comforting presence had become alien to him ever since losing both his father figures. Shaking the thoughts off his mind Natsu stifled a soft yawn. He does not want to wake the sleeping red-head, although he feels he needs to do something to get out of the grip otherwise misunderstandings might occur.

He stayed like that for a few minutes, his hand had began stroking her fiery red hair, it was soft and smooth to his skin, it felt great and relaxing. He chuckles lightly after hearing an almost inaudible purr coming from the red-head as a response to him stroking her hair. More minutes seems to have passed with them still in the same position, Natsu being the one awake had become oblivious to the oncoming footsteps.

The library door burst open and a very familiar voice alarmed the pinkette.

"Hey Hot-head time to get up!" Bellowed the raven-haired young male.

Erza seemed to have woken up after this, her eyes fluttered open and her blurry eyesight had quickly become clear. She raised her head up a little to look up and what greeted her made her eyes shoot wide open, her mouth opened to say something but somehow the shock had rendered her speechless as she lets her mouth ajar. Her eyes was greeted with a pair of dark verdant orbs that was staring right back at her chocolate brown ones and strands of rose colored hair. It seems like hours had passed in silence as both parties were trying to register everything that was transpiring when in reality only seconds had passed before Erza lets out a small squeak before she abruptly tries to get up from her position which had failed and she ended up rolling over instead. Because of her arms that were around Natsu and sudden jolt of panic that rushed through her system due to the thought of falling over made her arms quickly shift, her hands clutching hard on his collar as if her dear life depended on how hard her hold on him was, she had pulled Natsu over as well giving him the same fate as she have which was falling off the couch.

Fortunately, Natsu was quick enough to respond to the sudden tugged. He had stretched his arms forward to break his fall using them to support himself so that he wouldn't crush the beautiful red-head underneath him. Erza was still clutching his collar hard, their faces dangerously close to each other, green meets brown again as another stare down had occurred.

Gray was quiet throughout the entire scene, his eyes had widened after seeing the position the two were in as he entered the library, his mouth hang open and he was deprived of any movements as his body had felt rather stringent due to the appall of such a sight. He wasn't prepared to see it and unfortunately he would never unsee it. Snapping back into the real-world Gray managed to stutter something out before brusquely leaving the room.

"I-i'll w-wait outside N-natsu"

Hearing the words of the brunet; the two quickly untangled themselves from each other. Erza letting go of his collar so that he could stand, which he did. Natsu offered his hand to Erza. She took it and he had gently pulled her up, getting her back on her feet. There was tension between the two, the atmosphere had become a bit heavy, both were flushed from what happened.

Natsu scratched the back of his neck, a bead of sweat trickled down the side of his head. He wanted to say something but can't find the right words to say in the situation at hand. Erza noticed the struggle that he was in and decided to decimate the tension herself.

"I uhmm.. I'll see you outside" she remarked in attempt to lessen the embarrassed aura surrounding them.

Natsu nodded. "S-sure"

Erza gave a small nod before making her way up the library stairs and out the door, her head was hung down and her cheeks were flushed.

|Outside the Library|

Gray was standing at one side of the double doors of the library. A hand inside his pocket and running his other hand through his hair several times as his sight was casted downwards to his feet, staring at them as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. There were visible bullets of sweat that had formed on his forehead.

'What was that?' He thought. It was quite frankly the most unbelievable thing he had ever witnessed. She was the last person he would ever thought of coming to Natsu's house. Yes they have been close, Gray himself have been noticing that between the two but never once did it ever crossed his mind that those two were at that level; and to think he would be the first one to know, why did Natsu hid this from him of all people?

The door opened which got Gray out of his stupor. He eyed who it was that stepped out of the library. Erza came out of the room and quickly locked eyes with Gray. Brown staring at black. Gray wanted to say something, he wanted to ask questions but, before he was able to form any words the red-head briskly passed him without a single word.

Gray turned around to follow the retreating form of the president. He was about to call out to her but decided against it as he felt her tensed aura. He turned back around and grab hold of the knob, twisting it, opening the door and coming inside the library.


Natsu sighed and let himself crashed back down on the sofa. His head leaned down on the sofa and he stared at the ceiling. He was feeling two contradicting things right now. He felt as if the weight of the world was off his shoulders and at the same time he feel like that same weight was crushing him down, he was confused. He had mentally prepared himself for that scenario of her waking up, but no matter how much preparation he did, it still wasn't enough. She wasn't supposed to wake up like that anyway! She was disturbed by Gray's entrance, the initial shock from that had created a chain reaction which had ended them in that awkward position. Yep, it was all Gray's fault. Case closed.

Natsu heard the door open and closed.

"What was that all about hot-head?"
Gray queried as he descended the stairs, eyeing his salmon-haired friend.

"I should be the one asking you that popsicle..." He inclined his head sidewards and glared at the brunet. "What are you doing here?"

"Visiting." Gray shrugged and sat down beside him.

Natsu looked at his watch. It read 7:30 AM. "It's early for that don't you think?" He yawned to emphasize what he meant by 'Early'

"Actually, I came to propose an idea" Natsu set his gaze back at brunet and raised an eye-brow.


Gray closed his eyes, he leaned on the couch with his arms crossed behind his head. "We're going to the beach today"

"Today? What's up with that? That's a little sudden"

"Lucy wanted to go to the beach." Gray opened his eyes and looked at the pinkette with indifference. "And she wants you there"

"Hate to burst your bubble popsicle" Natsu stood up and crossed his arms over his broad chest "But I refuse to be the third wheel"

"Bring Erza along then, you guys seems quite close" Gray snickered, smirking at his friend "When were you planning to tell me about it?"

"Tell you what?"

Gray stood up and wrapped his arm around Natsu's shoulder, playfully punching his left shoulder afterwards "You and Erza"

"We're not together popsicle, if that's what you were implying"

"Oh please Natsu, I've been there, denial is always the first stage"

Natsu shook Gray's arm off him and whacked him on the back of his head "Moron! I'm not denying anything, there's nothing between us"

"And I suppose you have an excuse as to what happened earlier"


Gray tapped his foot on the wooden floor several times. There was silence inside the room aside the from rhythmic tapping of Gray's foot.

"Well?" Gray spoke crossing his arms over his chest "I'm waiting"

"Save that for another time popsicle" Natsu remarked before making his way up the stairs and out the room.

Gray sighed, thinking he wouldn't yield any answers now he decided to follow the pinkette out.

"So what'd you say? Gonna tag along?"

Natsu thought for a moment before shrugging "Yeah sure, why not?"

They both exited the library.

"Gonna bring Erza along?"

"Sure, she probably needs the sun anyway"

"Why was she here anyway hot-head?"

"Long story, tell you another time."

"You guys, didn't do anything, right?"

"Shut up Popsicle"

|Main Living Room, 1st Floor|

Lucy was seated comfortably on a large couch. Her fingers were drumming her knees as her eyes was scanning the entire area with a shine and her mouth was agape. She now, just realized, how incredibly loaded the young musician is. Lucy herself was quite the rich girl. But comparing herself from the pink-haired she can tell that the gap between them was massive. Lucy continued to eye the room with interest. It was really big and was adorned with highly expensive and elegant items.

Lucy was broken out of her stupor by hearing footsteps that was descending the large stairs. Her head snapped to the direction of the stairs and what she saw made her eyes widen with shock.

Erza, their president was going down the stairs wearing a plain purple shirt and white shorts that stop at least 3 inches above the knee and a pair of light blue house slippers.

'Erza? What is she doing here?'

"Good Morning Mistress" one of the maids greeted Erza with a small bow which Erza returned.

'Mistress?!' Lucy thought, her eyes not leaving the scarlet-haired classmate of hers.

"Good Morning" Erza greeted.

"Mistress, breakfast is served" the Maid inquired and Erza nodded.

Erza turned her head to the side and saw her Blonde classmate.

"Lucy?" She called out to her. She would have been surprised but considering Gray was there, Erza thought she would expect Lucy to not be that far then.

"Oh.. Uhh.. Hi Erza!" Lucy responded after she got called out of her appall.

Erza strode towards her with her arms crossed underneath her bosom.

"Wanna have breakfast?"

Lucy blinked several times not so sure on what to answer.


Erza smiled and motioned for the blonde to follow her "Come this way" She said before walking towards the dining area.

Lucy nodded and slowly followed the red-head.

|Dining Room|

Upon entering the Dining room Lucy's jaw dropped at the amount of delicious delicacies served on the table. The large table, as usual, was filled to the brim with Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes, Waffles, Toasts, Ham, Juices and many more that will make your mouth water with one glance.

Erza on the other hand was completely used to such a sight. Having to spend an entire day at the estate with breakfast,Lunch and Dinner served the same way gets you to adapt quickly to it, especially Erza who has the knack of quickly adapting to changes, sort of.

"Oh my God! That's a lot of food!" Lucy exclaimed as she continues to scan the large table with wide eyes.

"I know, although I'm used to it by now" Erza responded before making her way to seat at her usual place.

'Used to it?' Lucy thought but decided against on asking the red-head instead, she walked to the chair beside Erza and took her seat.

Erza grabbed a pitcher of orange juice and poured some in the glass beside her plate "So, What are you and Gray doing here?"

'She saw Gray already?'

"Well... We thought we'd visit Natsu and... Well..."

Before Lucy could finish her sentence the two boys entered the room.

"Good Morning Lucy" Natsu greeted as he nonchalantly walked towards his usual seat beside the red-head.

"G-good Morning Natsu"
Lucy greeted back.

Gray sighed then shrugged before taking the vacant seat next to his girlfriend.

"Did he agreed?" Lucy asked her boyfriend who just nodded in response before grabbing a toast and egg and placing them on his plate.

"Agree to what?" Erza asked as she heard the blonde queried her boyfriend.

"They wanted to go to the beach and asked us to join" Natsu answered indifferently while grabbing a pancake and putting it on Erza's plate before grabbing another one for himself.

"Us? You mean, myself included?" Erza queried before leaning forward a bit to grab some Bacon and placing them on Natsu's plate atop the pancake.

Natsu nodded grabbing the strawberry syrup and spreading it on Erza's pancake before he started digging in on his own meal.

Gray and Lucy blinked while watching the exchange between the two while thinking the same thing.

'What the heck?'

"I'm not sure I should go" Erza said before taking a bite of her pancake.

"You should, I think it will be fun" Natsu replied after swallowing his food.

"Yeah Erza, will you please join us?" Lucy asked as she herself grabbed her own food.

Erza thought for a moment before swallowing her food, she took a sip from her glass and nodded.

"Well, alright then I suppose"

"Thank you Erza!" Lucy suddenly lunged towards Erza and gave her a hug.

Natsu and Gray was taken aback by this. They stared at the blonde with wide eyes. Erza for her part was also shock as she hugged the girl back.

After a few moments Lucy withdraws and returned to her previous position. She gave the red-head a smile.

"I'm sorry about that, I'm glad you're coming Erza"

Erza smiled back and nodded at the blonde. "Me too, Lucy"

Gray was also smiling after getting out of his stupor. He glanced at Natsu who has a confused look on his face. Gray gave him a nod then the pinkette smiled too.

The rest of breakfast had become lively. They started to chat about different things going from school and escalating to more personal issues but nothing too personal of course.

After finishing breakfast, the girls excused theirselves saying that Erza needs to pack and Lucy will help her. The guys nodded and watched the girls ascend the stairs.

"I'll go pack myself" Natsu said before going up the stairs.

"I'll go with you" Gray replied before following the pinkette up the staircase.

|Guest room, Erza's room|

"Natsu gave you all this?!" Lucy exclaimed as she stared at the huge walk-in closet that was filled with various clothing from swimsuits to dresses and other stuff.

"Yes, I was surprised as well" Erza answered as she searched through the various shirts and shorts.

"They're all from Monsieur Sol!" Lucy's eyes shimmered as she stared at all the designer clothes from her favorite designer of all times.

"Yes, that's why I was quite apprehensive at first" Erza grabbed a total of five shirts varying in colors and designs before walking out the closet to pack them in a bag given to her by one of the maids.

Erza walked back inside the closet and started to look around for some shorts and skirts before returning to the bag with a handful of different bottom wears, stuffing them in neatly she returns to the closet for the third time.

"Lucy, what do you think suits me?" Erza asked as she scans around the swimsuits.

Lucy immediately ran to her side and looked through the selections she got. Lucy was glad to be helping out Erza in picking a swim wear. Actually, she was glad to be helping her out in general. It has been a while since the last time they actually spent time together as friends, and Lucy would very much want to restore that lost friendship they had.

"Oohh Erza, this one suits you perfectly!" Lucy squealed showing the red-head the choice of swimwear she got.

"Are you sure?" Erza eyes the clothing.

"Of course! I'm sure Natsu would love it too~" Lucy giggled.

"W-what? What's h-he got t-to do with t-this?" Erza stammered, the heat going up to her cheeks as it reddens.

Lucy kept on giggling at the reaction of the red-haired.

'I knew it!'

Lucy continued to tease the young President as they finished their packing.

|Natsu's Room|

Gray was seated on the couch while Natsu was packing his clothes. He was inside his own walk-in closet and was looking through all his shirts and shorts.

"I'm glad that those two are getting along again" Gray remarked.

"You mean, Lucy and Pres?" Natsu asked from the closet.


"That's a good thing then" Natsu walked towards his bag and packed in some shirts and shorts.

"Yeah, sure is!"

"Help me pick some trunks!"

"Ah dude, can't you do that on your own?"

"Fine, you're no help popsicle"

Natsu walked back inside the closet and looked through the different swimwear he has.

"Erza likes the colors black , blue and red!" Gray smirked.

Natsu flinched and his cheeks reddened. Luckily, his back was turned towards him so he can't see his flushed face.

"Shut up popsicle!"

"Just saying~" Gray teased.

|Guest Room, Erza's Room|

Lucy was sitting on the queen size bed while Erza was eyeing herself on the body-length mirror.

"Ahh you look good Erza!" Lucy complimented the red-head.

Erza was wearing a red tank top, with a white see-through opened polo shirt over it. A pair of short denim shorts that stops at least 5 inches above her knees, and a pair of dark blue slippers. Her hair was tied in a pony-tail with a few strands framing her face (Hairstyle when she wore the goth loli outfit). She was also wearing a pair of brown shades on her head.

"Thank you Lucy" Erza replied as she did some minor poses in front of the mirror.

"Erza.." Lucy trailed off. This caught Erza's attention as she set her gaze upon the blonde.

"Yes, what is it?"

"I'm really glad I'm able to talk with you like this again"

This caught Erza off-guard. She smiled and made her way to the bed and say next to Lucy.

"I am glad as well, Lucy"

Lucy looked at Erza and smiled a genuine smile as small tears were forming at the corners of her eyes.

"I never thought I'd be able to do this with you again" Lucy said as she let the tears fall.

"I'm sorry I had been so distant these past few years" Erza said as she looked down to avoid seeing her friend cry.

Lucy shook her head. "Don't be, me and Gray understood how you felt when that happened, you don't need to apologize" Lucy wiped the tears off her eyes and face.

Erza smiled before leaning forward to envelop the other girl into a hug as her eyes had also become teary.

"I missed you and Gray..."

"We missed you too Erza" Lucy replied as she wrapped her arms around the red-head and hugged her back.

They stayed like that for a few moments before parting. They started to laugh and talk some more before deciding to meet with the boys downstairs.

|Downstairs, In front of the Main door|

The boys were chatting about the new game that Natsu's dad's company will be releasing soon.

"Hibiki gave me the first copy of the game" Natsu said.

"Damn, your Dad's games are always awesome, when will the release date be?" Gray asked.

"I'm not sure, I'll have to check out the game first then they'll have to make more copies of it once I approved the game" Natsu answered.



"Dude, now you got me all-"

"Have you guys been waiting long?" Erza asked as she and Lucy was descending the stairs.

"Not really" Natsu spoke as she watched the girls like Gray.

Natsu eyed Erza and her outfit then smiled.

"You look good" he complimented.

"Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself" She replied smiling at him.

Natsu was wearing a white tank top and an orange Hawaiian polo over it, a pair of black long shorts and black slippers. A pair of black tinted shades was covering his eyes.

Gray eyes both the girls and saw their some tear stain on their faces .

"Did you girls cried?" Gray asked with a little worry.

Natsu also looked at the girls with worry. "You girls cried?"

Erza and Lucy looked at each other and let out a giggle.

Natsu and Gray both raised their eyebrows.

Erza and Lucy managed to hold in their giggles as they set their gaze back on the boys.

"Tears of Joy!" They exclaimed at the same time while sporting genuine smiles.

Both Gray ad Natsu returned the smile before grabbing their bags from the floor.

"Alright, let's go!" Gray remarked before making his way to the door.

Natsu, Erza and Lucy nodded and followed Gray.

Lucy nudged Erza and whispered "Natsu did a great job, neh?"

Erza blushed and watch the giggling blonde run down to her boyfriend.

Natsu looked back at Erza and smiled, Erza smiled back with one thought inside her head.

'Thank you Natsu...'

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