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Chapter 11 - Preview

"This serious atmosphere really doesn't suit us, ne Tsuna?" Dino chuckled to himself, blatantly ignoring the murderous glare being thrown at him by the very person he was addressing. Tsuna clenched his fists on his lap, his whole body turning rigid in irritation.

"And idiocy doesn't become you, Dino." Tsuna all but spat out. Dino was playing him like usual. In normal circumstances, he would love to play along but right now, he wasn't in the mood for it. He watched warily when the Italian man set his wine glass down, half of its contents drained. The brunet leaned back, his lips set in a thin line.

Dino was ready.

It was something similar to a ritual of sorts and wine, and very good wine at that, was the key to making his self-proclaimed brother talk. Tsuna himself was prepared for this. He didn't order the most expensive wine - while ignoring a part of his mind screeching obscenities at the outrageous price - in this ridiculously extravagant hotel just for kicks. He hated spending money unless absolutely necessary, but he needed Dino to talk, and if this stupidly pricey wine would do the trick, then by all means, he was up for it.

Dino heaved a sigh before pinning Tsuna in his seat with piercing eyes. Tsuna wasn't even the least bit intimidated. If anything, he tried not to snort out loud. It was funny, really. The very idiotic Dino he saw on a daily basis disappears instantly once wine had slid down his throat.

If only the ice king and his fellow imbeciles knew of this side of the Cavallone boss, then they wouldn't be making fun of him most of the time. Unfortunately, Dino only drinks wine in the company of a select few, Tsuna and Reborn included.

"I don't think you understand, otouto." Dino started, his eyes burning into Tsuna's own. "The history of the Hibari family isn't something you should be privy to." Tsuna's eyes narrowed. It's a bluff. He was trying to divert him.

"You know what I think?'' Tsuna sneered, an expression so out of place on his soft features. "I think you're just being a smart ass, aniki."

Dino laughed, hollow yet amused. "It's funny how you're so taken with the Hibari family, Tsuna. Anything being dug up?"

Tsuna bristled in offense, his hackles rose and it took most of his self-control not to rise to the bait. Dino was really making this hard for him. His fingers twitched against his closed fists and his smile turned a tad bit colder.

"That's rich coming from you, aniki." Tsuna's middle finger glided over his wine glass, the cold smile on his lips becoming softer, masking the rage just simmering beneath his passive face "Hiring me, of all people, as a babysitter for Hibari's son when you know for a fact the restrictions Reborn erected long before I came here. Close contact with any of my previous acquaintances was big no-no and yet..." Tsuna's expression was cruel even when he saw Dino flinch. "Scheming again, aren't we, aniki?"

Dino's amber eyes flashed momentarily but Tsuna only looked back, his gaze steady and resolute. And he knew, it was already a game he couldn't win. Tsuna, in spite of appearances, wasn't one who backed down no matter the consequence. Dino ripped his eyes away from him and chortled humorlessly. Even now, he couldn't win against him. He really should have learned years ago. There was no way someone as superficial as him could ever win against Sawada Tsunayoshi.

"Man, you truly are Reborn's greatest student. You're too good at this, Tsuna - way too good, actually." Dino heaved a sigh, looking absolutely defeated as he slouched on his seat.

A chuckle escaped Tsuna's lips, his body finally relaxing, feeling the tension disappear into thin air. "That's not a compliment, Dino-nii."

Dino took a sip of his wine and smiled sheepishly. "Maybe." He settled the wine glass in front of him and heaved a breath. Well, it's now or never. He chanched a glance at the antique clock hanging just to his right and threw a grin at Tsuna's direction.

"I'll have to get started if I want you back before dinner. Hibari would throw a hissy fit, otherwise."

If Tsuna was surprised by what he said, he didn't show it; his expression remained neutral - unwilling to give anything away and Dino hated it. "Tsuna, before I disclose anything." Dino paused and shifted uneasily in his seat. "You do know that Kai really isn't a legitimate child, right?"

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