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"for dialogue"

Italics for thought (or stress when just a word or two)

Truth 0:

In the year 2017 a.t.b., also called now by some as the year 1 BR (Before Requiem), this world, and thus its fate, was changed by a single man.

His name was Zero.

And this is the truth behind his story.

Hiding his identity, the man known as Zero changed the world, forming and utilizing an armed organization we know as the Black Knights. However, in order to properly fight against the corruption that was so abundant in the world, he lied to his comrades. Simple lies, yet lies nonetheless.

For more than a year, this sufficed. Zero's fight for justice lasted into the year 2018 a.t.b., also called by a few the year 1 a.r.n. (Anno Rerum Novarum). The result: The United Federation of Nations.

However, his lies were finally discovered. And the unjust punishment he received is something that, until now, has been hidden from the entire world.

Is telling lies always a sin? Is telling the truth always holy? Is the liar always evil, the truth-teller always good?

I will not force you to agree with my opinions. However, I know one thing is a fact:

If the liar is always evil, then the greatest boon to mankind was the Devil Incarnate.

- The East Pillar
Preface to "Why He Died"

Name: Hikari Sato

Title: New Japan, New Journal

Year:(2018 a.t.b.) 1 a.r.n. (Anno Rerum Novarum)

Day 1

Dear Mom, Dad,

Has it really been less than two years? It feels like so much longer…

Japan was finally freed, just like we wished. Grandma's still alive and well too. And yes, I'm taking good care of her.

Thanks to the Black Knights, we Japanese will be able to live in what was the Area 11 Concession (Now it's called Tokyo again!) without bowing our head to Britannia. They said that they'd provide me and Grandma a nice apartment because of what you two did, back before the Black Rebellion.

I remember that, one time, you both asked me if I was fine with you being Black Knights. Now I honestly can say I couldn't be prouder.

I only wish you two were here to see Japan's freedom. Or the United States of Japan, as it's going to be called.

The one thing that saddens me is the news of Zero's death. I think the only reason I can write like this is because it hasn't really hit me yet. Do you get what I'm saying? It's impossible to believe that the miracle-maker Zero is dead…

What am I saying? Life is back to what we wanted, so I should be grateful to the Black Knights, right? …Right?

Day 2

Dear Mom, Dad,

I was a fool to believe that we would have our freedom back so easily. Yes, the apartment's much better than the ghettos, and our lives have gotten a bit easier. But freedom? Equality? That's all the news talks about, but we Japanese know otherwise.

A number of Britannian nobles have left for their motherland, so I suppose that's something to be happy about. However, a lot of Brits are still here. Because of an agreement between Britannia and the cowardly BK, those guys are untouchable. AND they control almost all the industries of Japan. The Black Knights really aren't anything without Zero…

…I suppose I'm just avoiding the real reason that I detest the new USJ, aren't I?…

If you both are really watching over me, then you should already now, but… that doesn't make it any easier to admit.

I almost died today.

I was just going to pick some stuff we'd left at our old home, back in Shinjuku. Everything was pretty normal at first. That is, until I got near the ghetto.

My first hint should have been the number of Brits. They don't normally like to stay within sight of the ghettos, but this time there was a sizable pack of them. They didn't seem to pay any attention to me, so I did the same.

It was when I was about halfway past them that they moved. One of them grabbed me.

Before you say anything, don't worry, Dad; I haven't grown that weak. I still remember what you taught me. If it was only a fistfight, I'd have knocked him out, no sweat.

The problem was, another guy had a gun.

They brought me out to Shinjuku. I find it a bit ironic, actually. If it wasn't for the BK lifting other people out of Shinjuku, there probably would have been friend there to help me out. Then again, I probably wouldn't have been in this mess if I'd stayed home.

Anyways, I suppose I'm getting a bit off-topic. Truth is, I don't want to think about the next part much.

They shoved me into an alleyway. They were all saying the same thing. "You think you're so tough, better than us, now?" I wonder if this was how Brits felt when we ganged up on them. Back then, it felt right. After all, they were in the wrong, right?

Anyways, they pushed me against the wall, and their filthy hands felt like they were smothering me. I remember the rest quite clearly.

"…Hey, she ain't bad-looking." One of the bastards said. I'm pretty sure I would have been raped right then and there, had it not been for him.

"Disgusting filth."

At first, that was all he said. When I first heard him, I swear he sounded exactly like Zero. Of course, without the dramatic echoes and flair Zero had had.

Anyways, I turned my head to the alley entrance, and, I admit, I was half-expecting to see the now-dead Zero revived. But it was just another Brit. I almost thought it was a sick joke the Brits had made, giving me a slimmer of hope before wrenching it away.

However, I soon realized that he wasn't one of them. In fact, one of the Brits surrounding me took out his knife and started walking towards the new guy. The thug put the knife under the new guy's pale throat. "What did you call us?" the thug had asked. "Disgusting filth? You better watch your tongue, before I slice it off. Don't think I will go easy on you just cuz you're a Britannian."

To my surprise, the Britannian teenager seemed unconcerned. That's not something we see every day. That guy had a knife under his jaw, yet he seemed… bored, even.

At first I thought he was crazy. Instead of being scared, he smirked and raised his left arm to his eyes. Even now, I can remember his clear, authoritative voice. He said, no, ordered, "You all really should just go away and die."

What happened next was quite strange. Something I can't describe, because I don't even know what exactly happened. Instead of laughing, as I had been sure the gang of Brits would. After all, who was he, to command them like that?

But, no one laughed.

To my surprise, everyone just grunted, "Alright," and left.

I was so surprised that I couldn't move or speak, even after I was free. While I was like that, the black-haired Britannian walked over to me. He tilted my head up to meet his, and I was immediately mesmerized. His eyes were red, if you would believe it. Yeah, red.

"Forget this ever happened."

When I finally found my voice, I asked, "Why?" That seemed to confuse him for some reason. Had he not been expecting a reaction so soon?

Whatever the reason, he soon just walked away, muttering, "Never mind."

It was only after he disappeared around the corner that I realized I didn't even know his name.

Lelouch wondered why'd he'd stepped in and saved that Japanese girl. Maybe because she looked the same age as himself…

Still, it was irrational. Lelouch knew that, despite Japan being liberated, lynching and rape was common, as neither Britannian nor Japanese could seem to work together. He had just saved only one out of many sufferers.

Well, that's the point of the Zero Requiem. Just three more weeks until we take over Britannia. Lelouch silently wished they could have just started right after the plan's conception, back at Kaminejima Island. However, Suzaku, C.C., and admittedly Lelouch himself needed some time to plan for the difficult road ahead.

Again, thinking about the teenager he'd just saved, Lelouch wondered what had gone wrong with his geass. Although it was useful, it could be used only once per person…

A Year Ago

On a fateful day, not long after the Battle of Shinjuku, one Hikari Sato had decided to take the train. Getting onto loop line #5, she noticed that another black-haired Britannian had also just entered, dropping a bag by his side. After a few moments, the black-haired man clapped his hands.

"Can I have everyone's attention, please?"

Lelouch Lamperouge's eyes glowed with a faint red sigil. He needed to hurry and prepare to meet that 'Kallen Stadtfeld' girl and her terrorist friends.

Imperial Palace
2018 a.t.b.
A Week After Emperor Lelouch's Ascension

Tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap.

In the empty palace, one Imperial Guard makes an uncharacteristically wild sprint.

Not the best way to see His Majesty for the first time.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Stopping behind the large double doors, Voria Halding sighed. Now there was no easy way of sneaking into the throne room.

Damn it, of all days to be late, why the first?

Voria had been looking forward to meeting the new Emperor. Despite being a Palace Guard, the blond-haired woman had only seen the charming teenager on TV. Instantly, she was amazed by the audacity of this new ruler. Doing away with Nobility and the Number System within the first week of his reign, Lelouch vi Britannia was the most popular man among the general population, Voria herself included.

Despite being the daughter of a Marquess, Voria had never been one to care for social status. In fact, before being a Palace Guard, she had played with Britannians and Numbers alike, hiding her social status. And boy, what a scolding she got when her parents found out she was keeping Numbers as friends. In fact, she'd been originally sent to join the Imperial Guard as a punishment…

Anyways, Voria couldn't hide the awe she felt as she peeked through the large double doors.

Beyond her comrades, Lelouch vi Britannia, in the flesh, sat in his Imperial Throne. On his side were the ASEEC Engineer Earl Asplund, his assistant, and Lelouch's mysterious companion, C.C.

Bowing down in front of the Emperor was the Knight of One, Jeremiah Gottwald, backed by Voria's own comrades. How the half-man, half-machine cyborg lived was still a great mystery within the Palace.

Including the absent White Grim Reaper, Suzaku Kururugi, many people of all talents had gathered to serve this man, who had been Emperor for only seven days. Voria couldn't help feel curiosity. Who is Lelouch vi Britannia?

"Hey, Drake!"

Drake Alvar turned around and smiled. "Voria, I can't believe you were late on our first assembly for the Emp!"

Voria pushed her long blond hair behind here and struck a mock-regal pose. "Me? I have no idea what you are talking about."

Drake continued to smirk as he continued to walk. "Sure, sure. Just don't forget that our guard shift's coming up."

Voria pretended to pout. "Don't remind me…" Then she slid close to her friend and sparring partner. "Hey," she whispered, "How about planting a bug in His Majesty's bedroom?"

Drake's eyes glimmered with a slight red. "Let's not."

Voria paused for a moment and frowned. THE troublemaker (well, more like co-troublemaker, reasoned Voria) of Pendragon, Drake Alvar, was refusing? The two of them had definitely done worse. Like putting laxatives in the food meant for Emperor Charles, like planting bombs in the Knightmares just to see if they could, or like… The list went on forever.

That was why it took a while for Voria to respond. "Come on, don't you wanna know more about the oh-so mysterious emperor? I mean, we could find probably find even blackmail mater-"

Her words were cut off by a sudden hand on her windpipe. Drake's eyes were now blinking a faint, yet solid, red.

"Don't…" Drake sounded like he was having trouble releasing his grip on his close friend. Which, he actually was. "even…joke…about…something like that." With what seemed like an extreme effort, Drake's hand unpeeled itself from Voria's throat.

She's just joking, She's not a threat to His Majesty… She's NOT a threat. Ashamed, Drake walked silently away.

Leaving a stunned, and very curious, Voria.

One Day Later

"This is for safety," Voria assured herself, sitting in her dorm room, "Not an invasion of privacy. I'm just making sure that His majesty isn't in any danger."

Of course, Voria still felt guilty. Consumed by curiosity, she'd installed a camera in the Emperor's bedroom. The EMPEROR'S! Safety, not curiosity!

Besides, Voria reasoned with herself, Drake was acting all weird after seeing the Emperor. She rubbed her throat, assuring herself that it wasn't in any immediate danger.

Still, she had to know. Did that green-haired lady sleep with Lelouch? Or worse, did the Knight of Zero, Suzaku Kururugi? Why were so many people (Drake included) in the palace suddenly acting eternally loyal to him? What is Emperor Lelouch plotting?

That's why, regardless of the consequences, Voria stared at her laptop screen. She only had a few more minutes of free time, but the Emperor had yet to show up in his room.

Just when she was about to power off for the day, sound came from the machine. Focusing, Voria watched as two people entered the room.

"Are you sure about this, Lelouch?" This was the mysterious C.C.

"Of course. Even if we decided against it, what could we do at this stage?" Voria held her breath. As she'd hoped, she was listening in on a conversation between the Emperor and his… mistress. Something that could mean her execution, should Voria be found out.

On the laptop, C.C. smiled. "There's always something you can do, boy. Just cancel the Requiem and continue to reform Britannia. The people already love you."

The Requiem? What's the Requiem?

Lelouch sighed, and Voria noticed that he seemed… tired? Certainly less confident than on TV… "As I was saying, it's too late. Suzaku would kill me if I backed down now."

"He's going to kill you anyways," pointed out C.C.

Lelouch gave a bitter laugh. "I suppose so…"

Then the power went out. Voria cursed. So soon?

After spending a while to think of what she'd learned, Voria became thoroughly confused. She was pretty sure that C.C. was joking. They couldn't seriously be planning for Suzaku Kururugi to kill the Emperor? Could they?... But the Emperor sounded so serious...

Whatever the case, Voria kept her ears and eyes peeled for more information, unable to satisfy her curiosity of the new Emperor. Of course, she made sure to keep a safe distance from Drake when she did.

About three months later, after a certain meeting, she knew for sure.

That woman, C.C., hadn't been joking.

Battle of Mount Fuji
2 Months Before Zero Requiem

Within his Akatsuki, Harvet Chevalier frantically scanned the enemy IFF codes, ignoring the battle going on around him. As an enemy Vincent Ward closed in on him, he deftly knocked it aside with his lance, checking its IFF codes before driving his lance into the opponent's body.

Although lances weren't commonly used by the Black Knights, Harvet was too used to fighting with one to go without it, even going as far as to 'borrow' one from an enemy Vincent Ward.

Originally a Colonel of the French Homeland Front and pilot of a hi-jacked Vincent Ward, Harvet had only recently been transferred to the infamous Zero Squad of the Black Knights, where he had been forced into a (originally) lanceless Akatsuki.

However, all of that was at the back of Harvet's mind as he manually examined the enemy units.

There! "Brother!"

Harvet Chevalier finally focused on actually controlling his machine, driving through the air to a certain 'enemy' Vincent Ward. "Cadel! It's me, Harvet!"

Cadel Chevalier, Harvet's older brother, was a mole that had been planted in the Imperial Guard of Pendragon. The proof of his true loyalty came from the fact that he had a hidden French IFF Code built into his Vincent Ward, as well as a standard Britannian one. As such, it was only visible to members of the French Armed Forces.

As if to confirm, the 'enemy' Vincent Ward spoke. "Ha-Harvet?"

Harvet smiled. "It's been six months, Older Broth-"

"NO!" The Vincent Ward interrupted Harvet, its arms moving slowly to point at Harvet's knightmare frame. Inside the Vincent Ward, Cadel shook his head, but his eyes were slowly blinking red. Then, almost in a gasp, Cadel muttered "Harvet… Run!"

Then Cadel's eyes glimmered a full, yet faint, red. He almost moved to charge at his younger brother. "All Hail Lelou-!"

Then the Vincent Ward blew up, lighting up in a flurry of sparks.

"Snap out of it, Colonel Harvet!"

Harvet simply stood still as a menacing, black knightmare floated into view. It took a while for the French veteran to realize that the Zangetsu, and thus Kyoshiro Todoh, had killed Cadel, leaving Harvet with his older brother's unfinished last words.

"D-Damn you!" Harvet aimed his lance at his commanding officer. "He was my BROTHER!" With that last word, he charged.

Of course, his standard Akatsuki, even with a lance, was no match for the Zangetsu. Todoh, instincts kicking in, easily disabled Harvet's air glide wings. Todoh only slightly later realized exactly what had happened, but it was too late.

As Harvet's cockpit ejected, he dimly wondered on his older brother's last words. "What was so great about this 'Lelouch' guy? Why was he the last word you spoke?" And what was that about, telling me to run?

Two months later and a certain meeting later, Harvet found out why.

1 Month Before Zero Requiem

"Die, Demon Emperor!"

Allard Winbolt was only a few feet away, one dagger-wielding arm raised.


Allard fell to the floor, dagger dropped. He was barely able to hold himself up on his knees. His left leg was bleeding, but Allard tried to pay it no mind. "BASTARD!" Blinded by rage, he fumbled for the dagger and made a swipe with it.


Cursing, Allard fell. Now both of his legs had bullets embedded in them. "DAMN YOU!"

The Demon Emperor, Lelouch vi Britannia, easily stepped back from the cursing Britannian. The emperor lifted his gun, pointing it at the assassin's head. However, when Allard looked up with a glare, Lelouch hesitated to pull the trigger.

Covered by wild, short purple hair, bottomless black eyes stared at the Emperor. And with those angry eyes, Lelouch remembered a time from a year ago, where Lelouch had similarly been forced to lie in front of Emperor Charles. Lelouch imagined he'd made a similar scowl, and he'd definitely expressed the same rage. And fear.

Perhaps that is why Lelouch vi Britannia decided not to pull the trigger a third time.

3 Weeks Before Zero Requiem

"How are you feeling? Britannian medical science is quite amazing, isn't it?"

A dark, furious glare met Lelouch's words. However, the 99th Emperor of Britannia, ruler of the world, was not that easily intimidated. Rather, Lelouch smiled as he opened a small manila folder.

"I see you're quite the talented rebel." Lelouch took out a single page from the folder. "Allard Winbolt, son of a deceased Duke..."

If it was possible, Allard's glare got sharper. No doubt, the rebel would have attacked Lelouch, had metal restraints not covered Allard's entire body. Only two white casts around his legs were exempt from this. A cloth covering of some kind had been forced into his mouth, preventing him from biting his own tongue off in attempted suicide, as well as silencing him.

Nonetheless, Lelouch continued, "The Winbolts were known as the most ethically tolerant nobles of the modern age. Engaged in pro-Number integration and running Britannia's few existing charities, your family was widely loved by the people of Area Six, where the Winbolts spent most of their time reforming the poor living conditions of Sixs."

Allard frowned. The Demon Emperor almost sounded… respectful?

Heedless of Allard's thoughts, Lelouch continued, taking a darker tone, "However, this kindness had grave consequences for the Winbolts. Many nobles considered the Winbolt family a disgrace to the empire. Thus, one year ago, the Winbolts' enemies accused your family of treason. The reason: false evidence of plans to support Zero's Black Rebellion."

Allard tightened his hands into fists. He couldn't do anything about it, but it hurt to hear someone retell the story Allard had lived through. And the fact that the Demon Emperor, who was probably only acting respectful, was saying it… It infuriated Allard to no end that he couldn't speak.

Regardless, Lelouch continued, "The Winbolts were thus sentenced to execution. However, the only son of the Winbolts, Allard Winbolt, managed to escape prior to arrest. Taken in by the Sixs, he disappeared from the world of politics before even debuting in it."

At this point, Lelouch put the paper back in the folder, smiling faintly. "But you appeared a month ago, under the name Allard Wincoff, in the Imperial Army. Upon being stationed in the Damocles, you single-handedly forced your way into my personal chambers." The Emperor turned to look at Allard. "Quite the feat, I must admit."

Allard was unable to speak, but that didn't stop him from silently cursing the man who mocked him so. Was the Emperor a real Demon?

Lelouch slowly walked to the head of Allard's bed/restraining-table.

Allard, I will need people like you to look after Nuna when… I'm gone.

With practiced ease, Lelouch removed his contacts, revealing red eyes.

"Lelouch vi Britannia, the Demon Emperor, commands you…"

"You will accept the position Knight of Two, upon my death. At that point, you shall follow Nunnally vi Britannia's orders unconditionally. However, you will protect her, regardless of what she commands. You also will not speak of any unusual information you gain about me."

Lelouch reasoned that the last statement would keep silent the secret of the Zero Requiem.

What Lelouch forgot was that, while Allard couldn't speak of it, Allard could still act based on any "unusual information".

Morning of the Requiem
September 28, 1 a.r.n. (2018 a.t.b.)

Inside a small, abandoned church, below an untouched, stain-glass window, kneeled a young man.

Clear white hair, icy blue eyes, the Asian man was certainly a rare sight. One of the few who considered themself 'Korean' rather than 'Chinese', Dong-Gi silently bowed his head.



Quickly, Dong-Gi raised his head. Who still comes to this church? A spark of interest flashed across cold sapphire eyes.

However, a quiet voice in Dong-Gi's head told him to hide.

Therefore, when Lelouch vi Britannia, the Demon Emperor, and Suzaku Kururugi, the supposedly-dead Knight of Zero, entered the church, Dong-Gi was already well hidden in a dark corner of the church, behind a pillar. A black hood covered his noticeable white hair.

"Suzaku, you shall kill me, as promised..."

And so, one more man learned the truth behind the Demon Emperor.

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