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Sunday, September 2nd

Dear new diary,

I'm Dawn, Dawn Berlitz and I'm so excited because I just moved to the city! Finally some action other than from the quiet town of Twinleaf I used to live in. I moved here because my mom took a job as a permanent judge to the Pastoria City contests. I'm so excited; of course it took me a bit of time to get used to the idea. I still remember when she told me the news three months back.

"Hey Dawn, can you come to the kitchen please?" she yelled from downstairs. I was in my room getting ready to go out with my best friend Leanne.

"Kay!" I yelled back as I got out of my room and went downstairs.

MY mom was sitting down on a chair in the kitchen. She smiled warmly at me and told me to sit down. I did as I was told.

"Hi honey." I felt it; it was going to be bad news, the way she said 'hi honey', instant bad news breaker.

"What's up mom?" I was nervous.

"Well honey, I got a job as a contest judge."

"That's great!" I was proud of her, she loved judging contests, and nobody could do the job better than a top coordinator, those contests would be packed.

Just then Glameow jumped on the table. My mom greeted Glameow by stroking her fur.

"I'm glad you think its great Dawn, but I have some more news," she paused, "This contest hall is in Pastoria City, meaning we'll have to move."

At first I wasn't okay with it. Who moves in Sec.4?* Everyone already has their cliques and besides I had my friends here. I didn't want to move. My mom tried to reason with me, it didn't work.

"Mom, I have to go. Leanne is waiting for me. Remember her? She's my best friend and one of the many I'd have to say goodbye to."

I left in a bad mood. Unfortunately for me, I wear my emotions on my sleeve. As soon as Leanne hugged me, she started with that question.

"What's wrong Dawn?"

"My mom got a job as a contest judge."

"That's great news though," she looked at me confused at my anger towards it.

"You haven't heard the best part yet. This contest hall, it's in Pastoria City."

"Oh~ I see. Well Dawn there isn't much we could do about that."

"I love your reaction Lee."

"My optimism getting you down, Dawn?"

"Yes! Your optimism is bothering me! This isn't something you should be happy about. Which brings up the question; why are you so chill about this?" At this point we were in line waiting to get slushies.

"Dawn, Pastoria City, is a city! I would love to take your place."

"Go ahead!" I then turned to the cashier, "One large lime slushie please."

"$3.85," the cashier replied. I gave her the money and waited for her to make my slush.

"I can't take your place Dawn, you and I both know this."

I glared at my best friend. The cashier then gave me my slush, "thanks," I told her.

I walked to the bench as Leanne ordered for her slushie. I remember thinking that I should really starting thinking optimistically, and it was funny when Leanne told me the same thing as she sat down next to me on the bench.

"I know Lee, but I'd have to leave this life and go into a whole new one. I've never been to a city. What if they're mean?"

"Well it's a big change but you could totally do it. You're social Dawn; there is no way you won't make a bunch of friends."

"Yeah, but everyone has their cliques already, I'll be an intrusion," I said taking a sip from my slushie.

She gulped some of her slushie down, "No you won't. You'll be an addition, difference."

I sighed, "Maybe…"

We talked about it some more and I got more and more used to the idea of moving. All thanks to Leanne of course. When I got back home, I told my mom that I'm okay~ with moving. She was pretty excited. And three months later, we're in Pastoria City in our new house unpacking.

We also drove to my new school today to complete my registration. That school is huge! That school being Pastoria Reed High named after the first mayor and founder of Pastoria City so long ago. Anyways, like I was saying, that school is enormous, a lot bigger than my old school in Twinleaf. Pastoria Reed High (or PRH for short) is probably a cause of new students gone missing.

Tomorrow is my first day, I'm excited yet so nervous, like I said, people usually have their cliques by now so I might be an intrusion or I might get lucky and meet some new people! I'm getting myself psyched out now!

I should get to bed though, its 11:45pm.

I'll write soon!


* (if you read Too Complicating, don't read this) In case you're wondering, secondary 1-5 is high school in Quebec (where I'm from). Secondary one is grade 7 and secondary five is grade 11 and it ends there. Since I'm not used to the whole grade 7-11, and 12-for everywhere else (the system that everyone else has), in this story (as well as others), high school grades will be referred to in secondary's, and now you know. But in case you are confused, PM me, I'll be glad to clarify it… better. ps. Yes this means Quebec finishes high school before everyone else ;P :D

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