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Friday, September 21st

Last chapter

Everything is going to be great, Ash thought as he was getting ready for his date with Dawn. He'd been meaning to ask her out for a while now, but it was never the right time. Yesterday, though, was.

He was bringing her to Alamos Town today because they were holding a festival.

Since the festival was to honour Pokémon, Ash had asked Dawn to bring her Piplup.

When he finished getting ready, he looked towards his pokémon pal who was sitting on his bed.

"Pika pika?" Pikachu said cocking his head to the right.

"I just want everything to be perfect, you know?"

"Pikachu pika!" Pikachu said in encouragement.

Ash walked towards his pokémon. When he got to his bed he knelt to get a bit above eye-level with his Pikachu.

"I hope you're right," he said patting his pokémon's head.

When Ash got up, he re-checked himself in the mirror. In his head, it was crucial that everything turned out perfect.

And it should.

"You ready, Pikachu?" he asked turning again to his pokémon.

"Pika!" Pikachu cried excitedly.

Ash smiled as Pikachu jumped on his shoulder.

"Let's go buddy," he said as he ran out of his room.


When he got there, it was 5:30pm. Better to be early.

He grabbed his phone and leaned on the bridge railing waiting for Dawn to show up.


6:05pm was displayed on the screen of Ash's cell phone when he checked it for the fifth time since he got to the bridge.

It's okay, it's Dawn, she's sometimes late, so it may take her time to get ready.



"Hm, you think she stood me up Pikachu?"

"Pika! Pika!" Pikachu said shaking his head vigorously.

Ash looked at his pokémon and smiled. Though he wanted to believe his buddy, he was starting to doubt his hope.



Still a no show.

"Pika, pika," Pikachu said in a sad voice.

"I don't understand Pikachu. I was sure she was into me too. I mean, she said yes." Ash flipped his phone open, "I should call her."

He dialled the seven-digit number.

Not even a ring after, "Hey it's Dawn, I can't answer the phone right now, please leave me a message. Thanks, bye!"


"Hey Dawn, it's Ash. Where are you? I'm still waiting for you on the bridge to Alamos town. Call me back. Bye."

Ash thought to himself then came with the solution to call Barry.

Two rings later, he picked up.

Before Barry had a chance to say "hello", Ash spoke. "Barry, have you seen Dawn?"

"Isn't she supposed to be with you?"

"Yeah well, she was, but she isn't and her phone is off."

"Have you tried calling her house phone?" Barry suggested.

"I don't have that number."

"555-2345" Barry said proudly.

"Thanks Barry, I owe you one," I said before hanging up. He then dialled the number Barry had given him.

"Hello?" a woman on the other end answered.

"Hi, this is Ash, Dawn's friend."

"Oh yes! Dawn has spoken so much about you."

"Yes, well," he cleared his throat, "is Dawn home?"

"Home?" the woman repeated confused, "no, she's supposed to be with you. She left the house an hour ago."

"Ma'am, Dawn hasn't shown up yet, it doesn't take over an hour to get here."

"Your guess is as good as mine. I'll call the police," she decided as she hung up.

Dawn, where are you?

Ash decided to call the entire gang to see if she called either of them or in case she went to one of them.

Nobody had known where she was.

Ash was deep in thought when Pikachu jumped on his lap and cuddled his trainer to make him feel better. Unfortunately, it brought little comfort to Ash.

An hour passed when he someone called out to him. "Son?" said someone behind him.

"Yes?" Ash answered as he turned to the cop behind him.

"Are you Ash Ketchum?"


"We had policemen everywhere in Sinnoh and we cannot locate Ms. Dawn Berlitz anywhere."

Ash looked at him in disbelief but said nothing.

"Son, we're going to have to take you into questioning."

"She's my girlfriend! I wouldn't kidnap her!" Even though he used the term girlfriend, he wasn't sure if that's where they stood. But for now, she was his girlfriend.

"It's protocol," was all the cop said before he lead Ash into the police car.

Dawn, where are you?

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