Author's Note: This fic is for my friend Liz. It will be multiple chapters, I just don't know how many.

Title: What You Said

Summary: AU – Puck (football player/school badass) and Rachel (Head Cheerio) were good friends. They rode to school together, ran in the same circle of friends and from an outsiders view, were merely just friends that like to flirt. Nothing more, nothing less. However in actuality, they shared a secret that only their closest friends knew about. How can they overcome the pressure of popularity and realize their true feelings?

Prompt: A Lark theory turned into a Puckleberry fic.


Chapter 1 – Just Friends

Puck pulled his jeans up as he watched Rachel adjust her Cheerio's skirt. It had been three months since him and Rachel started messing around after Puck had caught the winning touchdown in their homecoming game against Carmel.

Rachel despised the Carmel cheerleading squad, specifically one Santana Lopez. The girls had competed against each other in the local beauty pageant circuit since they were old enough to walk. Rachel's superior singing talent always seemed to edge Santana who was constantly coming in second place just behind her.

It was at Mike Chang's celebration party that night that Puck and Rachel had resolved the long going sexual tension they had shared since the beginning of their sophomore year. Since then, they kept their meetings a secret, with exception of Puck's best friend, Finn Hudson and Rachel's dearest friend Kurt Hummel.

Finn had stumbled upon them one afternoon when he had been sent to the janitor's closet by his biology teacher for a mop, after he proceeded to get sick after cutting into a dead frog. He entered the closet to find Puck standing with his pants down and Rachel Berry perched in front of him on her knees.

A few weeks later, Kurt had stopped by the Puckerman house where Rachel was helping Puck babysit his little sister, Hannah. No one had answered his many knocks and when he helped himself in, was surprised to find a very naked Rachel underneath an equally naked Puck on the Puckerman's sofa.

So now here they are in Rachel's room while her Dads are in Chicago for a conference. In about an hour, they would be leaving for a party being thrown at the Hudson household. Rachel tried to convince him to just "stay in" but Puck was good with distraction. Rachel wasn't very good at saying no to him while his hand was under her skirt.


"Yeah babe?" He asked as he read a text from Chang that he was be bringing his new girlfriend Tina to the party.

Rachel gently took the phone from him, "Can we talk about something?"

Puck felt his hands get sweaty at her words. He knew this couldn't last forever. Rachel was hot as hell and he knew that she had been paying a lot more attention to Finn since the QB had ended his relationship with Quinn Fabray a few weeks ago.

"Uh, I guess. But shouldn't you get ready for the party? I wanna get there before all the potato skins are gone."

Rachel rolled her eyes as she took a seat on his lap, "I was just…I've been thinking. Maybe it's time we go public with our relationship."

Puck felt a sudden urge to run. Relationship? Since when was this a relationship. He thought it was just two friends enjoying each other sexually. No strings. Just orgasms and…and orgasms!

So when he expressed this to her, he shouldn't have been surprised when she kicked him out of her house. He tried to ignore the tears that were running down her cheeks as she slammed the door in his face.

He stood staring at her door for a moment. Puck wondered if maybe it wouldn't be so bad being Rachel's boyfriend. He hadn't messed around with anyone else since they started this thing. There was no need. Rachel was plenty for him. So why was the thought of being officially tied down bothering him so much?

He hopped into his truck and pulled quickly out of the Berry driveway. Finn's party would keep his mind off it for a while. Puck was pretty confident that Rachel wasn't going to show up after what had just happened. He would simply drink with his buddies and beat down the rest of the football team in a traditional game of flip cup.

And that is exactly what he did. By midnight, he was half past drunk off his ass. He and Mike had just defeated Karofsky and Azimio in the championship round. All thoughts of Rachel had disappeared when he found himself pushing a sexy Latina against a wall in the Hudson basement.

His hand was massaging the girl's right breast under her black tank top, his mouth attached to her neck when he heard it.

"Rachel! Wait!"

Puck pulled away to see the back of a very petite frame, brown curls falling down her back, running up the stairs. As she disappeared out of sight he felt a sudden urge of guilt, "fuck."

"Puck, why did you stop," moaned the girl.

Suddenly, Puck felt much more sober and he finally took a good look at the girl he was just fondling.

"Fuck…Santana? Santana Lopez!"

The girl smirked and wrapped her arms around his neck, "In the flesh, sexy."

Puck pushed away from her and moved to the stairs until he was blocked by Kurt, "Get out of my way Hummel," he tried to move around him, but Kurt moved quickly, "Dude, I need to go see Berry."

"Don't you think you've done enough?" Kurt asked his hands on his hips.

"It's none of your business Kurt," Puck finally got past him and ran up the stairs and quickly outside. Rachel's car was nowhere in sight. He knew he was in no shape to drive so I pulled his phone out of his pocket and sent a quick text.

Meet me in the park in 10

Puck walked the ten minutes to the park that was located halfway between Finn and Rachel's houses. He hadn't gotten a response from Rachel by the time he arrived, but he noticed her car parked on the side of the road. Under the dim lighting of the park, he saw her swinging slowly on the swingset.

He moved over slowly, "Hey," he greeted as he got close.

She looked up briefly then back down. It gave him enough time to see how red her eyes were, "Hey," she whispered.

"Look, I was…well, I'm really drunk and I-"

"Stop," Rachel held up her hand and looked at him, "You don't need to explain anything. You said yourself you didn't want to settle down," she stood from the swing and moved closer to him, "I don't want this to ruin our friendship."

Puck nodded in agreement, "Okay."

Rachel smiled tightly, "I just think that you could have chosen someone that wasn't my sworn enemy to move on with."

"Yeah, about that…I didn't even know who the hell she was till it was too late," Puck kicked at the ground with his feet.

"You expect me to believe that," Rachel asked annoyed.

"Yes…no…I mean, like I said, I was really drunk and-"

"And you just started kissing the first good looking girl to cross your path?"

He shrugged, "Something like that."

Rachel laughed dryly, "You know, if that's really how you are, then its best we end things. Just stay friends."

"What does that mean, how I really am? Is that like an insult?" Puck felt his body tense in defense.

"I just meant that you really aren't ready for a committed relationship. I hardly want to force you into something and end up heartbroken after you cheat on me with a random girl at a random party should I not be there."

"Okay, but we can still mess around, right?" he asked hopefully.

"No," his face fell as Rachel continued, "I've come to realize, I am a relationship kind of girl. I don't think I could continue our activities knowing you could have done the same thing with another girl the night before."

Puck ran his hand over his Mohawk and let out a slow breath, "Um, okay. So, friends?"

Rachel put on a smile, but he could still see the pain in her eyes, "Absolutely."

Her eyes closed for a moment and Puck felt a sudden urge to kiss her, "How about a goodbye kiss then?"

She shook her head, "No, I don't think that would be a good idea."

"Why not?" he asked, moving closer.

"Because, Puck," he flinched at her addressing him by his nickname, "You know I have a hard time stopping once we start," she stepped away from him, "I better go. We've got Cheerio practice early in the morning. Sue is enforcing Saturday Boot Camps since we only won last weekend by five points."

"OH, right, okay…Well, see ya Monday?" he asked hopefully.

"Yes, see you Monday," she said with another fake smile.

He watched her walk towards her car. Puck hoped he was making the right decision by letting her walk away. He would soon come to realize, that he would quickly regret it.

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