((DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Harry Potter universe or JK. Rowling's characters. I simply enjoy writing about them, dabbling with them, honing in on how I percieve them, and just generally creating my own alternate plot lines for them. I have role played as Severus since last year and am obsessed with giving him a happy ending, since his life in the canon source was a tragedy. This is rated T because I'm not sure what's to come and want to give myself wiggle room to play around with.))

It all began with a note. Lily had been on Severus' mind constantly since their friendship had ended fifth year. It was now the beginning of their Seventh year at Hogwarts and Severus still could not get her off of his mind. The poor lad was riddled with regret and read as often as he could, to keep from dwelling on things he could not change, no matter how much he wished he could. Still, he could not keep his mind from wandering to thoughts of a certain Lily Evans. It was his inability to get Lily off of his mind that motivated Severus to draft the letter in the first place.

He had long since given up on apologizing, since nothing he said seemed to be able to erase the hurt he had caused her. Slytherins were known for their ambition, a quality which often comes hand in hand with persistence, but Severus was nothing like James Potter; he could tell when someone wanted nothing to do with him. It was because of this that the aforementioned letter almost was not sent. Severus had hastily scrawled the note on a scrap leaf of paper and was about to toss it into the fireplace of the Slytherin common room, like he had done with the many other letters he had written her and ultimately decided not to send. However, he somehow decided to make one last effort at attempting to make things up to Lily. He sighed, since he knew that the gesture he was about to make would be futile. Still, he languidly rose from the carved armchair in which he sat and made his way up to the owlry to have a carrier owl deliver the following letter:

Dear Lily,

I am still remorseful about what happened fifth year. I miss you a lot and was wondering if-err-hoping that we could put the past behind us and do something together sometime soon. I am sure we have lots of catching up to do. Maybe we could meet up near the bank of the Black Lake on Saturday, around lunch time, and have a picnic? I'll take care of everything and I promise that it will be fun. Seriously, I will do everything I can to make sure you have a good time. Of course you're more than welcome to bring a friend along as well; just be sure to let me know, so I can make sure there will be enough food for everyone. Oh, and there isn't any need to worry; if you do decide to bring someone I promise to be polite.


What Severus did not expect was the letter Lily sent in return. He had assumed that she would ignore his last ditch effort at reconnecting, and was very surprised by the owl fluttering above him. Still, the fickle fates -or more likely the very redheaded Gryffindor he was trying to make amends with- had determined that the handwritten message was satisfactory. Consequently, it was not long after he had sent his letter before he was garnered with a response. Sev hastily pried Lily's reply out from its envelope, even though he expected only a succinct rejection of his invitation.

Imagine the look of shock on his normally composed and stoic face when he read a letter that spoke not of rejection but of planning to meet him for the very date and time he had suggested. He allotted himself a small smile as he read Lily's words, even though he knew that it was still possible their meeting would not go well, or that Lily could stand him up last minute.

Lily made it very clear that his second chance was only on a trial basis, and stated that if their reunion did not go well then that would be that. Even so Severus felt very lucky. He had went into the situation with no expectations, and acknowledged that he had received something he did not even deserve. Lily did not intend to bring anyone else along, something Severus had deduced she would say in the event that she did decide to come; this was an inference based solely upon the history between him and said friends. He had only made the offer in the first place, because quite frankly, Slytherins were rather skilled at cunning. He knew that if he extended the invitation to one of her Gryffindor friends as well, she would see how serious he was about wanting to make things right. Also, he knew that such an offer would help to dispel any discomfort the idea of seeing him again might give her.