1 Pain and darkness

" I'm not going back to the Center, Parker." Jarod said watching the woman aiming a gun at him.

" To bad, Rat boy." Parker grinned. She was finally going to leave the Center. She could just taste the defeat in her mouth as she imagined telling her father that she was leaving, and this time for good.

" Your father will never let you leave the Center."

Parker pulled the hammer on her gun back. " Turn around, Genius."

Jarod sighed and turned around. He couldn't believe that she had caught him, or even how she had caught him. Parker yanked his hand behind his back and handcuffed him to a large metal pole.

"How did you find me, Parker?" Jarod asked, trying to distract her so that he could get loose from the handcuffs. She turned to face him, his heartbeat quickened; he looked into her eyes they were empty and emotionless.

"I could always find you, Jarod." She smiled as she watched him wiggle is body. Did he think that she was dumb? There was no way she was going to put regular handcuffs on him. Those handcuffs reacted to his DNA the only way to get them off way be her touching them. She had created them with Jarod in mind. "You might as well stop trying to get out. There is no way that you can. Have you ever heard of experiment #134?"

Jarod searched his memory. His face paled in response. " DNA restricted equipment. It conforms to a persons DNA and once it is near that person it latches on. Very good Andrea, very good."

Parker raised her gun up to his face. "Never call me that name again," she hissed. Suddenly pain exploded in her stomach and she cried out, dropping her gun to hold her stomach, she fell on fell the cold, hard ground and saw nothing but darkness.