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Chapter Thirty

One Year Later...

Ziva turned in her sleep, frowning as she strained her ears to listen for a noise. She smiled and sat up in her bed as she heard her one year old babbling away in her room. Ziva swung her legs out of her bed and only the floor, her sleep-filled eyes catching a piece of paper on her bedside cabinet. She reached forward and picked it up to read it.

Morning Ziv,

Hope my two girls have fun today, I should be home later but you never know with cases...

Love you x

Ziva smiled and put it back down before walking out of her room and into her daughter's. Felicity stopped babbling and broke into a toothy smile as she saw her mother enter the room.

'' Mama!'' beamed Felicity, her tiny hands holding onto the beams of the cot Gibbs had made her over a year ago.

Ziva smiled. '' Yes, mama, clever girl.'' praised Ziva, lifting her daughter out of the cot and cuddling her close before getting her dressed, chuckling at her baby's laugh as she blew a raspberry on her belly.

The two David's made their way into the kitchen and Felicity babbled happily as Ziva moved around making them both breakfast. Once it was made, Ziva sat down at the table and fed both herself and Felicity. She grinned as Felicity tried to take the spoon from her hand.

'' No, I'm giving you your breakfast today. I want you nice and clean for when Daddy comes home, okay?'' said Ziva, watching her daughter.

'' Mama!''

'' Yes, clever Fliss!'' smiled Ziva, noting that she had stopped trying to take the spoon from her.

'' Yes.'' came the giggly reply. Ziva smiled again and continued to feed Felicity. Once the pair were done, Ziva picked Felicity up and moved to take her into the living room. Felicity squealed as she was deposited in her playpen, her teddies and toys surrounding her. Ziva moved back into the kitchen and cleaned up before rejoining her daughter in the living room.

'' Mama!''

'' Yes, Fliss, mama can see you.'' said Ziva waving at Felicity, grinning when she waved back.

Ziva picked up her laptop from the coffee table in front of her and she turned it on. She had a report to translate and she thought she might as well do it while things were still quiet. Whilst waiting for her laptop to work, she watch Felicity playing in the playpen, her mind going over the past year.

As she could never return to NCIS full time, Ziva had expected her working life to be rather dull, but it turned out that she actually enjoyed working at home. She could work whenever she liked, but she did it in the morning, which left her all afternoon to dote upon her daughter. She went to NCIS on the weekends, happy to take the weekend shifts as Abby had insisted upon spending time with her favourite Godchild-Niece with the aid of Grandpa Ducky, of course.

She worked whatever cases she could work on the weekend and was often a port of call whenever the team needed an extra insight during the week. Between weekend shifts at NCIS and morning translations during the week; Ziva was very happy with her career.

She wasn't going to lie, Felicity had changed her life - for the better. Gone was the cold, distant assassin the team had first met. In her place had blossomed a loving mother. Of course, old habits die hard, so Ziva still had weapons around the house and a rather short temper when it came to dealing with suspects; but she had learnt to so something she had never done before, she left her cases at NCIS.

Ziva had enjoyed being home, something she never though she would do, even with a baby to keep her company. She had watched Felicity grow and her personality develop. The squirming pink mass had long gone and in her place was a bright eyed, giggly one year old. Felicity's eyes were still mocha brown, like Ziva's own, and her hair were still the same chocloate curls. Ziva had laughed when Abby had called Felicity ''Ziva Junior'', but looks wise, she couldn't have been more right. Felicity was going to break hearts when she was older - and Ziva was going to break bones if any broke Felicity's.

Speaking of broken hearts, Ziva and Eli were on much better terms after he had turned up at Ziva's home a day after she had been released from the hospital, a two day old Felicity in tow.

Ziva had just settled back down into her bed for a nap after feeding Felicity when a sharp knock on the door sounded. She got up and walked over to the door, cursing in every language she knew whilst wondering who it could be. It wouldn't have been the team, they were coming over later.

She opened the door to reveal her father.

'' Shalom, Ziva.''

Ziva froze, unsure of what to do. '' Shalom... What are you doing here?''

A quick look of confusion flashed across Eli's face. '' You gave birth two days ago?''

'' Ah!'' nodded Ziva. '' Sorry, baby brain.'' said Ziva, stepping aside to let Eli in.

'' Normal, given you have not slept properly for a while, hm?''

'' Yes, I was about to lie down before you knocked.'' said Ziva, watching Eli. '' I was not expecting you.'' she confessed quietly.

Eli looked at her. '' I meant what I said. I wish to be a part of her life.'' he said, producing a white bear with a blue bow around its neck.

Ziva smiled and looked at him before moving slowly in the opposite direction. '' You can give it to her yourself.'' If Ziva had been an expert on her father's body language, she would've seen his ebony eyes light up.

Eli followed Ziva and stopped to stand beside the cot where his granddaughter was sleeping soundly.

'' Ziva, she is beautiful.'' muttered Eli.

Ziva looked up, her ears not used to hearing such words from her father's mouth. '' Her name is Felicity.'' she said, watching as Eli placed the bear next to Felicity.

Eli frowned momentarily. '' Happiness?''

Ziva nodded. '' She makes me happy. Just look at her, she is perfect.'' said Ziva, leaving her daughter alone to sleep.

The two David's left the room and Eli sighed. '' Well done.'' he said simply.

Ziva froze again. She had never heard that sentence from her father's mouth before. Ever.

'' Thank you.'' she whispered.

Eli nodded and moved towards the door. '' If you need a hand...''

'' I will know where to call.''

'' I do not know when I will be back in America, but when I am-''

'' You are welcome.'' promised Ziva.

Both Eli and Ziva stood in an awkward silence until Ziva moved forward to get the door for her father. She opened it and she looked at Eli for a moment before initiating a quick hug. Eli wrapped his arms around his daughter, genuine emotion in the hug he was giving. They quickly broke apart, their military/Mossad schemas interfering with the moment.

'' I will see you soon?''

'' I should think so.'' nodded Eli, resting a hand on her cheek and pressing a kiss onto her forehead before walking down the path towards a black car that had been waiting for him. Ziva smiled and watched him drive off before going back inside.

Since seeing Felicity after she had been born, Eli had visited four times, Christmas, Easter and twice just because he could. It thrilled Ziva to know that her father was actually making a conscious effort with her and Felicity. The look on Eli's face had been invaluable when Felicity had called him ''Pa''.

A knock to the door snapped Ziva out of her thoughts and she looked at Felicity, busy playing, before moving off to answer it. She opened the door and grinned to see Tony standing there holding a wrapped box and a helium balloon.

'' Hey.'' smiled Ziva, moving to relieve Tony of his load.

'' Thanks, Zee-vah! How's Felicity?'' he asked, closing the door behind the pair of them.

'' You can see for yourself.'' said Ziva, nodding her head towards the living room. Ziva followed him in and set down the box and balloon in time to see Felicity beam at Tony.

'' Neee!'' she exclaimed as she put down her toy and stood up in her playpen.

'' Hey Fliss!'' said Tony, reaching down to lift her out. '' Has mummy got you stuck in the playpen again? Ahh, we'll fix that.'' he said, sitting down with her on his lap.

Ziva leant against the doorframe watching the scene in front of her with a smile.

'' Nee! 'ook!'' said Felicity, pointing to the balloon Tony had just brought.

'' Yeah, that's a balloon, Uncle Tony got it for your birthday.'' said Tony, helping Felicity stand up on his lap.

'' What are you doing away from work?'' asked Ziva.

'' Oh, Boss and Probie have a suspect who's, like, mad into computers. They got it covered, I wasn't needed.'' said Tony, helping Felicity bounce on his lap. '' I thought I'd come over for the party early. Pre-drinks, right Fliss?''

'' Yeh.'' babbled Felicity, still bouncing.

Ziva laughed. '' Coffee?''

'' Please!'' called Tony after Ziva's retreating form.


After giving Felicity her lunch, Ziva had put her down for her nap, deciding that it's be better for her to have one now considering there'd be many people later who'd want cuddles. She went back into the kitchen and made Tony a coffee and a sandwich before bringing it out to him.

'' Ah, thanks, Ziva.'' said Tony, taking said items from her.

'' That's okay.'' she said, sitting back down on the couch, her laptop on her folded legs.

'' What'cha working on?'' asked Tony.

'' A report, I need to translate it into Spanish for a Spanish diplomat.''

'' Ohh... Looking forward to Fliss' party?''

'' Mmm, should be good. I'm sure Abby has outdone herself, as per usual.''

'' Felicity is her first niece.'' grinned Tony. '' She's excited.''

Ziva laughed. '' You know, I think she is more excited than Felicity is.'' she grinned, typing on her laptop.

'' Did you need a hand sorting anything?'' asked Tony, putting his empty cup and plate down onto the coffee table.

Ziva looked up and looked at him with a thoughtful look on her face. '' I don't think so. I mean, I have all of her presents here. The food is all in the fridge, I just need to put it into the oven. I have all of the decorations, I just need to put them up.'' said Ziva.

'' I can put them up if you like, you know, before she wakes up.'' suggested Tony. '' And it'll give you time to finish your report.''

Ziva regarded him with a funny look. '' Are you up to something?''

'' No,'' said Tony, looking genuinely surprised. '' Just trying to help.''

'' Hmm, alright then.'' nodded Ziva. '' The decorations are in a box in the hall.'' she said, as Tony got up.


An hour later, Ziva's report was translated and the living room had been decorated with streamers, balloons and a little banner that said 'Happy 1st Birthday'.

Ziva was stood, her hands on her hips. ''That, Anthony DiNozzo, is not a bad job.'' she said.

'' I know, right? A teacher in college said I should go into decór, but I chose a different path.'' he said, with a grin.

'' Yeah, right.'' smirked Ziva as a knock on her door sounded the second time that day. '' Could you get that?'' asked Ziva, as she heard movement and a small cry coming from Felicity's room.

'' Sure.'' said Tony, moving to answer the door as Ziva disappeared. '' Hey Abs!''

'' Tony! What are you doing here?''

'' Oh, Boss dropped the subtle hint that he didn't need me, so I came here.''

'' Cool, wow... did Ziva do that?'' asked Abby, walking into the living room to see all of the decorations.

'' I did.'' grinned Tony.

Abby smiled at him. '' Well, aren't you talented? Where's Ziva?''

'' Um, sorting Fliss out, she's just woken up from her nap. I thought Duckman and Palmer were arriving with you?''

'' Yeah, but they had to sort out Autopsy before they left NCIS, something to do with lightbulbs.'' said Abby distractedly.

Tony frowned. '' Are you okay?''

'' I wanna see my niece.'' pouted the Goth.

'' Abs, you saw her yesterday, remember, Ziva brought her to NCIS?''

'' Well, yeah Tony, but that was twentyfour hours ago. That's, like, forever in baby time.''

'' BEEEEE!'' shrieked Felicity, pointing at Abby as Ziva carried her into the living room.

'' Aww, FlissFloss, don't you look pretty!'' cooed Abby, moving forward to take Felicity off of Ziva.

Since her nap, Ziva had changed Felicity into a purple dress with a matching purple ribbon in her hair.

'' Bee!'' giggled Felicity as Abby cuddled her, Felicity reached up to play with Abby's pigtails, making her laugh.

Ziva smiled and looked at the door as Palmer and Ducky walked in, both carrying a gift each, for Felicity. '' You did not have to.'' said Ziva, taking them off of them and putting it in the small pile of presents for Felicity.

'' Of course, I did, my dear. She is my granddaughter after all.'' smiled Ducky, looking at Felicity fondly.

'' Were Gibbs and McGee busy when you left?'' asked Ziva.

'' They were just finishing up when we checked on them.'' said Ducky, watching Felicity try to reach for Palmer's glasses. '' They insisted we leave without them.''

Ziva nodded. '' Alright.''

'' Hey, Ziva, just remembered what I wanted to ask you.'' said Tony, looking at the Israeli. '' Did Eli send anything?''

'' Yes, a package from Israel arrived yesterday.''

'' Why isn't he here?'' asked Abby, helping Felicity walk around the living room.

'' I believe he has a week's worth of conferences in Dubai.'' replied Ziva, disappearing into the kitchen.

Ziva turned on the oven and pulled the food out of the fridge to go into it. She had just put it in and closed the oven door when she closed her eyes. She wasn't too annoyed with Eli for not turning up, after all, he WAS the Director of Mossad and he did assure her that he could not have got away this week if he had tried. She didn't mind his abscence and at least he had acknowledged Felicity's birthday with a gift and the promise of a visit next month. Ziva smiled, considering where she and her father were only a year ago, this was a dramatic improvement.

Ziva was so lost in her own thoughts she didn't hear Ducky call her name softly as he entered the kitchen. She jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

'' Ducky!''

'' Are you alright, my dear?''

'' Yes, fine, just thinking.'' smiled Ziva.

'' I just came to find you to tell you that Timothy and Jethro are here.'' he said.

The two left the kitchen to greet the two men, Felicity, too busy with Abby, was yet to notice.

'' Shalom.'' smiled Ziva at the two.

'' Hey-''

'' Boss, did he confess, huh?'' asked Tony.

'' Yeah, after being threatened with Gitmo.'' said Gibbs, a grimace on his face.

'' Hey guys, look!'' called Abby.

Gibbs, Ziva, McGee, Tony, Palmer and Ducky all looked as Abby let go of Felicity's hands. Felicity wobbled before taking a shaky step forward.

'' Go to Daddy.'' said Abby, smiling, her hands outstretched incase Felicity fell.

'' Dadadadad.'' mumbled Felicity as she concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other without falling. She walked three more shaky steps before a pair of strong hands picked her up. '' DADA!''

'' Hello babygirl.'' said Gibbs, pressing a kiss to his daughter's cheek.

'' Aren't you a clever girl, Fliss!'' said Ziva a smile on her face. She smiled even harder when Gibbs placed a hand around her waist and pulled her closer to him to press a kiss to her temple.

'' Gee!'' called Felicity, waving at McGee.

'' Hey Flissy.'' chuckled McGee waving back.

'' Cool, now that we're all here, can we, like, open presents?'' asked Abby.

'' Sure.'' said Ziva, leaving Gibbs' side to rescue the food from being overcooked.

'' Fliss, sit with Abby while I help Mummy.'' said Gibbs, giving Felicity to Abby.

'' Mama!'' said Felicity a smile on her face. '' BEEE!''


Gibbs walked into the kitchen to see Ziva moving hot trays around the kitchen. '' D'you get my note this morning?'' he asked, watching her work.

'' Yes, I did. It made me smile.'' said Ziva, flashing him a replica of said smile.

'' I'm glad you liked it.'' he said, placing his hands on her hips to press a kiss to her temple.

Ziva smiled and returned the kiss to his jaw.

'' Hurry up, okay?'' said Gibbs, leaving her in the kitchen to get back to Felicity.

Ziva nodded and finished up with the trays of food. Her mind drifted to how she and Gibbs had eventually got together and how the team had reacted.

As Felicity grew, Gibbs' love for her and their bond did as well; whether it was a story before bedtime or showing up at Ziva's at the crack of dawn to take care of Felicity while Ziva slept. Ziva had enjoyed Gibbs' company whenever he was around and loved seeing father and daughter together. One thing led to another and before Ziva knew it, Gibbs was staying over most nights.

In the time that Gibbs had spent with Felicity, both Ziva and Gibbs had bonded even more so than what they had before, but it wasn't until Felicity had just passed five months before the two realised that perhaps there was something more there than just a parental connection.

Just before Felicity hit her sixth month, Gibbs and Ziva allowed their feelings to show, both of them mutually surprised that they felt just as strongly for the one other as the other did.

As far as they were concerned, there were no cons. Ziva was only part time in the office and well, they already had a baby together, so that threw Rule 12 out the window.

The team were immensely happy for them, especially for Gibbs.

'' Ziv!'' came Gibbs voice from the living room, calling her back to Earth.

Despite the circumstances of everything, Ziva couldn't have asked for a better outcome. She had asked Gibbs if this was what he wanted, a kiss from him told her all she needed to know.

While she still hated Samael for what he had put her and the team through, she couldn't thank him enough. He had given her happiness, in more ways than one.