Chuck Vs The New Job

Chapter 1

Burbank Buy More


Chuck was prowling round the Buy More surveying part of his new business empire, the Burbank Buy More had now been his "Workplace" for over six years. Although it was still his workplace, it was now his own moneymaking venture and cover for Carmichael Industries, Chuck & Sarah's first foray into the espionage world, without the backing of a government intelligence agency for backup.

After what Decker had said to Chuck in Castle several days before, it had Chuck concerned, Chuck continually replayed that whole conversation repeatedly in his head.

"Guess it's the dawn of a new chapter ay!.. boy?"... "You really think you have been fighting evil? Doing good!"... "You're just a pawn always were!"... "You think it was all a coincidence?..."The Intersect, Fulcrum, The Ring, Shaw, Agent X, it was all just part of the plan Bartowski!, Pieces on a puzzle board!"... "See you never civilian"!... Then that laugh at the end after I had said that my father was killed, what did that mean? Who had the ability to control the lives of so many people like this?

After speaking to Sarah, Casey and Morgan in Castle, they could not come up with a plausible idea for who could dream up this conspiracy, let alone execute it with the ruthlessness that it had been. So Chuck had decided this was going to be the first mission for the newly launched Carmichael Industries, find out as much information on Decker, who is informants are and their affiliations.

Chuck had arrived at the Nerd Herd station, where Jeff and Lester were sat as usual not doing a lot of anything apart from trying to find another gig for "Jeffster".

"Charles" Chuck was in a world off his own and hadn't heard Lester calling his name "Charles" Lester repeated loudly, which shook Chuck out of his thoughts. "Charles, Jeff is dead wrong about something; could you explain to Jefferson here, the merits of the loafer over the moccasin?"

Chuck just looked at the pair of them and completely ignored their pointless argument, shaking his head and walking off towards the break room. As Chuck was on his way to the break room he felt a vibration in his pocket, reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his phone and read the message. "Casey: Report to Castle, now, moron" even though Chuck was now his boss, both at the Buy More and Carmichael Industries, Casey still called him moron, but only when Sarah was not around. He knew better than to taunt Chuck with Sarah around, especially after the Thailand incident.

Casey had found a new respect for Sarah and although he would never admit it, even under threat of torture the way she handled herself in Thailand, scared him, former, Colonel John Casey, United States Marine Corps was Scared of Walker or to be precise, Langston Graham's Wild Card Enforcer.

Just as Casey was reflecting on the whole Thailand incident, in walked the "Nerd," "Hey Casey, what's up?"

"Walker left this for you"

"What is it?"

Casey then proceed with grunt number 62 - the, I don't know, don't want to know grunt and handed him the piece of paper.

"Ok, should have seen that one coming!", "Casey, we should be receiving our first shipment of tactical equipment, can you oversee the inventory and ensure nothing is missing."

Then came grunt number 18 - the, will do, just make sure no one disturbs me while I'm sorting the weapons out.


"What now Bartowski?" Casey asked with more than a little touch of anger in his voice.

"I'm going to call a meeting of all Carmichael Industries staff this evening at 19:00, will you have all the tactical equipment sorted and filed by then? We still need ideas for the outfitting of Castle, we will also be offering permanent staffing positions as well, so I will need the security panels up and working to ensure all staff get their security clearance passes."



As the sliding door opened from what used to be the Orange, Orange, the new Chief Operating Officer of the Buy More and Carmichael Industries, started to look round "her" new business venture. Looking down at the still empty room that was Area 2. Looking in through the sliding doors of Area 4, she could see the new conference table and chairs and as she descended the stairs heading towards the conference room, she noticed the big burly man in the armoury.

"Hey Casey" she called out hoping not to startle him with his new M107 Sniper Rifle. Which he was caressing as he placed it on its shelf.

"Walker" He replied in his usual style, "What are you doing here?" "I thought I was the only one going to be down here until later." Even though Sarah was now married and officially, Mrs Sarah Lisa Bartowski, it got confusing if all three Bartowskis' were around, so he continued to call her by her former cover name. If anyone else called her "Walker", they would be told in no uncertain terms, it's Bartowski.

"Sorry Casey, work to do, and I can't get it done upstairs with the two creeps stalking me up there!" Sarah said with a small sigh.

With a small chuckled grunt Casey replied "I know what you mean." "Can't you just fire their asses and do us all a favour?" "It would make the Buy More easier to live with, with those two numb nuts gone!"

Sarah again sighed, "If it was up to me, they would have been fired when we bought the place, but Chuck has to be Chuck. He said I couldn't fire them as it would be bad for the cover. You know what he's like Casey, he sees the best in everybody, which is usually a good thing. But with those two I could quite easily pull out my gun and shoot them!"

Again Casey just grunted and chuckled at the same time, as Casey had, had the same thought many time over the past five and a bit years in the Burbank Buy More.

"Casey" Sarah said quietly, "I'm going for a run, if Chuck comes back will you let him know?"

Again Casey gave one of his customary grunts, to acknowledge her request.

Burbank Boulevard


Sarah was just completing her fifth lap of Burbank Boulevard, when her phone began to ring on her arm strap. Looking down at the display it showed a picture of one her bridesmaids. She answered it in her usual agent way.

"Bartowski Secure but in public" as she said those words a small smile crossed her face whilst still running.

"Miller Secure but in public" - "Hey Walk-"

Carina, was instantly cut off by her friend on the other end of the phone. "Carina, it's no longer Walker, it's Bartowski!"

"Ok" Carina replied sheepishly.

"What do you want Carina?" Sarah said in a slightly breathless tone from her running

"Zondra and I were hoping you could pick us up from Bob Hope Airport at 6?"

"Sure I'll be there" Sarah replied whilst still running

"Sarah?" Carina asked in a playful tone "Are you and Chuckles doing something I shouldn't be hearing? You seem a little out of breath!" With a little chuckle Carina hung up the phone before the blonde could reply.

Sarah just started shaking her head whilst trying hard not to just hunch over with laughter. Sarah then looked down at here watch to see the time was now 4.50pm and she had about another 2 miles to get back to Castle to pick up the Lotus, then about another 20 minute drive back to the apartment to get showered and changed. This wouldn't allow her much time to get back to the Airport to pick up the rest of the CAT Squad and get back to Castle for the 7pm meeting. By this time Sarah had quickly turned on her heels and was sprinting back to the Buy More Plaza. Out of breath she hunched over the Lotus and began calling Chuck.

"Hey Honey" said Chuck in a smiling tone, "What's up?"

"Do you have one of the Herders there with you?" She said panting out of breath

"Sarah what's going on? You sound exhausted! Is someone following you?, Do you need me to call Casey?" Chuck's worry was evident in the way he was starting to babble.

"No, Chuck I'm fine, I have just been on a run when Carina called asking for a lift at 6, the only trouble is the Lotus wont fit Zondra, Carina and their luggage at the same time."

Chuck relaxed instantly letting out the breath he had been holding in whilst Sarah talked. "Yeah, I have a herder here, but only company staff are allowed to drive it! Company policy."

"Chuck, you do realise that I own that company now, don't you!" She said in a slight mocking tone. "Ok so I will need to use it when I get home" "Will you be ready when I get home so we can pick the girls up together?"

Casa Bartowski - Courtyard


Sarah had just arrived at the apartment, when she saw Devon coming out of his and Ellie's apartment. She waved at Devon and gave him her customary greeting smile. She shouted over to him.

"Hey Devon, did you get Chuck's text message?"

Devon replied "Hi Sarah, no I didn't get a text off him, but Ellie has said we were going to meet you at the Buy More at 7. What's going on? Is this more spy stuff?"

"Devon are you able to make it for 7?"

"Ellie says were going to meet you, so I guess so."

"Ok, Chuck and I will explain everything later. Just make sure you park outside the Orange, Orange, we will meet you there. See you later."

Sarah entered the apartment, doing a quick visual sweep of the Living room and the kitchen. She then called out for Chuck. When no reply came, she entered further into the apartment, closing the front door quietly. Checking down the hallway, she could hear the water running in the shower. She sighed slightly and noticed the light on underneath the Bathroom door. She knocked on the door and called out his name again.

"Chuck, are you in the bathroom?"

"Hey Honey, yeah, I'm in the shower, won't be long. You can join me if you like!" Chuck shouted the last part in a playful way.

She knew if she was actually in the bathroom that he would be probably be giving her the eyebrow dance, to wind her up and to see if she would react to one of his little flirting techniques, which always got a raise out of her.

"Not now Chuck" She said with a small amount of disappointment in her voice. "Maybe later though" She smiled at this last comment she had made. Here she was, Sarah Bartowski, refusing her and her husband an intimate moment. However she knew if they started this, they would not make picking up Carina and Zondra and definitely end up missing their meeting that they had arranged with the rest of the family and friends at Castle.

"Hurry up Chuck, I still need to shower as well. Leave the shower on when you come out."

Sarah made her way back to the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator and took out the orange juice. Even to this day thinking of the incident with Morgan and her discussing the orange juice, still made her cringe but also laugh as well, seeing how anxious and terrified he was, when he had noticed what she had been wearing.

She shouted out again to Chuck, "Hey Chuck, Do you want some orange juice?"

"Sure, that would be great!" As he wandered across the hallway to their bedroom. "Bathroom is free"

She quickly entered the bedroom gave Chuck a quick kiss and then spun herself round to go back to the bathroom.

"Chuck, we have less than ten minutes to get out of here, so we can pick the girls up. Are you going to be ready?"

"Sure Honey, look at who your talking to….." Chuck tilts his head to the side with a small smirk.

"Chuck, I'm serious! Can you put some clothes out for me so when I get out of the shower it's all ready for me?" The last part was shouted as she had closed the bathroom door.

Sarah had showered and ready to leave just as Chuck was doing up his shoe laces on his High top Chuck Taylors.

"You ready?" Sarah asked

"Yeah let's go" replied Chuck.

Before he could move, he had been enveloped in a Sarah hug, pulling his head down for a quick kiss. Once the kiss had finished, Sarah looked up at Chuck.

"I've missed you" She said with her Chuck smile beaming across her face.

"I bet I've missed you more" replying with the Bartowski patented smile. "Now, let's go." Before he knew what was happening the herders car keys had been snatched from his hand.

To which Sarah had told him as she was running through the doorway "I'm driving."

Chuck just sighed and let out a laugh at how cute his new bride was, Cute but very, very deadly.