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Gunter Residence

Salisbury, MD

Sarah was in their room waiting for dinner to be cooked, Sarah had tried to help…but with Mary and Ellie in the kitchen, it was impossible. So not being able to help out she found her pilot's log and routing charts for the flight to Sheremetyevo International Airport, this would be the first time in a long time that Sarah would be flying into a commercial airport, she was reading the charts so intently she hadn't even noticed that Chuck was standing in the doorway watching her with a smile on his face.

Chuck could see Sarah's suitcase was already packed, all the bags that she had acquired during their unexpected shopping trip were gone…Chuck just shook his head. How could she pack all the clothing into that little travel bag…then he remembered. 'She's Sarah…she can do anything.'

Chuck was brought out of his thoughts. "Chuck, you do realise it's rude to stare…don't you." Sarah said without even looking up from the charts. The smile on her face told him that she found it adorable that even now…five years on he still made her feel like a school girl with a crush.

Coming closer into the room he eased himself down behind her on the bed so he could look over her shoulder to see what she was doing. Once he was in position, he leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the crown of her head. "So what are we looking at." Chuck asked interested in getting to know another of Sarah's passions.

Sarah showed him the charts explaining which each chart meant and the reason behind all the charts. They hadn't realised how long they had been sat there until Mary called up from the kitchen saying the food was ready.

At the merest mention of food they heard the patter of feet almost running past their bedroom door. Both knew that Morgan was already making his way down to the kitchen. They both couldn't help but roll their eyes and smile. "Do you ever think he will grow up." Sarah asked.

Chuck shook his head even though she couldn't see it, she felt the movement of his frame against her back. "Nope…" He replied. "Us Nerds are like Peter Pan…we never grow up."

Sarah smiled to herself…she always hoped, that he grew up, but still saved his schoolboy innocence so that he could pass it on to their kids, she knew that…someday. There would probably be a little Chuck and Sarah running around their home in Burbank…or where ever they decided to move to, if they ever thought about leaving Southern California.

Chuck had swung his lanky frame from around her an off the bed. Extending his arm to Sarah. "Come on…if dinner is ready and if Morgan and Casey are there before us, there will be nothing left."

"Do you really think that Chuck." She said with a teasing smile. "This is Ellie, we're talking about here…'Miss I cook enough for an entire army." Chuck couldn't dispute the fact.

They both heard from the hallway "I may cook a lot of extra food, but with Casey, Morgan and Devon I have to." Ellie said with a teasing tone as she continued down to her room.

Chuck and Sarah just looked at each other with a sheepish grin on their faces. It was almost like they had both got their hands caught in the cookie jar.

Once they were all round the table the banter between the family was light and happy, it seemed as though since General Beckman had gone back to Washington a weight had been lifted. The clear the air talks had gone well and that everything was in the open. They continued to laugh and joke. It was obvious that the original Team Bartowski and Carina we're looking forward to the trip to Moscow. No one really knew what lay in wait for them there.

Morgan was a little down as he had to go back to the asylum tomorrow…but he was also ecstatic to be seeing a certain brunette who was related to the big oaf who was sat next to him. That was at least going to make the trip back to Burbank a little more tolerable.

Once the evening meal had been cleaned away Chuck led Sarah out to the back yard. "See that tree and swing there." He pointed at the huge Red Oak tree in the middle of the yard. Sarah nodded. "That's one of the last things I remember about being here. Granddad pushing me on that swing, whilst mom, dad and Grandma were on the back porch watching me on the swing and Ellie on her bike. He slowly led Sarah over to the seat of the swing, looking at it he could see the ropes and the wooden seat had been renewed recently, one Sarah had sat on the seat Chuck began to push her gently.



"You miss them don't you…" She said as Chuck stopped pushing the swing.

"Yeah." He said almost like he regretted everything in his life.

Chuck quietly contemplated what had gone on in his thirty year life span, Mom and Dad leaving, Grandma and Grandpa were no longer with them.

"Chuck…" She asked quietly. "Is this about the two elderly people in the K Mart, you've been quiet and not yourself since we got back."

"Yeah." He said again. This was beginning to frustrate Sarah as usually Chuck was the open one, the one who wanted to talk about his feelings, this was still part of his family baggage. Heck she knew about family baggage, what with a con man as a father and her mother. What she would give to be able to tell the world about her mother, she really missed her, she would love to introduce Chuck to her. Sarah knew, her mother would love him as soon as she met him….even she'd fallen for him, within two or three days of meeting him, even though it had taken her more than eighteen months to finally say it to herself, which is when she thought her whole world was going to come down around her when Beckman had ordered the 49B.

Chuck had started to explain what was going on in his head, when he realised Sarah had zoned out, he'd actually moved in front of her. When he looked Sarah in the face he could see the lone tear making it's way down her cheek. Chuck brushed it away, his touch on her cheek startled her back into the real world.

"Hey you…" He said as he knelt in front of her. "You kinda zoned out there. Want to tell me what's going on in that pretty head of yours." Sarah just lunged at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, this wasn't a passionate embrace, it was an embrace of desperation. Not knowing what was going on he just stayed kneeling in front of her, he knew if he stayed there long enough, she would eventually open up to him. He wrapped his arms around her core and just started rubbing his hand up and down her back. Very rarely had he seen Sarah in this vulnerable of a state.

"Sarah…" He started hesitantly. "What's up…" he asked quietly trying to get to the bottom of things.

Mary and Ellie were undertaking one of Ellie's favourite pastimes, 'Sarah watching'as she liked to call it. Ellie knew from the way Sarah had lunged at him and clung to him like a limpet, Sarah was emotional. "I wonder what Chuck has done now." Ellie asked to no one in particular. "Do you think we should go and see." Ellie looked at Mary.

"No." Mary said placing a hand on her daughters arm. "Whatever it is those two need to sort it out between themselves."

Ellie just nodded in acceptance as they continued to watch them from the kitchen window.

"Sarah…" Chuck prompted.

"We've certainly got some family issue between the two of us haven't we." She said wiping at her eyes. Sometimes…I…I…just wished we lived a normal suburban lifestyle, no guns, no spies, no government interfering in our lives.

Chuck let out a little chuckle.

"What." Sarah said defensively. "I just can't imagine you in a minivan." He said, before leaning back to look into her eyes. That's when he saw it, he had just gone and done it again. His mouth had worked before his brain had engaged to what he was saying.

Sarah just placed her forehead on his shoulder. "So you don't think I'll be a good mom." She asked quietly, almost imperceptibly.

Chuck knew he had to get himself out of this, he had to let her know. "Sarah…you're going to be the best mom in the world." He said genuinely. "You're going to be the best because…when Sarah Bartowski puts her mind to something. No one in the world is going to stop her from completing her mission. Our daughter." She looked at him with a sceptical gaze. "Or..Or…Son, will grow up with the most loving…most protective and most cool kick ass mom in the whole wide world…a mom who can kick the butts of all the other kids mom's."

Sarah leaned back and looked at the caring and truth in his eyes. "Who said I would be the one with the minivan." She asked with more than a little teasing smile. "If I'm going to be the cool mom I'll have to have the cool car and daddy is going to be driving the minivan." She said with a wide smile.

Chuck was somewhat relieved, he'd managed to get Sarah back to smiling and teasing him. He felt like he had just dodged a bullet an angry and upset Sarah shaped bullet. He knew that was a good thing for their trip tomorrow, nobody would have thanked him if Sarah was in a mood for eleven hours in a confined space 30,000ft above the ground.

"Come on Chuck." Sarah said. "Push me again." She said sitting back on the seat of the swing.

Ellie was still sipping her coffee watching out of the window. Whatever had transpired between Chuck and Sarah, they had soon sorted and were back to their normal selves. Ellie felt a pair of arms wrap around her shoulders.

"Hey Babe…what you doing." Devon asked. He looked out the window and saw what Ellie was watching. "Ah." He said taking in the sight. "Undertaking a bit of Chuck and Sarah watching…Awesome."

Ellie nodded. "Do you ever wonder why Sarah never talk's about her mom."

"It's Sarah." He said shrugging. "She's always been a private person, even before we knew she was a spy, I always felt she was holding something back, but after meeting her father and knowing about this life she's had to deal with it must just be a defence mechanism for her, something big must have happened to her not to mention her mom. I know my mom can be overbearing at times."

Ellie turned her head towards Devon and gave him a look as much to say. 'You think.'

Devon continued. "No matter what though, she's my mother…I love her, even with all her faults. So one day, Sarah is going to need her mom…then, when Sarah realises that, that's when she will tell us." Devon looked Ellie in the eye. "Ellie…so don't push her."

Ellie rolled her eyes.

"She will let Chuck…or you know when she's ready to talk about it. Ok."

Devon and Ellie turned when they heard Sarah shriek from the back yard, they looked out of the window again to see Sarah being pushed higher and higher on the swing. Neither had seen Sarah this relaxed smiling and laughing so much as she was now. Devon leaned down and kissed Ellie on the crown of the head. "Awesome…" He said again. "Come on you…let's give them some privacy." Devon grabbed Ellie's hand and lead her back to the sitting room where Clara was quite happily slapping the toys over handle of her travel chair.

Gunter Residence

Salisbury, MD

Sarah had just begun to stir, the early morning light was just starting to trickle through the blinds. That's when she realised she had woken up uncomfortably, there was only a pillow under her head and it wasn't her usual Chuck shaped pillow. She did notice though her pillow was still behind her on the bed whilst she was grasping onto Chuck's. The sheet's felt cold, he had be gone a while, she listened out. She couldn't hear Chuck in the bathroom, there was no sound from the kitchen. When she looked at the clock it said 6:05am. She sighed. 'I should really get ready for the day.' She thought. She got out of bed and put her robe on to go in search of her missing husband.

As Sarah made her way down to the kitchen, she could hear the coffee percolator going through its routine for the morning's coffee. She stuck her head into the kitchen only to find Carina standing with her head in the fridge.

"Morning blondie." Carina said without removing her head from the fridge. "If you looking for Captain Nerd he's in the study on the computer." Before Sarah could say anything. "Do you want coffee when this is done." Half of Carina's head poked out from the side of the fridge door just to check if there maybe a knife about to impale her.

Sarah just nodded. "Thanks." As she stalked off to the study.

Reaching the study she stood in the doorway to see Chuck fast a sleep with the side of his face half on the desk and half on the keyboard. 'That's going to leave a mark for a while.' She thought with a little snigger. As she moved towards the desk to see what he was working on she leant down and kissed the side of his cheek and calling out his name quietly. Noticing he was still sleeping, she was about to lean down again and kiss him when.

Chuck started sleeping talking. "Please don't try and kiss my cheek again…I love my wife." He said groggily with his hand coming up to subconsciously wipe his cheek where Sarah had just given him a kiss. "Plus she'll kick your ass and mine if you try it again."

Sarah couldn't help but smile, he was a sleep and still wouldn't accept anyone kissing him apart from Sarah, her smile was lighting up the room. When she leaned down and whispered in his ear. "Whose kissing you Chuck." In a sultry manner. Sarah knew his reaction would to be to jerk away so manoeuvred her head out of the way as his head flew up off the desk with the keyboard still slightly stuck to his face, the keyboard clattered back down on to the desk startling him fully awake. "Morning Chuck…" she said with a happy smile.

"Sarah…I….I…" He stuttered out.

"I know Chuck…So who was trying to kiss you." She said with a teasing smile. Before he could get any redder or dig himself into a big hole she held out her hand. "Come on Chuck…coffee should be ready and we've got a long day ahead of us."

Chuck grabbed her offered hand and stood up just as she was about to start walking he pulled her back into him giving her a toe curling kiss. "Good morning Mrs Bartowski." He started after the kiss ended. "How did you sleep." He asked as they walked back towards the kitchen.

"Good…until I realised that my regular pillow was not there anymore." She said with a slight frown.

"I'm sorry." He said knowing what she meant. "I had to get some security stuff done to get us into Volkoff Industries later and you looked so peaceful sleeping there I didn't want to wake you." He said with his trademark Bartowski grin.



"I love you."

He stopped in the doorway twirling Sarah back to him and placing a kiss on her lips. "And I love you Mrs. Bartowski." He smiled.

"Don't you two ever stop." Came the grunt from behind them.

Without turning around the chorused in unison "Good morning Casey."

Casey just let out a grunt. "Sickening." As he walked past the two of them to be the first to the coffee pot.

Salisbury Ocean City Airport

Salisbury Maryland


Sarah had scheduled their flight plan for take off at 9.30 am, this gave them time to ensure that Morgan had got on the correct flight back to Burbank, Chuck had made sure that Morgan was on the flight as it had cost Carmichael Industries as substantial amount to charter a flight for him. The small LearJet 60 powered down the runway and took off into the new day.

Sarah and Casey had completed the pre flight checks, whilst Chuck was at the aircraft stand with Morgan, even though the ground staff at Salisbury had taken good care of the aircraft, Sarah and Casey had meticulously combed every square inch of the aircraft for any bugs or extra items that they may have acquired. Once both were happy, they had let Carina board whilst the ground staff stowed the baggage in the hold. Again the NSA badge of Casey came in handy to get the questionable looks from the Police and Civil Aviation Authority cleared without any flags being raised.

"Come on Chuck." Sarah shouted from the doorway of the plane. "We've got ten minutes to get everything closed otherwise we're going to miss our slot."

Chuck ran towards the aircraft just as Casey was starting the initialisation of the engines. "Sorry Sarah, didn't realise how far the other aircraft was parked so far away from here." He said slightly out of breath.

"No problems Sweetie." She said giving him a kiss. "Now get yourself strapped in as we are." She was cut off as the tug had connected to the nose gear of the plane and had begun pushback. "Moving." She said with a smile.

Chuck always knew that smile. He knew all of her smiles and he realised that he loved every single one of them. As he sat opposite Carina, she already had her CI issued laptop out and was typing away furiously on the keyboard. "Something wrong Carina."

She looked up at him with a frustrated gaze. "You could say that, the imbecile who was my partner on my last assignment has screwed the whole op up." Chuck could see the fire in her eyes. "The idiot was only expected to bag and tag the evidence, a years op…gone because he couldn't do a simple thing and not bang the primary witness and keep her out of the hands of the Miami mafia's hands." She ran her hands through her hair. "And then they wonder why I only volunteer for solo assignments."

As they continued talking about the assignment and her previous partner, they felt the plane start to speed down the runway.

Gunter Residence

Salisbury Maryland


Ellie was sat at the kitchen table in her grandparents house, looking around she realised. How big her family had become, considering five years ago there was only herself, Devon and Chuck. Now she had acquired another young brother in Morgan, even though he had been around them for years he now felt part of the family, an older protective brother in one Colonel John Casey US Marine Corp, a sister in Sarah, a distant aunt now in the form of Brigadier General Diane Beckman and her mother had returned. Even with a six month old baby…her baby Clara and all the family that had been around her in the last week.

The house felt empty and eerily quiet. Devon had found the gym downstairs. Ellie still couldn't believe that knowing her father and grandfather, neither worked out, her daughter was now down for a nap after being woken at seven by the biggest kid of the lot…her idiotic, genius of a brother stomping around trying to get the spy team ready to go to Moscow.

She would now just have to wait until Mary arrived back at the house from taking the team to the airport to talk to anyone.

Somewhere Over the Atlantic Ocean

10:30 EST

Sarah had just let Casey take the first stint in the cockpit of the plane, they decided that both would be there for landing and take off and they would do four and a half hours each to allow the other to rest and recharge. Sarah had taken the early rest period and had just sat next to Chuck when the monitors on the aircraft flashed with the NSA Logo and then the usual sour face of the general appeared split screen with Casey in the other.

"General…" All members of the team said in unison.

"Good…you're all there." She said in her commanding voice.

"What's going on General." Sarah asked.

"This morning we received some intelligence from an unknown source, that one of high security prisoners in an NSA Super Max was terminated."

Carina spoke up not letting the General finish, usually everyone on the Team knew to never to interrupt her whilst she went through her list of information. "General…what does that have to do with us."

To say the Beckman's death glare had softened over the years towards her best team was a gross overestimation. Diane Beckman was a master at cutting an agent down with just the look she was giving Carina.

"Well Agent Miller, If you would listen…I was getting to that." 'Beckman thought to herself, I love being able to do that.'

"Sorry General…please continue." Sarah said trying to diffuse any potential flash points.

Chuck was struggling to keep in his snigger, he had been on the receiving end of the death glare more times than he cared to remember, so someone else getting the stink eye made him smile. Noticing his smile Carina kicked Chuck hard in the shins under the table.

"Thank You Sarah…As I was saying…the prisoner was." The General's side of the screen came up with the mug shot of the prisoner.

Sarah could instantly feel Chuck tense when he saw the picture. "Yes Chuck…Daniel Shaw is dead." Beckman said trying to keep an even tone, even though to the people sat around the monitor, they could see the pleased look in the General's eyes. The General paused waiting for anyone to field a question.

Carina looked back and forth between Chuck and Sarah. Noticing that Chuck had suddenly stilled, what she saw in Chuck's eyes, actually scared her, she had never seen Chuck show any hatred and anger towards anyone, yet this person looked as though he could turn Chuck from a mild mannered nerd, to actual wanting to kill someone.

"Chuck…" Sarah said trying to get him to look at her.

"General…" Casey stepped in. "Do we have any information on how and why he was killed."

"Yes Colonel, it looks like the 'Ring' Intersect is flawed, he had tried to attack four of my men earlier in the day, after a visit from Clyde Decker. He had an unauthorised Doctor sedate him last night…it seems as though Shaw flashed on the Doctor, the flash overloaded his neural pathways causing irreconcilable damage to his brain, he was pronounced dead at 9am this morning."

With the previous times Shaw had managed to avoid dyeing Chuck spoke up. "General…are we sure that this time Shaw is actually…dead."

The sour demeanour didn't change from Beckman's face. "Yes Chuck…I am very sure, I had several of my best, check, double check and triple check that, that bastard was dead."

Sarah eyed Chuck warily…she could tell the range of emotions he was going through, as his shoulders slumped, he ran his fingers through his hair.

Carina took up the line of questions for the General. "General…you said that Decker was seen in his cell at the Super Max how come they left Shaw with an Intersect at a prison…when they removed Chuck's when they did the wash order on them."

"That's a good question Agent Miller, one I have been trying to get answered by the Director of the CIA, who at this moment in time is not responding to my emails and phone calls." The General raised her eyebrow accusingly. "This whole Shaw situation is messed up beyond recognition."

Casey had been listening intently whilst flying the plane. "General…do we have anything on the Doctor, who was at his cell the night before."

"No Casey…the Agents that were posted at Shaw's door said that he had the highest clearance that they had ever seen…actually higher than my clearance, the name on the biometric clearance card was 'Agent C'. It also seemed that the video surveillance went down as well at the same time as this was happening. So to me it had been an orchestrated assassination of Shaw. Whether this is another internal strike or a person getting even with Shaw…we have to treat this with the greatest confidentiality. The only other thing noted that was said about the 'mysterious' Doctor by the guards was he was an elderly man, not the usual NSA…CIA medical staff who are all usually retired by their late fifties."

There was a grunt of acknowledgement from Casey, nods from Sarah and Carina, whilst Chuck just sat there not saying a word. Contemplating what he had just been told.

Beckman continued. "I know you are on your way to Moscow to close out Volkoff Industries, so be extra vigilant whilst your there. If that is all." She asked not expecting a reply as her finger hung over then terminate call button, Chuck spoke.

"General does my mom know anything of this incident."

"No Chuck…I was about to inform her after I had spoken to your team."

"Ok…thank you General." Chuck replied.

"If there is nothing else." She looked at the feeds on her monitor and terminated the conference call as she always did without a goodbye or any type of pleasantries.

Carina looked at Chuck and then Sarah and then back to Chuck. She knew Sarah and Chuck needed to talk privately. "So I will take Casey a drink then." She said somewhat annoyed at not being let in on the conversation.

Sarah looked up apologetically to her best friend, trying to convey that without actually speaking. Carina nodded in acceptance of the apology. As Carina made her way to the cockpit, Chuck let out a long sigh.

"Come on Chuck talk to me." Sarah pleaded, whilst rubbing her hand trying to comfort him.

"Sarah would you think any less of me…if I said…I'm glad he is dead." He asked looking directly into her eyes.

Sarah knew that Chuck could read her like a book, by just watching her eyes. Without hesitation or any type of doubt. "No…Chuck, I don't think any less of you, Shaw killed your father in cold blood, you shot him to protect…a not so innocent life, my life."

Chuck just sighed again. "Sarah…he took so much away from my family when he killed my dad, but that wasn't the worst thing."

Sarah looked at him quite shocked that he had said that wasn't the worst thing Shaw had done to him. "Chuck…there can't be anything worse than that."

"No Sarah…the worst thing he ever did was try to take you away from me…without you…what would be the point." Again he sighed.

Sarah put her hand to Chuck's jaw to pull his head back to look at her, with a little more venom in her voice than she intended. "Don't you ever let me hear you say that again Chuck."

He looked at her shocked at the fierceness in her tone.

"This world needs you in it Chuck…there are not enough good people in the world, you have always been a good person…that's why I fell in love with you…don't ever forget that."

Chuck could only nod, he knew if he tried to speak now or saying anything else it would really annoy Sarah, and annoyed Sarah was not something on the top of his want to see people.

Gunter Residence

Salisbury Maryland


Ellie had spoken to Mary a few minutes before as Mary was on her way to the store to pick up some essentials and to tell Ellie to keep the house in lockdown until she got back. So Ellie had gone to pace the hallways of the house. When she came to the study door. Looking at the computer system that Chuck had been working on this morning, she sat down in front of the monitor. Logged in to the system to see what she had access to.

Ellie browsed the file system, making sure not to actually delete anything from the system, when she came across a folder. 'Image retention, recall and subliminal image recognition.' Ellie opened the folder which contained only word processing documents and sub folders. 'Let's have a look at these.' Ellie thought to herself.

She opened the documents one by one, they all seemed to be marking sheets for tests. Noticing there were further subdirectories in the main folder she opened one by one until she found the executable files. Double clicking on the first she looked at the image on the screen. Ellie undertook the tests to see what scores she would get. She did each test individually noting all the answers on the pad next to her.

Somewhere over Minsk, Belarus

20:00 European Summertime

The flight had been a fairly straightforward flight apart from a bout of turbulence over Germany, the team were preparing for descent into Moscow, Casey and Sarah had taken there allotted time to rest without hesitation, both would need to be refreshed for the final approach and landing at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Sarah and Chuck had slept in the rear cabin, whilst Carina had slept on the pull out bed.

Casey on the other hand just found the nearest seat deposited himself into it and was a sleep in seconds. Chuck had gone back into the rear cabin to continue with his work whilst Casey had stayed in the main passenger area. Chuck knew better than to poke that bear with a stick.

So now that they had all arisen from there various parts of the plane the Captain announced over the intercom. "Chuck…Carina, strap in, we are going to hit some serious storms going into Moscow and we are going to have to circle for a little while." Sarah said trying to relay how serious it was.

Both Carina and Chuck finished their last sentences on their laptops. Chuck hit send on his email, it would take a couple of minutes for his plan to come to fruition.

Carina had just placed her laptop in the CI Laptop bag that Chuck had provided. She looked at the logo on the top of the bag and laptop. 'No harm in shameless promotion if you can get away with it.' She thought to herself.

Sarah had been studying the weather radar when air traffic control had cleared them for direct approach into Sheremetyevo and the controller had asked her to wish Mr. Volkoff well. Sarah just looked at Casey. "How the hell does Volkoff know where coming." She asked slightly worried.

Chuck had just been to the little boys room when he heard Sarah talking to Casey. "Uhhh, guys, that may have been me." He said with a small self conscious smile.

Sarah just eyed him suspiciously, whilst Casey asked. "What have you done now numb nuts."

"Casey." Sarah chided. She hated it when people talked to Chuck like that. "Well…" she asked.

"I may have hacked into Volkoff's email account and asked his secretary to email the airport and tower to get them to get us down quicker." He said trying to show he used some initiative,

"You should of told us what you were doing Chuck…you never know who of Volkoff's enemies could be hacked into any of the systems here in Russia." Sarah said with more than a little concern in her voice.

Casey just grunted. "Great…now the commies know were incoming. Good work 'Chuck'." Casey knew that they would have to be extra vigilant now. He was all for coming in under the radar, 'get in get out', simple, but as usual Bartowski had other ideas.

Sarah just had to shake her head, looking back at Chuck, he had that look on his face, the look like a just kicked puppy.

"I thought I was helping." He said as he walked back into the cabin and sat down.

Carina had heard all what had gone on. She was going to tease him about being an idiot, but thought better of it. She would join in later with Casey.

Gunter Residence

Salisbury Maryland


Ellie had taken all the test that she was able to gain access to, she had marked them up to the standard of the instructions. 'Not bad…' She thought, Ninety Seven percent on all the Image retention, recall and subliminal image recognition tests. She looked through the rest of the folders and noticed an encrypted database file. She double clicked on it. Opening up the database programme, she noticed straight away the name that sat at the top of the list.

Ellie gasped in shock and pulled her hand up to her mouth. Mary who had arrived back had heard her daughter gasp from the kitchen came running into to the study.

"Ellie…what is it." She asked very concerned by her daughters appearance and agitated state.

Mary came around behind her and checked the screen. The concern that was registered on Ellie's face was now shown on Mary's. Ellie had taken the tests that determined the suitability of Intersect hosts. The only person above her score was….her son Charles Irving Bartowski and the next person after that was only at Eighty nine percent. Both Bartowski siblings were the only compatible hosts for the Intersect. Was this coincidence or had Stephen and her father actually created this for them.

To say Mary was livid, would be an understatement. She really couldn't shout at Stephen for this as he was no longer with them. Mary grabbed control of the computer and shut it down. Grabbing Ellie by the arm, she pulled her daughter out of the study and into the kitchen. There was a new pot of coffee brewing, but news like this need something far stronger.

Sheremetyevo International Airport

21:00 European Summertime

Sarah had landed the plane with the minimum of fuss and was just parking the aircraft as instructed by the ground crew. Waiting for the relevant signals, they powered down the engines as usual.

Sarah looked over to Casey. "Casey can you deal with the ground crew, I need to speak to Chuck."

Casey just looked at her grunted his acceptance and said under his breath. "Lady feelings…that's all that I need, in this commie crackpot country."

Sarah turned back to Casey. "I heard that Casey."

With that Casey had the door open with Chuck allowing Carina out first. Casey turned back to look at Chuck, "You're not going anywhere yet Bartowski, Walker wants a word with you." He couldn't keep the twisted smile from his face.

"Sarah." He asked unsure what she wanted to say to him.

The scowl on her face made sure he knew she wasn't happy. "Chuck, I know you tried to save us some time, but that was dangerous putting us in connection with Volkoff. People know he's been off the grid for the last six months and his name comes up from an American registered aircraft coming into Russian airspace is dangerous Chuck." She sighed. Sarah always hated to admonish Chuck for doing the quintessential Chuck Bartowski thing, just being Chuck, trying to help everyone he could.

"I'm sorry Sarah, I just thought it would help with the storm coming in." He said sadly bowing his head.

"Chuck…just let me know before you do these things…okay."

"Okay." He replied shyly.

Sarah was just about to give him a quick kiss to tell him, she had forgiven him. When Casey's voice from outside shouted. "Walker…Bartowski, get out here we've got company."

Sarah let out a guttural growl almost reminiscent of Casey. As she stalked her way towards the exit of the plane. Putting her hand back to the handle of the gun in her waistband. Chuck followed suit, by grabbing his tranq gun.

Exiting the plane, they noticed a large stretched limousine pulled up in front of the Aircraft.

As all of Team Bartowski were stood at the ready to pull their weapons. The driver got out of the car and came round and opened the door. Out stepped a small women in her sixties. She eyed up Carina and Casey and then stopped at Sarah.

Sarah's eyes widen in amazement, she hadn't seen this woman since she infiltrated Volkoff Industries a year ago. She quickly strode up to Sarah and placed her in a hug, which Sarah reciprocated. Carina, Casey and Chuck stood there gawping in amazement. "I like what you've done to your hair Sarah, looks better like that the black that you had last time I saw you."

Looking around at everyone and seeing their faces Sarah thought she better explain. "Phyllis Entwisthle, this is my team Carina Miller." Carina just nodded. "John Casey." Casey just grunted. "And last but certainly not least, my husband Chuck Bartowski." Everyone, this is Phyllis, Hartley's or Alexei Volkoff's Assistant.

Chuck walked over towards Sarah, putting his arm around Sarah's waist and offering his hand to greet Phyllis. "It's nice to finally meet you Ms. Entwisthle." He said with his trademark Bartowski grin.

"Please call me Phyllis." She said still with her very broad English accent. "So you're the one that tamed our little firecracker then."

"Well…I wouldn't say tamed." Chuck turned to Sarah and gave her a smile.

"Okay let's not stay out here too long otherwise you will all freeze." She clapped her hands twice. Two burly guards appeared from out of the back of the limo. Phyllis barked out the orders in perfect Russian to the two bodyguards. Boris and Vladimir picked all the luggage up and placed it into the trunk of the vehicle. "Shall we." She gestured for all of them to get into the limo.

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