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Chapter 7

Jake woke up groggily in a room filled with pillow in different shapes and colors. Thumbelina yawned and said softly as she got up, "Looks like its morning." Rachel yawned and rested on Jake's chest as she said sleepily, "Jake, my Jake…" Jake smiled down at his girlfriend and Jake felt the room moved and he asked as he hanged on to the golden poles, "Why is the room moving?"

Danny said with a grin as he poked his head out between the curtains, "That's because we're on a moving animal." Jake poked his head and saw Dragonriders carrying them to a city. Jake yelled curiously, "What is that place?" Danny said with a smirk as he flew, "That my friend is Agrabah, where I hope Zuko is at." Jake looked at the Dragonriders and said in awe, "I never saw so many Dragonriders before."

Danny said with a smile, "Well, that's because you are to be the future king." Jake sighed and said sadly after Danny left, "I don't if I want to be King of Atlantica." Jake then heard Mushu said as if Jake had lost his mind, "Boy are you crazy? Being the King is what you wanted." Jake said worried and confused, "I don't know, Mushu. Looking after all of this…maybe I can't be king."

Rachel asked seriously, "Do you remember why you wanted to be king?" Jake looked back on what he had said to the Pagemaster and said after he chuckled, "I wanted to make sure no one suffered and die because of me or my family." Iago said with a greedy smile, "I heard Agrabah is making bets at the Tournament." Jake asked curiously with worry, "What Tournament, Iago?"

Iago yelped and Jake asked seriously, "What Tournament, Iago?" Iago explained as he flew onto Jake's shoulder, "Well rumor has it they rounded up animals and get the strongest fighters to face them." Mushu asked worried, "What happens to the losers?" Iago pretend to hang himself and Rachel gasped out of fear and horror. Jake said seriously, "Iago, tell the other Dragonriders to move it now." Iago nodded his head and flew off to tell the other Dragonriders of the danger that the group was informed.


Jim groaned and opened his eyes slowly and saw almost everyone captured and trapped in cages. Jim asked horrified, "What happened here?" Sinbad said seriously, "We were captured, Jim. They have almost taken everyone of our kind." Jim and Sinbad heard a malice voice, "Just the way your kind should be. Locked up like animals." It was a white and red feathered peacock wearing white and red robes. The peacock came down the stairs and said with an evil smile, "Hello, Sinbad." Sinbad growled and said angrily, "Shen."

Shen said with an evil smile as he walked towards Jim, "Ah, the young Hawkins boy. So much like your father." Jim growled and Shen asked with an evil smile as he took out his sword, "Tell me, Sinbad, how are you at fighting?" Sinbad growled and said angrily and seriously, "Let me out Shen and I'll show how well I fight."

Shen said dryly as he sheathed his sword, "Tempting Sinbad, but I have orders from my King to make sure you and your family suffers as all of you watch your race fall." Sinbad growled and said angrily and seriously, "I will not bow to a false king." Shen sighed and said dryly and unimpressed, "Very well." Shen was leaving and before he left, he said with an evil smile, "Oh, Sinbad, I forgot something to tell you. Your father is in the ring fighting one of the girl's friends."

Sinbad's eyes widened with fear and his veins turned into ice as he looked at Shen. Shen said viciously as he closed the door, "Goodbye." Jim asked seriously and worried, "Dad, who was that?" Sinbad sighed sadly and explained seriously, "That was Shen. The traitor to our kind and the one who betrayed the Pagemaster." Jim said curiously, "I thought it was just the Grand Head Councilor who studied under the Pagemaster."

Sinbad explained sadly and seriously, "Sadly no. You see there were two apprentices and this was before Shen was evil, before his heart turned black. Shen and the Grand Head Councilor were good friends and both of them were under the study of the Pagemaster. Both of them trained hard to see who was going to earn the title of Grand Head Master."

Jim asked curiously and seriously, "What happened to them?" Sinbad said sadly and seriously, "When the day of becoming the Grand Head Master was upon them, both the Grand Head Councilor and Shen were at the temple waiting with anticipation as their master came out of the screen door and he held the Scroll." Jim said with a smile, "The Scroll of Passage."

Sinbad nodded his head and said as he continued the story, "The Pagemaster had looked at Shen but only he saw darkness in his heart. When he looked at the Grand Head Councilor, the Pagemaster told his students that our Grand Head Councilor was chosen. Shen broke out in an outrage saying that he was robbed of his future and that his master chose poorly. Shen lead the wolf clan into Atlantis and wage war on our kind. But only our Grand Head Councilor could stop the madness that Shen had created."

Shen yelled angrily as he fought Mickey against his sliver rapier and against his flaming styled sword, "You've taken my future from me, Mickey." Mickey said seriously and honestly as he defended himself, "I didn't take your future, Shen. Our master chose who was to be the Grand Head Councilor, not me." Shen yelled angrily with malice, "I will never stop till our kind is destroyed and wiped away from this world."

Mickey yelled seriously with concern, "Shen this doesn't have to be this way." Shen yelled angrily as he attacked Mickey, "I have no choice. This is the only way." Mickey used his light magic and send Shen into a deep sleep. Mickey sighed and said as he wept with sadness, "There is always a choice Shen."

Jim asked curiously, "What happened after that?" Sinbad looked up at the starlit sky and said seriously, "Shen was sent to live in darkness and I only saw him once when I was just a boy." Jim asked seriously, "How did you feel when you saw him?" Sinbad said seriously before he clutched his fist with anger, "Malice…and hate."

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