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Merlin had hated, liked, and loved in a family way. Maybe even had crushed on Morgana and Gwen a bit.

But he had never felt anything like this before. This was big, beautiful.

He loved Freya. He really loved her. It thrilled him so much he could take anything that Arthur threw at him. (Quite literally).

For God's sake, he was ready to give everything up.

He would leave his destiny, everyone he cared about, everything. Just so he could stay with her.

Merlin would have died for her. She was the first person that he had initiated a kiss with, which was very big for Merlin.

He wanted to take her away, somewhere safe and out of harm.

If everything had gone right, they would have been halfway to anywhere that day.

Halfway to mountains, and meadows, and a lake…

Whatever she wanted.

They got there, in the end.

The end wasn't as sweet as Merlin thought it would be.

He wanted them to die together. If one died, the other would.

Merlin was thinking about it, he really was. He didn't have the heart. He hated himself for that.

It would have been so easy… Just a few words and she would be his forever.

No one would know them; no one would try and hold them down. Because if they did?

They'd get a full blast of magic in the face.

Would she still be in Morgana's dress?

That would be interesting. Merlin wondered if when Morgana died, she'd ask for it back.

No, probably not, she was nicer than that.

But what did any dreaming matter?

Freya found anywhere, and Merlin was still less than halfway there.

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