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The order echoed throughout the room. Though the one the order was intended for was well out of earshot, even for a vampire, it was still met with an answer.

"No, this is farewell, my master, Integra."

She couldn't believe what she was seeing. As the major had so "thoughtfully" prepared, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing received an up close view of Alucard, the king of vampires, fading out of existence. Not dying, but becoming nothing, a set of imaginary numbers, as the major had said. And not even a direct order from his master could stop it.

Eye closing, the vampire king's body became transparent, then faded away completely. The only evidence of him having been there at all was the bloody massacre he had left behind and the red glowing symbol that had been on the back of his gloves, residing on the spot where he had been standing.

Integra was in shock. Alucard was gone. He had actually been defeated for the first time since facing her ancestor, the great Abraham Van Helsing. Only this time, he was gone for good.

Truthfully, she had never thought he could truly be defeated. As the king of vampires, he was incredibly powerful and as close to immortal as one could get, and he had also absorbed so many lives that the thought of him dying was absurd. But the major had figured out a way. Not just to kill him, but to erase him.

Her mind drifted back to what the major had told her not too long ago. That strange cat-like boy, the warrant officer, Schrödinger, had willingly allowed himself to get absorbed by Alucard, not knowing what the warrant officer truly was. According to the major, Schrödinger carried the will of his namesake's self-observing cat; whatever the hell that meant. Both the warrant officer and the major had claimed that he was everywhere and nowhere as long as he was self-aware.

Alucard's key to his so-called immortality had been used against him. Having absorbed millions of lives and minds, Schrödinger could no longer distinguish himself from all the others that Alucard had taken into his being. Unable to recognize himself, Schrödinger had become nothing, and now being part of Alucard, made the vampire king nothing as well.

A sinister chuckle came from behind her, bringing Integra's mind back to the present, and to the man that lived for the sole purpose to make others suffer. "I did nothing on my part," the major told her, "but everything that was him has disappeared."

Integra was filled with fury, burning as hot as the flames that filled the room as she turned towards the madman, gun raised. But the major didn't seem the least bit intimidated by her, even as he sat defenseless before her.

"I have been living for the sake of this day." He continued. "I've been living for the sake of this moment. In this war of mine that I kept on losing, for the first time I WON!"

She fired, hitting the major right in the head. He fell to the ground, his insane grin still plastered on his face. But Integra didn't stop there. She fired repeatedly, wanting to blow that smirk off his face, but he kept smiling, even as his face split open and his body blew apart. Blood and mechanical parts poured from his body, but Integra's focus was still on that cocky grin on his face. Even now he wouldn't stop smiling.

"War…" he muttered. "It has been… a great war…"

Integra aimed at his head again, wanting to make sure there was no chance for his survival. "DIE!" she shouted, emptying the clip into his head. "Someone like you just needs to die!"

She kept pulling the trigger, even when she had used all her ammunition. Even with the major lying dead at her feet, she wasn't satisfied. After all the pain and suffering he had caused, she didn't think any type of death was good enough for the major. She hoped the Hell she sent him to was a thousand times worse than the one he had unleashed up the world.

"Is this what you call a good war, major?" she asked his corpse. "This cannot even be regarded as a war. Being on the verge of death for sixty years, you are now merely breathing your last breath. You need to die! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WHAT YOU DESERVED!"

(A/N: Yes, yes, I know that this chapter is really just a recap of what happened at the end of the manga, before the 30 year time gap, but that's just because this is the prologue. The next chapter is when the real plot will begin to emerge, so I hope you'll stay tuned for that.)