Melanie. This is my first Ally story, and it's basically the letters that the children would send Melanie if they had the chance, and then a note saying what they think, but don't write. Enjoy!


Hi mum,

How are you? I'm fine! Sandie's here too. She says hi. The cats had a bath today; the dog's coated them in mud. They were NOT pleased. It was quite funny, though fluffy did scratch me. Thanks a bunch fluffy. I've got a date with Billy tonight. It has been hell all day, having to physically shove Rowan out of my room, who was full of "fashion" ideas. I do not want to be stuck wearing glitter, fairy lights and those blimmin' sequins of hers. Anyway, I'd better go, because Billy has just walked in, and he's already yelling "WINSLET! LEAVE THOSE TRAINERS A… ouch!"

Ally x

Mum, I really miss you. I love you. I need to ask you so much. Come home, Ally x

Hi mum!

I'm working on a new coat, you can see it when you come home! It's purple, green and yellow! I've got matching shoes, scarves, hats, gloves and eye shadow. It's gorgeous! Oh, I'd better go Linn's here now. She… doesn't like us writing. I'll see you soon! Love you,

Ro xx

Mum, please hurry, you're meant to be home! I've got loads to tell you! Linn's being hateful. Xx


I don't have time to write, because, unlike you, I want to try and have a decent job, and I'd never run away from my family. But your too much of a hippy, fed up with us, depressed, confused. Get well soon, Linn. Not Linnhe.

Mum, you left me as a teenager. If you walked in now, I'd want to hit you and hug you. I see you in Rowan and that means I feel like that about her. You've ruined my life. I should hate you, but you're my mum and I'd do anything to have you back. Please come home mum, we all need you. Especially dad. Love Linnhe xx


When are you coming home? It's great that you're helping the children. Have you seen any animals?


I know you're not helping children who are ill. Does dad? Come home please. xxx