AN/ I liked Parked before she went out with Logan. After that I didn't, I felt she should have been more considerate of Veronica's feelings and isn't it super obvious that Logan is in love with Veronica? I think that Parker and Piz would have been more liked if they just dated each other or anyone else instead of Logan and Veronica, because when they were dating Logan and Veronica I didn't like them at all! LoVe all the way!

What if Parker asked Veronica if she still loved Logan before Logan had the chance to ask Veronica if he could ask Parker Out?

AN/ In this story Veronica accepts that she loves Logan but didn't tell him, like in the series, but she opens up to her close friends about her feelings. Lets say that Parker and her bonded over the rape situation and have become close, I think they should have, after all Veronica did risk her life solving that case. But if they were that close in the series I would have disliked Parker more. Why oh why did the writers separate LoVe?


"Veronica, do you still love Logan?" I had to know, she is my friend now, one of my very close friends. I can't hang with a guy she loves! I know that he still loves her and I'm okay with that I don't need him to be in love with me I just wanna have fun and Logan's a sweet guy but if doing that hurts Veronica I can't.

She looks startled and confused but answers "Yeah, I guess I'm always going to love him, it's not like I have a switch that can go on and off. A switch that our relationship seems to have. I know Logan since I we were twelve. I've always felt something for him, whether it was friendship, hate, love whatever it was it was there. He knows me, every side to me, he knows me as the sweet, naive innocent girl that I was before everything went to hell. He knows me as an enemy would he's seen me vengeful and experience it as well. He knows me as a girlfriend, lover whatever you wanna call it. He knows every side of me and I guess I know his as well and that creates a bond you know? I just can't let him go even if I wanted to." She says with so much passion and if not for her words her passion and her eyes tell me that Veronica Mars would never get over Logan Echolls. Even if I wanted Logan to love me he never would, the love of his life is Veronica Mars.

"Then why aren't you with him?" My eyebrows frown in confusion. I'm honestly confused if they love each other why aren't the together?

"I... I can't be with him right now, it's complicated," she ducks her head, I guess she doesn't truly open up, huh? Always hiding a part of herself. Please just trust me. I can help; just let me in for god sake.

"Why did you break up?" Well that's a start, right?

"He slept with the girl that ruined my life!" OMG! Logan cheated! That son of a... I thought he was a decent bad boy guy... bad boys aren't decent! Should a known.

"He cheated on you!" I shout in complete utter shock.

"What? NO! Logan would never cheat on me, we were broken up at the time." She says wide eyes and looks down. Well I guess he's still a decent guy but wait they were broken up?

"So he was single and he slept with someone else?" I'm so confused maybe I shouldn't get involved in my friends love lives and not hang out with their ex's either

"Yeah but..." her voice is low. Okay so that's not a good excuse anymore.

"Then I don't see what the problem is," honestly I don't, Logan is a great guy and he's super hot.

"She drugged me! It's her fault that I was raped!" She screams, OMG no wonder she feels like this, I really had no idea what went on in her life.

"Oh Veronica I'm so sorry," I really am, I just wanted to help, not make her cry.

"Yeah, wanna know his excuse? He was drunk!" She sobs as she screams.

"I know that I don't know much about your relationship but I don't think Logan would intentionally hurt you," I hope she realizes that and takes him back

"No you just don't understand that was what my mother did and what happen in the end? She left me! And Logan will too..." she sounds weak? I never heard her so fragile before, she's afraid Logan's gonna leave her.

"Logan loves you," I say and I really do believe that. Anyone will believe that with the way he looks at her. Hell the way they look at each other. Maybe that's why she's hurting so much because she loves him that much.

"My mother said she loved me too." She say's gaining confidence as she talks, I remember her saying her mother left when she was in high school, aren't parents meant to protect their children? Her mom's actions just messed with Veronica's mind more.

"But the difference is that Logan is still here, didn't you say that high school was hell, why did he stay?" Because he loves you and didn't wanna hurt you unlike other people.

"He was accused of murder, he couldn't flee the country." She says as if it was the most obvious answer.

"I heard about that, so it is true huh? Anyway the point is why did he stay in Neptune?" Come on Veronica you are a smart girl after all I don't wanna have to spell it out for you.

"It's his home," she says convinced that it's the truth. I guess I have to spell it out after all.

"Home is where the heart is and the only person he loves is still in Neptune, maybe?" I point out for her to consider "Look I don't know what happened back then but don't you think you should think about it?" I can't give her answers I wasn't there, so how would I know? "If this girl ruined your high school life don't let her ruin the rest of your life. Logan probably didn't even know who it was."

"You're really insightful you know that? But She said that... in the store... she knew what type of lingerie he liked!" Oh well this is a rather unwanted surprise and Veronica getting uncomfortable.

"I bet she did it to make you jealous, doesn't she like hate you?" I try teeny blooper talk in likes of making her comfortable

"I don't know! And he just... he didn't defend himself! The one time I wanted him to, he didn't. The one time I didn't go looking for the true, it came and laughed in my face! And now every time I close my eyes it's like a freaking record playing nonstop! I just... It hurts, it hurts so much."

Oh Veronica, you really shouldn't have this much pain, I want to help, I just don't know how.

"You should talk to him... Maybe you just need to really know what happened and have peace with what happened and you can get over it and you and Logan and work out your issues once you stop seeing him naked with another woman," I try making the last part a joke

"I don't know! What if he's had enough of me? Girls through themselves at him while I'm right next to him, I think now it will be even worse. What if he has a girlfriend already?" Oh gosh! He doesn't! He is trying to get over you or make you jealous but HE STILL LOVES YOU!

"It doesn't matter! He loves you and you love him! Now fight for it! Fight for him. Promise me you'll talk to him Veronica" I know I sound like a spoilt brat but don't spoilt brats always get what they want in the end?

"Parker I..."

"No no no, if you don't I will scream now pinky promise!" I practically demand with my pinky stuck out.

"Okay I pinky promise" She agrees with a small smile and links her pinky with mine and I giggle. Thank goodness!

"Hey guys sorry I'm late" Mac says as she closes the door.

"It's okay Mac, Parker is great company... I really think you should consider becoming a counselor, you are way better than my schools guidance counselor, you know she dated my dad!" She does a shudder at the end and I giggle more, well at least she appreciates it.

"Veronica, are you okay? You look like you've been crying." Mac comes over and hugs Veronica... Wow Mac never hugs anyone, only on really rare occasions. Then again Veronica never cries either.

"She's okay Mac, we were just having girl talk," I say assuring her.

"Well if girl talk ends like this, thank god I skipped it!" Mac says dramatically.

"You know it's not that bad, in fact we should do this again with more food." We all laugh, boy could that girl eat!


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