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~~Neptune Grand Logan and Dick's Suite- Night~~

Wallace concentrated hard as he took notes from The Women that played on television. Veronica was stretched out on the couch with her head on Logan's lap as he played with her golden locks.

"I can't believe this is a class," Veronica said with a sceptic look on her face.

"Hey, without film studies, how will we know what movies mean?" Wallace remarked.

"So...Mac didn't say anything...about the whole party...thing?" Dick asked.

Veronica grinned at him, Dick hadn't gotten a chance to talk to Mac, on the way home Mac had fallen asleep. Everyone was exhausted because they had hardly gotten any sleep.

"Like how you sang Drive-By in front everyone and then you two made out in the hall and then she ran out on you like you did her the night before?" Veronica said all in one breath.

Logan and Wallace tried to stifle their laughter at him.

"Why don't you call her?" Veronica suggested.

"I did, once. After we got home," Dick admitted.

"Dick, that was yesterday," Veronica shook her head at him.

"Yeah but how would you interpret her mood?" He quizzed.

"Seriously Dick?" Veronica propped herself up from Logan's lap.

"Yeah," He answered and looked at her as if she had lost her smartness.

She sighed and said, "She's normal."


"She's just tired. I'm sure she'll talk to you tomorrow."

Dick looked much happier at that answer and was about to head to his room when Veronica called, "Train dude, grab me a bottled water, will ya."

Dick raised an eyebrow at her but obliged. When he hands it to her he said, "It's The Train Dude to you."

~~Hearst Food Court- Day~~

"Guess what?" Piz exclaimed into the phone, he notices Logan and Veronica and decides to walk toward them.

"Chicken butt?" Hannah answered.

"What?" He asked with confusion.

"It rhymed," She frowned. "In my head."

"You know My Pretty Pony?"

Logan and Veronica look at Piz with amusement but Logan gets a glint of excitement in his eye at the mention of 'My Pretty Pony'.

The party that Harper through was for friends and family but there was an after party. That's when Piz and Hannah hooked up. No, they didn't get married or attempt to get married but they began 'dating'. Veronica doesn't understand how Piz can date a scholar but didn't comment. She also didn't understand how they were going to make the distance thing work but she wished them the best.

Hannah had sung 'Call Me Maybe' to Piz. Veronica's thoughts went instantly to how the video ended, the guy was gay and her thoughts went to her arguments about Piz being gay.

She was surprised when Hannah ended the song by asking Piz if he was gay, in a way that Veronica would never have been able ask, mostly because Veronica didn't like Piz that way.

By the time Veronica snapped out of her thoughts, Logan and Piz were actually engaging in a conversation about My Pretty Pony. Well, that was something.

"Veronica, Piz is gonna get us ticket's, that's cool man."

"Uh huh, cool," Veronica said uninterested. "Logan, you have Business class now." She reminded him.

"Walk me too class?" He looked at her with his big brown puppy eyes. She laughed at his expression and playfully pushed him so he moved.

"Later Piz," She waved as Logan wrapped his arm around her waist.

~~Wallace & Carrie~~

"I'm really glad you came here," Wallace smiled.

"Home sweet home, who could possibly resist?" Carrie grinned with sarcasm.

"You know, you and Veronica grew up here but can't wait to leave," He shook his head at how similar they were even if they didn't know it. "I'm the one that came in got taped butt naked on the pole on my first day but I actually love it here."

"You never forget your first," She playfully teased.

"Ooh really? It's like that now?" He lifted an eyebrow.

"You're the one who loves it here so much," She laughed.

"I'm surprised you got all that cake out of your hair, Veronica complained for hours on end," Wallace says with a laugh. She glares at him for bringing that up.

They were at the after party; they'd been there for a while. The guys were dancing with the girls but eventually decided to take a break though the girls still had a lot of energy left, probably had to do with the amount of drinks they drank.

As time passed, they decided to head toward the guys and unfortunately for Logan, Veronica heard him call another girl hot.

"Uh oh," Dick sounded out, "Busted!" He looked at an angry Veronica in the back of Logan.

Logan turned around, his body suddenly tensed.

Veronica had a drink in her hand and she snarled, "If she's so hot, maybe you need to cool down." She lifted her drink and poured it all over his gelled hair. Her lips then changed into a self-satisfied smirk. She was also pleased that he was seated because she would have had a problem doing that if he were standing; giraffe.

Everyone whistled and 'ooh-ed'.

Logan's mouth dropped open with shock, he let out a sound of disbelieve. He then stood and grabbed Veronica by her arm. He pulled her closer and whispered, "But you're hotter." He held a cup of water and poured it over her head. She sucked in a deep breath, shocked that he would retaliate. Her self-satisfied smirk now graced the lips of one Logan Echolls.

She shook her head and marched away from him, only to go to the table that held the cakes and treats. She took a piece of strawberry cake, Logan hated strawberry cake, and her lips curved. "Honey," She tapped his shoulder, "You're looking a little pale," She smashed the cake in his face.

Logan stood with shock as he felt the cream slip down his face. Yet he still thought Veronica looked hot when she was jealous. He laughed and whipped the cream away.

"Hey, sweetheart, you look like you need a little sugar." Veronica backed away from her boyfriend slowly. He headed toward her and she looked at him with wide eyes. She ducked away from him before he messed her with the pink cream.

When she ducked she pushed pass Carrie who lost her balance and slipped, she fell backwards hitting her hair in a vanilla cake. She screeched loudly and Veronica turned around with wide eyes. Carrie glared and jumped at the blonde so fast; Veronica would have mistaken her for a wild animal. Veronica was so shocked she didn't realise what Carrie was about to do until she already done it. She shoved Veronica's face into a cream pie.

Logan, who tried his best to hold his laugh in order to avoid Veronica throwing more food substance on him, went over to his girlfriend and picked her up, caveman style.

Once Veronica overcame her shock, she yelled at Carrie and for Logan to put her down but Logan didn't listen to her.

"Logan, you gigantic giraffe! PUT. ME. DOWN!" She shouted. Logan was amused and incredibly turned on by her. He shook his head and tried his best to hold her as tight as possible so that she couldn't move so much. But she continued to wiggle, attempting to get out of his grasp.

"Dude, that was awesome!" Dick exclaimed with bright eyes. "Let's do that again!"

"You know I'm kind of not surprised that Veronica decided to be friends with you after that," Wallace said as he thought of Veronica's embarrassed face when she had sobered up.

"Well, that doesn't mean I won't do it again," Carrie smirked.


"What is up with you?" Veronica questions as she watches Mac pick at her food.

"What?" Mac asked not paying attention.


"I don't know; it's this Dick thing. He's like I don't know."

"Was I meant to understand that?" Veronica lifted an eyebrow. "'Cause all I got was confused."

"I don't know if I should date Dick, I mean, why should I?"

"Why shouldn't you?" Veronica countered.

"Are you supporting Dick? You cannot side with him, he's got Parker on his side."

Veronica raises an eyebrow, "What?"

"It's just so complicated."


"No, I mean I like him, but do I really like-like him? He expects so much from me like a serious relationship."

"That's what you want, right?"

"Yeah but what does he think serious is? Like serious-serious or-"

"Whoa whoa, whoa, you're on overload. Chill, before you burn out." Veronica looked at her with concern and pushed a bottled water toward her. Mac took the bottle and drank gulp after gulp.

After she's calmed down a little Veronica said, "Now, speak."

"Dick Casablanca's wants to date me. He wants a serious relationship."

"Why is that scaring you?"

"What if he doesn't want it once he has it?" Mac asked a little scared.

"You're gonna have to take a risk on him, is he worth the risk?"

Veronica's phone rings; which saves Mac from answering the question, Mac looks as if she is seriously thinking about the answer.

"What's up, Piznarski?"

"Hey Veronica, I uh need your help."

~~Neptune Grand~~

Veronica paces in the lobby, waiting for the lift which finally arrives. The doors open and Logan steps out.

"Hey Sugarpuss," He goes to kiss her but she pushes him into the elevator.

"Sorry Snookums, I've waited long enough for these damned doors to open."

"Huh," Logan grins as Veronica's body is pressed on his. He leans down and captures her lips. She wraps her arms around his neck with a smile as she kisses him. He doesn't let go off her instead he deepens the kiss.

Their kiss is interrupted by the ping of the lift as it arrives at its destination. Piz is waiting.

"Oh, uh," Piz stammers but can't seem to form words. "Hey." He settles with.

"Pumpkin?" Logan looks at Veronica for explanation. Veronica exists the elevator to join Piz but Logan follows.

"Uh, yeah actually I wasn't here to do that," Veronica says. "Piz here has a case for me"

"And Nancy Drew is back in action," Logan remarks but nevertheless goes with them.

Piz shows Veronica into the suite.

"Empty. Just a hotel robe stuck in there to make it look full. Look, without those tapes, he can't-"

Desmond is on the couch, staring at a miniature bottle. There's a laptop open on the table in front of him.

"Hey, Pus, this is all we have left, which I won't touch. You need to contact management immediate-"

He looks up and spots Logan; he doesn't notice Veronica on the other side of the tall boy.

"Hey, is that your boyfriend?"

Piz looks embarrassed and Logan raises his eyebrow. Veronica makes herself visible and she is holding Logan's hand.

"Uh, no, just a friend."

"Logan. Hi. I'm not gay and I'm a really big fan," Logan went to shake his hand.

Veronica looks up at her boyfriend with amusement, he looked like a child meeting his favourite cartoon character.

He took Logan's hand but says, "You're just using him to get to me. Mercenary. I like it. You know what, I'm doing a show tomorrow night. If you want to hang backstage, Monica-"

"Actually, I'm the one that's helping you. This big guy's my boyfriend-"

"Her dad's a P.I. Uh, she's gonna help us find the woman who took the tapes."

"Hey sugarpuss, I actually, really gotta do something," Logan whispers.

Veronica resists her urge to ask what but Logan chuckles because he knows that she wants too. "I gotta do this assignment for Business."

Veronica smiles at how well Logan knows her, she nods and wishes him good luck and that she'll visit him when she's done.

~~Logan's Suite~~

Logan spends all his time after he watched that video with Dick working on his Business plan. He has a lot of pages scattered around him and decides that the only thing left is to call Mac.

Just then someone knocks on the door. Logan shrugs and says, "Veronica's got a key card." Dick glares but gets up to answer the door.

Logan presses call.

"Hey, Logan, are you that lazy that you'd rather call than walk to your door?" Mac says.

Logan looks confused for a second but then realises that it was Mac at the door.

"Hey Mac," Logan says.

Mac had actually come to talk to Dick but since Logan needs her help she decides to prolong their talk or whatever.

"What'd ya need?" She asks. Dick glares at Logan from behind Mac. Logan gives him a face that says 'Sorry dude, but my ass is on the line.'

"Are you psychic? How'd you know-"

Mac interrupts him, "Seriously?" She shakes her head at him.

Logan smirks and then starts explaining what he's thought up.

"Grade My Ass," Mac says with amusement.

"Dot net, yes."

Mac flickers through the pages layered out.

"I need to present a viable business plan for a class. I need a lowest-common-denominator website with a simple, interactive element that I can build a business plan around. You can put this together in your sleep. I'll pay."

"And the catch?"

"It's due Monday morning."

"I'll need red bull and liquorice."

"Deal." Logan lets out a sigh of relief.

~~Sheriff's department~~

Keith's name graces the door to the sheriff's office. Within the office, Keith throws some files down on his desk in frustration and shouts out.

"Sacks!" Keith shouts and then he marches to the door, still shouting. "Where are those drug stats?" Keith pauses when he sees Sacks at the counter.

"Sheriff." Sacks steps aside, revealing the person he has been speaking to at the counter.

"Leo," Keith says with surprise.

"Sheriff Mars." Leo smiles.

"What brings you around here?"

They shake hands and begin to walk to Keith's office.

"Actually, I came to invite you to my wedding," Leo's smile brightens.

"What?" Keith looks surprised but still has a smile on his face. "You're getting married?" Keith asks.

"Yeah," Leo smiles happily when he remembers that Harper finally decided to say yes.


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